EMuck Opening Ceremonies Transcript

This is a transcript of the EMuck Opening Ceremonies, which occurred on Sunday 14 April 1996 at 8 PM CDT (GMT -0500). Taking the transcript was character Scooter, who happened to have a camcoder around. :)

Sun Apr 14 20:07:44 CDT 1996
You exclaim, "hi Robinhood!"
Perdita says, "Hi" 
RobinHood says, "Hello... I guess everyone's here..." 
Scooter isn't sure where the Meeces are.
Bobby says, "hi robinhood" 
Belle has arrived.
Belle runs up to you, her skirts blowing behind her.
Belle drops tarp
Powerline says, "Maybe their IP harfed again..." 
Belle looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
RobinHood says, "Hi...." 
g.rolly looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
Belle exclaims, "greetings, everyone!" 
lar3ry looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
Powerline says, "ISP even" 
Powerline says, "Hi Belle."
Belle walks up to a prefabricated podium and tests the microphone.
Belle speaks into the microphone:  "testing, one two three, testing, one two
Powerline looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
Bobby covers his ear at the feedback
Belle smiles.
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) plugs his ears as the feeback screeeeches!
Powerline says, "That happened at my last concert...." 
Belle says, "ok, I guess this thing works.  sort of.  :)" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) high-fives Bobby!
Belle asks, "how is everyone today?" 
Bobby says, "fine" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) grins at his Mommy...I'm fine now!!!!
Powerline says, "good" 
Perdita all right
You are carrying:
Scooter picks up his camcorder and begins recording.
RobinHood says, "I'm fine this evening...." 
Bobby whispers "atleast she hasn't resorted to lame jokes yet."
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) snorts
Belle asks, "oh?  what do you call an elephant....no wait, you've all heard
that one already :)" 
Powerline moves in real close to the camera. "This thing have auto-focus???"
Belle taps into the microphone again.
Perdita says, "I have't" 
lar3ry taps on the street.
Belle says, "friends and guests....." 
Belle says, "we have gathered here today to dedicate a new world of fun and
adventure--to open EntertainMuck, on its first official day of release." 
Belle says, "EMuck's purpose is for the entertainment of its members....to
provide a canvas on which the only limitations are those of the
Belle says, "and the imagination knows no bounds." 
RobinHood looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
Belle says, "as you know, we've already developed quite a bit in the weeks and
months we have been in development stage, while we were still in Alpha and
Beta testing...." 
Bobby looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
Belle says, "it is my hope that this pioneering spirit and sense of fun and
adventure will carry through from this day forward for a long time to come." 
Belle says, "as we build new themed areas to play in and enjoy...." 
Belle says, "and we welcome new guests and players to our community...." 
Belle says, "as we refine our cutting-edge game server to eventually provide
full access to the World Wide Web...." 
Belle says, "let us remember that we are here in the spirit of fun, respect,
and tolerance for all." 
RobinHood smiles
Perdita says, " is looking at the tarp" 
Belle exclaims, "and as our own login screen says:  let us have FUN FUN FUN
til the teacher takes the laptop away!" 
Belle grins.
Belle says, "and for a long time past that point." 
Bobby claps
Perdita  is looking at the tarp
Belle pulls out a champagne bottle from her basket.
RobinHood claps also...
lar3ry pulls out a Zima bottle.
Belle walks off the podium, and stands near the tarp.
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) hauls out some Pink Lemonade for Perdita and
Belle says, "you're probably wondering what this tarp is.....what it's doing
sitting here in the middle of town square looking big and ugly :)" 
Belle holds up the champagne bottle.
Bobby pulls out a bottle of coke
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) noticed that it was real SILK!
Perdita asks, "em are we goinglook at it?" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) nodsnodsndosndosnods!!! When? Huh? Now?
Belle exclaims, "We, the players of EntertainMuck, hereby dedicate this place
and declare it open!  May we be blessed with fun and happiness here!" 
Belle picks up a bottle of champagne, and slowly swings it at the shape under 
the tarp.
Belle shatters the bottle of champagne against the large shape underneath the 
tarp.  As it breaks, the tarp magically disappears, revealing a shining bronze
Powerline looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
Perdita asks, "em are we going to look at it?" 
