EMuck--Gary Wolf (Creator of Roger Rabbit) Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr. Gary Wolf, father of Toontown and writer/creator of Roger Rabbit and Jessica Rabbit. The chat occurred on Wednesday 6 August 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck.

As the celebrated author of the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Wolf gained fame in 1988 when his literary vision of humans cohabitating with animated characters became a reality in the $750 million blockbuster Disney/Spielberg film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. The film won four Academy Awards and launched a multiple-picture screen writing deal for Wolf with Walt Disney Pictures. In addition, his ideas inspired Toontown, the newest themed land at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Masters degree in advertising, Wolf began his career as an advertising executive for a San Francisco advertising agency. He then switched coasts and moved East where he worked as vice president and creative director for several more advertising agencies. He is now a full-time writer living in Boston.

Among his writing credits are the novels Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Who P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?, The Late Great Show and his current novel, The Urban Jungle Book; the feature films Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the Roger Rabbit sequel feature in production, The Flying Tigerfish, Typhoon Lagoon, The Curse of Cali Caliph and Genie Man; the animated shorts Tummy Trouble, Roller Coaster Rabbit and Trail Mix-up; plus numerous short story anthologies. Autographed copies of his Who P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit? book are available for $30. For details, contact Gary Wolf by e-mail at (omitted)

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Wolf (GaryWolf), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

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While Gary Wolf has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company he is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Mr. Wolf and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
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GaryWolf has connected.
Mickey says, "Hi, Gary!"
Powerline asks, "ugh, is it 2240 already?" 
Eddie bows to his creator.
Powerline waves! "Hiya Mr. Wolf :)"
Mickey says, "Welcome!"
Double_D says, "good evening, guys" 
GaryWolf exclaims, "I am overwhelmed by such enthusiasm!" 
Mickey smiles
Beast exclaims, "Hello, Gary!" 
Beast bows and smiles grandly.
Double_D says, "This place is buzzing tonight, Mickey" 
Mickey says, "Gary, let's head over to the auditorium and get settled in,
GaryWolf says, "Hello Mickey, Hello Belle."
Eddie says, "It's a pleasure to meet you again, Gary." 
GaryWolf heads into Mickey's Cyber Diner, ready for a nice 'chat'.
Mickey heads into Mickey's Cyber Diner, ready for a nice 'chat'.
In the mood for a nice chat, you go through the door into...

Mickey's Cyber Diner (in Arbordale Center)
Mickey's Cyber Diner is a shiny stainless steel, neon, and glass place to
chow down while chatting with friends in here over cups of hot chonklet or
via the IntEARnet using the computEAR terminals Mickey has provided at each
seat.  This cozy place looks like a great, old-fashioned diner from the 50's
and you hear the food is much better than those plastic eateries where
billions and billions of grey meat burgers are sold.  A white enamel sign
is over the grill area.  You look around for a place to 'sit' down.
 [C]ashier at Exit to Arbordale Center, [2]-way Door to Back Room,
 [Welcome] Center Lounge, [A]rbordale Auditorium,
 [Gary Wolf Chat] in Arbordale Auditorium
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 [Gary Wolf Chat] in Arbordate Auditorium
 GaryWolf, Mickey
Mickey looks around the diner and smiles.
GaryWolf gets up and goes through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
Mickey gets up and goes through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
You leave Mickey's Cyber Diner and arrive in...

The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special chat
events with celebrity guests take place.
Current Topic:          Roger Rabbit, past & future
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  GaryWolf(Writer/Creator of Roger Rabbit)
Chat with Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, and ToonTown, on
Wednesday, August 6th, starting at 10 pm Central and alia time.
To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes) and
your question will be stored in line with the other questions to be answered.
Anyone at the podium will not hear what is said in this room, so use 'request'.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter
 Rufus, g.Figaro, Josh, GaryWolf, Eddie, Mickey
GaryWolf goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
g.Figaro (pm05-146.chattanooga.cdc.net) wavies 'hi' to Eddie and the Meeces.
Double_D comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Rufus exclaims, "Hiya, DD!" 
Josh asks, "So mickey, did MaryKayBergman ever say anything to you about us?
Mickey says, "She has been back after her chat and likes this place, Josh."
Mickey smiles
Double_D is carrying a plush Roger Rabbit doll from his apt. and a "Roger
3:16" sign.
Josh says, "Ahh :D" 
Mickey says, "She got a regular character"
Esmeralda comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Double_D says, "hi there" 
Mickey grins at Double_D
Rufus exclaims, "Kewl!" 
Rufus wavies 'hi' to Esmeralda.
Mickey grins
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
You head through the door and wind up at...
Center Stage: The Podium (Arbordale Auditorium)
You are at the podium onstage.  Anything you say or do (SAY, ", POSE, :)
will be seen by all in the Arbordale Auditorium.
Current moderator:  Mickey
Current topic:      Roger Rabbit, past & future
Current speaker:    GaryWolf(Writer/Creator of Roger Rabbit)
 register, queue, reset, [A]uditorium
 GaryWolf, Mickey
>< Mickey says, "Here we are, up on stage."
>< Mickey smiles
>< Mickey says, "Meecelet is here to take notes for the transcript."
>< Mickey says, "How's the chair, comfy?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Comfy chair, cat in my lap, facing a sea of intelligent
faces eager for knowledge, what could be better?"
>< Mickey grins
>< GaryWolf nods sagely
>< GaryWolf takes a calming drink of Toon tonic.  Head expands to three 
times normal size, smoke pours from his ears, and he flies around the room.
Cat is no longer on his lap.

