EntertainMUCK Terms Of Use

EntertainMuck is private property. Membership is by application, and by entering the Muck, players agree to abide by all system rules. EMuck also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. All construction and actions on EMuck are the responsibility of the players involved.

Our Rules of the House are available online for your perusal.

All information requested on original sign up (registration information) is kept confidential by the administrators on EntertainMUCK. From time to time, we will send out mailings to our registered players announcing upcoming events as they occur; any member not wanting these announcements can simply send a message asking to be removed from future mailings. In no event will EntertainMUCK make its mailing lists public to anybody unless EntertainMUCK is required to disclose such information by any applicable law or legal process.

EntertainMUCK is an on-line social environment. As such, it performs as a medium to allow people to converse with one another, and post messages into public forums. EntertainMUCK can not and does not review every message posted by our users or every conversation made between players, and is not responsible for the content of these messages. The administrators on EntertainMUCK reserve the right to delete any message that it considers abusive, defamatory, obscene, in violation of copyright laws, or is otherwise unacceptable. The views and opinions expressed by members on EntertainMUCK are their own and do not necessarily express the views of EntertainMUCK. Mention of commercial entities or products does not imply official endorcement by EntertainMUCK. Isn't it silly that we have to express all this stuff to satisfy some legal requirement?

If any registration information provided is inaccurate or misleading, the administrators of EntertainMUCK retain the right to revoke membership and rights to use the service. Players that wish to correct and/or update their registration information may simply re-register their character with the updated information.

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