EMuck at the 1997 Oscars Transcript

This is a transcript, taken by player lar3ry, of EMuck's trip to the Oscars, live and blow-by-blow, held 24 March 1997 at 8 PM U.S. CST.

Some notes on the format here:

ANNOUNCE> (lar3ry) EMuck Goes To The OSCARS!  Join us in Shrine Auditorium!
CHIME> 20:30
Sailor_Moon has arrived.
Pi has arrived.
Powerline has arrived.
Powerline arrives at a breathtaking pace.
Perdita exclaims, "HI!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Hello, Perdita!" 
Powerline exclaims, "HIYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11" 
Rosie says, "Hello" 
Perdita says, "Soup anyone" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Hi, PL!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Hi, BoPee!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "And hi, Larry3!" 
lar3ry waves to everybody.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Sorry, BoPeep!" 
Powerline exclaims, "ARGH! I can't find the TV remote!" 
Perdita says, "SOUP,SOUP,get it at Perdita" 
lar3ry laughs at Dennis Rodman on the screen.
Cari has arrived.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Heeere's Larry, Flynt, I mean!" 
Chad has arrived.
Gavin Rossdale waves
Gwen Stefani arrives on Gavin Rossdale's arm!
Perdita says, "hi" 
Message set.
Rosie stifles giggles...
p.No has arrived.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Hi, everyone!!!" 
Gavin Rossdale waves
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Hi, everyone!" 
p.Kappa has arrived.
Rosie bursts out laughing and shakes Gavin's hand "Hello! hahaha..."
Perdita exclaims, "SOUP!!!" 
Powerline asks, "Can I have some soup?" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "....yes, Rosie....yes..." 
Perdita says, "OK,what kind" 
Rosie giggles and just smiles...
Tom Cruise asks, "Who is this guy?" 
lar3ry is tallying the oscar votes.
Rosie smiles and puts her arm around Tom "Oh no one, don't you worry"
Gwen Stefani laughs!
Tom Cruise smiles!
Perdita  is waiting.
Powerline is packing
Gavin Rossdale says, "I packed already" 
p.Kappa yawns.
Gwen Stefani holds onto Gavin and gives Rosie a look, he's mine!
Gwen Stefani eeps, thought the lag was gone!!
Powerline says, "You're going to L.A. too?" 
Gavin Rossdale grins, "Yeah, I'm hers! :P"
Rosie smirks "Don't you worry your pretty little head, Gwen.."
Powerline digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
Gavin Rossdale says, "hey now.." 
Powerline says, "lar3ry, you're the only non-minor here :)" 
Rosie smiles innocently.
Powerline says, "minor -> major -> lt. col...." 
p.No has left.
lar3ry says, "Interesting."
Tom Cruise says, "Hold on...I'm getting important news!" 
Powerline says, "Guilty." 
Powerline says, "er, wait...the OJ verdict is already in...nevermind" 
Gwen Stefani raises an eyebrow.
Powerline raises 3.11 ears
Gwen Stefani raises the other eyebrow.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "A large percent of the people are in the majority, and a
smaller percent are in the minorities!" 
Powerline says, "studies show that three-fourths of the people constitute 75%
of the population" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "That's mine" 
TigerEyes has arrived.
Gwen Stefani looks to Gorgeous Gavin, "whats yours?"
TigerEyes waves
Rosie refrains from speaking....
Gavin Rossdale says, "That... saying" 
Gavin Rossdale refrains from fwapping Rosie
Perdita exclaims, "SOUP!!SOUP!!" 
Rosie smiles innocently "You better stay that way or the bus ride won't be so
nice, either..."
Gwen Stefani squints at Rosie and mutters something like, Don't Speak.
p.Kappa walks over to TigerEyes and takes her hand.
Tom Cruise clears his throat
Gavin Rossdale says, "Yah" 
Rosie scowls.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Obviously I'm being forgotten!" 
TigerEyes smiles
Gwen Stefani wonders if anyone would like a short performance?
Powerline is really Elton John.
Rosie grabs Tom's arm "Oh not at all.."
p.Kappa asks, "Really?" 
Gavin Rossdale nods, "I would!"
Gavin Rossdale says, "Then you're 50 as of midnight, Chris" 
p.Kappa asks, "Could you do a number for us Pl?" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Flip a coin to pick one... *snicker*" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "...powerline, that is.." 
Gwen Stefani asks, "Hey all, what song should I sing?" 
Powerline nods
Rosie asks, "Why not End It On This?" 
Rosie smiles..
lar3ry finally got all the votes tallied.
p.Kappa plays a drum roll.
Gavin Rossdale says, "PL's been moonlighting as a rock star legend...wait, he
*is* a rock star legend....nevermind" 
BoPeep says, "no more soup come and get more soup" 
Powerline giggles
Powerline WANTS MORE SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
p.Kappa runs over to Pl, carrying a bowl of soup.
Gwen Stefani says, "Spiderwebs, Don't Speak, Just a Girl, Excuse Me Mr., or
Gwen Stefani snickers.
Gwen Stefani will sing Just a Girl.
[....After lar3ry does the votes.]
Perdita  is handing you soup
p.Kappa says, "No thanks." 
TigerEyes exclaims, "Sixteen!" 
Powerline exclaims, "Thanks!" 
BoPeep says, "what kind" 
TigerEyes digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
p.Kappa spikes the soup.
TigerEyes giggles
Gwen Stefani asks, "Whats the command you guys are doing again? I forget." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "@sweep i believe" 
p.Kappa tries not to look guilty...
TigerEyes is trying to download 5 different things at once...
Cari digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
p.Kappa digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
TigerEyes huggles p.Kappa
lar3ry says, "Interestingly, we have only one category that's practically
unanimous (Best Original Musical or Comedy Score)"
p.Kappa blushes.
Tom Cruise asks, "What?" 
p.Kappa says, "Calm down dear.. We are in public." 
Powerline didn't vote
Gavin Rossdale says, "I can only think of one and *that's* not really
Powerline didnt' know 99% of the choices
Rosie smirks.
TigerEyes giggles
lar3ry says, "And we have five categories that are tied (two of which are 3-way
Rosie says, "Geez.." 
p.Kappa says, "Wow." 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "GRAVY!!!" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Wow spelt backwards is woW" 
TigerEyes says, "Wow..." 
Rosie shakes her head "Oh no..."
Tom Cruise says, "That's very good Rossdale." 
TigerEyes giggles
Gavin Rossdale says, "Thank you. I also do impressions." 
Perdita exclaims, "WOW!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I'm sure you do!" 
p.Kappa backs away...
lar3ry says, "umop ap:sdn m,I"
Tom Cruise asks, "Are you upside-down Lar3ry?" 
lar3ry says, "Almost."
Gavin Rossdale exclaims, "isn't 'I' better represented with !....nevermind" 
TigerEyes says, "hehe" 
Gwen Stefani can't even remember half the stuff she voted for
Gwen Stefani says, "Most of the movies, I didn't even see. Just Jerry
Gwen Stefani eeps.
Gwen Stefani laughs!
Rufus has arrived.
Perdita  giggles
lar3ry waves to Rufus.
p.Kappa tries to get upside down.
Rufus wavies to all his friends.
Rosie cringes..
Gwen Stefani wonders when she can sing.
TigerEyes holds p.Kappa upside down.
p.Kappa gets rather dizzy...
Powerline yawns
Gavin Rossdale pokes p.Kappa with a pointed stick
lar3ry gets ready to put on ABC.
p.Kappa says, "Shut up. :)" 
TigerEyes shakes all the money out of p.Kappa's pockets...;)
BoPeep says, "your feet are on top Lar3ry" 
Gavin Rossdale drops the 18-ton weight
p.Kappa pulls the lever!
Gavin Rossdale says, "Yaaahhhhh" 
lar3ry says, "Yuk!  Babba Wawwa"
Rufus exclaims, "Somebody should 'slice' her!" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Ooh, 'That Thing You Do'" 
Belle was last online on EMuck at Mon Mar 24 20:13:42 EST 1997.
TigerEyes likes that song.
p.Kappa asks, "I do?" 
p.Kappa does that thing he does.
Rosie giggles.
Gavin Rossdale asks, "You mean, with the thing?" 
Brandi has arrived.
TigerEyes giggles
lar3ry asks p.Kappa to use the 'Puppets' room.
Sailor_Moon drops Luna and she goes off to discover more about the scouts enemies
Brandi exclaims, "hiya all!" 
p.Luna meows.
p.Kappa lol!
p.Luna heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Perdita says, ":H" 
p.Kappa digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
lar3ry waves to Perdita.
Rufus says, "Sorry to hear about your cleft pallate, Perdita." 
Gwen Stefani sings along.
Gwen Stefani waves!
TigerEyes digs around the room looking for leftovers...
CHIME> 21:00
Sailor_Moon zaps Time Key.
p.Kappa finds some!
p.Luna heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Gavin Rossdale says, "Huh, huh, huh, 69'th" 
BoPeep says, "what about me" 
Tom Cruise asks, ""Anyone logging???" 
TigerEyes asks, "Anyone like the song, 'One Headlight'?" 
Gavin Rossdale apologises
lar3ry heh heh hehs... he said '69'
Gavin Rossdale says, "# + 69 = #69" 
Gwen Stefani fwaps Gavin. :P
Moogle has arrived.
Rufus says, "Looks like Macy is hvaving trouble keeping his balance." 
Moogle zaps p.Kappa.
p.Kappa has left.
lar3ry is logging.
Moogle has left.
Gavin Rossdale rubs the back of his head and grins
TigerEyes huggles Moogle
---- Recall end ----
Tom Cruise asks, "Can you give me a copy of the log?" 
Gwen Stefani sees the logging and smoothes her hair.
Moogle hops into Tiger's arms.
Gwen Stefani hops into Gavin's arms.
TigerEyes pets Moogle
Gavin Rossdale yikes and struggles to maintain balance
Moogle purrs. Kupo.
Gwen Stefani says, "Only one hottie there, Chris O'Donnell." 
Gwen Stefani heys! "i'm not fat!"
Moogle digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
lar3ry says, "The log will be made available via HTTP and FTP."
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "There!" 
Moogle cheers.
Gavin Rossdale says, "Not saying you were, but the sudden impact of yourself
in my arms causes me to wobble a bit" 
TigerEyes says, "Kupo to you too ;)" 
TigerEyes digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
lar3ry doesn't think it will fit in 'features'
Gavin Rossdale maintains balance
Moogle tips him over.
