EMuck--Tad Stones (Walt Disney TV Animation) Invited Talk Transcript

Tad Stones started with Disney right out of college in 1974, training under Eric Larson. After animating a single scene in "The Rescuers," he moved into the story department on "The Fox and the Hound" working with Woolie Reitherman. That was followed by a brief stint at Imagineering where he worked with Ward Kimball on EPCOT's Transportation Pavilion and Tony Baxter on the Imagination pavilion.

He has worked at Walt Disney TV Animation since 1984, and has been one of the creative forces behind many of their shows, including "Ducktails", "Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers", "Darkwing Duck", and the "Aladdin" series, and produced the direct-to-video film "Aladdin and the King of Thieves". He's currently working with our other speakers, Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle, on developing a TV series based on the upcoming Disney feature animated film "Hercules".

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Stones (TadStones), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

Please note that some questions are repeated in the transcript. This is inevitable as questions were queued by players. All questions were passed on to Tad should he find them useful as feedback as to what Disney fans (at this talk, at least) would like.

ANNOUNCE> (Belle) LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: AmberThree Productions is
pleased to welcome Mr. Tad Stones of Walt Disney TV Animation to EMuck
for a special invited talk.  Let's give him a round of applause!

Sat Apr 12 21:55:06 CDT 1997

The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special chat
events with celebrity guests take place.

Current Topic:          Walt Disney Television Animation
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  MarkMcCorkle(Mark McCorkle), RobertSchooley(Bob Schooley), and TadStones(Tad Stones)

Chat on Saturday night, April 12th, with Tad Stones, Bob Schooley, and
Mark McCorkle of Walt Disney Television Animation.  While up at the 
podium they will not be able to hear what you say, so to leave a question
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     *   *   *     Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: ON     *   *   *
         While Tad Stones is an employee of The Walt Disney Company
     he is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC.
  Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences
    of Mr. Stones and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC.
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>< TadStones says, "Well, Hi Mickey.  Thanks for the great time at WDW"
>< Mickey says, "Bob Schooley wrote me he might have problems with his
account.  Let me check e-mail real quick and see if he's having trouble."
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "Don't hug me so hard next time, Tad!"
>< Mickey says, "BRB!"
>< TadStones says, "To paraphrase Goofy, "Garsh"
>< TadStones says, "Can I get a Diet Coke before we start?"
>< Mickey says, "I'm back!"
>< Mickey says, "Sure!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "I just got an e-mail message from Bob Schooley, who has an
AOL account."
>< TadStones says, "Mmm.  thanks.  It's my major vice."
>< Mickey says, "He says he's working at connecting, and hopes to be here
>< TadStones says, "Okay, first bit of behind the scenes trivia."
>< Mickey says, "Okay, we're about to begin..."
>< TadStones says, "Jeffrey Katzenberg used to start each day with a Diet
>< TadStones says, "When Disney made the park deal with Colke, he switched
>< TadStones says, "I have no idea what he drinks over at Dreamworks"
>< Mickey says, "OK, folks:  here's how this works...."
>< Mickey says, "The guest speaker is on stage at the podium, where he is
isolated from any sound and noise made in the auditorium."
>< Mickey says, "You can ask questions with REQUEST and we will hear them and
>< Mickey says, "During the chat, the only way to make a comment or ask a
question will be to use the REQUEST action..."
>< Mickey says, "When you enter 'request' it will prompt to enter a one line
comment or question..."
>< Mickey says, "What that means is, keep typing (even if you need more than
one line) until you are finished, and then (and only then) hit the RETURN key."
>< Mickey says, "The questions and comments will be read and responded to one
by one, in the order they were presented."
>< Mickey says, "The only way to have a follow-up question once your question
or comment is presented and answered, is to 'page Mickey=MessageHere'."
>< Mickey says, "We will announce when the transcript is ready."
>< Mickey says, "Belle, do you have something you'd like to say?"
>< Mickey puts some ice in Tad's drink.
>< TadStones takes a sip of his Diet Coke.
>< TadStones says, "Thanks Mick"
>< Mickey claps!
>< Mickey says, "Tad, believe me, they are on their feet, clapping loudly!"
>< Mickey says, "Up here on stage, we can't hear them, which is why they need
to use the REQUEST action to ask a question."
>< TadStones says, "Great.  It's nice to be wanted."
>< Mickey says, "Amberthree Productions' EntertainMuck and the FANtasEARS
Disney Fan Club are pleased to present Mr. Tad Stones from Walt Disney
Television Animation for this special invited talk."