This is a bronzed statue of the EMuck opening cast, standing beneath an
open archway.  The EMuck logo hangs proudly at the top of the arch.  The base
of the statue is a granite block, upon which is set a bronze plaque--you can
'look plaque' to read what it says.
Belle exclaims, "yes!" 
lar3ry says, "Type 'look dedication statue'" 
Belle looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
Belle looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
lar3ry says, "look dedication statue" 
Powerline looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
The plaque contains the EMuck logo at its top, and below it, in fine block
print, reads:
EntertainMuck is dedicated to the spirit of fun, respect, and tolerance, a
place where YOU, the player, are the star, and where you are only limited by
YOUR imagination.  Have fun and enjoy yourself here!
ALPHA testing begun 30 January 1996
BETA testing begun 13 February 1996
OPEN 14 April 1996
lar3ry looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
Powerline clapz!!!!
lar3ry looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
Scooter applauds!
Bobby looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
Scooter almost drops his camcorder while applauding!
Belle puts Plush Beast down.  Plush Beast looks about and starts exploring his
new environment.
g.rolly looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
RobinHood looks proudly at the Dedication Statue.
g.rolly looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
Plush Beast applauds with his little plush paws.
Bobby looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
lar3ry applauds.  "BRAVO!"
RobinHood looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
Bobby knells to the statue
Perdita looks at the plaque at the base of the Dedication Statue.
Powerline exclaims, "This is, like, a totally historic moment!" 
Belle opens up another bottle of champagne, and a bottle of non-alcoholic and
pours glasses for everyone.
You exclaim, "like, totally, powerline!"
Powerline takes a glass of the non-alcoholic beverage. "Thanks"
Bobby picks up a Ch9 News Microphone, stands in front of the camra and says
"And what you just saw was the dedication of EntertainMuck. It is now
officialy open.  And now back to the studio."
Perdita  pulls out a bottle of jellybeans
Plush Beast wanders over to the table with the champagne glasses!
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) grins and jumps up and down in front of the
Belle exclaims, "NO!  BAD PLUSH!  Come BACK here!" 
Plush Beast drinks a glass of champagne!
Powerline says, "uh-oh..." 
RobinHood says, "Ch. 9 eh, you mean the one in Calif.?" 
Plush Beast hiccups a plush hiccup.
Belle puts her hand on her head.  She was afraid of this....
lar3ry says, "Wow!  We have had a lot of celebration... soup, jelly beans,
champagne, coke, and ZIMA!" 
lar3ry prepares a Plush Feast for Plush Beast.
Perdita says, "G.rolly" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) glares at L3....no, JELLYBEANS AND MORE
Belle tries to grab Plush Beast, but with the champagne running around his
little plush head, Plush Beast runs all over the town square, staying just one
step ahead of her!
Belle makes a mental note NEVER to let Plush Beast loose whenever there's
champagne around.
lar3ry notes that Plush Beast drinks like a sponge.
Belle says, "everyone...a toast to the future!" 
Powerline is laughing hysterically.
Belle holds up a glass of bubbly.  Hear hear!
lar3ry raises his Zima (and glares at g.rolly) and says, "CHEERS!"
Powerline says, ""To the Undiscovered Country....the Future!"" 
Plush Beast tries to get another glass of champagne to do the toast.
Belle manages to grab Plush Beast before he gets to the table.
lar3ry throws some toast at Plush Beast.
Belle picks up Plush Beast, who cuddles up in her arms.
Bobby  picks up the michrophone and starts to talk into the camra. "we come to
you live from the dedication party at Entertainmuck where a small plush beast
is running wild."
Powerline hits himself upside the head. "Never quote Star
Belle laughs.
Belle waits for a Klingon battle cruiser to blast the champagne away.  :)
* [guest1 has connected] *
Powerline is a recovering Trekkie.
lar3ry smiles.  "May the @FORCE be with you."
RobinHood holds up a glass also....
