Nickel Tour Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with two Disney Imagineers: Mr. Bruce Gordon and Mr. David Mumford, authors of the book about Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, "Disneyland - The Nickel Tour: A Postcard Journey Through 40 Years of the Happiest Place On Earth." The chat occurred on Saturday 1 August 1998 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck (http://www.emuck.com, telnet://game.emuck.com:6903). This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Gordon (BruceGordon) and Mr. Mumford (DavidMumford), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included. This transcript is available at http://www.emuck.com/archive/nickeltour.

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While Bruce Gordon and David Mumford are employees of The Walt Disney Company, they are not visiting this chat as Official Representatives of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Mr. Gordon and Mr. Mumford and do not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC.
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The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
  Current Topic:          Disneyland: The Nickel Tour
  Current Moderator:      Mickey
  Current Guest Speakers: BruceGordon(Bruce Gordon) & DavidMumford(David Mumford)
      Bruce Gordon and David Mumford are Imagineers for The Walt Disney Company
      and authors of "Disneyland - The Nickel Tour: A Postcard Journey Through
      40 Years of the Happiest Place On Earth."  
      This chat takes place Saturday, 8/1, 11 PM WDW time/8 PM Disneyland time.
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Castmember asks, "Imagineers, what are the current plans for the California
Castmember says, " I heard a lot of rides have been cut." 
Glamour_Alice elegantly says, "Not yet, Castmember. :)"
Castmember says, " Sorry :(" 
Double_D exclaims, "CM, they're here to promote their book!"
Glamour_Alice smiles.
Belle says, "that's all right, Castmember.  Give them a chance to catch their
breath :)" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "I got the postcard from the
Disney Gallery today." 
Castmember exclaims, "Ohhhh! What book?" 
DavidMumford says, "Bruce and David will say "no comment" to any question
you'd like to ask" 
Glamour_Alice elegantly says, "And a very kewl book it is." 
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) exclaims, "duh!" 
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Belle thinks BigBrian needs to hit "capslock" again :)
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Glamour_Alice LOL at Bruce & David!
Rufus nodnods enthusiastically, even though he's only read up to page 316.
Castmember says, "I'm sorry :( I'm just anxious" 
Max waves.
Double_D hands out wooden nickels to everyone.
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Belle says, "Imagineers, when you're ready, type PODIUM to go to the podium." 
DavidMumford says, "Bruce and David say greetings from Glendale" 
John_Smith's mother told him never to take money from strangers, DD.
Double_D says, "But, the book is The Nickel Tour..."
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "Greetings right back." 
DavidMumford goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Max ah-hyucks goofily.
Glamour_Alice glamourously exclaims, "Not 'The WOODEN Nickel Tour', DD!" 
Double_D grins.
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Belle exclaims, "okay, we got the Imagineers on the Podium!" 
BigBrian says, "Castmember, it is a Disneyland history book and postcard
listing it is *AWESOME*" 
>< Mickey gives David & Bruce a Mouseke-cola.
>< Mickey puts on his mouse-eared Moderator Hat and prepares to start
tonight's Special Invited Talk.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with the Disney Imagineers, 
Mr. Bruce Gordon and Mr. David Mumford, will now begin in the Arbordale 
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>< Mickey says, "Welcome, everyone, to EntertainMuck's Arbordale 
Auditorium and our 14th Special Invited Talk here on EMuck."
>< Mickey says, "Tonight, AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS 
Disney Fan Club are proud to present our special guests, Mr. Bruce 
Gordon and Mr. David Mumford!"
>< BruceGordon says, "Hello"
>< Mickey says, "David and Bruce are two Disney Imagineers who wrote 
the wonderful book about Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, 
"Disneyland - The Nickel Tour: A Postcard Journey Through 40 Years of 
the Happiest Place On Earth."
>< Mickey says, "Bruce and David, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< DavidMumford says, "Yo"
>< BruceGordon says, "Yo ho"
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thanks for joining us, too. Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Mr. Bruce 
Gordon and Mr. David Mumford!"
>< Mickey says, "None of us onstage can hear you in the audience while 
we're at the podium, so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the
>< BruceGordon says, "If only the NFFC was like that..."
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the REQUEST queue, there are already a lot of questions lined up, 
so please limit your follow-up questions. To follow-up, enter 
PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to David and Bruce."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at 
EMuck's web site and ftp site in a few days. We'll announce when the 
transcripts are ready."
>< Mickey says, "And now I have something to read to all of you which 
will keep Disney's lawyers happy..."
>< Mickey says, "While Bruce Gordon and David Mumford have affiliations 
with The Walt Disney Company, they are not here as Official 
Representatives of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely 
their own opinions and experiences and do not necessarily reflect the 
policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity."
>< Mickey gulps for breath and then says, "Whew!"
>< Mickey says, "Okay, let's begin! Bruce and David, are you ready?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Yo"
>< DavidMumford says, "Yo"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Mickey) I hear that your book, "Disneyland: The Nickel Tour," will
make its debut at Disneyland on August 15th and that both of you will be there
to sign it. Can you tell us more about this and where in Disneyland that will
take place?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "The postcards went out today and say it takes place at
the Gallery. We thought it took place at Aladdin's Oasis."
>< Mickey says, "What will it be like there?"
>< DavidMumford says, "Hot."