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The chat with Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, will
start in about 5 minutes.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) It will be in the Arbordale Auditorium. Enter 'run
welcome;chat;a' to get there from anywhere on EMuck.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Once you are in the auditorium, you can enter the word
REQUEST and it will prompt you to enter a question for Gary Wolf.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) When using REQUEST, you can type as long as you need
to finish your question.  The one line limit does *not* mean 80
characters, it means what you type before hitting the ENTER key.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The chat will start in two minutes in the Arbordale
Auditorium ('run welcome;chat;a') with Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit.
>< Mickey sips on a cheddar cheese milkshake.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Come on into the auditorium for the chat with Gary
Wolf (enter 'run welcome;chat;a' to get here).  We're about to start.

>< GaryWolf nervously twists his 24 carrot ring.
>< Mickey says, "Okay, folks... settle down because we're about to begin."
>< Mickey says, "AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club are
p-p-p-p-p-pleased to present the fourth in our series of Special Invited 
Talks with our special guest, Mr. Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit."
>< Mickey says, "As the celebrated author of the novel "Who Censored Roger
Rabbit?", he gained fame in 1988 when his vision of humans living alongside
animated Toon characters became a reality in the $750 million Disney/Spielberg
film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"."
>< Mickey says, "The "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" film won four Academy Awards
and launched a multiple-picture screen writing deal for Gary with Disney."
>< Mickey says, "In addition, his ideas inspired Toontown, the newest themed
land at Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom."
>< Mickey says, "Among his writing credits are the novels "Who Censored 
Roger Rabbit?", "Who P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?", "The Late Great Show," and 
his current novel, "The Urban Jungle Book.""
>< Mickey says, "He participated in the writing of the feature films "Who
Framed Roger Rabbit?" and the Roger Rabbit sequel feature in production,
the animated shorts "Tummy Trouble," "Roller Coaster Rabbit," and "Trail
Mix-up;" plus numerous short story anthologies and other movies."
>< Mickey says, "Gary, thank you for joining us!"
>< Mickey says, "And all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium, thank
you all for joining us. Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Gary Wolf!"
>< GaryWolf says, "A pleasure to be here."
>< Mickey says, "Now, we can't hear you while we're up on stage at the podium,
so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "...To leave a question, just enter the word REQUEST and
you'll then be prompted to enter one line for your question."
>< Mickey says, "Note, if your question is longer than one line, just keep
typing before you hit your <Return> key."
>< Mickey says, "Also, we'll present the questions in the order they were left
in the REQUEST queue, so please be patient."
>< Mickey says, "If there is a need for a follow-up question to an answer just
do PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to Gary Wolf."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days.  We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "We have a lot of questions lined up, so let's get right to
the first one..."

>< First question:
>< (Double_D) What was your inspiration for writing a book about toons and
humans coexisting together?

>< GaryWolf says, "I have always loved comic books and cartoons."
>< GaryWolf says, "When I was a kid, I read and watched almost nothing else."
>< GaryWolf says, "After I became a writer, I wanted to do something which
would take advantage of all this good, cartoony knowledge."
>< GaryWolf says, "I was watching Saturday morning cartoons."
>< GaryWolf says, "Purely for INSPIRATION!"
>< Mickey smiles
>< GaryWolf says, "When I saw Captain Crunch, Snap, Crackle and Pop, and
other cartoon characters interacting with real kids, and nobody thought that
was odd, I said to myself, what a great idea for a book."
>< GaryWolf says, "It took me nearly 10 years to write it, but it was indeed
a great idea for a book and a movie."
>< Mickey says, "It certainly was a great idea, Gary, and we all appreciate
your ideas!"
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up question: When were you a kid?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I still am!"
>< GaryWolf says, "And always will be."
>< Mickey says, "Well, when were you *first* a kid, watching Saturday
morning cartoons?"
>< Mickey says, "60's? 70's?"
>< GaryWolf says, "That was in the 1970's."
>< GaryWolf says, "And I thought the cartoons were terrible."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you find it difficult to write about toon-human
interaction, knowing that this hadn't been done before in a novel, rather
than on TV and in film?