Gavin Rossdale kicks Moogle
TigerEyes giggles
Rufus exclaims, "Bad toupee!" 
Moogle says, "OW." 
TigerEyes asks, "More broken ribs? :( :p" 
TigerEyes will brb...
Moogle says, "Probably so..." 
TigerEyes is idle:  brb
Gavin Rossdale hugs Gwen in compensation
Moogle offers everyone some more soup.
lar3ry says, "Boy... does he speak with conviction.  NOT!"
Gwen Stefani grins, girls tend to take things in that way quite often.
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "HEY!" 
Gwen Stefani snuggles Gavin, "s'ok!"
Rufus asks, "So what's wrong with being alone with out computer screens?" 
Gavin Rossdale assertains that he must refrain from using big words
TigerEyes will have some soup :)
Moogle servs Tiger.
Tom Cruise claps.
TigerEyes says, "Thanks :)" 
lar3ry says, "YODA!"
Gwen Stefani wonders if others are watching this--- YODA!!!
Moogle says, "I shall leave now.." 
Gwen Stefani laughs!!!
Moogle has disconnected.
Brandi applauds Yoda!
Gavin Rossdale says, "Very nice job acting there" 
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" 
Gavin Rossdale laughs, "Explain the plot of Mission...that's funny"
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I'm on tv!" 
lar3ry says, "Letterman!"
Rosie sits down in the corner.
Rufus says, "David can't fly, either." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Kabloomie" 
Brandi exclaims, "yuck DL!" 
lar3ry says, "UMA.   Oprah."
Gavin Rossdale says, "Oprah, UMA." 
Rufus exclaims, "UMA Ooogie Boogie! What are you talking about?" 
BoPeep says,
Perdita exclaims, "BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "The bad jokes aree flying" 
BoPeep hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling BoPeep home...
BoPeep has left.
Gavin Rossdale says, "minus one 'e'" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "That's me!" 
Rufus exclaims, "He said MikeO! heh, heh, heh," 
Gwen Stefani laughs and laughs!
Gwen Stefani sighs, return of lag!
TigerEyes waves bye
TigerEyes has left.
Rufus says, "The cone bros, Right and Oblique." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Okay lag, I don't like you and you don't like me, but if
you don't go away I might be forced to poke you" 
Gwen Stefani hahahs.
Gavin Rossdale asks, "Sinfreid and Roy?" 
Gwen Stefani laughs at Gavin.
Gavin Rossdale says, "Sig, not sin.." 
lar3ry sins.
Rufus asks, "Are you sure, Gavin?" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Nope." 
Gwen Stefani is surprised Billy Bob Thornton isn't wearing another baseball
Rufus says, "They took it away from him." 
lar3ry says, "Larry Flynt is in the audience!"
Gavin Rossdale says, "It's in the lost and found dept" 
Gwen Stefani laughs.
Rufus says, "At least Larry has his pants on." 
[a lone assasin breathes silently on the balcony]
Rufus says, "So far." 
Gwen Stefani laughs!
lar3ry says, "No grassy knoll in the Shrine, though."
Gavin Rossdale yipes. Can't stay long
Gwen Stefani can't either. :P
Perdita  sits
Gwen Stefani omigoshes as Billy Crystal dances
Gwen Stefani hahahs!!!!
Rufus says, "Don't give up your nite job, Billy." 
lar3ry says, "Too bad they passed the Brady bill.   [smile]"
Rufus exclaims, "LOL at Dennis!" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Lord these jokes are so...tasteless.." 
Rufus says, "Yeah, Billy's aren't all couth, either." 
Perdita  giggles
Tom Cruise exclaims, "That's me!" 
Gavin Rossdale says, "His suit is coming apart" 
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Dennis Rodman!" 
lar3ry smiles.
Brandi exclaims, "impressive!" 
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Take a breath!" 
Powerline returns
Gavin Rossdale says, "very" 
Perdita exclaims, "WOW!" 
Rosie hmms "Wonder if they can rewrite that to work with Rosie as the last
word ;)"
lar3ry laughs at the Fargo parody.
Rufus exclaims, "Frankie's not gonna like this one!" 
Gwen Stefani didn't see Fargo. 
Gavin Rossdale says, "My Brain Hurts" 
Name set.
Belle has arrived.
Gwen Stefani says, "Glamour." 
Belle exclaims, "hello everyone!" 
Belle just got home
Belle puts Plush Beast down.  Plush Beast looks about and starts exploring his new environment.
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!]
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Hi!" 
Bill has arrived.
Belle says, "I see Billy's up to his usual self tonight." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Quick, hide the booze" 
Gwen Stefani laughs.
Rufus tosses Plush Beast a scooby snack.
Perdita exclaims, "HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Gwen Stefani hands Plush Beast a scooby snack.
Bill says, "Hi there all" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep and eats the Snack!]
Gwen Stefani eeps. "I've gotta go."
Rufus says, "She knits like she speaks." 
Brandi says, "bye.." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "Slipups" 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Supporting Actor :
OSCAR>   CUBA GOODING JR., Jerry Maguire
OSCAR>   JAMES WOODS, Ghosts of Mississippi
Belle exclaims, "Show us the money!" 
Gavin Rossdale hugs bye, "Seeya!"
Powerline is idle:  packing
Belle shudders at the Minnesota accent.
lar3ry says, "SHOW THEM THE MONEY!"
Gwen Stefani waits a minute...
Bill says, "i go now, good bye" 
Bill zaps Bill.
Bill has left.
Perdita asks, "Plush beast,do you want a doggie treat?" 
Gwen Stefani asks, "Anyone see that movie?" 
Gwen Stefani asks, "Primal Fear?" 
[Plush Beast eeps a suspicious plush eep.]
Belle says, "not I." 
Brandi chants "James Woods, James Woods..."
Gwen Stefani says, "It was WEIRD." 
Belle asks, "what's their theme this year?" 
Gwen Stefani chants, CUBA GOODING JR!
Brandi exclaims, "yes, and it was really good!" 
Belle shouts, "Show us the money!"
Rufus exclaims, "Woods looks like my neighbor in that makeup!" 
Invalid nominee.
Belle exclaims, "They showed him the money!" 
Brandi exclaims, "BOOOOOOO!" 
Gavin Rossdale chants, "Di-ess-say-un-dom-ee-nay"
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Woo-hoo!!" 
lar3ry says, "That, not too surprisingly, is the EMuck vote as well."
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Go, Cuba!!!" 
Rufus says, "Don't you have to go to " 
Rufus asks, "Canada first?" 
lar3ry watches them drag him offstage!
Rufus asks, "This kid doesn't take a hint, does he?" 
Brandi thinks this is going to be a long night at this rate...
[Show him the boot!]
lar3ry says, "LET FRANK TALK!"
Gwen Stefani heard a rumor and can never get it out of her head, "Richard Gere
put a hamster up his butt"
Gavin Rossdale makes the cut-throat action, "Does this mean keep talking?"
Gwen Stefani YAYS! "Go CUBA!"
Gwen Stefani loves him!
Belle thought Richard Gere WAS a hamster.
Gwen Stefani is sure that he loves her too.
Rand has arrived.
Gwen Stefani laughs at Belle!
Rand digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
Brandi says, "hi Rand" 
Gwen Stefani's gotta go now, for good. :(
Gwen Stefani hugs Gavin tight!
Rand says, "hi everyone." 
lar3ry waves to Gwen.
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Bye!!!" 
Gavin Rossdale hugs again bye, "Seeya! ...again...yeah."
Perdita says, "BYE" 
Brandi exclaims, "bye!" 
Rufus says, "Bye, Gwen." 
Rand is not in the mood for this many people.
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.]
Gwen Stefani toses Plush Beastie another scooby snack, roots for Jerry Maguire
one more time, and waves!
Rand goes home.
Rand has left.
Gwen Stefani exclaims, "Bye!" 
Cari zaps Cari.
Cari has left.
Rolly has arrived.
Brandi exclaims, "Hiya Rolly!" 
lar3ry waves to Rolly.
Rufus digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
Rolly waves and hugs and throws out Kanine Krunchies!!
Rolly scampers over to his mother, and tries to wake her up!
Perdita exclaims, "ROLLY!!!!" 
Gavin Rossdale asks, "anyone see previews for Speed 2?" 
Rufus says, "Cuba did everything but one-handed pushups." 
Gavin Rossdale has
Brandi says, "HAHAHAHAHA" 
Belle asks, "do we have to?  It's gotta be more of the same." 
Gavin Rossdale says, "this time they're...oh my god, stuck on a Cruise ship!" 
Rufus asks, "Is that another Tom joke?" 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Art Direction:
OSCAR>   THE BIRDCAGE, Bo Welch, art direction, Cheryl Carasik, set decoration 
OSCAR>   THE ENGLISH PATIENT, Stuart Craig, art direction; Stephenie McMillan, set decoration 
OSCAR>   EVITA, Brian Morris, art direction, Phillippe Turiure, set decoration 
OSCAR>   HAMLET, Tim Harvey, art direction 
OSCAR>   WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE'S ROMEO + JULIET, Chatherine Martin, art direction, Brigitte Broch, set decoration 
[Chad] "What oh what do we do?" "Jump off, perhaps?" "No, no, that's much too[logical"]
Powerline says, "ooh...we get to kiss Hillary's butt during the Oscars as
Gavin Rossdale says, "Romeo + Juliet has my vote" 
Belle asks, "Kissing Hillary's Butt is this year's Oscar's theme?" 
Perdita asks, "do you want a doggie treat???" 
Rolly nodsnods!!!!
Belle hmms.  It's actually an improvement over their last couple of "themes".
OSCAR> THE ENGLISH PATIENT, Stuart Craig, art direction; Stephenie McMillan, set decoration 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Dang!" 
Belle asks, "and now, everyone, you can ask---who the heck is Stuart Craig?" 
lar3ry says, "The local vote here was for BIRDCAGE."
Gavin Rossdale says, "Someone who just won an Oscar" 
Rosie frowns "Romeo adn Juliet should of won...
Kelly has arrived.
lar3ry asks, "Is getting kissed by Sandra Bullock a perk?"
Belle exclaims, "hello Kelly!" 
Belle smiles.
Gavin Rossdale says, "Yipe. Have to go. :(" 
Gavin Rossdale waves a quick goodbye
Kelly waves hi.
