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EntertainMUCK is the online real-time net.hangout where YOU are the Star. EntertainMUCK (EMuck for short) is THE place on the Internet that everyone can come to for chats 7 nights a week plus fun, exploration, and role-playing 24 hours a day.

EMuck's server is provided by AmberThree Productions. AmberThree Productions is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, or any other media company, which retains all rights to their respective copyrights and trademarks.

Chat with friends every night!

Everybody is welcome on EMuck. Join in the fun of the nightly chat sessions at 10 pm Eastern / 9 pm Central / 7 pm Pacific time / 3 am GMT.

Come chat with friends in Mickey's Cyber Diner on EntertainMUCK, which anyone can go to for free via Telnet. Chat sessions on EntertainMUCK are more fun than on IRC -- drop in and see why!

We have an archive of past EMuck social events, including special invited guest talks from various people from the entertainment industry.

EMuck offers free and easy registration for people that wish to become permanent members, and also offers free guest access for people that just wish to check us out -- anyone can log on as a guest and there are no delays and no guest registration forms to fill out.

We have information available on connecting to EMuck if you need instructions.

Upcoming and Recent Events

Our celebrity guests Wayne Allwine and Russi Taylor, character voices for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, respectively, will be returning for another Special Invited Talk. Their previous chat on Friday, January 30th, 1998 was so successful that Wayne and Russi will be coming back to EMuck for a return engagement with all of us to Seeya Real Soon! Details will be announced shortly, so stay tooned for more. Don't miss it!


On Saturday, August 8, 1998, we had a Special Invited Talk with the "Queen of Cartoons," June Foray, legendary voice artist (Grandmother Fa in Disney's "Mulan," Rocket J. Squirrel in "Rocky & Bullwinkle," and hundreds of other Characters). Hokey Smokes! The transcript for this talk is now available.


On Saturday, August 1, 1998, we had a Special Invited Talk with Disney Imagineers David Mumford and Bruce Gordon, authors of Disneyland -- the Nickel Tour: A Postcard Journey Through 40 Years of the Happiest Place On Earth. The transcript for this talk is now available.

We had a Special Invited Talk was with Disney's Joe DiNunzio, Disney's Vice President of New Ventures, who discussed DisneyQuest, the new indoor, interactive theme park. For this talk, the Walt Disney Company even supplied some "door prizes" in the form of DisneyQuest-logo T-Shirts and Lapel Pins! A transcript of this talk is now available.

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