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EntertainMUCK, or EMuck for short, may be found at game.emuck.com:6903 ( Use this link if you have troubles connecting.

What is EMuck?

EMuck is a socially oriented, multi-user environment run by AmberThree Productions. We opened our virtual doors to the public in April, 1996 and currently have a roster of hundreds of players from around the world. We are the online real-time net.hangout "where YOU are the Star." EMuck is the place on the Internet that everyone can come to for chats, role-playing, exploration, and fun -- 24 hours a day, and best of all... it's *free*!

Want to give it a test drive before deciding whether or not to register? Simple! connect as a guest and see what all the fun is about!

EntertainMUCK offers the following:

EntertainMUCK allows you to role-play or to just be yourself. Game administrators use regular player characters about 99% of the time, and restrict their use of `privileged' characters to actual administration chores. Thus, just about everybody is an "equal" on EMuck. So, please join us! Our address is game.emuck.com, port 6903. We hope to see you there!

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