Belle exclaims, "bye!" 
Chad zaps Chad.
Chad has left.
Belle wonders why they can't have a Bud Bowl during the Oscars.
Rufus says, "They play that with champaign bottles at the parties later." 
lar3ry says, "I guess Cuba is the theme this year."
CHIME> 21:30
Perdita  hands Rolly a  1,000 lb. bag of doggie treats!!
[So where's your money on, Chardonnay or Chardonnay Lite?]
Belle really hated this movie, btw.
Rolly sputters and chokes! That's an awful lot of food there, Mom! 
lar3ry says, "Chardonnay is always light."
Rufus didn't hate it, but he regrets having paid more than $1.
Brandi didn't see it
Belle is glad she didn't pay anything at all for that movie.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "That was me!" 
Rosie says, "Aww I loved that part of the movie..." 
Rufus asks, "Is she inarticulate, or am I going deaf?" 
Brandi says, "a little of both" 
Belle says, "she probably can't speak very well when she's seen with her
clothes on." 
Rufus nods
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Costume Design :
OSCAR>   EMMA, Ruth Myers
OSCAR>   HAMLET, Alex Byrne
Belle notes that she disrobes rather frequently in most of her movies.
Mozenrath has arrived.
Belle exclaims, "hey Moz!" 
Dave Grohl waves.
Brandi says, "Hiya Moz" 
Perdita asks, "Your'e right,how about 1 doggie treat?!??" 
Rolly grins...OK. sounds good. 
Powerline wishes he had seen English Patient
lar3ry says, "EMuck favorite was HAMLET."
Brandi hasn't seen that one yet either...
Rufus is gonna wait for HBO.
lar3ry says, "A frontal goose!"
Belle hasn't seen it yet either.
Kelly says, "brb..." 
Kelly zaps Kelly.
Kelly has left.
Rufus asks, "Put some clothes on?" 
lar3ry says, "Madonna... class... in the same sentence?"
Slaynn has arrived.
Belle says, "helo Slaynn" 
Rufus exclaims, "Good title!" 
lar3ry says, "Desperately Seeking An Oscar."
Slaynn says, "hello all" 
Brandi nods, that's what motherhood does for you...
Dave Grohl says, "that's almost like Gavin Rossdale and 'original talent'...
Belle wonders if Madonna's ever been nominated by the Academy for anything so
Dave Grohl says, "I think she was for a leage of their own..." 
Belle exclaims, "hey, Madonna looks different with clothes on too!" 
Brandi exclaims, "tasteful dress even!!!!!!!!!" 
Slaynn says, "she's been nominated for best song" 
Belle says, "yes.  anyone remember the Credit Card gown a few years ago?" 
Rufus exclaims, "And she's wearing it!" 
Slaynn says, "the fashon is good this year" 
Powerline has the sudden urge for an ice cream cone right now...
lar3ry waits for Madonna to slip in 'Like a Virgin'
Belle wonders who's seen Evita so far.
Brandi says, "different hairdo for her too....looks good" 
Rufus has Evita on his list of "must sees".
Brandi says, "ditto" 
Belle says, "I guess she realizes she has to be respectable now with a kid. 
Slaynn exclaims, "Amazing! she looks human!" 
Rufus says, "That never stopped Bette Midler." 
Belle says, "touche, Rufus." 
Brandi LOL
Dave Grohl hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
Mozenrath has left.
Brandi says, "although Bette cleaned her act up a lot lately" 
Slaynn looks at the young woman in blue and white.
Rufus says, "True, but Bette still won't let her kid watch all her movies." 
Belle thought she looked best when she was part of Krusty's Komeback Special
on the Simpsons.
Slaynn snickers
lar3ry says, "And what we've ALL been waiting for... ANOTHER COMMERCIAL!"
Belle exclaims, "restroom break!" 
Perdita says, ""OK" 
Rosie says, "She said in an article once she would never let her kid on the
net because people could lie about who they are and she didn't want her child
to be around liars and insecure people like that..." 
Belle exclaims, "and we've started with a stupid one!" 
Rufus heads for the sandbox, then the freezer.
Belle says, "guess she can't introduce her kid to most of her coworkers in
Hollywood then." 
Rosie smirks.
Slaynn says, "too bad that the oscars don't have cool commercials like the
Brandi nods
lar3ry says, "Elton John singing Rocket Man."
[IBM has 'Solutions for a Small Planet'. Do they have 'Solutions for a Small Hard Drive'?]
Powerline likes this commercial :)
lar3ry says, "I bet it's a Preperation H commercial."
Rolly chuckles
Powerline says, "it's AT&T" 
Rosie says, "Well hey now, she's my good friend heh heh... I did see one
episode or Rosie where she called Madonna early in the morning.. that was
pretty funny" 
Brandi has the Elton John commercial too
Rosie hugs Tom Cruise "Thank you for a wonderful evening but I'm afraid I have
to leave.."
Tom Cruise says, "You're welcome Rosie...I have to be going too!" 
Rosie waves to everyone.
Brandi exclaims, "bye!" 
Rosie smiles
Sailor_Moon zaps Sailor_Moon.
Sailor_Moon has left.
Tom Cruise says, "G'bye everybody..I love you Belle" 
Belle exclaims, "bye!" 
Brandi exclaims, "Bye!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you lar3ry!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Powerline!" 
lar3ry says, "Show me the money, Tom."
[Show us the money, Tom.]
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Perdita!" 
Powerline says, "I...love you too, Nordberg..." 
Rolly laughs
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Rufus!" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!]
lar3ry says, "You are NOT getting my Bud Light, Tom."
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Brandi!" 
Rolly needs to skedaddle too......Adios!
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Moogle!" 
Rolly has left.
Rufus exclaims, "Yuck! Agent germs!" 
[Plush Beast wants someone to show him a Scooby Snack.]
Brandi says, "Bye Rolly" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Rolly!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "And I love you Slaynn!" 
Tom Cruise exclaims, "Bye!!!" 
Brandi exclaims, "good one!" 
Slaynn wonders why everyone is leaving
Belle thinks Mr. Cruise has used up his 30 seconds.
Tom Cruise exclaims, "I love you Rosie!!!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Ooo! Net jokes!" 
Brandi isn't
lar3ry says, "Here's the requisite geek-bashing."
Pi has left.
Slaynn says, "thank you" 
Belle says, "that wasn't too bad." 
Powerline says, "101 donations...cute" 
lar3ry laughs at the Clinton joke.
Brandi LOL
Rufus exclaims, "Bring on the official geek!" 
Perdita says, "P.B,here's a scooby snack" 
lar3ry says, "He looks much older than 21"
Brandi says, "ouch" 
[Plush Beast eats the Snack, making sure he doesn't spill any crumbs on his blue tuxedo.]
Powerline says, "oh good god..." 
Belle exclaims, "all right, Beavis and Butthead!" 
lar3ry says, "Heh heh... They said 'butthead'"
Brandi exclaims, "oh, paleaseeeeeeeee!" 
Rufus says, "He said Bevis, heh heh heh" 
[Huh huh huh.]
Powerline giggles
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Sound-Effects Editing:
OSCAR>   DAYLIGHT, Richard L.  Anderson; David A.  Whittaker 
OSCAR>   ERASER, Alan Robert Murray and Bub Asman 
Belle says, "this is pretty good." 
Slaynn laughs
[Huh huh huh.]
Rufus exclaims, "YES! The kitty show wins!" 
Belle says, "too bad Butthead's not going to bbe able to goose this guy when
he accepts the award." 
Powerline says, "I didn't catch any sex references in that schpiel..." 
lar3ry says, "The EMuck favorite was also GHOST AND THE DARKNESS."
lar3ry says, "This guy needs sound effects editing."
Slaynn wants to see the best special effects oscar
Powerline says, "that was short...yet pointless" 
Rufus says, "I'll take it." 
lar3ry says, "Cuba is running up... HEY!  YOU STILL GOT TIME... MAY I CONTINUE?"
Belle laughs
[And speaking of piles of makeup......]
Powerline offers lar3ry a cigar
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Makeup :
OSCAR>   GHOSTS OF MISSISSIPPI, Matthew W. Mungle; Deborah La Mia Denaver
OSCAR>   THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, Rick Baker; David Leroy Anderson
OSCAR>   STAR TREK -- FIRST CONTACT, Michael Westmore, Scott Wheeler, Jake Garber
Rufus says, "She made James Woods look like my neighbor." 
[latex eddie-murphy.tex]
OSCAR> THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, Rick Baker; David Leroy Anderson
Powerline asks, "WTF was the Borg saying 'was it good for you?' for?!?" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was START TREK -- FIRST CONTACT."
Slaynn exclaims, "Get to the special effects!" 
Rufus says, "She had just swapped batteries with Data." 
lar3ry learns to spell 'STAR TREK'
Powerline says, "ohh" 
Brandi says, "hey reconnect time, BRB" 
Brandi has disconnected.
[But was it a duracell or everready?]
Rufus says, "You can tel who paid for the  hair between those two. Wonder what
the other guy got." 
Powerline asks, "did they practice safe charging?" 
lar3ry says, "He made seven rubber characters come to life.  Must have been going
through Larry Flynt's trash."
Belle says, "yay Winona." 
Slaynn haha's
Powerline asks, "who's she?" 
[He said 'rubber']
Rufus laughs so hard he spills his ice cream.
Brandi has connected.
[Plush Beast eeps an excepted plush eep at Brandi!]
Belle says, "looks like YANLB again.  (Yet Anotehr Narcissistic Look Back)" 
Brandi tosses Plush Beast a Oscar shaped scooby snack!
Powerline says, "anyone who looks better than you is a narcissist." 
lar3ry says, "Wonder if they will have the drive in scene from Animal House."
Belle laughs.
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.]
Slaynn hahas
Belle exclaims, "MEL!" 
Rufus says, "Nice montage." 
Brandi applauds!
Belle whoop whoop whoops.
Powerline doesn't get it :(
Brandi exclaims, "nice jacket!!!!!!!" 
Perdita says, "P.B,here's a scooby snack" 
Rufus says, "He said Gentile, heh heh heh" 
Slaynn says, "he's so spaced, when he grows up he wants to be a galaxy" 
[Plush Beast stands up on his plush hind legs and accepts the Snack.]