>< Mickey grins
>< BruceGordon says, "There are 250 special issue books, each one with a copy
of the 100th anniversary postcard. Only 250 of these postcards will ever be
issued (until the year 2055, that is)"
>< Mickey says, "Sounds like a great collectible!"
>< BruceGordon says, "It's a cool postcard, designed by David Durham, who
programmed the Indiana Jones ride vehicle, and also created the Cosmic Waves
fountain in Tomorrowland."
>< Mickey says, "guest GCCohan asks a follow-up... 100th of what?"
>< DavidMumford says, "It's a fictitious postcard from the future celebrating
the 100th birthday of Disneyland in 2055."
>< BruceGordon says, "It shows flying Dumbos and a whole bunch of future rides"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Rune) Were you involved in the creation of Figment?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "I showed up about six months after Figment was created.
Tony Baxter and Steve Kirk get the credit."
>< Mickey says, "David, how about you and Figment?"
>< DavidMumford says, "I didn't work on the Imagination pavilion. I was next
door at the Land pavilion"
>< Mickey says, "Did you write that song that won't go out of my head...
'Listen to the Land?'"
>< Mickey grins
>< DavidMumford says, "No, I worked on the show sets and scenery and all that"
>< Mickey says, "Oh, great job!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Bashful) What did the first Character costumes for Mickey and Minnie
look like, and how have they evolved through the years?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "They were borrowed from the Ice Capades show, and
looked pretty bizarre. Mickey was in tights with a huge evil looking head 
with big teeth."
>< Mickey says, "Kinda like me in 'Runaway Brain!'"
>< BruceGordon says, "Bruce is doing the typing. If he's not sure of the
facts, he sends it out under David's name."
>< Mickey says, "Good move, Bruce!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.FabDisBabe) What do you think of the plans to close Mr. Toad's Wild
Ride in WDW? Also, I'd like to especially congratulate the Imagineering team
for the facelift DL's Toad got (that WDW's has not). That hot Hell rules and
it's got the coolest facade in Fantasyland (no offense to the Small World
clock dwellers).
>< ***
>< Mickey waves to the Fabulous Disney Babe
>< Mickey says, "But that was NOT written by FabDisBabe... That last question 
came from JT Toad. He logged on before tonight, JT Toad, and was the same 
guest number that g.FabDisBabe is tonight."
>< BruceGordon says, "I always say that Disneyland (and WDW) is not a museum,
and that it has to keep changing to stay alive. The plays that were on
Broadway in 1971 aren't there now..."
>< BruceGordon says, " The new ride looks pretty cool..."
>< Mickey says, "You mean the Pooh ride?"
>< DavidMumford says, "I like the Toad ride and I'm sorry to see it go."
:: Mickey has disconnected. ::
>< BruceGordon says, "Mickey! Come back!"
:: Mickey has connected. ::
>< DavidMumford says, "Hi Mickey"
>< Mickey says, "Sorry, my ISP disconnected me"
>< BruceGordon says, "A likely story."
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Did you finish answering?"
>< DavidMumford says, "Yes"
>< BruceGordon says, " Yes"
>< Mickey says, "I asked if you saw the Pooh ride yet"
>< BruceGordon says, "We can't talk specifics about the new WDW ride"
>< Mickey says, "OK"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Double_D) Is it true that the original title of your book was
"Disneyland on Five Cents a Day?"...Just kidding, but what exactly does 
"The Nickel Tour" mean?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "It's a long story, so hang on. The postcards used to
cost a nickel (hard to believe, they still did in the early 1980s when we
started the book."
>< BruceGordon says, "The phrase "Nickel Tour" means an inside tour by
someone who really knows the stories behind the scenes, as in "They really
gave me the nickel tour!""
>< BruceGordon says, "And that's us!"
>< Mickey grins and listens for more
>< Mickey says, "Well, where did you find the postcards?"
>< BruceGordon says, "No one person has every postcard, not even the Disney
archives. We got most of them from two collectors, Roger LaRoque and Nick
>< DavidMumford says, "The rest we got from individual collectors who had
found unique cards (some of them from our fellow Imagineers, and some from
Dave Smith at the archives."
>< DavidMumford says, "I collect postcards from all the Southern California
amusement parks."
>< BruceGordon says, "There are some Disneyland postcards where only one
complete set is known to exist."
>< Mickey says, "How much do postcards at Disneyland sell for now?"
>< Mickey grins
>< DavidMumford says, "We get a cast member discount, so we don't know!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey hears Rufus shout they cost 35 cents now.
>< *** Next question:
>< (Double_D) What are some of your favorite and funniest postcards that
you have?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "If you mean at collector shows, anywhere from a couple
of dollars to several hundred dollars, for ones like the black and white
German cards from 1955, or the Hallmark water color cards."
>< Mickey says, "How about your faves in the book -- and can you give the page
number for reference?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Anything with the Moonliner on it, like the TWA card.
They issued a whole series of cards showing their fleet of planes (707's, DC9s
et al) and included the Moonliner card as a joke."
>< BruceGordon says, "I also like the squeaker cards from the Art Corner"
>< BruceGordon says, "The Art Corner ones have their own chapter. David is
running to get the book right now. We're too dumb to have it ready here."
>< Mickey says, "D'oh!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "While he's doing that, I'll move on to the next question and
we can come back to this one"
>< BruceGordon says, "Hey, David found one of the special slip case edition
books, in a lovely burgundy leather case! "
>< Mickey says, "Alice shouts out that pages 31 and 108 have the Art Corner!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Double_D) Are you still collecting postcards at Disneyland today?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, " I just bought the new ones at Disneyland of
Tomorrowland that don't have the characters pasted on the front. Both of them!
