Welcome to the inaugural issue of MUCKRAKER, EMuck’s monthly newsletter. In this, and hopefully every issue, you’ll find information about, for, and by EMuck players.

For those unfamiliar with our home-away-from-home, EMuck or EntertainMUCK is a socially oriented, multi-user environment run by AmberThree Productions. Their virtual doors opened to the public in April, 1996 and they currently have a roster of hundreds of players from around the world. They are the online real-time "where YOU are the Star."

You’ll find more information about the contents of this issue below, but we’d like to draw your attention to one particularly interesting item: the introduction of a wonderful new feature. This web-based feature has been in testing for the last few weeks and has already proven itself to be immensely popular. Curious about it? Then check out our Feature Focus.

The articles presented in this newsletter represent the   views and opinions of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of AmberThree Productions or EntertainMUCK.