>< Mickey says, "Here's a little background on Tad..."
>< Mickey says, "Tad Stones started with Disney right out of college in
>< Mickey says, "training under Eric Larson.  After animating a single scene
in "The Rescuers,"..."
>< Mickey says, "he moved into the story department on "The Fox and Hound"
working with Woolie Reitherman...."
>< Mickey says, "That was followed by a brief stint at Imagineering..."
>< Mickey says, "where he worked with Ward Kimball on EPCOT's Transportation
>< Mickey says, "and Tony Baxter on the Imagination pavilion...."
>< Mickey says, "In 1984, as one of the first people at Walt Disney TV
Animation, Tad was the creative executive overseeing "Ducktales."..."
Tremaine says, "Hello" 
>< Mickey says, "After that, he story edited and co-produced the third season
of the Gummi Bears...."
>< Mickey says, "Tad created "Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers" with Jymn Magon
which he went on to produce and story edit with Alan Zaslove and Bryce Malek
>< Mickey says, "Tad next created and produced the "Darkwing Duck" series...."
>< Mickey says, "He produced all but the last eight "Aladdin" series
>< Mickey says, "He produced and directed Disney's first direct-to-home video
with Alan Zaslove and was the sole producer and director on "Aladdin and the
King of Thieves."..."
>< Mickey says, "Currently he's developing a TV series based on Disney's next
animated feature film, HERCULES, along with Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle...."
>< Mickey says, "Mark and Bob were to join us tonight.  Bob is having problems
connecting from AOL but is working on it as we speak."
>< Mickey says, "Tad, ready for the first question?"
>< TadStones says, "Rightyo"

>< Next question:
>< (Goofy) 'Goof Troop' was successful enough to spin off 'A Goofy Movie'
which introduced some interesting new characters. If there are no plans yet,
could you please let the powers that be know that there are a *lot* of
Troopers out here that would *love* to see a 'New Goof Troop' with these

>< TadStones says, "ahem.  I mean righty-oh!"
>< TadStones says, "Well, it's not exactly true that  Goof Troop's "success
spawned the movie."
>< TadStones says, "The first movie after the Ducktales movie was to be
Darkwing Duck."
>< Mickey says, "You are getting some laughs from Goofy out there in the
>< Presario says, 'This is an example of a SPOOF!'
>< TadStones says, "However, I couldn't do the movie and the series.  So I
opted to concentrate solely on the series."
>< TadStones says, " The remnants of the movie became Darkly Dawns the Duck."
>< TadStones says, "However work has already begun on "Another Goofy Movie""
>< TadStones says, "Next question?"
>< Mickey says, "The room is now on their feet!"
>< Mickey says, "Tremaine pages me that the soundtrack to Goofy Movie was
great And to let you know Pop music is a way to sell more stuff."
>< Mickey says, "Stuff, I guess. :-)"
>< TadStones says, "Of course, Mickey here is too shy to reveal that scripting
has already begun on two movies starring Mickey, Donald and Goofy."
>< TadStones says, "I hope we get continued support from the record company on
all our projects."

>< Mickey says, "Goofy pages, "How soon will it be released, and will it be
DTV or in theaters?""

>< Mickey thanks Tad for the extra work!
>< TadStones says, "I don't have release information.  These are all
theatrical films.  After seeing the Goofy Movie, Michael Eisner felt that the
classic characters were a good subject matter for TVA's movietoons."

>< Mickey says, "Bobby pages, "Can we get more details on AGM2?""

>< TadStones says, "Sorry I don't have any more info on the movies."

>< Mickey says, "Gusto pages: Follow up question....  Will the AGM sequel be
D2V or theatrical, or do they know yet?"

>< TadStones says, "All the classic character movies will be theatrical."

>< Mickey says, "Max pages, "Will the characters be the same ages?"

>< TadStones says, "Sorry, don't know."
>< TadStones shrugs.

>< Mickey says, "Goofy pages, "How soon will it be released?"

>< TadStones shrugs again.

>< Mickey says, "Deb pages: "By the way, what happened to Peg and Pistol in
the movie?  why weren't they there?"

>< TadStones says, "You got me."
>< Mickey says, "Bobby asks, "Is Pauly Shore back in the sequel?"
>< TadStones says, "From fairly early on Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted the movie
separate from the series."
>< TadStones says, "Meaning, if something from the series improved the movie,
"great."  But he wanted the best movie, not one limited by the TV show."
>< Mickey says, "No more pages on this question, folks!"
>< Mickey says, "Ready for another REQUESTed question, Tad?"
>< TadStones says, "Sure"
>< Mickey says, "So, Peg didn't make the cut, huh?  8=o)"
>< TadStones says, "I take it you can only say that when Peg's out of the
>< Mickey giggles
>< TadStones says, "Okay, next question."