You can almost see Tomorrowland in the background."
>< DavidMumford says, "Yes, I still collect the new ones off the rack"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Rufus) Your book mentions Julius Sumner Miller. I was a student of
his at El Camino College, and attended his final lecture before they made him
retire. Do you have any other stories about him or his present whereabouts?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "No, but we'd love to know. He was terrific."
>< Mickey says, "I hear Bashful shouting that Prof. Miller was "Professor
>< *** Next question:
>< (Rufus) I'm thinking of following your example and collecting postcards
for Disney's Animal Kingdom. Any advice?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Get the very first ones that come out, especially any
pre-opening artwork cards etc. They become the most valuable. Also anything
that shows stuff that never got built."
>< DavidMumford says, "My favorite is the one that shows the rear ends of
three elephants. Classy@"
>< Mickey laughs out loud and wiggles his ears
>< Mickey says, "Rufus follows-up..."
>< Mickey says, "He asks, storage and organization?"
>< Mickey says, "Any tips?"
>< BruceGordon says, "I have very little organization. They sell little
envelopes that are archival, and I keep each card in a separate envelope with
a number on it."
>< DavidMumford says, "Some people like to keep them in numerical order, but I
like to keep them organized by land."
>< *** Next question:
>< (BigBrian) Is there an e-mail or snail mail address for corrections to
the Nickel tours list? or to let you know I have a card not on the list?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "We're about the do a second printing, so any corrections
would be much appreciated. You can send them to brucegordon@[...]."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Alice) The '100th Anniversary' card is great! Given that this year is
Mickey's 70th B-day and the company's 75th Anniversary, do you expect we'll
see such cards? In the Nickel Tour book, there do not seem to be many
'commemorative' cards...
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Any comment on Alice's question?"
>< BruceGordon says, "We don't control what they issue, but they usually don't
like to do short-term postcards because they're afraid they'll have too many
left over."
>< Mickey hears Bashful note that 2001 is the 100th anniversary of Walt's
>< BruceGordon says, "We had a big meeting a few weeks ago to encourage them
to do limited edition cards to celebrate special events."
>< DavidMumford says, "Like the closing of the subs!"
>< Mickey says, "We'll get to the subs in a minute!"
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
>< (Alice) Under the heading of 'Postcards We'd Like To See', I'd put, a
card of Walt's opening day dedication, like the plaque in Town Square. What
would you two like to see on a DL postcard that hasn't already been done?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Get out of jail free card?"
>< Mickey smirks
>< BruceGordon says, "Indiana Jones, so we can fill in the blank space in the
>< BruceGordon says, "We also always wanted them to do the ride posters as
postcards. They did a few like that for the gallery."
>< Mickey loves those
>< Mickey says, "I hear others in the Auditorium love them too and would like
to see them as postcards!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Alice) In putting the DTNT book together, did you come across any
new facts or stories you didn't know of before? Which did you find to be most
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "We spent twelve years researching the book, so every
story was at one time new to us. We tried to make sure that as many stories as
possible had never been in print before."
>< BruceGordon says, "The airboat story. I got to talk to the people who were
hired to build an honest to gosh Florida swamp boat that would travel around
on the lagoon that now houses the subs."
>< BruceGordon says, "The story is on page 95 of the book."
>< Mickey thanks Bruce for the page number reference
>< BruceGordon says, "The safety folks took one look at the giant propeller on
the back and the ride never opened at the park, despite the fact that it was
advertised and they had a sign up on a billboard."
>< DavidMumford says, "I looked up the page, not Bruce."
>< Mickey thanks David!
>< *** Next question:
>< (Belle) So is it *really* true that no postcards were harmed in the
production of the Nickel Tour, like the back of the book says? Ze truth now! 
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Postcards is listening! :-D
>< ***
>< Mickey fwaps Belle
>< BruceGordon says, "Absolutely true, because so few of them belonged to us.
(We can't afford the real collectors' items.) We had to be very careful. They
were all scanned into the Macintosh one at a time, then cleaned up in
Photoshop. Many of them look better in the book than they do in real life."
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest6) What's up with the Sub Voyage at Disneyland? Why is it closing
a whole five years before a new ride will be installed?
>< ***
>< Mickey knew someone would ask!
>< BruceGordon says, "Just for the record, I am the producer for the Sub
Voyage new concept project, so I speak with authority when I say "no comment.""
>< Mickey says, "Wow!  Such a commanding, authoritative 'No comment!'"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Now, how 'bout off the record?  Pay no attention to that 
other mouse taking notes"
>< Mickey winks
>< BruceGordon says, "But seriously folks, it really does take years to
develop new rides. Splash started in 1983 and opened in 1989. Indiana Jones
started right after the second movie, and didn't open for almost ten years."
>< Mickey says, "Not to mention Test Track!"
>< BruceGordon says, "As the press release says, we'll be using the subs for a
while to test out our concepts. In order to do that, the ride has to be
closed. We've done everything we can inside that stupid blue tent."
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.MrLiver) Are you working on anything for DCA?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "Neither of us are working on DCA. I'm working on
Mermaid Lagoon for Tokyo Disney Sea, and Bruce is working on that sub thing."