Bobby gets out the ale.
guest1 joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Belle says, "greetings, guest1" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) GREETS Ticktock!!!!
guest1 (palona1.cns.hp.com) says, "Hi" 
RobinHood smiles at Powerline.... 
Plush Beast struggles to get a glass of champagne.
Bobby says, "hi guest1" 
Powerline exclaims, "Hello guest!" 
guest1 (palona1.cns.hp.com) says, "Hiya" 
Belle holds Plush Beast tightly in her arms.  His little plush legs kick on
her chest as he tries to break free.
Bobby dumps the ale allover plush beast
RobinHood exclaims, "hello, and welcome!" 
Belle exclaims, "Bobby!" 
Belle exclaims, "I'm *holding* Plush Beast, you got ale all over me!" 
Belle is now completely drenched.
Bobby says, "oops" 
Powerline says, "Don't mind Bobby....it's the Valley-type delinquint in
lar3ry says, "Good for what ale's you, Belle."
Bobby says, "opps  i mean" 
Plush Beast preens himself, licking the ale off his plush self.
Scooter thought only birds could preen themselves.
guest1's new name is g.Mozenrath.
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) EEEEPS!!! Mozenrath??
Powerline says, "*yeef*...it's Wil Wheaton!!!" 
Bobby hands plush beast a cookie.
Powerline laughs wildly again.
RobinHood says, "not that spoiled brat...." 
RabbiTuckman has arrived.
Belle says, "btw, we'll need to disable guests naming themselves after
today....lar3ry was playing with that earlier tonight, and determined that
it's more trouble than it's worth." 
Powerline says, "Special today: half off :)" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) nods...no problem here
g.Mozenrath (palona1.cns.hp.com) says, "Hi RabbiTuckman" 
Plush Beast devours the cookie!
lar3ry says, "I have to come up with a better solution to the g.name problem,
that's all." 
Powerline says, "Hi Rabbi." 
Belle says, "wonderful.  now I have ale-soggy cookie crumbs all over me." 
g.Mozenrath (palona1.cns.hp.com) says, "Bye" 
g.rolly (paloalto.access.hp.com) waves
g.rolly enters the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
g.Mozenrath enters the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Plush Beast shakes himself and spits out cookie crumbs everywhere.
Powerline exclaims, "Gross!" 
Perdita shouts,anyone want some jellybeans
Belle says, "he's never been known to have much manners, Powerline." 
lar3ry asks, "What flavor, Perdita?" 
Plush Beast reaches for a jellybean!
Powerline turns up the radio.
Bobby turns back to the camra and speaks into the microphone." well ther's not
much more to say here but..  LIVE FROM EMUCK, IT"S SUNDAY NIGHT!!!  Opps wrong
Perdita says, "evey kind" 
Belle looks curiously at the large silk tarp sitting in the middle of
Arbordale Center.
RobinHood sakes a few crumbs out of his fur....
lar3ry wants a Zima-flavored Jelly Bean.
Belle really wants to know how such a little plush can eat so much.
Perdita says, "Ok" 
Powerline says, "'cause his imagination AND his stomach have no limits..." 
Belle smiles.  That's gotta be the answer, Powerline.
lar3ry takes a Prime Rib flavored Jelly Bean from Perdita.
Belle wonders if that flavor of jelly bean ever showed up in Ronald Reagan's
Powerline takes a Ketchup flavored jelly-bean.
Belle says, "oog :)" 
Plush Beast tries to grab the Ketchup flavored jellybean!
Perdita enters the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Powerline then proceeds to grab a hot-dog and a chili flavored jelly-bean.
Belle says, "oh no you don't.  I'm not adding THAT to my drycleaning bill, you
little furball." 
Powerline wonders where his cleaning crew went...
Plush Beast struggles in his owner's arms, trying to grab the food!
Powerline says, "I probably left them in L.A. along with my backup band..." 
Belle laughs
Scooter grabs a double-burger-with-lettuce-ketchup-mustard-pickles-and-onions
flavored jelly-bean.
lar3ry waves good-night to Perdita.
Powerline takes a fruitcake flavored jelly-bean.
Belle thinks Perdita is off seeing dots right now.  Smile.