>< Next question:
>< (Maligs) Can you tell me what you thought of a goofy movie and if there is

>< Mickey says, "You answered the second part"
>< Mickey says, "What did you think of the movie personally?"
>< TadStones says, "I thought AGM was good but didn't know what it's audience
was to be."
>< Mickey says, "Did the good reaction it got surprise you, then?"
>< TadStones says, "Most of the older audience that would have related to the
storyline wouldn't go to see a movie that seemed aimed at kids."
>< TadStones says, "That's no fault of the movie's but the public perception
of the classic characters."
>< TadStones says, "Okay, hit me with the next question."
>< Mickey says, "I see a large crowd out there in the auditorium who love the
Goofy movie and the series. We have 25 AGM characters on this MUCK!"

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Will there be any direct-to-video titles aimed at
toddler-pre-Kindergarten children in coming months?

>< TadStones says, "The next D2V will be a Winnie the Pooh feature that was
written by Karl Geurs and Carter Crocker and directed by Karl."

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) I understand some direct-to-video titles about Winnie the Pooh
will come out this year.  What are these about?

>< TadStones says, "I've seen nothing but have heard that some very hardened
types have become misty eyed upon viewing it."

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Are there any plans to update classic Disney characters such as
Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and others for contemporary
audiences via TV network, syndication, cable or direct-to-video?

>< Mickey says, "You mentioned I was gonna get a theatrical movie..."
>< Mickey says, "Who else will be in it with me?"
>< TadStones says, "Several scripts are in development.  Aside from Donald and
Goofy and Minnie...I don't know any details.  Ya gotta realize.  I've been
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "And don't ask me about it... I'm no snitcher!! Huh-ha!"

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Gargoyles represented a new "territory" for Disney cartooning to
pursue.  Can audiences look forward to new original Disney characters coming
to TV/syndication/cable/direct-to-video in the next year or two?

>< TadStones says, "Definitely.  Though not in the Gargoyles vein."
>< Mickey says, "Any details?"
>< TadStones says, "Next year on ABC there'll be Pepper Ann and the group from
>< TadStones says, "These are the shows that have more of a Nick type stamp."
>< TadStones says, "Next week, Nightmare Ned starts on ABC, replacing
>< TadStones says, "I know that will create much wailing and gnashing of
>< TadStones says, "But the fact of the matter is that Gargoyles has been
clobbered in the ratings."
>< TadStones says, "Next question?"

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Which animation that your department created/worked on was the
most commercially successful?  To what do you attribute its appeal?

>< TadStones says, "I'm not sure how to judge that.  Ducktales was hugely
successful as was Rescue Rangers."
>< TadStones says, "Talespin dipped a little in ratings but that was probably
due to the budding competition from Fox."
>< TadStones says, " Darkwing Duck was successful enough to warrant 91
>< TadStones says, "Right now Disney has the top three shows in syndication."
>< Mickey says, "One last Minnie question..."

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) If you could work on any creative project that your heart desired,
what would it be?

>< TadStones says, "Well, Hercules is turning out to be an extraordinary
amount of fun.  But the two projects that I'd love to work on are Mike
>< TadStones says, "the projects I'd most like to work on are Mike Mignola's 
Hellboy which would be sort of an animated X-files and a new vehicle for 
Horace Horsecollar."
>< TadStones says, "Horsecollar called "Maximum Horsepower."  It's a science
fiction idea."

>< Next question:
>< (Iago) What, if any, is your favorite character to work with?

>< TadStones says, "That changes from show to show."
>< TadStones says, "It's hard to compare apples and oranges or Darkwings to

>< Mickey says, "Follow-up to an earlier answer: "Why is Horace Horsecollar so
interesting??  Walt could never find anything to do with him." That came from

>< TadStones says, "Well, basically I want to work on my own character again. 
But doing that is always an uphill battle because networks want marquee
>< TadStones says, "Horace appeals to me because he has little personality."
>< TadStones says, " Therefore I get to give him one."
>< TadStones says, "Did I mention that it's the adventures of Horace after he
is abducted by aliens and dropped off on the other side of the galaxy?"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey wonders if there will be a comet in the Horace story. ;-)
>< TadStones says, "They took him while he was on his way to Walt's office to
pitch himself as the star of Sorcerer's Apprentice."
>< TadStones says, "He gets zapped by aliens and somebody else..."
>< TadStones winks at Mickey
>< Mickey looks innocent!
>< TadStones says, "gets the career revival."