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Supporting Actress:
OSCAR>   JOAN ALLEN, The Crucible
OSCAR>   LAUREN BACALL, The Mirror Has Two Faces
OSCAR>   JULIETTE BINOCHE, The English Patient
OSCAR>   BARBARA HERSHEY, Portrait of a Lady
Rufus says, "Best bitch since Bette Davis." 
Brandi nods
lar3ry asks, "Practicing your aliterations, Rufus?"
Rufus says, "I'm too good at it to need practice." 
Perdita says, "wow" 
Powerline says, "kewl...EP is kleaning klock..." 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was LAUREN BACALL."
Brandi exclaims, "the lady in the dracula dress!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Now there's a classy acceptance speech!" 
Belle says, "yes.  it was short!" 
Powerline still doesn't get it
lar3ry says, "Cuba runs out... MORE TIME!"
CHIME> 22:00
Rufus says, "Yeah, but I actually believed it." 
[Cuba starts bribing other actors for their extra time backstage....]
lar3ry says, "Jerry gives good pump."
[But will they show him the money?]
[Or the finger?]
Brandi LOL
Powerline says, "the latter" 
Rufus says, "Funny, when I forget to shave and shower, the ladies don't look
at *me* that way." 
Powerline says, "er...n/m" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.]
Brandi laughs
Perdita says, "P.B,here's a scooby snack" 
Slaynn tosses a scooby snack in plush beast's direction
Rufus asks, "Was that another geek joke?" 
lar3ry says, "Good strategy... if a joke fails, blame it on the web site!"
[Plush Beast cuddles up to Perdita and eats his snacks!]
Powerline says, "sure, blame the techies.." 
lar3ry says, "That Thing That Bombed"
Rufus says, "Nice fashion statement: T-shirt and diamonds." 
Belle says, "now now, lar3ry, just because you didn't like the movie." 
Powerline does the projectile-vomit thing
Belle exclaims, "looks like the sound people screwed up setting the band up!" 
lar3ry says, "Nice set-up, guys."
Brandi is just a LITTLE sick of this song!
Rufus says, "You guys would appreciate this music a bit more if you had lived
through it..." 
lar3ry looks at the CLUB sign and remembers Baby Herman mentioning a
40-year-old lust and a 3-year-old dinky.
Belle notes this is the first year that no Disney feature animation song was
nominated for Best Song!
lar3ry was alive during the 50s, Rufus.
Powerline says, "says something about Dizzy..." 
Belle asks, "is what's-her-face still the choreographer for this show?" 
Powerline asks, "Hillary Clinton?" 
lar3ry says, "Looks like the road cast from Grease is on now."
Belle says, "Debbie something or the other." 
Rufus was alive during the *18* 50s
Powerline says, "Hillary Rodman Clinton..." 
Brandi says, "a guy choreographed this one..." 
Belle says, "this really DOES look like a Grease revival." 
Perdita  gives P.B. a 3 lb. bag of scooby snacks.
Brandi says, "I saw an interview with him earlier..." 
[Plush Beast eeps an excited plush eep!  He burrows into the bag, plush mouth first!]
Rufus says, "Or a Richard Simmons tape." 
lar3ry smiles.  I was thinking during the Best Costume nominations that if
Heterosexuals controlled the fashion designs, females would be wearing
considerably less.
[Plush Beast's plush tail sticks out of the bag and wags an excited plush wag as he eats the contents of the bag from the inside out.]
Powerline asks, "and that was a best song nomination?" 
Meiglan has arrived.
Brandi says, "you were thinking of Debbie Allen though, Belle..." 
Belle exclaims, "hello Meiglan!" 
Rufus asks, "Hard to believe, ain't it?" 
Envy says, "Hiya" 
Belle says, "yup.  Always hated her :)" 
Brandi exclaims, "Hi Meiglan!" 
Brandi exclaims, "Ugly Dress Alert!!!!!!!" 
Belle HATES the Minneslowta accent.
Perdita  gives P.B. a 34 lb. bag of scooby snacks.
Rufus says, "Lighten up, it's a uniform." 
Powerline asks, "eh?" 
Slaynn says, "hello envy" 
Belle says, "that's how people talk around here." 
Brandi says, "no, Holly Hunter's dress..." 
lar3ry says, "Columbo with boobs and an accent."
Belle automatically switches to her native Valspeak as a defensive mechanism
when she hears it.
Rufus chuckles 
Powerline chuckles
lar3ry asks, "Which song are they performing?"
Powerline is glad he didn't move to Encino...
Rufus says, "No no no. The think one is supposed to be tall." 
Belle says, "yes, it's true folks.  Chris Farley can look disgusting even in a
Powerline says, "er...San Demis..." 
Perdita  gives P.B. a 34 lb. bag of scooby snacks.
Belle says, "we now have proof." 
lar3ry says, "He makes Dennis Rodman look good."
Powerline LOL!
[Plush Beast jumps into the air and lands inside the 34 lb. bag of Scooby Snacks!  The bag rustles in plush glee.]
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Live-Action Short Film :
OSCAR>   DE TRIPAS, CORAZON, Antonio Urrutia 
OSCAR>   DEAR DIARY, David Frankel and Barry Jossen 
OSCAR>   ERNST & LYSET, Kim Magnusson and Anders Thomas Jensen 
OSCAR>   ESPOSADOS, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo 
OSCAR>   WORDLESS, Bernadette Carranza and Antonello De Leo 
Belle notes that they usually have cartoons nominate the animated categories.
Belle says, "oops, sorry, that's next" 
OSCAR> DEAR DIARY, David Frankel and Barry Jossen 
Belle wonders if anyone ever sees any of these shorts.
Powerline says, "Frankel is the name of a huge orthodontic appliance" 
Brandi shrugs, "never heard of it"
lar3ry says, "EMuck had a 3-way tie on this one:  ENRST & LYSET, ESPOSADOS, and
Rufus says, "Never had a chance to ... out here in the tulles." 
Rufus asks, "One vote each, lar3ry?" 
Belle says, "oh, Sparky funded this one." 
lar3ry says, "Actually, 2 votes each."
Meiglan drinks some of the blood in the magical bag o blood.
Rufus asks, "How many ballots were cast?" 
[Cuba runs out:  CAN I SPEAK???]
Rufus LOL
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Animated Short Film :
OSCAR>   CANHEAD, Timothy Hittle; Chris Peterson 
OSCAR>   LA SALLA, Richard Condie 
OSCAR>   QUEST, Tyron Montgomery and Thomas Stellmach 
OSCAR>   WAT'S PIG, Peter Lord 
Belle wonders if anyone ever sees these cartoons.
Brandi says, "not me" 
Rufus exclaims, "I say Wat's Pig, it was great!" 
OSCAR> QUEST, Tyron Montgomery and Thomas Stellmach 
Slaynn asks, "will that help?" 
Slaynn  speaks a few quiet words and a beautiful blue rose appears in his
hand, he gives it to Envy
Belle says, "not the same since the days when Walt won every year." 
lar3ry says, "That happens to also be EMuck's favorite."
lar3ry says, "Walt hardly won every year."
Powerline wonders how he's gonna pack his tail and ears...
Powerline asks, "Karzan?" 
Belle says, "yeah, but he won quite a few." 
lar3ry watches Cuba get on line there.
Belle exclaims, "the Academy paid him to thank Billy so he'd do it next year!" 
[I have only been in this country a short distance...]
Belle wonders if she'll diss the Oscars like she did the Tonys.  :)
Perdita  gives P.B. a 34 lb. bag of scooby snacks.
Rufus says, "Nah, she's gettin paid tonight." 
Belle exclaims, "but Plush Beast isn't done with the last bag!" 
lar3ry asks, "Gene Kelly was a gifted directory???"
lar3ry asks, "The director of Xanadu?"
Rufus says, "He sure was." 
[The old bag moves about on its own volition--or more correctly, under Plush Beast's volition as he eats it contents.]
Rufus asks, "Remember 'Gigot'?" 
lar3ry asks, "You mean Gigi?"
Rufus says, "Nope." 
Rufus says, "'Gigot', with Jackie Gleason." 
Belle asks, "don't they give a special/lifeime-achievment Oscar every year?" 
Rufus asks, "Are these clips from the movies, or the Olympic gymnastic
Brandi says, "no, it's the Ice " 
Brandi says, "Dancing " 
lar3ry says, "oooohhhh..... Marlon Brando singing and dancing!"
Brandi says, "oops" 
Powerline says, "finally, a movie I've seen (Guys and Dolls)" 
Rufus asks, "Danny Kaye was almost a toon, wasn't he?" 
lar3ry says, "That was good choreography."
[Marlon Brando dancing?]
[Isn't Marlon Brando..umm...you know?]
[The word is 'porcine']
Rufus says, "Pity Lumiere isn't here, he would have loved this." 
Belle smiles.
Powerline says, "ahh" 
Rufus says, "Look, it's Walter Croncat, "Meow meow, meow meow, meow."" 
Belle smiles.
lar3ry says, "He looks like Eisner, and sounds like Mickey Rooney."
Belle says, "too bad he gets more than 30 seconds to talk." 
Powerline says, "Michael Rodman Rooney.," 
[Cuba runs on... CAN I CONTINUE?]
Powerline says, "Signifying of nothing" 
Slaynn says, "the cuba joke is dead" 
[You like me, you really like me!]
[To shut up, that is!]
[at your price...]
Perdita says, "P.B., here is  a 3 lb. bag of scooby snacks." 
[OK, now drop and give us ten.]
lar3ry drops, and looks in his wallet for a 10.
[Plush Beast's plush tail pokes out of the 34 lb. bag and points toward Belle's basket, indicating that he wants Perdita to fill up his cache of Scooby Snacks there.]
Powerline says, "the logo is on fire..." 
[Yes... you too can connect to www.hotchix.com]
r.Daneel has arrived.
r.Daneel says, "Here I am, Slaynn." 
r.Daneel looks at the young woman in blue and white.
Powerline says, "how about...solutions for a small BUDGET?" 
Rufus lol
Belle asks, "how about solutions, period?" 
Slaynn screams!!!!
lar3ry says, "Dannon... water??????"
Powerline says, "From IBM, yeah..." 
Slaynn exclaims, "I didn't call you !" 
Rufus says, "As drunk by 120 year old Ukranians..." 
Powerline says, "Yeah, you have to stir the water out from the bottom of the
bottle before you drink it..." 
Perdita says, " P.B., here is  a 39 lb. bag of scooby snacks." 
lar3ry says, "Hey... the AOL crisis was good for DEC!  They sold close to $200
million in extra hardware to AOL."
