EMuck Traveller

This section of MUCKRAKER takes a detailed look at one of the themed areas of EMuck, from a tourist’s perspective. This month’s tour takes us to Arbordale -- a Typical Small Town Community.

A visit to EMuck begins in the Welcome Center Lounge, the starting point for all guests and new players. A sparsely-decorated area, it provides a perfect distraction-free venue for locals and guests alike to get to know each other. Getting there is as simple as typing "welcome" from anywhere on EMuck!

Mickey’s Cyber Diner, a shining stainless steel, neon, and glass beacon, is a gathering place to sit, relax, and chat with friends. The menu features house specialties like Hot Chonklet and Swiss Cheese Soda. A popular place, you can find players gathering there for chats every night. It’s easy access makes it simple to find - you can wander in from the Welcome Center, Arbordale Center, via the Community Pool, or simply type "chat" from anywhere on EMuck and you’ll find yourself instantly transported there. It’s that easy!

Arbordale Center provides a lovely tree-lined entry point to a number of EMuck homes and businesses. Romantics will enjoy the lovely Anniversary Gardens, those looking for romance may want to book an appointment with the Matchmaker. Those feeling lucky can pop into the Casino to try their hand at blackjack, video poker or the slot machines, visit the lounge for entertainment or even appear on stage. For those who have the Christmas spirit all year long, a visit to Christmas Tree Lane provides ample good cheer! Looking to cool off from all that walking? A dip in the Community Pool might be just the answer! If you’re in the mood for food and Mickey’s Cyber Diner isn’t your style, you can grab something to go at MUCKdonald’s.

A hop and a jump from Arbordale Center lies Third Avenue, a quiet residential street. Here you’ll find Arbordale Apartments, a 7 storey apartment building home to many of EMuck’s residents. Here, and indeed all through EMuck, you’ll find that many of the residents welcome company and have left their doors unlocked for visitors. Find a locked door? It doesn’t mean you’re not welcome, just that you’ll have to knock and see if the resident is at home before you can go in. Back on Third Avenue, you can wander over to Amber Street, home of EMuck’s very own admin Belle. You can also visit Elm Street, Park Street, and Wendy Way. Of course a visit to Third Street wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Three House!

Strolling down Elm Street one comes across the entrance to the community of East Arbordale, a tranquil neighborhood consisting of Oakwood Drive, Palm Lane, and Portabello Road. An area lined of mansions and charming houses, East-Arbordale is a must-see if you’re in the area.

The area of Arbordale also serves as the heart of the EMuck community. The Community Center and the Auditorium are both located in Arbordale. Since one word can bring you instantly to Arbordale from anywhere on EMuck, it’s easy for all residents to come to Special Invited Talks in the Auditorium, town meetings in the Community Center, or nightly chats in Mickey’s Cyber Diner.

If you’ve gotten the impression that Arbordale is for the socially active, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of EMuck caters to the reclusive nor that living in Arbordale requires one to be a social butterfly. There are areas here for just about everybody.

Next month: we trek to Seven Deserts.

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