>< Next question:
>< (Iago) What was the hardest project to work on?

>< "AGM was a very hard project, Max was a real crab about everything..."
>< TadStones says, "Rescue Rangers was the most grueling.  There was a time I
was working seven days a week.  132 hours M-F 8 hours on Saturday and 4 hours
on Sunday."
>< TadStones says, "Oops.  That's 13 hours m-f"
>< TadStones says, "Creatively Darkwing was the easiest because he was my
>< TadStones says, "Aladdin was difficult because I knew we would always be
compared to the feature.  I feel the show was not as funny nor exciting as it
should have been."

>< Next question:
>< (Iago) Are there any hidden references in the television shows to people or
events from the pasts of the crew?

>< TadStones says, "There are probably some.  It's harder to hide gags when
it's done overseas."
>< TadStones says, "Here and there there are caricatures."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) Tad, it's Juan.

>< Mickey says, "Know him?"
>< Mickey grins
>< TadStones says, "Sure...Juan manages to keep the ranger-list alive"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Honywumpus) a year back I saw some information on a possible TV series
starring the Disney Villains.  The artwork featured Don Karnage, Captain Hook,
Ursula, and others.  Is that project still in the works, and if so is there
any ETA on it?

>< TadStones says, "That project is always in the works.  It's fundamentally a
hard thing to pull off.  There's no ETA"
>< TadStones says, "I'd guess that if it does happen, Don Karnage will
>< Mickey gasps!
>< TadStones says, "Okay I'll explain."
>< TadStones says, "Most of the creative executives, actually all, of the
creative executives are post Talespin."
>< Mickey looks out into the crowd and sees more teeth-gnashing going on out
there. 8=o)
>< TadStones says, "When putting together an all star roster they wouldn't
think of including villains from our earlier shows.  They just don't know
>< TadStones says, "Our shows tend to have intense followings whose tastes
aren't always mirrored by the general public."
>< TadStones says, "Okay, new info.  Robin Williams returns as Genie for
about a dozen educational spots called Great Minds Think for Themselves!  Each
spot is about a minute and a half long.  Next fall on ABC."
>< Mickey says, "Followup from g.Honywumpus: "Any info on the cast?"
>< TadStones says, "Nope."
>< Mickey says, "Followup from Morgana: Would they think of including NegaDuck
then? And the other DWD villains?"
>< TadStones says, "I doubt it unless it was my show or Jymn Magon came back
to edit it."

>< Next question:
>< (RobinHood) Hey Tad.... Just on the curious side, do you remember that guy
that bought the figure of 'Rebecca' that was at the auction?

>< TadStones says, "Sure.  I take it that's you?"
>< Mickey looks out at RobinHood
>< Mickey says, "Robin, page Mickey if you have a followup!"
>< Mickey says, "I hear, yes, he is."

>< Mickey says, "Next question?"
>< Mickey says, "RobinHood asks if you are going to be at NAPTE, Tad?"

>< TadStones says, "I won't be going to NAPTE.  Maybe the year after for
Hercules.  We don't want to advertise the show until the movie is out."
>< TadStones says, "Although Kathy Lee Gifford publicized the series on her
show the other day."
>< TadStones says, "we recorded her for the voice of Echidna, mother of all
>< TadStones says, "An actual mythological character."

>< Mickey says, "Rufus was next in the REQUEST queue with this question: "Can
you tell us about 'Sinbad the Sailor'?"

>< Mickey says, "You just busted the crowd up with your last answer!"
>< TadStones says, "When we were working on Aladdin, Jeffrey told us to stay
away from Sinbad because they were developing it for features."
>< Mickey says, "RobinHood follows up, recalling there was a project of
'Sinbad" that John Landis was going to do, but nothing ever came of it.
>< TadStones says, "Haven't heard of it."

>< TadStones says, "I've heard nothing about it since then."

>< Next question:
>< (Debbie) Why Hercules for the next movie?

>< Mickey says, "Why not?  Huh-ha!"
>< TadStones says, "Ron"
>< TadStones says, "Ron and John wrote a script for a science fiction movie
that Eisner liked but Jeffrey didn't.  Jeffrey asked them to do Herc first. 
Since they were both Superman fans they said yes since it's the prototypical
superhero story."
>< TadStones says, "It's great BTW."

>< Next question:
>< (Morgana) know there was to have been a Darkwing Duck movie, but it never
happened... why?