>< GaryWolf says, "You bet.  It was a breakthrough concept."
>< GaryWolf says, "Something which had never been done before.  But that's
what I try to do with all of my projects."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you ever think that "Censored" could be made into a film?
And what was your reaction when you were told that it would be made into a film?

>< GaryWolf says, "Disney saw the manuscript before it ever came out as a book."
>< GaryWolf says, "They approached me about buying the rights to turn it
into a movie."
>< GaryWolf says, "I honestly didn't think they could do it."
>< GaryWolf says, "I thought it would cost too much money and take too much
>< GaryWolf says, "I was wrong on one count.  It did take a lot of time and
cost a lot of money, but they were able to do it, and do it well."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up: How did the manuscript get to Disney before the
book was published?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Somebody at my publishing house, I never found out who
although I tried very, very hard, photocopied it and sent it to Disney with
a note saying they thought Disney might like it."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you have any direct input on the screenplay/script or
production of "WFRR?"

>< GaryWolf says, "Disney treated me very well.  I have none of the typical
writer horror stories."
>< GaryWolf says, "They valued my opinion, listened to my suggestions, and
took a fair share of them."
>< GaryWolf says, "I was present for as much of the filming as I wanted to
>< GaryWolf says, "I got to sit between Kathleen Turner and Amy Irving at
the premier.  Life doesn't get any better than that!"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Were you satisfied with the finished version of "WFRR?"

>< GaryWolf says, "Absolutely.  There were times when I sat in a room with
150 of the most talented people in Hollywood, all throwing out ideas to make
my original concept better."
>< GaryWolf says, "I wish I'd had those people sitting at my kitchen table
with me when I wrote the book."
>< Mickey smiles
>< GaryWolf says, "My only regret is that Bob Zemeckis did not get nominated
for an Academy Award, nor did Bob Hoskins who did the finest job of acting I
have ever seen."
>< GaryWolf says, "Bob H was the one who actually made the audience believe
that Rabbit was real.  Toward the end of the filming, he could actually see
>< GaryWolf says, "As can I, but I've had more practice."
>< Mickey says, "Follow up-question from Double_D: Did you meet Zemeckis?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Yes.  We had to differentiate all of the different Bobs
on the movie.  Bob Z is Zemeckis.  Bob H is Hoskins."
>< Mickey says, "Double_D has one more question in the queue... he got his
in early!  Here it is, then we'll go on to others..."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Just a matter of curiosity, but were you at a sci-fi
convention in Boston over the weekend?  A Gary Wolf was listed as one of the
guests appearing, and I was wondering if it was you.

>< GaryWolf says, "One and the same.  Did we meet?"
>< Mickey looks out at Double_D
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm going to be at a toy and comic show in Indianapolis
this coming Sunday for all you Indianapolians."

>< Next question:
>< (Eddie) I'm not sure if someone has asked this, but I'm interested to
know if Eddie is going to be in the newest RR feature.

>< GaryWolf says, "Eddie will be in a future sequel.  Disney bought the
rights to my Roger Rabbit sequel novel Who P-p-p-plugged Roger Rabbit"
>< GaryWolf says, "Note, we've standardized on the six P stutter."
>< Mickey noticed, and wipes the spit off his face.
>< GaryWolf says, "That one takes the story forward from the end of the last
>< Mickey says, "Is that the one being worked on now?"
>< GaryWolf says, "The actual sequel currently in production is a prequel."
>< GaryWolf says, "It's set before Roger met Eddie, so Eddie can't be in it."
>< Mickey says, "How is that one coming along?"
>< GaryWolf says, "It's coming along very well."
>< GaryWolf says, "It was going to be a direct to video release on the order
of the Alladin sequel."
>< GaryWolf says, "But the story idea is so great it's going to be a full
length theatrical feature instead."
>< Mickey claps!
>< Mickey says, "Have you heard the music that's being done for it?"
>< GaryWolf says, "There are some things which have to be kept quiet in
Toontown, and the Roger Rabbit music is one of them.  I'm not allowed to say."
>< GaryWolf says, "But if you lean in closely, I'll hum a few bars."
>< Mickey thinks it sounds very Toonful.
>< Mickey says, "It's been rumored that Alan Menken is writing for it, so
I'm sorry you can't comment!"
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm sorry too.  In my frequent conversations with him, he
seems like a very talented composer.  For a guy who composes on the harmonica."

