Accessing EntertainMUCK

Connecting to EMuck

There are four methods that can be used to connect to EMuck. These are detailed in the sections following.

Connecting via a MU* client

There are many programs that are written especially for accessing Multi-User game servers like EMuck. A good place to find out about these is to check out the Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-User Games, especially the part which has information specific information on MU* Clients and Servers.

If you don't see any MU* clients available for your computer or software platform, you may want to try one of the other methods for connecting to EMuck.

Connecting to EMuck via Telnet

An easy and no-frills method of connecting to EMuck is using a telnet utility to connect to EMuck at its address and port number displayed below:

Address:      game.emuck.com  []*
Port number:  6903

*  EMuck's current host uses dynamic IP addressing, which means that occasionally the IP address may change. This won't happen very often, but when it does, you can get the current address from http://www.tiac.net/users/lar3ry/emuck-addr.html.

All attempts will be made to keep these sites up to date with the current address of EMuck.

If your web browser understands telnet URL's, and can launch a telnet session, it may be as simple as following this link.

If you are using a telnet client manually, have it connect to game.emuck.com; if you do not have a name server, or your name server cannot find this address, use the numeric address See note above about EMuck's dynamic IP addressing.

By default, most telnet programs try to connect to the standard telnet login port (port 23). YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS EMUCK ON PORT 23! You must instead tell your telnet client to use port 6903 instead.

On Unix systems, you may use the command:

telnet game.emuck.com 6903
telnet 6903

Consult the documentation for your telnet client on how to reach alternate ports for other platforms.

Once you are connected via telnet, you can type the command:

connect guest guest

to connect as a guest.

Check out the example login section below.

Sample login session to EMuck

When you connect to EMuck using a MU* client or telnet, you should see ta login screen similar to the one shown below:

            EntertainMUCK DM-0.15.22b -- An Amberthree Production
                    ___             _   _   ___     _   _
                   (  _`\  /'\_/`\ ( ) ( ) (  _`\  ( ) ( )
                   | (_(_) |     | | | | | | ( (_) | |/'/'
                   |  _)_  | (_) | | | | | | |  _  | , <  
                   | (_( ) | | | | | (_) | | (_( ) | |\`\ 
                   (____/' (_) (_) (_____) (____/' (_) (_)

                   EntertainMUCK - Where YOU Are The Star!

Welcome to EMuck!  To connect to the game server, type the following at the
EntertainMUCK (amberthree) login prompt:

    connect <playername> <password>         (for regular characters)
    connect guest guest                     (for guest access)

      . . . . . . . [ some other stuff may be here ] . . . . . . .

EntertainMUCK (amberthree) login:

If you get to this point, you have successfully made the connection to EMuck! If your screen is blank, or you get an error message, you may want to check out the section on Connection Failures.

That last line (EntertainMUCK (amberthree) login:) is your cue to connect to the game server by typing connect guest guest to connect as one of EMuck's guest characters.

If you do not see anything after you have entered the connect command, make sure your telnet client has local echo set to ON.

Once you are in, you can take a brief interactive tutorial that will help you learn the basic commands on EMuck by typing @TUTORIAL.

Once you are logged in and are inside the Welcome Center Lounge, go to the chat area in Mickey's Cyber Diner by typing chat.

Connection Problems

In a perfect world, everybody would be able to connect to EMuck 100% of the time, every second of every day of the year. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, so we have compiled some error messages or error conditions that you may encounter and some explanations of what may be happening or what you may do to rectify the situation.

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