>< TadStones says, "As I mentioned, it became Darkly Dawns the Duck."
>< Mickey says, "We have 21 more questions in the queue... Here's the next

>< Next question:
>< (guest5) with the dissolving of the Disney afternoon, what is the status of
new Disney TV animation-- syndication or not?

>< TadStones says, "I think a Darkwing Movie would be great, especially with
the continuing Batman movies out there."
>< TadStones says, "Disney will have a Kellogg's hour which will start with
101 Dalmatians"
>< Mickey says, "Dogs like cereal?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< TadStones says, "But it will most likely be programmed early in the
>< Mickey wonders if there will be Kellogg's Spotted Flakes packages. ;-)
>< TadStones says, "One of the reasons were using "star" casting in the
Hercules series is to raise awareness with the station managers in the hopes
of getting better time slots."
>< Mickey says, "How do the stars of the Hercules series compare to the
animated feature? Did you get all of the originals to sign for the series?"
>< TadStones says, "Aside from Kathy Lee we had Eric Idle, Rob Schneider, Brad
Garrett, French Stewart and Sandra Bernhard in the opening episode.  Also
Robert Stack."
>< Mickey says, "Dang. Not Regis, too. ;-)"
>< TadStones says, "James Woods will be doing Hades in the series. 
>< TadStones says, "I'm sure Regis will appear sooner or later."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) there be a Quack Pack Movie?"

>< Mickey says, "Oh boy!"
>< TadStones says, "Quack Pack is doing very well.  Number one in syndication
but there are no movie plans."

>< Next question:
>< (Tremaine) there any more new shows planed for the old DSA shows like
Darkwing Duck (one of my Favs) or Ducktales?

>< TadStones says, "Old episodes of Ducktales will start on ABC next weekend."
>< TadStones says, "New episodes are done only to fill out a potential
syndication package of 65."
>< Mickey says, "What about DuckTales on the Disney Channel? Will it be taken
>< TadStones says, "Therefore all new shows will be...new shows."
>< TadStones says, "I don't know the fate of the Disney Channel's Ducktales."

>< Mickey says, "Morgana follows-up with "What about DWD?""

>< TadStones says, "New show with old characters might happen if someone
creates them and pitches them to management."
>< TadStones says, "But there's no one with an interest in doing that except
me and I'd rather go on to new things."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) future plans for a "Rescue Rangers" Revival?

>< TadStones says, "I was just mentioning Chip and Dale the other day as
examples of classic characters that could be repackaged in a new show."
>< TadStones says, "There could be a revival when the kids who loved the show
have kids.  So give it seven years or so."
>< Mickey says, "g.Honywumpus follows-up: "There's been talk of a "Quiverwing
Quack" series, starring her as an adult. Any thoughts on that?"
>< TadStones says, "In your dreams."
>< Mickey giggles
>< TadStones says, "Kidding.  Hey I love Gosalyn but no one in the Neilsen
public has heard of Quiverwing Quack."

>< Next question:
>< (lar3ry) You've mentioned Jeff Katzenberg; I'm curious as to how much
influence Mike Ovitz had with the animation group (TV Animation as well as the
Feature guys).

>< TadStones says, "As far as I know, Ovitz had no affect on Features.  He
certainly had no dealings with us."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Razor) What's up with Redux (Disney's version of Fractured Fairy Tales)?
 Is it due out for release anytime soon?

>< TadStones says, "I have no idea.  It's a truly hilarious film directed by
Steve Moore."
>< TadStones says, "It was originally to be released D2V with other fairy
tales but I've heard they don't measure up."

>< Next question:
>< (Tremaine) heard about 101 Dalmatians being a series. Why isn't Disney
doing it?

>< TadStones says, "??? We are doing it."

>< Next question:
>< (guest5) when would be the best time of the season to submit a portfolio to
Disney TV animation

>< TadStones says, "It's purely a matter of chance.  There is some recruiting
going on while at the same time there's a chance of a half dozen layoffs."
>< TadStones says, "TV animation is different that features because we don't
have the built in training that inbetweening provides.  That's all done

>< Next question:
>< (RobinHood) Also, what of the 'Hercules' series? Will we see more of these
spin off shows going to TV when other feature animated projects come out? And
will you be at NAPTE in LA in May?

>< Mickey says, "You answered the last part already"
>< TadStones says, "Some features are more suitable for spinning off than
others.  I'd say the next most likely feature to become a series will be

>< Next question:
>< (Morgana) heard the rumor that there is going (or was going to ) be a
sequel to BATB, taking place during the winter when Belle was still imprisoned
in the castle?