Slaynn says, "may I have some tickets r.daneel?" 
r.Daneel gives Slaynn 4 tickets.
Belle says, "if you give Plush Beast that much food, he'll get too fat." 
lar3ry says, "r.daneel, may I please have some tickets?"
r.Daneel gives you 20 tickets.
r.Daneel gives lar3ry 20 tickets.
lar3ry says, "Thank you, r.Daneel."
r.Daneel says, "You're welcome, lar3ry." 
Powerline hugs r.Daneel
r.Daneel smiles at Powerline.
Brandi says, "r.Daneel may I have some tickets please?" 
r.Daneel gives Brandi 16 tickets.
Envy asks, "Does that mean I can't give Plush Beast any of the cookies I baked
Perdita says, "P.B., here is  a 3 lb. bag of scooby snacks."May I have
Envy says, "r.daneel, may I please have some tickets?" 
r.Daneel gives Envy 10 tickets.
Rufus says, "r.Daneel, may I please have some tickets?" 
r.Daneel gives Rufus 3 tickets.
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep from inside his 34 lb. of Scooby Snacks! His plush tail pokes out of the bag and points to Belle's basket, indicating that he wants the cookies dropped off there.]
Rufus says, "Thank you, r.Daneel." 
r.Daneel says, "You're welcome, Rufus." 
r.Daneel says, "Thanks for the donation, Powerline." 
Perdita says, "may I have tickets " 
Belle notes that Plush Beast is sometimes a bit too smart for his own good.
Slaynn says, "thanx" 
r.Daneel heads back towards Arbordale Center.
r.Daneel has arrived.
r.Daneel says, "Here I am, lar3ry." 
Envy hands some sugar cutouts and some peanut butter cookies to Plush Beast
Perdita says, "r. Daneelmay I have tickets " 
Belle says, "drop them in the bag, Envy.  He'll wind up eating them." 
Perdita says, "r. Daneel may I have tickets " 
Perdita says, "r. Daneel, may I have tickets " 
Perdita says, "r. Daneel, may I have tickets?" 
Powerline remembers living in Kansas...
Envy drops the cookies in the bag
Perdita says, "r.Daneel, may I have tickets?" 
r.Daneel says, "Sorry, Perdita, you're too new.  Wait an hour and ask again." 
Rufus says, "Ooh, these are my favorite awards." 
r.Daneel heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle exclaims, "hey, she can read the TelePrompter!" 
Powerline exclaims, "FUR!!!" 
Belle wonders why they give out the tech awards beforehand.
Belle isn't really complaining, tho--these telecasts are long enough.
Powerline asks, "to keep the wireheads away from the social elite?" 
Belle says, "yup." 
CHIME> 22:30
Powerline says, "sortof a 3.18-edged sword..." 
Belle asks, "Babs and Bryan Adams working on the same song?" 
Belle shudders.  :)
Player not found or name ambiguous.
r.Daneel has arrived.
Belle asks, "THIS got nominated?!?" 
Gusto has arrived.
r.Daneel says, "Hello, Gusto." 
r.Daneel heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle mutters something about being a slow year.
Belle exclaims, "helo Gusto!" 
Powerline asks, "SLOW?!" 
Gusto waves.  "Hi."
Brandi says, "Hi Gusto" 
Powerline says, "try 'dead'..." 
lar3ry asks, "And they didn't nominate that memorable song from HoND?  Um...
what's it called... um... er......"
Rufus's year has been going by pretty fast.
Belle hopes this song goes by a bit faster.
lar3ry hopes the trumpet player plays a bit louder.
Powerline says, "all I remember from HoND was 'Hellfire'" 
Powerline says, "l3, that's not a trumpet, that's the singer..." 
[heh heh... he said 'hell']
Powerline says, "oops...my mistake ;)" 
Brandi wonders what is up with that trumpet player...
Powerline says, "Meth." 
Brandi giggles
Gusto scratches his head... "Which network's running the Academy Awards?"
Belle says, "her life may have just begun, but if this song don't end quickly
it'll end just as quickly." 
lar3ry says, "ABC"
Belle says, "ABC, Gusto." 
Powerline chuckles
Powerline says, "Already Been Chewed" 
Gusto nods... "Channel 5, then..."
Rufus wonders why Babs even showed up.
Belle asks, "ID4, huh?" 
Powerline LOL!
Belle notes that was playing in Tokyo when she was there last month.
lar3ry says, "Obligatory Political Joke"
Powerline says, "that was -not a website joke" 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Documentary Short Subject :
OSCAR>   COSMIC VOYAGE, Jeffrey Marvin; Bayley Silleck 
OSCAR>   SPECIAL EFFECTS, Susanne Simpson; Ben Burtt 
Gusto is waiting for the alien ship to park itself over that auditorium... ;)
Belle wonders if anyone ever manages to see these either.
Belle says, "don't we all, Gusto." 
Brandi says, "not I" 
Powerline says, "I have seen zero of the nominees so far" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was SPECIAL EFFECTS"
Rufus says, "I'd sure like to see 'Matisse'." 
Rufus exclaims, "Ooo! Good line!" 
Belle says, "BREATHING LESSONS:  Or Why Bill Clinton Didn't Inhale." 
Brandi exclaims, "good one!!!!!!!!" 
Powerline chuckles
Rufus low-fours Brandi
Gusto chuckles.
Powerline mutters something about Carville and inhaling chlorine gas...
Belle says, "that wasn't a bad speech." 
lar3ry says, "I thought Short Subject was 'Howard Stern' Private Parts"
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Documentary Feature :
OSCAR>   MANDELA, Jo Menell; Angus Gibson 
OSCAR>   SUZANNE FARRELL -- ELUSIVE MUSE, Anne Belle; Deborah Dickson 
OSCAR>   WHEN WE WERE KINGS, Leon Gast; David Sonenberg 
Belle groans.
Brandi LOL
Powerline explodes
Rufus LOL
Powerline bets Mandela gets it
Powerline says, "or not" 
OSCAR> WHEN WE WERE KINGS, Leon Gast; David Sonenberg 
lar3ry says, "That was EMuck's pick as well."
Rufus now understands why Cassius Clay showed up.
Perdita exclaims, "BYE!I'm leaving" 
lar3ry waves to Perdita.
Brandi exclaims, "Bye!" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep at Perdita!]
Belle exclaims, "bye!" 
Rufus wavies to Perdita
Powerline says, "hmm...the cable station seems to be trying to shove two
stations on one channel..." 
lar3ry asks, "Is Cuba on one of those stations?"
Perdita hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling her home...
Perdita has left.
Powerline asks, "What's this about Cuba, anyway?" 
Belle exclaims, "there are 4 people, you're eating up all their time!" 
Powerline asks, "Will the airhead yield?" 
Belle says, "oops.  forgot the presenters." 
Belle asks, "this the first standing ovation of the night?" 
Powerline asks, "WHAT THE HECK IS this CUBA BABBLE?!?!" 
Brandi says, "no, people stood up during Cuba's droning on....." 
Rufus says, "Rodman seems dressed fairly tastefully tonight, for a change." 
Rufus says, "For him." 
Rufus says, "... or her, whatever." 
Slaynn heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle was waiting for someone to qualify that statement.
Meiglan heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle smiles.
Belle says, "okayyyy....." 
Powerline feels suicidal now
Belle says, "in regard to the Kodak commercial." 
Gusto says, "That reminds me... gotta get some film developed." 
Rufus says, "Yeah, they been sniffin the chemicals again." 
Powerline says, "yeah..." 
Rufus exclaims, "CUE THE AUDIO!" 
lar3ry says, "SOUND!"
Gusto says, "Turn on them microphone.." 
Gusto says, "Them = the" 
Brandi exclaims, "nice job techies!" 
Belle exclaims, "someone tripped over a microphone cord!" 
Powerline says, "But hey, this is the 90s.  Why weren't there two GUYS
Belle snirg.
Rufus fwaps PL
Gusto says, "Heh.  Of course, they bring out the cable guy after the mic
Huh?  (Type "help" for help.)
Brandi says, "like *he* needed an introduction..." 
Powerline chuckles
Belle exclaims, "the best achievement in visual effects would be to make this
guy disappear!" 
Brandi says, "too bad it wasn't audio effects" 
Belle LOL
Gusto LOL!
Brandi LOL
Rufus LOL!
Powerline ROTFL!
Belle asks, "can someone please shoot this guy?" 
Brandi laughs
[heh heh... he said 'gum']
Powerline ROTFLM A O
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Visual Effects :
OSCAR>   DRAGONHEART, Scott Squires, Phil Tippett, James Straus, Kit West 
OSCAR>   INDEPENDENCE DAY, Volker Engel, Douglas Smith, Clay Pinney, Joseph Viskocil 
OSCAR>   TWISTER, Stefan Fangmeier, John Frazier, Habib Zargarpour, Henry La Bounta 
Brandi exclaims, "would someone put him out of MY misery!" 
Rufus says, "It would be funnier if it weren't likely." 
Belle says, "all that work for a film that flopped :)" 
Powerline would have voted for Twister
Gusto grins... "The aliens that must destroy cities via their most
recognizeable landmarks..."
OSCAR> INDEPENDENCE DAY, Volker Engel, Douglas Smith, Clay Pinney, Joseph Viskocil 
lar3ry says, "That happens to be EMuck's favorite as well."
[In the words of my generation.....UP YOURS!]
Powerline giggles
Rufus asks, "Isn't that David Bowie on the left?" 
Powerline says, "Only after a couple of beers." 
lar3ry asks, "Is that guy on the left a ventriliquist?"
Belle says, "ah, another Tom Cruise lookalike." 
Powerline is watching a special about animal rights overlaid on the Oscars
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Sound :
OSCAR>   THE ENGLISH PATIENT, Walter Murch, Mark Berger, David Parker, Chris Newman
OSCAR>   EVITA, Andy Nelson, Anna Behlmer, Ken Weston 
OSCAR>   INDEPENDENCE DAY, Chris Carpenter, Bill W. Benton, Bob Beemer, Jeff Wexler 
OSCAR>   THE ROCK, Kevin O'Connell, Greg P. Russell, Keith A.  Wester 
OSCAR>   TWISTER, Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, Kevin O'Connell, Geoffrey Patterson 
Gusto says, "...NOT the engineers at the Oscars..."" 