>< Next question:
>< (Beast) Do you feel more satisfaction seeing your written work on the
shelf in a bookstore, or your creations adapted for the movie screen, be it
an actual airing or a video at a rental store?  Why?

>< GaryWolf says, "It's a toss up.  The two sensations are very different.
I feel more satisfaction from the book because it's totally my creation."
>< GaryWolf says, "But so many more people have seen and enjoyed the movie,
and know my work from that rather than from the written page, that I can't
help but feel a sense of pride in the film and video versions as well."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Will 'WP-P-P-PRR' have the same vast (or half-vast) cast of toons
'WFRR' did?

>< GaryWolf says, "Even half vaster.  I've invented a whole bunch of new
>< GaryWolf says, "Including Joellyn, Jessica's twin sister."
>< GaryWolf says, "Although they look the same, Joellyn is only three and a
half inches high."
>< GaryWolf says, "Eddie carries her around in his pocket."
>< GaryWolf says, "They have a love affair."
>< GaryWolf says, "Which was a real creative challenge to write."
>< Mickey says, "Will WP-P-P-PRR and the prequel movie still mix existing
Disney characters with other non-Disney Studios characters?"
>< Mickey says, "Like Warner Brothers ones?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Yes.  It's become a tradition.  Droopy has been in all of
the Roger cartoons."
>< GaryWolf says, "I think I can safely say that there will be other studio
characters in the sequel."
>< GaryWolf says, "In fact, Roger's a bit miffed that he wasn't asked by
Warner Brothers to play left out on the Space Jam team."
>< Mickey giggles

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Are there any more 'Tales from Toontown' to be told?

>< Mickey says, "Any more books you're working on?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I have another book already finished.  It's called Roger
Rabbit's Gossipy Guide to Toontown."
>< GaryWolf says, "It's like Hollywood Babylon with a plot."
>< Mickey says, "When will it be out?  And when will the prequel movie in
production come out?"
>< GaryWolf says, "The new book will come out when the movie comes out.
Probably not in this millenium, unfortunately."
>< Mickey says, "Sometime in the Mickey Millenium (MM), huh?"
>< GaryWolf says, "At least one full Mickey."
>< Mickey says, "Are there any more Roger Rabbit cartoons coming out?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Hard to say.  They're very expensive and time consuming."
>< GaryWolf says, "Although they do contribute to the audience of whatever
film they're matched with."
>< Mickey says, "Why is the new Roger Rabbit movie taking so long to make?"
>< GaryWolf says, "The first movie took from 1980 until 1988.  This one was
started in 1992, so it's pretty much on schedule, as Toon projects go."

>< Next question:
>< (guest3) Wolfman, it's the Piccoloman wanting to know what you're writing 

>< Mickey says, "Yes, you've written things other than Roger Rabbit!"
>< Mickey says, "What's the latest?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm writing a non-Disney animated movie for cable TV.  It
will then become a series."
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm also working on my new fantasy science fiction novel
The Urban Jungle."

>< Next question:
>< (Eddie) Bob Hoskins going to be in the sequel?

>< Mickey says, "Not the one in production, but the one after that."
>< GaryWolf says, "He will be in the sequel, but not the prequel."
>< Mickey nods
>< Next question:

>< (guest4) who's in the next movie?

>< GaryWolf says, "Hasn't been cast yet.  We're talking to a few very big
names, although I don't think big names are really necessary."
>< GaryWolf says, "Hoskins wasn't that well known when he did it, and he
made the movie what it was."
>< Mickey says, "How about Charles Fleischer?  Will he be in it as the voice
of Roger again?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Charlie is the voice and always will be."
>< Mickey is relieved!
>< GaryWolf says, "Nobody does it better."
>< Mickey says, "How did Charles Fleischer get chosen as the voice of Roger
>< GaryWolf says, "We heard him performing at a comedy club in L.A."
>< GaryWolf says, "He's the funniest comedian I've ever heard."
>< GaryWolf says, "His act included a number of voices."
>< GaryWolf says, "We had him come in for a reading."
>< GaryWolf says, "We never even considered anybody else."
>< GaryWolf says, "The feeling was that all great cartoon characters had a
speech impediment."
>< Mickey says, "G-gosh!"
>< Mickey smirks.
>< GaryWolf says, "Charlie tried a lisp, a slobber, etc and finally came up
with the stuttered P."
>< GaryWolf says, "That wasn't in my book, but it works perfectly."
>< Mickey says, "Is what he did what you had in mind?"
>< GaryWolf says, "When I shut my eyes and heard the rabbit while I was
writing him, I heard what Charlie did."
>< GaryWolf says, "The man's a genius."