>< BruceGordon says, "David is the art director for Mermaid Lagoon!!!!"
>< Mickey says, "Disney's California Adventure is DCA, for those who didn't
know, being built next to Disneyland"
>< BruceGordon says, "I hate the acronyms like DCA, because it demeans what we
do and reduces it to something you don't have to understand. It's a bad idea.
Walt didn't say "DL will never be completed as long as there's imagination
left in the world."
>< DavidMumford says, "But Bruce, how did he come up with EPCOT?"
>< BruceGordon says, "I say Epcot was a word, not an acronym."
>< DavidMumford says, "A little Siskel and Ebert playacting there"
>< Mickey says, "Belle asks, "New seashells?" :-)"
>< Mickey says, "Bashful asks, "Will Ariel be in this Mermaid Lagoon?"
>< DavidMumford says, "Yes, she will. There'll be a new live entertainment
show starring Ariel."
>< Mickey says, "With the original cast for voices?"
>< DavidMumford says, "With the original Japanese film version cast, which was
different that the US version."
>< BruceGordon says, "Don't forget the Ariel meet and greet at Disneyland. "A
little something for the fathers," we like to say."
>< Mickey lowfurs Bruce about the something for fathers!
>< Mickey says, "g.GCCohan follows-up: But why close the subs so early? Why
not leave them open until the construction crews are ready to break ground?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Like we said, we need the lagoon and the subs to figure
out what we're going to do. Then there's at least three years of construction
and another year of test and adjust. We're actually looking at a pretty short
>< Mickey nods
>< BruceGordon says, "Especially since we don't know exactly what we're going
to do"
>< Mickey says, "I have to ask a follow-up myself..."
>< Mickey says, "Any chance that the closed 20K at WDW's MK will benefit from
this new sub ride at Disneyland?"
:: DisLawyer has disconnected. ::
>< BruceGordon says, "Hey, DisLawyer is gone! Now we can talk!"
>< Mickey says, "Yay!"
>< BruceGordon says, "They came to see our big blue tent."
>< Mickey says, "Oh?  Good!  And?"
>< Mickey grins
>< BruceGordon says, "They have a different set of problems than we do, and
since the ride hasn't been designed yet nobody knows if what we do will be
applicable to their situation....or if anything designed for the Florida park
might work here."
>< *** Next question:
>< (RDragon) out at animal kingdom are they going to put the mythical area
in or has it been scrapped?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "No idea is ever scrapped totally. Animal Kingdom will
continue to grow, and who knows what they'll do. We're not working on it, so
we can't even tell good lies."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Bashful) Is DL planning any attractions based on recent Disney
animated features?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Don't rule out future animated releases..."
>< Mickey says, "Good point!"
>< BruceGordon says, "Not that I know of, depending on how you define "recent""
>< Mickey says, "Bashful follows-up about the "recent"... Say, the last 5
>< BruceGordon says, "Re: animated features in the last five years..... not
that I know of. Mostly live action shows in the theater and parades."
>< *** Next question:
>< (CzarJim) Could you talk about the second floor window in the house at
the Land? Only visible from the restaurant, and there's all that detail...
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "We wanted people in the restaurant to have something to
look at that couldn't be seen from the ride, so we added a small boy's bedroom
at the restaurant level."
>< BruceGordon says, "It's kind of like the big Epcot model that used to be at
the Carousel of progress -- they put interiors into the little buildings that
hardly anyone could ever see, just so the scene would be complete."
>< Mickey says, "Wow! I didn't know that!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest7) what's up with Tomorrowland's rocket rods?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "There were some operational issues that were affecting
the capacity. Too many people were waiting too long in line, so they decided
to fix it once and for all."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Bashful) Why was the Kitchen Kaberet replaced with Food Rocks? I loved
Bonnie Appetit.
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Everybody had seen Kitchen Kabaret, so it was time for a
new show. Things have to stay fresh!"
>< BruceGordon says, "Actually, there were lots of complaints about Bonnie...."
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.FabDisBabe) I say bring on the dozers and Hello spinning honey pots!
>< ***
>< Mickey sees the Pooh lover out there, named Fabulous Disney Babe!
>< *** Next question:
>< (Bashful) ABC helped to finance Disneyland in 1954. Isn't it ironic
that Disney now owns the network that helped make DL a success?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "It's also ironic that Michael Eisner's first job was at
ABC, as a page I believe. It must feel cool to own the place you used to work
>< Mickey says, "Yes, it was as a page, or perhaps the mailroom"
>< DavidMumford says, "It's even more ironic that the new ABC offices are
being built on some of the land that was originally going to be used for
>< BruceGordon says, "Has anyone noticed that "Eisner" and "Disney" are only
two letters apart -- replace the E with a D and the r with a y."
>< Mickey says, "Ooooo, spooky, Bruce!"
>< Mickey says, "Where are the new ABC offices to be?"
>< DavidMumford says, "ABC is going on the land across Riverside Drive from
the studio, as shown in the Nickel Tour on page 14. Just to keep the thread
>< Mickey thanks David
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest11) Any word on what'll happen to the radar thingy where rocket
jets was? I haven't heard from anyone that is too happy with it yet. Lotsa
other stuff is nice though.
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "The radar thingy is called The Observatron. If you're
gonna dis it, call it by name. Personally, I like it."