Powerline says, "The Rock...I've seen that...good score (Hans Zimmer)" 
OSCAR> THE ENGLISH PATIENT, Walter Murch, Mark Berger, David Parker, Chris Newman
Powerline says, "EP does it again :)" 
Rufus EPs
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was INDEPENDENCE DAY."
Brandi needs to see EP!
Powerline says, "not in here, mister" 
Rufus says, "Pardon." 
Powerline asks, "did it get nominated for best picture?" 
Belle says, "yes." 
Gusto asks, "What were the nominees for visual again?  ID4, Twister, and what
Belle says, "looks like it's going to win." 
Rufus says, "Dragonheart" 
Brandi has disconnected.
Powerline says, "Phoenixliver." 
Gusto hmms... "I actually saw 2/3 of the nominees then..."
Gusto says, "A personal record for me." 
Rufus says, "Ugly dress." 
Gusto nodnods!
Powerline says, "uglier schpiel" 
guest1 has arrived.
Belle says, "that's got to be the worst dress tonight so far." 
lar3ry says, "I was wondering... WHERE ARE ALL THE LITTLE RIBBONS?"
Belle exclaims, "hello guest1!" 
Rufus says, "AIDS was last year." 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "Hi there " 
Belle says, "Yet Another Montage." 
Rufus says, "Billy Bob's wearing a blue one though." 
Belle says, "at least it's not as bad as the Credit Card dress tho." 
Brandi has connected.
Brandi exclaims, "ooops!" 
Powerline asks, "WTF?!" 
Belle says, "yikes.  Montage and one dork dancing on the stage." 
lar3ry asks, "Is that like the streaker back in the 70s?"
Belle exclaims, "you've just made a total fool of yourself in front of a
billion people!  What are you gonna do next?" 
Rufus asks, "You'd rather see six dork's a dancin'?" 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "power line are you a part of spoonerville 2" 
Belle exclaims, "the dorks have multiplied!" 
Powerline exclaims, "It's Dork and Dorks Junior!" 
Powerline nods to guest1 :)
Rufus says, "I knew cloning technology would be used for evil." 
Powerline exclaims, "ARGH!! They're multiplying like bunnies!" 
Belle LOL!
Rufus exclaims, "How dare you insult those nice little bunnies!" 
lar3ry asks, "Is there a point to this stuff?"
Brandi asks, "did you see the clip from BatB in the montage?" 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "powerlinedo you live in spoonerville" 
Belle says, "missed it.  too busy feel nauseous from the dorks :)" 
Powerline says, "Yup, guest1" 
Rufus asks, "Isn't that the guy from the Diet Coke commercial?" 
Powerline says, "Nah, the Diet Coke guy at least -looked- straight" 
Brandi says, "no" 
Rufus exclaims, "Look, he's wearing the same earring as Dennis Rodman!" 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Film Editing:
OSCAR>   EVITA, Gerry Hambling
OSCAR>   FARGO, Roderick Jaynes
OSCAR>   SHINE, Pip Karmel
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "is every one in spoonerville rinoe" 
Powerline says, "ho hum...EP does it again" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was a tie... EVITA and JERRY MAGUIRE."
Belle is glad that's over.  Nicole's dress is pretty hideous.
Rufus says, "Pity. Any one of the others was better." 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "my bad i mi powerline" 
Powerline asks, "hmm?" 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "help me powerline" 
Belle exclaims, "he also gets the oscar for the most boring acceptance
lar3ry wakes up.
Powerline says, "if this is another IBM commercial..." 
Rufus says, "This ad is brought to you by the color 'red'." 
Powerline says, "brought to you by the British Empire..." 
CHIME> 23:00
Brandi nods, "I was wondering about that myself.."
Belle says, "well, at least it was different." 
[THIS... boring]
Rufus says, "Coke does pretty good for 'art' ads." 
Brandi says, "speaking of nodding off" 
Rufus snores quietly
Rufus says, "She should make her 'mark' go away. She's reich enough to afford
a good dermatologist." 
Brandi giggles
Powerline says, "railroads are dead" 
Belle says, "well, local news here:  Oscar parties and how cast members from
"Fargo" are celebrating." 
Powerline says, "there's a commercial for the weather..." 
Rufus asks, "What do you mean by that, PL?" 
Belle yucks, another local commercial that angers her.
Powerline says, "just what I mean...a local commercial for thewhether" 
[Cindy Crawford removes her 'mark' -- her boobs deflate.]
Belle says, "we're back." 
Belle says, "come on, Billy, you can say something bad about the Dork
Brandi says, "except the trumpet player,,," 
Powerline says, "the eun....nevermind" 
[( Debbie does Doofus )]
Belle says, "boy, she's gotten old." 
[Barbra looks around... Debbie Reynolds is still alive?]
Brandi exclaims, "another Ugly Dress Alert!" 
Gusto glances around...
Belle looks up at the screen and then looks around for a place to be ill.
Brandi says, "get on with it......." 
Powerline offers Belle an airsick bag or 4
Belle exclaims, "they all agree!  get on with it!" 
Powerline exclaims, "Drivel! Yes!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Nominated for best line of the night!" 
Brandi exclaims, "princess Leia!!!!" 
Powerline says, "THAT was the best line (show could be shorter anyway...)" 
Gusto says, "Most intelligent line of the night..." 
Gusto grins at Powerline.
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score :
OSCAR>   EMMA, Rachel Portman 
OSCAR>   THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, music and score by Alan Menken; lyrics by Stephen Schwartz 
Powerline says, "finally...a bit of Hunchback" 
Brandi chants "Hunchback, Hunchback!!!
OSCAR> EMMA, Rachel Portman 
Gusto hmphs.
Powerline exclaims, "HA! DIZNEY LOOZES!" 
Brandi exclaims, "BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" 
Belle exclaims, "amazing, MENKEN DIDN'T WIN!" 
Rufus harumphs
Powerline says, "doesn't suprise me in the least" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite... and the biggest turnout for any of the votes...
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "type EWC <return> then EM <return> then EXPRESS
SPN <return> togo there."say is everybody watching the oscars Iam not I can
not because I live in hawaii so it is kind of cool" 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "" 
guest1 (m53.maui.net) says, "hawaii does not get the telecast right now" 
Belle says, "I guess they figured that he had an off year." 
Gusto says, "Dress alert." 
Brandi says, "somebody order the suicide watch for Menken..." 
Belle says, "no, he's lost before." 
Brandi says, "not lately" 
Powerline says, "his music all sounds alike lately" 
Belle says, "he and Ashman were nominated for a song from Little Shop of
Horrors which lost." 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Original Dramatic Score:
OSCAR>   HAMLET, Patrick Doyle 
OSCAR>   MICHAEL COLLINS, Elliot Goldenthal 
OSCAR>   SHINE, David Hirschfelder 
OSCAR>   SLEEPERS, John Williams 
Belle says, "well, guest1, you'll get the results live here.  :)" 
Powerline says, "EP..again" 
Brandi says, "another one for EP" 
Belle asks, "how many awards has the English Patient won?!?" 
Rufus exclaims, "Who cares!" 
Brandi says, "who's counting>" 
Gusto smells a Best Picture here...
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was a tie... HAMLET and SLEEPERS."
Belle says, "this guy looks a little like Spielberg." 
lar3ry says, "Very little"
Brandi exclaims, "Glen!!!!!!!!" 
Powerline asks, "Close?! Close to WHAT?!" 
Belle says, "bring back the airsickness bags.  It's Glen.  :)" 
Rufus says, "Not close to the lecturn." 
Powerline says, "Close to convulsions...." 
Brandi loved Shine!
guest1 says, ""
Powerline says, "Shine looked pretty good" 
Rufus says, "Pretty good Noel Coward impersonation, too." 
Brandi exclaims, "ohmygod, he's there!" 
Belle says, "another standing ovation.  Is this #2?" 
Brandi stands up and applauds!
Rufus says, "Just so long as they don't let him near a piano." 
Belle says, "too late, Rufus." 
Powerline is impressed
guest1 heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Rufus says, "Now I know what the critics meant by 'pitiful'." 
Rufus says, "I'm not surprised Isaac Stern walked out." 
lar3ry says, "I guess the academy wanted him to speed it up."
Rufus says, "It would have taken longer if he had hit all the notes." 
Powerline asks, "You could do better?" 
Rufus says, "The question is, could another professional with as many years of
practice do as well." 
Brandi says, "who had a mental breakdown..." 
Powerline says, "that's sortof the point..." 
Belle says, "wait til Jerry gets his bill next month." 
Rufus says, "If he can't play, his performance is no better than a dancing
bear or a freak show geek." 
Belle exclaims, "speaking of freak shows---WERE BACK!" 
Powerline says, "...or the dancing dorks ;)" 
Rufus says, "Sorry folks, but I listen with my ears, not my heart." 
Rufus says, "Nominated for worst hair cut of the night." 
Brandi nods
Belle says, "I think it's safe to say that the Dancing Dorks cannot be
disputed :)" 
Brandi says, "any bets against EP.....?" 
Powerline says, "EP again :)" 
Brandi exclaims, "ta-da!" 
Rufus asks, "Where's the list?" 
Gusto says, "And some say this isn't rigged..." 
Powerline says, "either that or there are some people with ancient class
lar3ry says, "Sorry bout the list..."
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Cinematography :
OSCAR>   EVITA, Darius Khondji
OSCAR>   FARGO, Roger Deakins
OSCAR>   FLY AWAY HOME, Caleb Deshcanel
lar3ry says, "EMuck's fave was EVITA"
Brandi chuckles
Powerline says, "and the point is....?" 
Rufus asks, "What decade did she import her green eye shadow from?" 
Powerline wants an airsick bag back
Brandi says, "two lobers distubber day are in lub..." 
Belle says, "boy, he's changed a bit since "Danger Zone"." 
Powerline says, "misuse of the sus4 *bleah*" 
Belle asks, "why don't we use the 34 lb bags of Scooby Snacks that Plush Beast
has emptied?" 
Powerline says, "good idea" 
Belle says, "as long as we make sure Plush Beast doesn't use them again." 
Brandi exclaims, "too bad we can't speed this one up!" 
Belle thinks that he won't.  He's a pretty bright little critter.
Rufus says, "I'm pushing the fast forward button on the remote, but it isn't
Powerline asks, "what happened to pop music?" 
Brandi asks, "don't you hate it when that happens???" 
Belle asks, "couldn't they butcher this song too and cut it short?" 
Powerline says, "it sortof went fizzle..." 