>< Next question:
>< (guest3) are the shorts coming out on video?

>< Mickey says, "They're already out.  Buena Vista Home Video released them."
>< GaryWolf says, "The shorts have already been released on video.  Big

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Any chance some of the newest animated characters will appear?
Like Ren & Stimpy, ferinstance?

>< GaryWolf says, "We limited the characters to those created before 1946,
the year the movie was set.  Ren and Stimpy, The Flintstones, etc. came out
years later."
>< GaryWolf says, "Only two exceptions.  The Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote."
>< GaryWolf says, "Bob Z's favorite characters.  They appear as silhouettes
in the elevator with Droopy.  You'll need a good freeze frame to see them.
Hidden secrets of the movie biz."
>< Mickey says, "Eddie wants to know if Teddy will be in the sequel, or
>< GaryWolf says, "And Heddie Too!!  The Valiant family tree.  A literate
man, Eddie.  He's read the book."
>< Mickey says, "Rufus asks a follow-up: First, what scandal?  And, the
movie says it was in 1947! What gives?  Author breakdown?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I get confused.  1946, 1947, both way beyond my time."
>< GaryWolf says, "The shorts were released on video and then laserdisk."
>< GaryWolf says, "The laserdisk was recalled for an unspecified problem and
never made it into general release."
>< GaryWolf says, "Now, if you can find one, they sell for many simoleons."
>< Mickey nods
>< GaryWolf says, "The videos are still around, and can be had cheaply."
>< GaryWolf says, "The videos are filled with what we call gags in the margins."
>< Mickey says, "Like what?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Little humorous things which you can only see freeze frame."
>< Mickey says, "Oh boy!"
>< GaryWolf says, "For instance, you'll note mouse holes which are Mickey
Mouse holes with two ears."
>< Mickey blushes.
>< GaryWolf says, "And check out what the rails spell out on the roller
coaster in Roller Coaster Rabbit."
>< GaryWolf says, "There are literally hundreds of these."
>< Mickey says, "Speaking of hidden things, what's the deal on the Jessica
Rabbit cels that show a bit more than others?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I can't officially confirm that, but if I had to guess, I
would say that it was the animators continuing an age-old tradition."
>< GaryWolf says, "Betty Boop was topless in six frames of every cartoon."
>< GaryWolf says, "If Betty can boop a doop, so can Jessica."
>< Mickey grins
>< GaryWolf says, "If you actually see the scene, there's nothing really
risque-like about it."
>< GaryWolf says, "It's the equivalent of peeking under the skirt of your
Barbie doll."
>< Mickey says, "How'd you know about my Barbie doll?  Minnie left it
around, really!"
>< GaryWolf says, "Animation is a very tedious business.  Whatever animators
can do to keep themselves enthusiastic, more power to them."
>< Mickey says, "How did you come up with the idea of Jessica Rabbit?"
>< GaryWolf says, "She's based on a Tex Avery character call Red Hot Riding
>< GaryWolf says, "Red Hot appeared in a number of cartoons in the forties
and early fifties.  Wild and Woolfy being the one I remember best."
>< GaryWolf says, "While we're on the subject, let me answer one of my most
frequently answered questions."
>< GaryWolf says, "What are Jessica's measurements?"
>< Mickey grins
>< GaryWolf says, "Outrageous - itty bitty - va va voom.  Nuf said."
>< Mickey agrees and claps

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) What do you think about the Toontown "lands" made at the
Disney parks?