>< TadStones says, "Yes.  That's being animated in Canada right now and I hear
the footage is very impressive.  It will also be computer colored.  It expands
on the period of winter in the film."
>< TadStones says, "It deals with Christmas."
>< Mickey says, "It was still hand-drawn, or drawn directly into the computer?"
>< TadStones says, "All Disney animated film are hand drawn the computer only
colors the work.  I guess that's not entirely true since Toy Story"
>< TadStones says, "Sorry about the typing."

>< Next question:
>< (Gusto) In light of the number of movie projects the TV Animation division
seems to be getting involved in, do you think there's any chance of the Gummi
Bears (tied with The Wuzzles for the honor of being TVA's first series)
getting a movie?

>< TadStones says, "Nope.  See the above exchanges about creative executives."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Are there any plans to move animation back on-shore?

>< TadStones says, "No.  It's just too expensive.  I think the last TV
animation done onshore was Filmation's Bravestar."

>< Mickey says, "And Morgana follows-up, "Any chance of getting new creative
executives?"  :: grin ::"

>< TadStones says, "Anything's possible."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) about Frankenstein?

>< TadStones says, "Frank is being prepared for a major presentation for
Eisner in a few weeks."
>< TadStones says, "That'll set its direction as theatrical or D2V"

>< Mickey says, "g.Honywumpus wants to know where to apply for openings as a
creative executive!"

>< Mickey says, "Honywumpus, be creative. ;-)"
>< TadStones says, "First you have to move to California."

>< Next question:
>< (Tremaine) need more shorts like School House Rock on Saturday mornings.
Mr. Eisner pioneered that one.

>< TadStones says, "That's what those Genie educational spots I mentioned are
>< Mickey says, ">< (Tremaine) need more shorts like School House Rock on
Saturday mornings."
>< Mickey says, "He goes on to say Mr. Eisner pioneered that one."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) How many episodes are you working, McCorkle and Schooley working 
on? Hercules, I mean.

>< TadStones says, "Mark and Bob are the executive story editors of the series
so they're working on them all."
>< TadStones says, "They'll also write about a half dozen themselves."
>< TadStones says, "They wrote the first episode that got high marks from
>< Mickey says, "Only time for a few more questions..."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) What's the story on the 'Lady and the Tramp' sequel in the rumor

>< TadStones says, "It's written by Bill Motz and Bob Roth and directed by
Darrel ...I just blanked on Darrel's last name.  Anyway it features Scamp. 
Other than that I know nothing."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) heard that 101D will be on 4 nights a week.  What about the Fifth

>< TadStones says, "I believe 101 Dalmatians will be on 5 mornings a week."

>< Next question:
>< (Morgana) seems that every animated movie Disney has made has had an
animated TV show too, except for BATB.  Will there be an animated BATB show? 
And why wasn't there one?

>< TadStones says, "How would you do a series?  Before the movie the
characters hadn't met.  After the movie there was no longer a Beast."
>< TadStones says, "There's no Poca or Hunchback series either."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) What is Peter Hastings doing at Disney?

>< TadStones says, "I don't know the specifics but he's developing a block of
>< TadStones says, "The creators of Dr. Katz are also developing something
that's alleged to be hilarious."
>< TadStones says, "I know no details.  But this brings up a major issue in
Disney's future."
>< TadStones says, "There will now be a greater diversity coming out of Disney
>< TadStones says, "Some shows will look like classic Disney..."
>< TadStones says, "and other shows will look like nothing you've ever seen."
>< TadStones says, "Check out Nightmare Ned as an example."
>< TadStones says, "I understand how this might not be the greatest news for
Disney fans"
>< TadStones says, "but in the long run it's a healthy thing for us and ABC."

>< Next question:
>< (Tremaine) Jumbo Picture the creatures of Doug now a part of Disney. I
heard they were doing 101 Dalmatians?

>< TadStones says, "Jumbo is executive producing but Bobs Ganaway and
Tony...damn, blanking again. are the producers here."
>< TadStones says, "the bulk of the crew is sitting in our studio."

>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Rufus: "Will you be revisiting the style of
'Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom'?"

>< TadStones says, "Not per se.  But there'll be experimentation with a lot of

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Any constructive suggestions for someone with a screenplay?

>< TadStones says, "Generally you need to submit it to an agent.  There's too
many legal hassles to dealing with unsolicited material otherwise."
>< Mickey says, "We have only two more questions..."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Inkan) role will Sandra Bernhard play?