>< Mickey says, "Remember, folks, you too can ask your questions of Bruce and
>< Mickey says, "Just use REQUEST... Enter REQUEST, then wait to be prompted,
then type your question, not pressing Enter until you're done with your 
>< BruceGordon says, "Pretty soon, Bruce and David are going to start asking
each other questions....."
>< Mickey says, "Guest GCCohan follows-up: What happened to the lights that
were planned for the Observatron? It seems like nothing but an expensive
stereo system without them (good music, though)."
>< BruceGordon says, "The lights were a budget cut, but that's not to say they
aren't going to be installed at the first rehab."
>< Mickey says, "guest 11 follows-up to tell Bruce that guest11 is neutral on
it, but 4 or 5 friends told him they wanted to see that space for a ride
>< BruceGordon says, "Tell them to try the Astro Orbitor, out front."
>< Mickey grins with Bruce
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest11) The Make Your Own CD of Neat Disney Audios is maybe the best
thing in the new land. :) Can they add the entire H Mansion spiel(s) (and
alternates no longer in the ride)?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "There are real issues with the voice talent, such as the
singers and the narrators. Since CDs didn't exist back then, there's not
wording in the contract for how to deal with this new technology."
>< BruceGordon says, "There are a whole lot of songs that have been removed
already, so if you were there the first couple of days, you have real
collectors items."
>< BruceGordon says, "Can anyone name all four pieces of music? They've all
been used before."
>< Mickey says, "Alice says about the music: Rocketeer..."
>< BruceGordon says, "Rocketeer is correct. Three to go."
>< Mickey says, "Here's another one..."
>< Mickey says, "Guest GCCohan says Iron Will"
>< Mickey says, "Guest FabDisBabe says Rocketeer, Iron Will, Timekeeper, Space
Mt. Paris!"
>< BruceGordon says, "Iron will is correct. Very good!"
>< BruceGordon says, "Fabdis wins the prize. Luckily, we didn't promise
anything! You guys are good."
>< Mickey applauds Alice, GCCohan and FabDisBabe, but says, "Gosh folks,
you're ALL winners in my book!"
>< Mickey says, "Fab says she'll collect next time she sees ya!"
>< Mickey grins
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.Guest11) a follow up to the CDs... Why were they cut, will they
add the CBear Jamboree, and why is that one song different on the AM Sings
track? *whew*
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "The "Who Shot the Hole in My Sombrero" from America
Sings is the original track, used because they couldn't find the replacement
track that was put in later on."
>< BruceGordon says, "The rest of the songs depend on rights and royalties.
The Country Bear Jamboree songs are mostly by non-Disney songwriters, so they
have to be licensed."
>< Mickey says, "Guest11 in the auditorium says he can get a copy of that
missing track if you want it, although he says it's odd they have all the
original tracks for Let's Get Together instead. ;-)"
>< BruceGordon says, "I think it was an issue of quality for the CD...they
needed the original master."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Clarice) I'm a big fan of Bambi, although that would be a difficult
film to make an attraction from. Was anything ever done based on it, or at
least planned? Think it's possible something could be done?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Our standard joke is the Bambi Shooting Gallery. "
>< Mickey says, "Oh no!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest5) Why does Disneyland seem so disappointing today compared to
just ten or even five years ago?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "It must be you."
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.bxtrlnd4me) Any plans to make a postcard of the Atlantis flag? That
would be cool.
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Funny how they took the banner down so fast, but never
noticed the flag!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< *** Next question:
>< (Alice) Do you two plan on collaborating on any other books in the
future? This one is great!
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, " We were the co-authors (with Kevin Rafferty and Randy
Webster, two other Imagineers) on the Imagineering Book from Hyperion."
>< Mickey says, "That's a great book, too!"
>< BruceGordon says, "The hardcover is pretty much sold out, but there's a
paperback edition coming this fall."
>< BruceGordon says, "And yes, we're working on a new book that we introduced
at the National Fantasy Fan Club convention last month."
>< Mickey says, "What book is that? Also, any plans for the 4 of you to have
autograph sessions at Disneyland or WDW for the Imagineering book when it
comes out in paperback?"
>< BruceGordon says, "It's called "Walt's Time," and it's the story of the
Sherman Brothers, who wrote Small World and Mary Poppins and Tiki Room and
Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow and three dozen Annette songs and a few more....."
>< BruceGordon says, "We'll be autographing the Nickel Tour (that thread
again!) on August 15th at Disneyland. They say we can't autograph anything
else, but slip it under the table if you want..."
>< Mickey says, "Don't forget the Pooh theme, points out Bashful!"
>< Mickey grins
>< BruceGordon says, "Also, the four of us did do a signing on the
Imagineering book at Louis Garcia's "Just for Fun" Disneyana show last month."
>< Mickey says, "Any idea when the Sherman Bros. book will be out?"
>< DavidMumford says, "It comes out this December, if we get back to work on
>< *** Next question:
>< (CzarJim) Could you clear up what the delay was in opening Alien
Encounter. Some say that Mr. Eisner felt it wasn't scary enough, some that it
was too scary. Were the changes technical or aesthetic?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Some of the story points didn't come through as clearly
as we wanted, and some of the effects needed to be punched up. I don't think
the changes were anything dramatic. BTW, that show was designed for
Disneyland, originally!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (BigBrian) do you know if anyone is planning on doing a Nickel Tour
like book for WDW?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "They better not!"
>< Mickey says, "Good idea for you guys!  Ever thought of it?"
>< Mickey says, "Alice shouts "Jump on it!""