>< GaryWolf says, "It's like walking through my own imagination."
>< GaryWolf says, "Very interactive places."
>< GaryWolf says, "When you go, stand on a manhole cover.  Sometimes they
talk to you."
>< GaryWolf says, "And notice the copy of Jessica's Secret lingerie catalog
on Minnie's armchair."
>< Mickey says, "I saw that!"
>< Mickey says, "I had no idea..."
>< GaryWolf says, "We have them in California and Tokyo."
>< Mickey says, "There's a watered-down version in WDW's Magic Kingdom now,
>< Mickey says, "What did you have to do in the making of Toontown at
>< GaryWolf says, "Again, Disney treated me well.  I was consulted on the
major aspects of the project as it went along."
>< GaryWolf says, "I got to go out to California and see the preliminary
>< GaryWolf says, "I watched it being built."
>< GaryWolf says, "And I went to the opening party which was the best party
I've ever been to in Hollywood."
>< Mickey says, "How do you think Disneyland's Toontown compares to your
idea of it?  How do you like how it came out?"
>< GaryWolf says, "It is exactly as I envisioned it."
>< GaryWolf says, "Very tough place to build.  There are no right angles
>< GaryWolf says, "It had to built as a model and then scaled up."
>< GaryWolf says, "They tell me it's the most successful themed land they've
ever had."
>< Mickey says, "I believe that!"
>< GaryWolf says, "Roger's Cartoon Spin Ride is a hoot.  Even the line is fun."

>< Next question:
>< (Aladdin) How important has it been, in your experience as a writer, to
be represented by an agent?  Have you used an agent at all? :-)

>< GaryWolf says, "Extremely important.  These days you can't sell a book or
a screenplay without one."
>< GaryWolf says, "When I first started, you could always sell a novel
yourself if you were persistent."
>< GaryWolf says, "But now that the big book chains have more control over
publishing, it's imperative to have an agent who really knows the market."
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm lucky.  I've had the same agent my entire career.
That's very unusual.  Most writers change them more often then they change
their underwear."
>< Mickey says, "Here's a request from a guest who logged on tonight..."

>< Next question:
>< (guest3) better save me a copy of the video- PPPPlllease

>< Mickey applauds the impression.
>< GaryWolf says, "I wish I had a few.  I only have one for myself."
>< GaryWolf says, "But let me put in a self-serving plug for my
P-p-p-plugged book."
>< Mickey says, "Yes, please tell us about your book!"
>< GaryWolf says, "Available for $30 autographed right here at the source.
Contact me by e-mail at 
(omitted) for details."
>< GaryWolf says, "We don't take credit cards or simoleons."
>< Mickey says, "Operators are standing by!"
>< Mickey says, "Do you have a web page?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Not yet.  I'll have one when my new novel "The Late Great
Show" comes out.  Probably next year."
>< Mickey says, "Please let us know when you get it up and running"

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) If there really was a Toontown, would you want to live there?

>< GaryWolf says, "I DO live there already.  It's one of the advantages of
having a hyperactive imagination."
>< Mickey giggles
>< GaryWolf says, "Seriously, one of the hardest things about writing  a
Roger novel is putting yourself into Toontown everyday"
>< GaryWolf says, "and imagining what it would be like to live there."
>< GaryWolf says, "If you go into a bar, is it a Toon bar, a human bar..."
>< GaryWolf says, "will they serve Toons liquor and if they do, what happens?"
>< Mickey says, "What do you do to get in the mood? Watch more cartoons,
like you started off doing?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Not anymore.  I'm so familiar with Roger and his friends
that I can slip in and out pretty much at will."
>< Mickey says, "Rufus asks a follow-up, wondering if Toons have their own
liquor, and if so what it tastes like to humans."
>< Mickey says, "We've seen what happened to Roger when he drank humans'
>< GaryWolf says, "It's called Toon Tonic, and it turns humans very silly,
not unlike a pitcher of banana daquiris."
>< Mickey says, "I'd copyright that name, if I were you, Gary!"
>< Mickey says, "Is Roger Rabbit your favorite Toon character?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I'd have to say yes.  The novel was autobiographical."
>< GaryWolf says, "Roger and Eddie together make up one good person."
>< GaryWolf says, "Roger is all fun and games, Eddie is all hard knocks and

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) What's your most and least favorite questions about 'WFRR'?

>< GaryWolf says, "Least, 'How come the Simpsons weren't in it?'  And maybe
'How much money did you make?'"
>< GaryWolf says, "Most, 'Did you like the result?'  Incidentally, you must be
a journalist.  That's a question which nobody has ever asked me before, a
>< Mickey says, "I promise not to ask the least favorite ones!"
>< Mickey says, "What have you heard about plush merchandise when the new
movie comes out?"
>< GaryWolf says, "There will be some.  Right now, it is almost impossible
to find a Roger doll."
>< GaryWolf says, "Write Michael Eisner and complain."
>< Mickey says, "How about a Jessica plush?  Will there be one?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< GaryWolf says, "I think they had an inflatable on the drawing boards but
the idea blew up.  Sorry."
>< Mickey giggles

>< Next question:
>< (guest3) Do they sell Roger stuff in Tokyo? Other stuff than here?