>< TadStones says, "Sandra Bernhard plays a friend of Hercules, Cassandra. 
French Stewart of 3rd Rock From the Sun plays Icarus."
>< TadStones says, "We're doing the teen aged adventures of Hercules.  We
learned our lesson on Aladdin."
>< Mickey says, "And that lesson is?"
>< TadStones says, "That lesson being that it's too hard to do a series AFTER
a happy ending and AFTER a character has gone through his major character
>< Mickey nods

>< Mickey says, "Last question:  What do you think about doing a show feature
Lumiere's Village?"

>< Mickey grins
>< TadStones says, "Wouldn't that series be better on NBC?  GE owns them"
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "Tad, thanks so much for answering our questions tonight! 
Here, let me put your tired fingers in some cocoa butter."
>< TadStones says, "Or were you just WAXING poetic."
>< Mickey groans
>< Mickey says, "You cut me to the wick!"
>< Mickey says, "We'll have transcripts ready in the next day or two--see our
webpage or our internal newsgroups for announcements."
>< TadStones says, "Ah the butter is just what I needed."
>< Mickey says, "Let's go down off the stage now and relax!  Thank you again!"
>< TadStones says, "Thank you all for showing an interest.  sorry Bob and Mark
couldn't be here."
>< Mickey claps!
TadStones comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
Kit Cloudkicker says, "Thanks, Tad :)" 
Leilah says, "Careful of the teeth, Hony dear." 
Rufus applauds Tad.
Shadow exclaims, "Thanks Tad!" 
Tremaine exclaims, "Thanks alot!" 
Gusto waves to Tad.  "Thanks for dropping by."
Morgana waves
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) exclaims, "Thanks, Tad!" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Let's have a big hand for Tad
Leilah exclaims, "Thanks, Tad!" 
Iago has connected.
TadStones says, "Thank you, thank you very much" 
g.bururun (cse3-10.matsudo.mbn.or.jp) exclaims, "thanks a lot!" 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) Thanks much, for everything!
Tremaine applauds
Leilah applauds
Rufus applauds Tad some more.
Gosalyn exclaims, "Yippee for Tad - you are the greatest!" 
g.Empire looks at Mickey, who grins up at g.Empire and waves. With an impish
giggle, Mickey comes over to chat with g.Empire.
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "thanks tad" 
RobinHood exclaims, "Danka Tad!" 
Iago has disconnected.
Scooter applauds from behind his camcorder.
Clopin MORE applause!
Shadow  applauds.
Iago claps!
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) Hooray for DW's Dad!
Morgana claps!!!!
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "hooray for E.T. Rockwell" 
Iago claps!!!!!
Tremaine claps
Gusto applauds, and bows repetitively, in a sort of worshiping style, chanting
"I'm not worthy... I'm not worthy..."
TadStones says, "You guys are the greatest." 
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "E.T. Roswell?" 
TadStones wipes a misty tear from his eye
Morgana exclaims, "as Lumi would say, 'WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"" 
Tremaine exclaims, "And I liked Aladdin!!!!!" 
Rufus says, "Of course we're the greatest. You drew a lot of us." 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) asks, "Thaddeus Rockwell?   ;)" 
Gusto grins.
Gosalyn says, "Aw, thanks..." 
Morgana grins
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Tad, on behalf of all of us here
at Emuck, please come back anytime!" 
Leilah says, "I'm with you, Tremaine. ;)" 
Gusto nods.  "What Mickey said."
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "Yes, please do! :)" 
Iago thinks of all the wonderful times WDTVA has given him....
Gosalyn says, "Ditto" 
Tremaine exclaims, "Ditto!!!!!" 
Gusto nodnods to Iago.
Belle says, "Tad, you'll be interested in knowing that your talk has generated
the largest number of people online EMuck to date." 
TadStones says, "Okay, I will.  And sending me the transcript is fine." 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Tad's number one!" 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "It's never too late to have
a happy childhood!" 
Morgana exclaims, "42!" 
Gusto says, "TVA introduced me to Disney... if it weren't for them I'd
probably not be a Disney fan right now." 
Gusto says, "Or at least not as much of one..." 
TadStones asks, "Ah, but what's the question?" 
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "When Tad's in charge, you know the
series is good." 
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) hehs at Inkan and seconds that one.
Gusto grins.
Leilah says, "Which is why I'm looking forward to Hercules." 
Morgana giggles
Leilah says, "As much as I looked forward to Aladdin.  " 
Kit Cloudkicker asks, "Is lar3ry still here?" 