>< BruceGordon says, "We've talked about it, but it would have to be several
books now, what with all the parks and hotels and water parks, all putting out
their own postcards."
>< Mickey says, "We'll buy 'em... Go ahead!"
>< DavidMumford says, "Jeff Kurtti has a wonderful book out called "Since the
World Began," which covers a lot of Walt Disney World history."
>< BruceGordon says, "And Jeff Kurtti is one of our co-authors on the Sherman
Brothers "Walt's Time" book."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Annette) Are you able to say anything about the rumors of the
impending demise of the Tiki Room in favor of a food court?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Nope."
>< *** Next question:
>< (BigBrian) if they ever build a Disney's America theme park would one of
you put in a good word for an updated America Sings for it?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "That would be fun! When the ride was closing, I was part
of a group that went in and did a thorough video taping of it, just like a TV
show, with long shots, medium shots and close-ups of every Character's complete
performance. Someday we'll edit the thing together for video!"
>< Mickey says, "Alice says Buena Vista Home Video Etc always needs new, good
videos -- pass along your tape to her!"
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
>< (P_Fay) Is there any other place I can get this book other than
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "I'm sure they're glad you asked that question, P_Fay!"
>< DavidMumford says, "All that's left of the first edition is the special
slipcase edition, which goes on sale at Disneyland on August 15th. The Walt
Disney Gallery will also carry the slipcase in September."
>< Mickey says, "Slipcase with the book inside, I hope!"
>< Mickey heh-heh's
>< BruceGordon says, "Oh, jeez. I thought they were awfully light."
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "P_Fay wants to make it clear about asking where the book can
be obtained: "I meant like getting it at The Disney Store or something like
that. I didn't mean anything negative like "why should I fly all the way out
to CA just for a book""."
>< BruceGordon says, "You could probably mail order it from the Disney
>< DavidMumford says, "You can order it by calling 800 362 4533"
>< Mickey says, "For those looking for David & Bruce's book, Alice points out
that she also saw it for sale at the "Architecture of Reassurance" exhibit now
at the UCLA/Hammer museum."
>< BruceGordon says, "Hey you're right! Hurry though, they're going fast! And
that's the non-slipcase version."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Clarice) This isn't really a question, just a comment. After having
been to Disney World in Florida many times, I finally got to visit Disneyland
in 1994. I was very impressed, and really enjoyed visiting the original park.
Also, FANTASMIC was wonderful!
>< ***
>< Mickey yay's for FANTASMIC!
>< BruceGordon says, "There is something magical about Disneyland, the park
Walt walked through and created. That magic just can't be found in the other
parks, no matter how wonderful they are."
>< BruceGordon says, "It's also interesting that the only park that comes
close to Disneyland is Disneyland Paris -- and that was the first park
designed by kids who grew up at Disneyland....."
>< Mickey says, "Did either of you have anything to do with the production of
>< DavidMumford says, "Fantasmic was done by the Disneyland Entertainment
group, though we did help with some of the technical stuff. "
>< BruceGordon says, "We wanted to theme it to Frontierland, but that never
>< Mickey says, "Well, we appreciate the help you gave them -- FANTASMIC! is a
fantastic show."
>< Mickey says, "How about the new FANTASMIC that will be at the Disney-MGM
Studios?  Doing anything with that show?"
>< DavidMumford says, "That's designed more for an outdoor amphitheater
setting. And it will play up the movie aspect more than the Disneyland one."
>< *** Next question:
>< (Beast) Aside from the "big picture" I admittedly know little about
what it takes to be an Imagineer, and what kinds of things one does. What are
your backgrounds, education and training? What kinds of skills are
represented amongst the Imagineers?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "There are hundreds of different disciplines at
Imagineering, from artists and sculptors to civil engineers to financial folks
and on and on!"
>< BruceGordon says, "My background was in English (which is why I can type so
fast) and in photography, which gives me some sense of color and design and
>< DavidMumford says, "My background is in architecture, which is why I'm art
directing Little Mermaid!!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest6) why wasn't alien encounter included in DL's new Tomorrowland?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "By the time we got done designing it, we realized that
the theater was too small to hold enough guests to reach the capacity we
needed. The theatre in Florida is much larger than the one at Disneyland, so
it could hold all the effects and the guests!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (CzarJim) I was disappointed that I couldn't find the book at any of
the New York Disney Stores today...
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "We oughta write The Disney Store and tell them to stock it!"
>< BruceGordon says, "So are we. But we're working on it. The second printing
of the Nickel Tour should be available everywhere, as will the Sherman
Brothers book."
>< Mickey says, "Great"
>< BruceGordon says, "The Nickel Tour was published by us, Bruce and David.
None of the "real" publishers believed it would be successful, so we just did
it ourselves. That's why it's hard to find...but we sold out the first
printing and are going on to the second!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (SunniGummi) Did the make any Postcards from Disneyland with the Disney
Afternoon theme?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "David is checking the book (what a terrific reference
source, and so entertaining!) but we don't think so...."
>< Mickey grins
DavidMumford exclaims, "Done checking, found nothing!" 
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.MrLiver) What else is planned for phase 2 of Tomorrowland besides
the subs?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "More plush?"
>< Mickey winks
>< BruceGordon says, "Uh, kind of look around the land and find the things we
didn't do the first time. Obviously, we'd like to do something with the
Autopia, but there are no final decisions yet."