>< GaryWolf says, "I have never seen a piece of Roger merchandise from Tokyo."
>< GaryWolf says, "Strange, since they do have Roger as a major presence in
>< GaryWolf says, "The big sources for Roger merchandise these days are WDW
and Disneyland.  And the Ice Capades still sells it."

>< Next question:
>< (guest4) what's the story line to the sequel?

>< GaryWolf says, "It's a closely guarded secret, but it involves Roger's
upbringing and his trip to L.A. to find the mother who abandoned him as a
>< GaryWolf says, "There he meets Jessica, Baby Herman, and breaks into show
>< GaryWolf says, "Plus has a lot of goofy adventures."
>< Mickey says, "Sounds great!"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Do you think you have created a kind of Toon 'universe'
(Tooniverse?) because of your work?

>< GaryWolf says, "No question.  When I sold the rights to Roger to Disney,
there was no place else I could have sold them."
>< GaryWolf says, "As a result of Roger, every major studio now produces
animated features."
>< GaryWolf says, "Roger revolutionzed and rejuvenated an industry."
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm almost prouder of that than of the fact that I coined
the word Toon."
>< Mickey bows to Gary in homage and claps!

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you ever to into a Disney park and hang around with the
Roger walkaround character?  (Just wondering...)

>< GaryWolf says, "I can't answer that because the Roger character who let
me wear the costume (if, indeed, I did wear the costume which I'm not
admitting) would get into a p-p-p-parcel of trouble."
>< Mickey smiles
>< GaryWolf says, "If I had done it, I think it would have been the greatest
theme park experience of my life, actually becoming my own character."

>< Next question:
>< (guest2) Do you ever check out the RR sites on the Web? I have a copy of
the script!

>< Mickey says, "Yes, what do you think of what your fans have done to honor
you on web sites?"
>< GaryWolf says, "I do from time to time, but there are now so many, that
it's hard to keep up."
>< GaryWolf says, "I'm really tickled when anybody makes mention of me on
the web.  I'm still a small town boy at heart.  It's hard for me to deal
with fame."
>< Mickey says, "One last question before we'll go down to the fans out
there in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "Did you expect your first novel to be the movie hit it
turned out to be?"
>< GaryWolf says, "Never in my wildest dreams.  It was more than I ever
hoped it would be."
Wed Aug 06 23:13:57 CDT 1997
>< GaryWolf says, "In that regard, I'm lucky.  I could have been the guy
who did Howard the Duck!"
>< Mickey says, "Thank you so very much for joining us this evening, Gary.
We'll be posting a copy of the transcript in a few days, and put out an
announcement about that.  Everyone, let's give Mr. Wolf a big round of
>< GaryWolf bows, spins around, pirouettes, and sails off into the wings.

