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Themed Areas on EMuck

EMuck has no predefined theme. Our name was chosen because the Muck is intended to be just that -- for the entertainment of its members. We do have predefined themed areas, each containing its own theme. These areas are linked together by the EMTrak, our own mass transit system.

We currently have the following themed areas:

More are under construction. We welcome any and all creative and original works here on EMuck, so please if you have an idea for something you'd like to see, please let us know!

Arbordale--the prototypical bedroom community

Arbordale, your prototypical Celebrationesque small bedroom community, is the oldest and most central of the themed areas on EMuck, and is our de-facto "capital". Brainstorm meetings for new ideas and concepts for EMuck are held in its Community Center, while guests and new players are cordially greeted in its Welcome Center, complete with online Guest Tutorials and guides to help you around EMuck. The Arbordale Apartments building offers a wide variety of rooms for each and every new player (see our Online Registration for selection details), and, of course, what town would be complete without its own MuckDonald's? Arbordale is your friendly neighborhood neighborhood!

Seven Deserts--Hop a carpet and fly, to a whole new world.

The Seven Deserts is an area which revolves around the three Aladdin Movies and the syndicated animated series. Have you ever wanted to confront the palace guards? Fly a magic carpet into strange lands, meeting new and interesting people along the way? If so, then hop a Magic Carpet to the Seven Deserts!

Deep Space, Nein?--A Station on the Edge of the Wormhole of Insanity :)

The Self-Proclaimed "Fourth Station," Deep Space, Nein? is a totally unique and engaging area. Not only is there the opportunity to socialize with your fellow players, you can also apply to enlist in the crew, which means you get to wear neat-looking uniforms and say clever things and hang out in the "Officer's Lounge." If not looking for a crew position, you can always enjoy the ambiance of the concourse level, gamble in the casino, or attempt to solve the nearly impossible puzzle, "The Challenge of the Klingon Waffle Borg," which has almost everyone on Emuck perplexed. Solve it, and the secrets of the Continuum are yours...

Deep Space, Nein? is the sci-fi area here on Emuck. Its mission: to further players in their space-oriented endeavours. And, well... there's a lot of everyone on Emuck perplexed. Solve it, and the secrets of the Continuum are yours...

Deep Space, Nein? is the sci-fi area here on Emuck. Its mission: to further players in their space-oriented endeavours. And, well... there's a lot of space, so we'd better all start filling it! ;-)

If interested in building/living/working in this area, please contact TomServo (you can mail him from the roster). He'll be more than willing to assist you in finding the *space* that's perfect for you! Applications are always being accepted. Servo is especially looking for a ship's counselor/love slave type (Say, Deanna Troi or Jasmine- if you just like to be animated...)

Huh? What the... Belle? Get away from the keyboard! Oh, for crying out lou-

This is Belle.  Honestly, DSN is a great place... even if Servo runs it.

Havenwood--a place where fantasy comes true!

Step into a world of mystery, where horseman stalk the woods, and wizards brew their ancient spells. This small village set in a large forest has all the fantasy elements you can find, from a blacksmith to a magic shop. You will find yourself enthralled by the kindgdom of Darkmoor, and it's small village, Havenwood. Come on over and let is brew you a potion...or maybe lend you a horse? Either way....fun and adventure await you in Havenwood. there ya go..;) have fun..;)

Olde London--the best of Merry Olde England in all eras

Olde London has come unstuck in time. It exists in all of its time periods -- you are as likely to run into a Knight of the Round Table or Robin Hood, as you are to meet Winston Churchmouse (well, you get the idea). You might even encounter the inimitable Sherlock himself! Olde London and its environs are all that Merry Olde England ever was. Come on over and visit your favorite British sites (Muck-style, of course) or build your own Olde English manor, club, shire, or woods (or whatever).

Nether World--the creepy place where ghosts dwell

The NetherWorld is Beetlejuice's home world, where ghosts and ghouls dwell. Scuzzo's Burgers is always out of food! And Sand Worm land is always hot; watch out for the Sand Worms! BJ's Road House is kept dirty, and City Hall is trashed!

Come see the amazing world of an 11 year-old's imagination!

Pridelands--A place for roleplay and adventure in the African Savannah

If you're the adventurous type, or just a big fan of Disney's The Lion King, the Pridelands is the place for you! From the crawling ant, to the leaping antelope, we've got it all, and more!!

Enjoy frequent warm weather, blue skies, and wonderful veiws as you explore the African Savannah. If it gets too hot, there's always the water hole, for a refreshing swim.....or you can journey on to the jungle, where the motto is always "Hakuna Matata"! So, whether you're Lion or Hyena, Monkey or Human, Mouse or Elephant, You're always welcome to visit our lands.

Spoonerville--A great place for the kids, and as Goofy as can be!

Spoonerville: Home of Goofy, Max, and all the stars from Goof Troop and A Goofy Movie. Spoonerville features both suburban and downtown settings, including, schools, shops, the latest in enviornment-friendly transportation, a youth center for the recreation of the kids and teens, and even a rock concert or two!

EMuck's Spoonerville is also part of Spoonerville II, a project dedicated to continuing the spirit of A Goofy Movie and Goof Troop through its fans.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake . . . a picture of serenity. A celebration of the classic story, of Tchaikovsky's ballet, of modern retellings. Swan Lake is a haven where you can spend a quiet moment watching the world move around you.

Tokyo---Where various Japanese animated characters and friends unite!


Tokyo is the main area for japanese animation/japanimation/anime but there is still room for others to join in! The entire place is full of fun and slap-stick comedy and there are many areas inside it to check out! The main one is Juuban, Tokyo where the Sailor Senshi live and protect Sailor Moon but that's not all. Many areas are under planning and we want anyone who would like to join in, to come! If you like Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Nuku Nuku, or any other anime, please stop by and check it out!

Toon Springs & Toon Gardens theme park--where Toons live & play

Toon Springs is the village where Toons live and play. They play everywhere, but especially in the Toon Gardens theme park they operate. That park is a wonderland of worry-free fun, with many themed lands around a central Toon Hubcap. Best of all, thanks to an anonymouse benefactor, the Toon Gardens theme park is open & free! Two attractions not to be missed in Toon Gardens' AdventuresomeLand are a lot of fun. Meeko's Sycamore Slide is a daring, high-flying adventure that is the newest and most thrilling ride in Toon Gardens! You'll never know who -- or *what* -- you'll find just around the riverbend. The other attraction in AdventuresomeLand is the Jungle Snooze, a ride down the rivers of adventure into the wild unknown. Thrill to the plastic lions and try to escape the perils of sitting in a wet spot in the leaky boat!

The area surronding the theme park is where Toons and Humans alike play but also live and work. You'll find nestled among the Toon Hills a thriving community of Toonfolk (the term which also includes Humans in Toon Springs) in a Technicolor world of crazy, soft-edged buildings and objects that actually talk back to you. It's fun! It's free! Y'all come and see!

Virginia Forest--A place for adventure in the New World

Take a trip into the 'New World', and explore the Virginia Forest! Based on the movie Pocahontas, the Virigina Forest is set back in time to the year 1607, and ready for all adventurers to come and explore the wilderness.