>< BruceGordon says, "Re: the more plush comment.... I used to have a theory
that if you put in more bathrooms, people won't go to the bathroom more often.
Therefore, if you put in more plush shops, people won't buy plush more often.
You've either got the urge or you don't. Turns out I was wrong. Every time they
add more plush shops, they sell more plush. You have met the enemy and he is
>< DavidMumford says, "Re: the more plush comment.... I used to have a theory
that if you put in more bathrooms, people won't go to the bathroom more often.
Therefore, if you put in more plush shops, people won't buy plush more often.
You've either got the urge or you don't. Turns out I was wrong. Every time they
add more plush shops, they sell more plush. You have met the enemy and he is
>< Mickey agrees with Alice: Plushes=Tribbles! ;-)
>< BruceGordon says, "OOPS! Sorry about all the plush stuff. I'm just stupid.
And now, on with the show."
>< Mickey tries to sooth those in the auditorium who'd rather Plushes being
referred to as "adopted" rather than "sold". ;-)
>< Mickey refers back to the "met the enemy" line and appreciates seeing
fellow Pogo fans.
>< *** Next question:
>< (BigBrian) do you know when the CD-ROM Retlaw related biography of Walt
is coming out and were you asked to contribute anything to it?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "We wrote the essays on the history of Walt and
Disneyland. We think it comes out this Christmas, but we're not sure. It's a
joint effort between Realty and Disney Interactive."
>< Mickey says, "Max has a question related to the earlier one which asked
about your background..."
>< BruceGordon says, "And the question is??????"
>< Mickey says, "... as Imagineers and is about those who want to become
>< *** Next question:
>< (Max) A number of us here might be interested in knowing if you have
any career-related tips for those of us who'd like to become Imagineers one
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Figure out what it is you're really good at, and become
the best person in the world at that one specific skill. At the same time,
learn as much as you can about all the other facets of the entertainment and
theme park business."
>< BruceGordon says, "But you have to be really good at one thing... that's
how you get in."
>< BruceGordon says, "And remember, timing is everything. When they need
someone, they need someone right away. If your name is on the top of the pile
and they remember you from your frequent friendly phone calls, you might be
the one they call."
>< Mickey says, "So, how do you get in? Do you recommend breaking the lock on
the door or using the old credit card trick?"
>< Mickey grins
>< DavidMumford says, "Pick a career you'll be happy with, whether you wind up
working for Disney or somebody else!"
>< Mickey says, "Guest11 says that you two do SO many things!"
>< BruceGordon says, "That's what Imagineering is all about, and that's what I
was trying to say earlier. We're good at our "real" jobs, but we're also good
at writing and research and speaking and all that, so we get asked to be part
of lots of projects."
>< *** Next question:
>< (SunniGummi) will the 75th anniversary CD be available everywhere?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "Should be available anywhere Disney Interactive
products are found!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Bashful) What do you know about an alleged Disney park project in
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Honestly, nothing. Never heard that one."
>< *** Next question:
>< (SunniGummi) Mr. Gordon, do you know what Disney does with the costumes
when a Character is retired from on stage?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Dry clean 'em?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Neither of us has any idea. Do you mean a worn out
costume, or a Character that won't be on stage anymore?"
>< Mickey says, "I think he means Characters not appearing onstage anymore"
>< BruceGordon says, " Oh. Same answer... we don't know!"
>< Mickey says, "Actually, he now says Both, but you have no idea"
>< Mickey grins
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.Guest11) Why didn't they keep all the alternating spiels in the
rides (like Mansion) when they went from Cart to CD, and instead replaced them
with just a repeating one?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "We actually put back some of the spiels that were in
the show originally, but got deleted over the years, such as the Ghost Host's
introduction of Madame Leota."
>< BruceGordon says, "Other than that, we don't know what you're referring to."
>< Mickey doesn't, either
>< Mickey says, "Oh, a follow-up from guest11..."
>< Mickey says, "Guest11 says, Great! Have you added the alts at the bottom of
the elevator back?"
>< Mickey says, "Guest GCCohan says there used to be two different spiels at
the end of the portrait hall"
>< BruceGordon says, "No, not those. But you're right, they used to be there."
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.bxtrlnd4me) What are your favorite "Yesterland" attractions at
>< ***
>< Mickey likes the Baxtorland name!
>< DavidMumford says, "Flying Saucers (for Bruce too). And the motorboat
cruise, because you were able to get away from the congestion at Disneyland."
>< Mickey would like to see a Mumfordland and Gordonland, too!
>< BruceGordon says, "I would say Rocket Rods."
>< Mickey says, "g.Bxtrlnd4me agrees with Flying Saucers, too!"
>< *** Next question:
>< (Rufus) Any truth to rumors Imagineering is working on ways to get
better control of fireworks?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "They have demonstrated air launched fireworks that have
much more control to them, as well as ones that create shapes (like mouse
heads). I think these are all still in the testing phase, though."
>< Mickey says, "Rufus says "By putting microprocessors in the shells." 
>< Mickey says, "Alice says "Er...Rocket Rods *is* coming back, isn't it?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Air launched just means they don't blast off like
rockets, they're shot up with compressed air. When you launch a rocket you
never know when the fuels going to burn out, so you can't control the height.
With air pressure you can get very close."
>< BruceGordon says, "Yes, Rocket Rods is coming back. That was what we
Imagineers call a "joke."