Powerline asks, "Say, what do you get when you cross a rich water-fowl with a
construction vehicle?" 
RobinHood smiles
Belle asks, "what do you get, Powerline?" 
Powerline exclaims, "A TRUMP DUCK!" 
Belle groans
* [BoPeep has connected] *
Powerline dodges the flying vegetables...
RobinHood nods slowly....
BoPeep comes in from Mad Programmer's Laboratory.
Belle says, "you mean the flying vegetable-flavored jelly beans...." 
Belle exclaims, "hi boPeep!" 
RobinHood exclaims, "Hello!" 
Powerline says, "Hi BoPeep" 
Bobby says, "i'm thinking of changeing my hover pod into a car" 
BoPeep says, "Hello, Scooter and RobinHood and Powerline." 
* [Perdita has disconnected] *
Powerline says, "Naw...I think a hover-pod is more bobby-esque..." 
Belle says, "well, I know @costume is in development, but you can basically
set your hover pod to have as many different forms as you want and just pick
and choose which one you feel like having at the moment." 
Bobby says, "that even works for the puppets.  I guess they all have to have
the p. on them too" 
RobinHood says, "interesting..." 
lar3ry smiles.  I can always use suggestions on improving things.
* [Zazu has connected] *
lar3ry says, "I don't know if @COSTUME honors the puppet 'p.' but 'pp' will
prepend the p. if it's not in the name." 
Bobby drops p.Hover Pod
BoPeep is going to go to bed now.
Bobby climbs into the hover pod
BoPeep says, "Good night everybody." 
Belle exclaims, "goodnight, BoPeep!" 
RobinHood exclaims, "goodnight!" 
* [BoPeep has disconnected] *
BoPeep has disconnected.
lar3ry digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
lar3ry rides around the room, cackling.
BoPeep has left.
Zazu has joined you from third Avenue.
Zazu enters the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Zazu joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
RobinHood says, "heloo Zaz...." 
Zazu exclaims, "Hi!" 
Bobby has arrived.
Zazu huggles everyone
Bobby says, "hi zazu" 
Belle exclaims, "hi Zazu!" 
Plush Beast looks at the birdie, thinking he's some sort of flying Scooby
Belle exclaims, "NO, BAD PLUSH!" 
RobinHood Chuckles
Belle apologizes to Zazu on behalf of Plush Beast.  Don't hold it against him,
he's just a dumb plush and doesn't know any better.
Powerline hides the poultry-flavored jelly-beans.
Bobby grabbs some Scooby Snaks and thows them into the hover pod
daddy has arrived.
daddy runs by at a breathtaking pace.
daddy has left.
RobinHood says, "BTW, Bobby--I guess that youv'e seen most of the shuttle
launches where you are...." 
Bobby says, "yea" 
p.Hover Pod has left.
Belle asks, "exactly where in florida do you live, Bobby?" 
Belle says, "btw--I'll have transcripts from the opening ceremonies available
Bobby says, "on the space coast" 
RobinHood says, "one of thesedays, I'm going to have to see that...." 
Powerline says, "I saw the latest launch...I was visiting my grandparents in
RobinHood I was looking at 'pinfo's' a bit  earlier....
Plush Beast eats a pinfo-flavored jelly bean.
RobinHood smiles
Bobby says, "I live near melb." 
RobinHood says, "A bit hard to miss in the early morning..." 
lar3ry lived in Miami for about five years.
RobinHood sighs.... He hasn't been there since Feb. '90....
Belle hasn't been in FL since June.  Only time she was there.
lar3ry hated living in Florida until he left.  Now I really miss the place.
Powerline says, "Try living in Kansas for 7 years." 
RobinHood says, "So many changes to WDW, that I maybe won't remember the
Dorothy has arrived.
Toto has arrived.
Doroth asks Toto, "Are we still in Kansas?"
Powerline still is...
Bobby asks, "how do you check the last time soneone was on?" 
lar3ry says, "@last playername" 
lar3ry says, "Or even nicer, '@players -bylast'" 
Zazu has connected.
Zazu has disconnected.
Zazu says, "sheesh" 
lar3ry says, "And @PLAYERS can be accessed via the web as well."