Tremaine says, "I've been a fan for a long time and Herc sounds like fun June
can't come fast enough.," 
Rufus says, "I just wish we could stretch 'The Rescuers' into a series. I
could use the work." 
Gusto waves a few '87 episodes of Gummi Bears as evidence of that one...
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) asks, "Will Hercules feature
pasty-faces sorcerers too, Leilah?  ;---)" 
TadStones says, "I think Hercules stands a chance of being one of our best
Gusto says, "Waves around, that is... argh." 
Belle vanishes in a puff of smoke to the Welcome Center Lounge.
Morgana asks, "What is the meaning of Life? And the answer is 42!" 
Leilah swats at Hony
lar3ry has left.
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) giggles
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "sounds great." 
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) asks, "Don't you mean the meaning of life, the
negaverse, and everything? :)" 
TadStones says, "Alice Dewey, one of the producers of the feature said it
sounded more like a prime time show." 
Mickey asks, "When will we know if that Mickey Mouse feature will have a TV
series version, too?" 
Kit Cloudkicker says, "that answers that..." 
Morgana giggles
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) asks, "any idea what the 1999 series will be?" 
Gusto phbbbpts at g.Razor
RobinHood asks, "We go home happy, what do you say?'.... ;)" 
Morgana asks, "Tad, how can we make our opinions known to the creative execs?" 
Iago says, "Angels vs. Mets?" 
Tremaine says, "Thanks again Tad. Night all!!!!!!" 
Gusto nods at what Morgana asks.
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) chants subliminally, "1999 - Quiverwing
Quack series."
TadStones says, "You can certainly write" 
Mickey grins at Honywumpus
Belle has arrived.
Belle runs up to you, her skirts blowing behind her.
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "Hackwrench - 1999" 
Morgana asks, "to who? where?" 
guest5 comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "Gadget in Space" 
We can 'write' better than you, sometimes.
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) asks, "The ladies of the DA in 1999?" 
Tremaine asks, "Will e-mail from the Disney sight get to you?" 
TadStones says, "Er, write TV animation 5200 Lankershim Blvd.  N. Hollywood
California 91602" 
Iago says, "The Iago Variety Hour: 1999 ;)" 
Morgana giggles
Kit Cloudkicker yawns widely again
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) says, "The corner of Lankershim and Magnolia... 
no coffee shop there, though, and no wolf. :)" 
TadStones exclaims, " Well I gotta go!" 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "Seriously, I'd like to see
Disney Villains in 1999!" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Tad, now you know why we held
the chat with the 'request' feature instead of having everyone gang up on you
out here! ;-)" 
Iago exclaims, "Bye!" 
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "see ya." 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Goodnight, Tad!" 
Belle exclaims, "thanks again, Tad!  Good night!" 
Gusto remembers Lankershim... :)
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) exclaims, "Good night, Tad!" 
Gusto exclaims, "Nite, Tad!" 
g.Empire (Cust40.Max36.Philadelphia.PA.MS.UU.NET) says, "bye" 
Leilah exclaims, "Bye, Tad!" 
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "g'night Tad!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Goodnight, Tad! Thanks for dropping by!" 
g.bururun (cse3-10.matsudo.mbn.or.jp) says, "Good Night, Tad." 
TadStones blows on his thumb, expands and explodes in a cloud of Disneydust.
Clopin exclaims, "Thanks!" 
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) says, "I dunno.  Disney Villains sounds too
much like Bonkers to me." 
Gosalyn exclaims, "Bye, Tad- thanks again, and come back soon!" 
Mickey says, "Neat trick" 
RobinHood says, "Type to you later...." 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "Now THAT'S an exit!" 
Mickey nods!
TadStones has disconnected.
Tremaine zaps Tremaine.
Tremaine has left.
g.Inkan (linux3.ph.utexas.edu) wipes the dust off his face
Rufus says, "Yeah, much quieter than *your* trick, Mickey." 
Kit Cloudkicker pads over to Robin Hood
Belle says, "spread the dust around, folks.  Tomorrow night, we officially
turn ONE YEAR old!" 
g.Honywumpus (168-181-253.ipt.aol.com) yawns and scratches.  The Bubbakitten
does too.
Mickey grins
Leilah says, "It's getting late.  Time for me to go, too." 
Shadow exclaims, "Well, that was fun!" 
Rufus wonders if "Disneydust" works like "Pixie Dust" and tries to fly.
Gusto says, "Spiffy" 
g.Razor (netcom23.netcom.com) asks, "Can you expect any less of an exit from
Disney? :)"