Belle says, "hey, at least they're showing this montage so we don't have to
look at Kenny Loggins." 
lar3ry says, "He's ending!"
Brandi applauds "the end"
Belle says, "I think we just set a record for Simultaneous Virtual Vomiting." 
Powerline exclaims, "Mikey!" 
lar3ry says, "They just announced Michael Douglas as a 'two timer'.   Hmmmmmm..."
Powerline chuckles
Brandi LOL
Powerline asks, "Saul's pants?" 
Belle snirg.
lar3ry says, "ROCK ME AMADEUS!"
Powerline says, "Amadeus was a good movie, I'll admit that :)" 
Brandi loved Amadeus
Gusto thinks they should have had David Letterman host this again...
Rufus says, "Pretty good score, too." 
[Boom boom OOH, Rock me Amadeaus!]
Rufus says, "I always thought they should have had Elton John star in
Powerline says, "Johann <something> WOlfgang Amadeus MOzart" 
Powerline laughs!
Powerline says, "that would be kewl :P" 
Rufus says, "See, e looks and dresses like elton." 
Belle asks, "what is this music the theme to?" 
Brandi says, "like Elton used to anyway" 
Powerline says, "yah" 
Powerline says, "Elton's gotten conservative in his old age ;)" 
Rufus says, "Yeah, back when Elton didn't have hair." 
Belle laughs
Rufus exclaims, "Ooo, quiet, Santa's going to speak!" 
lar3ry asks, "How many 'special awards' are they giving out tonight?"
Brandi says, "ovation #4" 
Brandi exclaims, "oh, passion!" 
Powerline says, "oooh...they had a FOURTH ovation??!! ;)" 
Brandi exclaims, "WALT!" 
[heh heh heh... he said 'Disney']
Belle says, "his bowtie's crooked." 
lar3ry says, "He makes passion sound so dull."
Powerline says, "so's the academy *shrug*" 
Powerline asks, "passionate ovations?" 
Belle exclaims, "hey, he almost has a dark spot on his head like Gorbachev's!" 
CHIME> 23:30
Rufus says, "I happen to agree with him about passion." 
Belle applauds passionately at his speech being over.
lar3ry asks, "Celine again?"
Brandi says, "these messages...don't they just mean commercials?" 
Belle says, "guess she signs for cheap." 
Rufus asks, "Celeine Begone?" 
Belle LOL
Powerline says, "kerpoofle" 
lar3ry says, "If she sings with that damn trumpet player again.......!"
Powerline exclaims, "FIIIIIIGARO!" 
Belle says, "he'll find that trumpet being played somewhere else." 
Brandi says, "she was scheduled to do her song, and covered the other one
after the other singer got the flu...so, this one should be better!" 
Powerline says, "ala Jim Carrey" 
Pete has arrived.
Brandi exclaims, "Hi Pete!" 
lar3ry waves to Pete.
Pete grumbles, "Hiyas" 
Rufus wavies to Pete.
Powerline says, "academy awards #69" 
Belle says, "hey Pete." 
Pete grumbles, "Hiya Belle" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!]
[heh heh... he said '69']
Brandi exclaims, "I think it is illegal to say 69 in Utah!" 
Powerline says, "wouldn't suprise me" 
Belle sighs.  More local area commercials.
Powerline says, "same here" 
Powerline says, "regional commercial, actually" 
Rufus says, "Star Wars Taco Belle comercial here." 
Belle says, "yup." 
Belle says, "TCP Bank commercial here." 
Belle says, "TCF, I mean." 
Powerline says, "Nations Bank" 
Brandi says, "ah, cellular phone commercial here" 
Pete grumbles, "My TV is in the other room, so I'll consider myself lucky.
Brandi exclaims, "then a lord of the dance commercial, speaking of dancing
Powerline says, "Brandi: tha twas the queen of the dance...." 
Belle says, "Billy's "spontaneous" jokes aren't too good this year." 
Brandi says, "website jokes are stale....give it up!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Oh boy! Is Jack going to do one-handed pushups again?" 
Gusto says, "Odd dress alert..." 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Foreign-Language Film :
OSCAR>   KOLYA, Czech Republic
Belle says, "she just looks WEIRD." 
Brandi exclaims, "runnaway neckline!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Gusto says, "The nominees are..." 
Gusto says, "The English Patient, dubbed in French..." 
Belle laughs!
Gusto says, "The English Patient, dubbed in Spanish.." 
OSCAR> KOLYA, Czech Republic
Powerline exclaims, "Czech, please!" 
Belle groans.
lar3ry says, "We had a 3-way tie here on EMuck:  KOLYA, THE OTHER SIDE OF SUNDAY,
Belle asks, "who's the tyke?  the director?" 
Powerline says, "it was a website joke" 
Belle snirg.
Belle says, "better not be OUR website.  :)" 
Powerline says, "ehehe...not quite" 
lar3ry says, "She's the short subject."
guest2 has arrived.
Belle exclaims, "he just promised us that his next film won't suck!" 
Powerline wishes this subject would short out...
lar3ry waves to the guest.
Pete grumbles, "Well lucky us.." 
Rufus asks, "Two votes each again, lar3ry?" 
guest2 (m57.maui.net) says, "pete you did not page back" 
lar3ry says, "Yes, Rufus."
Pete grumbles, "Sorry, was AFK." 
Powerline says, "that's not a dress that's a...." 
Belle says, "I wonder how Sigourney feels about this, considering she's been 0
for 4 in Oscars herself." 
Rufus says, "At least her hair has grown back." 
Gusto says, "She looked better in Alien 3..." 
Pete grumbles, "Thats a good thing." 
guest2 heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Brandi digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
Gusto stifles a vomit as The English Patient gets some more attention...
Powerline wants to see EP, actually.
Belle asks, "why didn't she just say "from the film that's gonna win
everything tonight"?" 
Brandi says, "that would sound bias..." 
Powerline says, "it sure as hell ain't 'pop culture', which would be a good
Brandi says, "true, but bias" 
Powerline says, "oh god no...." 
lar3ry says, "At least there's no trumpeteer."
Rufus says, "Wait'll she starts..." 
Baloo has arrived.
Baloo has disconnected.
Rufus says, "Then knock her song." 
Belle exclaims, "hi Baloo!" 
lar3ry says, "That was quick, Baloo!"
Baloo asks, "Huh?" 
Belle says, "at least this song is a bit faster than the last one." 
Powerline says, "better to knock her song then to knock...nevermind" 
Belle says, "which means it'll be over faster." 
Brandi says, "Hi Baloo" 
Belle asks, "you watching the telecast, Baloo?" 
Rufus wavies to Baloo
Powerline says, "Hiya Baloo" 
Brandi says, "another runnaway neckline......" 
Baloo says, "Nah, not watching." 
Belle says, "smart bear." 
Belle says, "you can just enjoy the rest of us getting ill, then :)" 
Baloo exclaims, "Hey, waitaminute! Neckline? Maybe I should be watching! ;)" 
Belle says, "Celine Dion." 
lar3ry says, "She's not bear, Baloo."
lar3ry smiles.
Baloo says, "I got booted off as soon as I connected." 
Brandi asks, "is it just me or is she a LOT flat tonight?" 
Kit has arrived.
Kit Cloudkicker glides down to the ground on his airfoil.
Belle says, "define "flat", Brandi." 
lar3ry doesn't know how flat Brandi is.
Brandi says, "Hi Kit" 
Powerline waves
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "Hi!!" 
Brandi says, "as in tone, not chested..." 
lar3ry waves to Kit.
Kit Cloudkicker skritches PB behind his ears
Belle says, "well, it IS live TV." 
Rufus wavies to Kit
[Plush Beast coos a plush coo!]
lar3ry says, "Define 'live' -- some of those speeches were quite dead."
Belle says, "quite true." 
Powerline says, "A pain in the Bassett" 
Belle snirg.
Powerline doesn't get it...
Belle asks, "what IS this?" 
lar3ry says, "A montage of dead people, I think"
Belle snirg.
Brandi nods, "actors, etc. who died this year..."
Belle says, "ah." 
Gusto asks, "Cubby?" 
Powerline says, "They couldn't stand to see the Oscars this year..." 
Belle says, "it puts them one up on us." 
Pete grumbles, "They were the lucky ones.." 
Rufus snifs, "There were some good memories in that montage."
Rufus says, "I love the oranges." 
Belle says, "I know, Rufus.  But we're just being our irrelevant selves.  :)" 
Brandi exclaims, "last year was a nice one w/George Burns in it!" 
Rufus says, "Yeah, George was one of the great ones." 
Brandi says, "gotta reconnect, BRB" 
Brandi has disconnected.
Belle says, "yes, that was a good one." 
Rufus says, "He found a great talent...and married her." 
Kit Cloudkicker looks around
Kit Cloudkicker jiggles the cable
lar3ry says, "Hey... a geek commercial!"
Baloo asks, "Which one, Lar3ry?" 
Rufus says, "A stupid geek commercial." 
Rufus exclaims, "Lookie, the three stooges!" 
Kit Cloudkicker jumps in terror as the show returns
Belle smles.
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "GOLDIE!!!!!!!" 
Rufus says, "Goldie still ain't got no underwear." 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Original Song:
OSCAR>   _BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME_ (Up Close and Personal), music and lyrics by Diane Warren
OSCAR>   _FOR THE FIRST TIME_ (One Fine Day), music and lyrics by James Newton Howard, Jud J. Friedman, Allan Dennis Rich 
OSCAR>   _I FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE_ (The Mirror Has Two Faces), music and lyrics by Barbra Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch, Bryan Adams, Robert _Mutt_ Lange
OSCAR>   _THAT THING YOU DO!_ (That Thing You Do!), music and lyrics by Adam Schlesinger
OSCAR>   _YOU MUST LOVE ME_ (Evita), music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Tim Rice 
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "Bippie!!!" 
Kit Cloudkicker says, "I liked Bette in that movie with the witches" 
Baloo says, "With the money she and Kurt make, you thing they could scrape
enough together to buy a Maidenform." 
Belle exclaims, "just shut up and announce the winner!" 
Belle Laughs!
Rufus says, "Look, Keaton is wearing her rabies tag on her collar." 
OSCAR> _YOU MUST LOVE ME_ (Evita), music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; lyrics by Tim Rice 
Kit Cloudkicker randomly pounces Baloo while he isn't looking
Baloo exclaims, "Bleccchhh!" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's selection was THAT THING YOU DO.  (Believe it or not)"
Belle asks, "after hearing all 5 nominees, was there any real doubt?" 