You leave the podium and head through the door to the...
The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special
chat events with celebrity guests take place.
Current Topic:          Roger Rabbit, past & future
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  GaryWolf(Writer/Creator of Roger Rabbit)
Chat with Gary Wolf, creator of Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, and ToonTown,
on Wednesday, August 6th, starting at 10 pm Central and alia time.  
To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes)
and your question will be stored in line with the other questions to be
answered.  Anyone at the podium will not hear what is said in this room,
so use 'request'.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter
 Rufus, guest3, guest2, Double_D, MindShatter, guest4, Beast
Rufus applauds loudly.
guest2 has left.
guest3 (ptp38.mfi.net) says, "yes I'd love to" 
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the
stage and podium.
Rufus says, "Too late, guest4." 
Double_D says, "oops, he left too soon" 
guest2 has arrived.
guest2 arrives at a breathtaking pace.
guest1 comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Well, he did an "exit, stage
Rufus says, "Oh oh. AOH strikes again?" 
Beast exclaims, "He flew the coop! <smile>" 
Beast says, "His answer about having an agent really surprised me; I'm glad
I asked it." 
Mickey happily says, "Thank you all for the great questions." 
Double_D says, "you're welcome, Mickey" 
Rufus says, "Yeah, Beast. That's something we just keep hearing again and
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) asks, "is Gary still here?" 
MindShatter says, "my question never got asked :)" 
MindShatter says, "thats okay though, I showed up late" 
Mickey says, "No, he exited through the stage wings, then left the building"
Mickey says, "I passed it up, MindShatter, because it was answered before"
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) exclaims, "Mine nsay Neither did my question!" 
MindShatter says, "oh, I missed it :)" 
MindShatter smiles
Mickey says, "You'll see the answer in the transcript"
Gary Wolf has left the building...
Rufus says, "MindShatter, you gotta get your questions posted before the
event starts to be guaranteed they get asked." 
MindShatter nods
Double_D says, "like me" 
Mickey says, "I asked all that were legitimate questions."
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) says, "I wanted him to see my Rr site :(" 
Mickey says, "Well, you didn't give an address to that site, guest2"
Rufus asks, "What's the URL, guest2? I'd like to see it." 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) says, "http://www.cyberspace.com/~moen/indexB.htm"
Mickey says, "He'll get a copy of what we say out there, guest2, so he'll
get your address."
Mickey says, "Out here"
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) exclaims, "got to check it out, i do!!" 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) exclaims, "YAY! say YAY! " 
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) says, "YAY" 
Double_D says, "well, i'll have to read the transcript..." 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) asks, "where can I get a copy of the transcript?" 
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) asks, "are you all writing down the URL?" 
Mickey says, "Rufus, you say it is hard to get a copy of that book he's
selling autographed personally?  Good thing he's selling it directly then."
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) asks, "Is Terrie here?" 
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) says, "guest 4 is her" 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) exclaims, "Guest4, this is Erika!" 
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) asks, "who else would plug your sight so heavily?" 
Mickey says, "We'll put out word when the log is ready to post on EMuck's
FTP and web site."
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) says, "i knew it was you, sorry you had troubles" 
Rufus says, "Pretty spam-free, this time." 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) says, "I've been copying most of the chat, but
I missed the beginig :(" 
Beast says, "The audience was very well-behaved and quiet tonight.  It was
nice, maybe  a little more sedate than I expected, but easy to follow." 
Mickey says, "Y'all were in awe, huh?"
Mickey smiles
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) says, "not to worry, you can get a copy in a
few days" 
Mickey happily says, "Still, we got more details and more questions than the
last time he was on a chat, on IRC" 
Beast says, "I liked his hints about Alan Menken." 
Double_D waves his Roger 3:16 sign.
Beast smiles
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) asks, "will he be on this Irc again?" 
Mickey nods at Beast
Mickey says, "guest2, we'll be glad to have Gary come back again, anytime!"
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) says, "I hope you have him back again soon :)" 
Mickey says, "Well, he's welcome to keep his player character and come back
Mickey says, "You never know when he might show up again, unannounced."
Mickey smiles
guest4 (ctc18-150.flash.net) asks, "do you know something we don't Mickey?" 
Rufus says, "Mickey knows that certain previous guest speakers have
Mickey says, "Well, Gary told me that he's wandered around this virtual
reality world we have here on EMuck..."
Mickey says, "That too, Rufus."
Mickey says, "He knows about the "Toon Springs" here which was inspired by
what he created."
Mickey says, "So, you never know if he might bop in to play!"
Rufus asks, "Do you know if he's been anvilated yet?" 
MindShatter goes home.
MindShatter has left.
Mickey says, "He said he saw a sign for Toon Springs, but I don't think he
took the train there...  yet."
Double_D exclaims, "give him a house in Toon Springs!" 
Wed Aug 06 23:29:41 CDT 1997
Mickey says, "Coming up this Saturday night, same time, same EMuck... Ron
Mickey says, "He's the original stroll-around Dreamfinder and Figment"
Double_D says, "i'm not sure what to ask him yet..." 
Mickey says, "He also provided the voice of Dreamfinder in the Epcot
"Journey Into Imagination" pavillion, along with Chuck McCann"
guest1 has left.
Beast says, "Figment is cool. :)" 
Mickey likes the lil' purple dragon
guest3 (ptp38.mfi.net) exclaims, "bye guys and toons! Thanks again!" 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) says, "I have to go now, see you later" 
Mickey says, "Bye bye!"
Beast waves byebye to guest3 and smiles.
guest3 has left.
Double_D asks, "is he a ventriloquist also?" 
Rufus exclaims, "Bye, guest2!" 
guest2 (case.cyberspace.com) exclaims, "One last thing, p-p-please-who ever
can make it come visit my RR page! http://www.cyberspace.com/~moen/indexB.htm 
Mickey says, "Figment doesn't say much when he's out and about"
Mickey says, "Will do, guest2!"
guest2 has left.
Beast will check it right now, guest2
Rufus is already checking it.
( Santa Clause is checking it twice. )
Double_D gets checked into the boards...
Double_D says, "oomph.." 
guest4 has left.
Mickey says, "Thanks for coming, all!  Seeya later."
Double_D exclaims, "Bye, Mickey!" 
Beast exclaims, "Goodnight, mouse!" 
Mickey grins and waves his white Toony-gloved hand at Meecelet, Beast,
Double_D, and Rufus.