Baloo says, "This from a Disneyite..." 
Rufus says, "I am obliged to agree." 
Rufus LOL
Kit Cloudkicker exclaims, "ssssssyeow!" 
Belle exclaims, "it's Kenneth "no Emma" Branaugh!" 
Rufus says, "Not another paeon to a dead guy." 
Kit Cloudkicker plops down on the floor and yawns.  "When's the fun begin?"
Belle hmms.  "Dead People" must be the theme this year.
Baloo says, "Yeah - I think Randy Newman even write a song for it." 
Baloo says, "That's 'wrote' (it's late for ol' Baloo)" 
Belle exclaims, "hey, they even worked Bugs in this!" 
Baloo says, "'Dead people got no reason, dead people got no reason...'" 
Baloo says, "'Dead people got no reason to liiiive...'" 
Gusto grins... "STAR TREK!"
Pete grumbles, "Dead jokes, dead people..." 
Kit Cloudkicker says, "What was that last play, with 'Remember...meeeeee'" 
Rufus says, "The Lion King." 
Baloo says, "Well, folks, it's been even more fun than the real thing..." 
Baloo says, "But I've got to hit the hay." 
Belle says, "goodnight, Baloo." 
Rufus says, "Goodnight, Baloo." 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!]
Powerline exclaims, "g'night pappa bear!" 
OSCAR> Nominees for Adapted Screenplay:
OSCAR>   THE ENGLISH PATIENT, screenplay by Anthony Minghella, based on the novel by Michael Ondaatje 
OSCAR>   SLING BLADE, screenplay by Billy Bob Thornton, based on his short film 
OSCAR>   TRAINSPOTTING, screenplay by John Hodge, based on the novel by Irvine Welsh 
OSCAR>   HAMLET, by Kenneth Branagh, based on the play by William Shakespeare 
OSCAR>   THE CRUCIBLE, by Arthur Miller, based on his play 
Gusto waves to Baloo.
CHIME> 00:00
Baloo exclaims, "See y'all later!" 
OSCAR> SLING BLADE, screenplay by Billy Bob Thornton, based on his short film 
Rufus exclaims, "YESSS!!!" 
Powerline exclaims, "Ha! EP didn't win :(" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's selection was HAMLET."
Baloo exclaims, "Hooray for Billy Bob!" 
Rufus gives Billy Bob a standing O
Powerline barfs profusely
Baloo zaps Baloo.
Baloo has left.
Belle says, "well, considering all the hype about Billy Bob thornton lately,
it's not much of a surprise he won." 
Powerline says, "a RIBBON" 
Powerline says, "and the cleavage...." 
Belle asks, "Billy Bob Thornton has cleavage?" 
Rufus says, "The blue ribbon is for Ohio River flood victims." 
Gusto glances at his TV... "It's a bit difficult to see the Oscar's graphics
when the local TV station's graphics are in the way..."
Gusto grins... "Sumultaneous Tornado watch and warning, severe t-storm watch
and warning... kind of eats up the screen."
OSCAR> Nominees for Original Screenplay:
OSCAR>   FARGO, Joel Coen & Ethan Coen 
OSCAR>   JERRY MAGUIRE, Cameron Crowe 
OSCAR>   LONE STAR, John Sayles 
OSCAR>   SHINE, screenplay by Jan Sardi, story by Scott Hicks 
Rufus says, "Severe thunderstomrs  can eat up your motherboard, too." 
Powerline says, "So, Lone Star...I see your schwartz is as big as mine..." 
OSCAR> FARGO, Joel Coen & Ethan Coen 
Belle snirg.
Gusto says, "The storms seem to be everywhere in the state but here. :)" 
Rufus cheers, "Two in a row!"
Gusto says, "At least for now." 
lar3ry asks, "Fargo was a good movie, eh?"
lar3ry says, "JERRY MAGUIRE was EMuck's choice"
Rufus exclaims, "*I* liked it!" 
Gusto says, "Yeah, don'cha know." 
Belle exclaims, "yay, it's winding down!" 
Rufus says, "What this show needs is a seventh inning stretch." 
Belle says, "the whole show is a 7th inning stretch." 
lar3ry says, "Still need to get the big three."
lar3ry says, "Sorry... big four.  We haven't seen Direction yet either"
Powerline says, "methinks Coke really is...." 
Brandi has connected.
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep at Brandi!]
Powerline says, "the new 20k leagues under the sea looks interesting" 
Gusto glances at the 20000 Leagues commercial...
Rufus wonders about the 20K leagues remake
Rufus doesn't wonder about the local ad with flying hamburgers...
Rufus knows.
Belle exclaims, "whoa, talk about bad hairdo!" 
[Nominated for worst woman's hair of the night.]
r.Daneel has arrived.
r.Daneel looks at the young woman in blue and white.
r.Daneel heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle exclaims, "wait, I saw this on the flight back from Tokyo!" 
Rufus says, "That one looks really funny." 
Belle notes that it was the worst of both worlds--boring, but not boring
enough to have put her to sleep on the flight, which was what she wanted.
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Actress :
OSCAR>   BRENDA BLETHYN, Secrets & Lies 
OSCAR>   DIANE KEATON, Marvin's Room
OSCAR>   EMILY WATSON, Breaking the Waves
Kit has disconnected.
Powerline says, "EP didn't do it again :(" 
Rufus says, "Nomation for best movie line of the year: 'I just think I'm gonna
Belle snirg.
lar3ry heard that alot during the dorky dance number.
Powerline says, "told ya" 
Rufus exclaims, "Way to go Frances!" 
Brandi says, "ovation #5" 
Belle says, "standing ovation #5." 
Brandi says, "jinx Belle" 
Belle says, "dontcha know." 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's choice was DIANE KEATON."
Rufus says, "Her market value just went way up." 
Belle says, "keep kissin', Frances." 
Brandi exclaims, "ugly dress alert!" 
Belle didn't know the Flashdance look was back.
lar3ry says, "SHOW ME THE NOMINEES!"
Rufus says, "You think she could have afforded the entire dress." 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Actor :
OSCAR>   TOM CRUISE, Jerry Maguire
OSCAR>   RALPH FIENNES, The English Patient
OSCAR>   WOODY HARRELSON,The People vs. Larry Flynt
Brandi chants, "Geoffrey Rush, Geoffrey Rush"
Rufus exclaims, "I smell a BB!" 
[Plush Beast's plush ears perk up at the mention of Barbeques.]
Rufus humph
Brandi exclaims, "TA-DA!" 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's fave was TOM CRUISE."
Rufus regrets havving jinxed it.
Brandi says, "ovation #6" 
Powerline says, "The way of the world is to praise dead saints and prosecute
live ones." 
Belle says, "they're all standing cos they want to get up and go home.  :)" 
Pete laughs
Rufus says, "Helfgott isn't dead yet, he just plays that way." 
lar3ry says, "Last two categories."
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.]
Meiglan has arrived.
Belle exclaims, "hello!" 
Brandi exclaims, "Hi Meiglan!" 
Envy says, "hiya" 
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!]
Powerline floats
Belle says, "nothing like watching the Oscars to get you in the mood for
lar3ry waves to Meiglan.
Powerline says, "this is like the last 2 minutes of the superbowl..." 
Rufus says, "I wish Joanne would shut up so I could hear Bobby and Yoyo." 
Powerline says, "looooong and full of commercials" 
Belle exclaims, "MEL!" 
Brandi exclaims, "YEA!" 
Belle whoopwhoopwhoops
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Director:
OSCAR>   MILOS FORMAN, The People vs. Larry Flynt 
OSCAR>   MIKE LEIGH, Secrets and Lies
Pete grumbles, "I smell another EP..." 
Powerline says, "good" 
Gusto nods to Pete.
Gusto says, "Yup." 
Powerline exclaims, "YAY!" 
Belle says, "yup." 
Brandi exclaims, "no surprise there!" 
Pete grumbles, "Damn I'm good." 
Rufus says, "Sheesh." 
lar3ry says, "EMuck's favorite was a tie:  JOEL COEN and ANTHONY MINGHELLA"
Gusto says, "Another EP Oscar, another day at the office..." 
Belle says, "aww, his daughter has a birthday present now." 
Brandi exclaims, "she ought to remember this bday for a while!" 
Gusto hmphs.  "My dad never got *me* an Oscar..."
Belle wonders what he would have done if he hadn't won.  Gone to the mall in
his tux?
Gusto grins a bit.
r.Daneel has arrived.
r.Daneel heads back towards Arbordale Center.
Belle exclaims, "Dad, you got me a Grammy, you don't love me anymore!" 
Powerline exclaims, "YEAH!!!! BRING ON THE ITALIANS!!!" 
Rufus says, "Somebody buy that kid a comb." 
Belle says, "I guess he took "Black Tie" on the invitation literally." 
Powerline LAUGHS
Brandi laughs
Gusto says, "Sheesh... for a minute I thought that was Barry Manillow..." 
OSCAR> Nominees for Best Picture :
Gusto says, "Gotta get a better antenna." 
Powerline KERFWAPS! Gusto
Belle says, "Pacino would shoot you if he heard you said that." 
Pete grumbles, "Gee I wonder who will win.." 
Brandi shrugs
Powerline exclaims, "HAHA!! EP WINS!!!!!" 
Brandi exclaims, "SURPRISE!" 
Rufus sighs
[Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.]
Pete grumbles, "What a surprise." 
lar3ry says, "HOORAY.... NO MORE CATEGORIES!"
Brandi exclaims, "no climax there!" 
Powerline KERFWAPS! Rufus
lar3ry asks, "How many oscars did EP tally?"
Belle exclaims, "it's over!" 
Pete shouts, "No more ugly dresses!!" 
Belle exclaims, "everyone CHEER!" 
Brandi CHEERS!!!
lar3ry says, "(Accepting the award for the English Patient...)"
Powerline could always dress in drag and do the Hula if you want to see ugly
lar3ry says, "EMuck's choice was JERRY MAGUIRE"
CHIME> 00:30
Pete grumbles, "That cus we got good taste." 
Rufus asks, "Maguire? Oh yuck!" 
lar3ry says, "Passion:  What makes us want to turn off the television."
Belle says, "don't ever accuse us of having good taste.  :)" 
Belle asks, "didn't he use up his 30 seconds?"