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "How about Rufus's comment about microprocessors in the shells
of the fireworks?"
>< BruceGordon says, "How about that!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.FabDisBabe) Bruce, what is it with you and bathrooms? :)
>< ***
>< Mickey blushes
>< BruceGordon says, "I forgot to mention my favorite old attraction was the
Bathroom of Tomorrow."
>< Mickey says, "We've got two more questions in the queue, guys. Okay?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Us Imagineers have incredible stamina."
>< *** Next question:
>< (guest7) how is Walt Disney world planning on dealing with the
competition that will soon arrive with islands of adventure?
>< ***
>< BruceGordon says, "Competition makes us all better, and the more people
visiting Florida the better for everybody."
>< *** Next question:
>< (g.Guest11) How did you get into loving collectibles so much, Dave?
>< ***
>< DavidMumford says, "I enjoy the treasure hunt of going to swap meets and
finding hidden treasures and bringing them home."
>< Mickey says, "David and Bruce, thank you so much for coming tonight to chat
with us here on EMuck. Can you stay a few minutes longer to meet the folks in
the auditorium?"
>< BruceGordon says, "Speaking for myself, I have no life whatsoever so I can
hang around."
>< DavidMumford says, "OK, for a bit!"
>< Mickey says, "On behalf of the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club and AmberThree
Productions, we thank you very much!"
>< Mickey says, "Belle, please come upstage"
Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Belle says, "yes! thank you, David and Bruce for joining us tonight!"
>< Belle shakes the hands of the Imagineers!
>< Mickey shakes hands, too, and also his ears!
>< BruceGordon says, "When can we expect the check?"
>< Belle says, "I have a few announcements...."
>< Belle says, "first, as they say, "the check is in the mail" ;)"
>< Belle says, "second, transcripts will go up on the EMuck webpage and ftp
site at www.emuck.com in the next few days."
>< Mickey says, "Those of you in the EHX no-spam section, it is time to stand
up and join the others in the auditorium. (Enter 'stand' without quotes)."
>< Belle says, "third: our next Special Invited Talk is NEXT SATURDAY with
June Foray, the voice of Rocky the Squirrel!"
>< Mickey says, "Hokey Smokes!"
>< Belle says, "and fourth: guests, if you'd like to register for a regular
player, just talk to me for details!"
>< BruceGordon says, "I hope she can type like Rocky the Squirrel"
>< Belle says, "thank you again, Bruce and David!"
>< Mickey claps loudly!
>< Belle says, "David, Bruce, type A to get back to the auditorium."
Belle leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
DavidMumford leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale 
Mickey leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.

You leave the podium and head through the door to the...
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
  Current Topic:          Disneyland: The Nickel Tour
  Current Moderator:      Mickey
  Current Guest Speakers: BruceGordon(Bruce Gordon) & DavidMumford(David Mumford)
      Bruce Gordon and David Mumford are Imagineers for The Walt Disney Company
      and authors of "Disneyland - The Nickel Tour: A Postcard Journey Through
      40 Years of the Happiest Place On Earth."  
      This chat takes place Saturday, 8/1, 11 PM WDW time/8 PM Disneyland time.
> To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'REQUEST' (without quotes)
> and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can
> be longer than one line - Just wait to press your Enter key until after you
> finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions
> may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at
> the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter,
 No-Spam Seats [EHX], [Shoe]-seum
Plush Beast, Stenographic camera
BigBrian, Aladdin, Rufus, Beast, Glamour_Alice, Double_D, Max, DannyCat,
g.Guest11, Clarice, P_Fay, SunniGummi, g.GCCohan, g.FabDisBabe, Merlin,
g.bxtrlnd4me, guest5, CzarJim, Belle, DavidMumford, Mickey, Meecelet

Sunni applauds
P_Fay says, "I hope the server can handle the crowd for the June Foray chat. 
Rufus applauds David & Bruce loudly.
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) applauds!
Glamour_Alice applauds and thanks Bruce and David for coming to chat with us!
BigBrian applauds loud and long
Mickey claps and whistles!
Double_D says, "Thank you for an interesting chat." 
Merlin waves to Bruce and Dave.
DannyCat claps.. "Thanks guys :)"
DavidMumford says, " David and Bruce say thank you all." 
Double_D shakes both their hands.
Beast claps and smiles. Good show, mates!
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) bummed. Thought they were gonna throw
Rufus exclaims, "Thanks for a great book, guys! It brought me many great
DavidMumford says, "FabDisBabe, check your front yard." 
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) nods in agreement with Fab
Double_D has left.
Belle exclaims, "yes, David, Bruce, that's a very enjoyable book!" 
Rufus says, "... including a few I hadn't had yet." 
BigBrian says, "yeah it's awesome" 
Sunni says, "I will have to get that book very soon :)" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) I think Bruce got his
foot stuck in the gum?
g.MrLiver2 stands up and leaves the No-Spam Seats [EHX] and comes over near you.
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) BRB, going to check front yard.
Max waves hello to the two Imagineers!
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) exclaims, "Don't do it, Fab! It's a
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) smiles!
Sunni waves hello also
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) says, "David,
Bruce..... any more new fun things we didn't mention that we'd love to hear
about? :)" 
Glamour_Alice waves to Paradise!
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) exclaims, "Aw, man, they TPed my
Max asks, "Out of curiosity, are either of you two into model railroading?" 
Belle says, "btw, Bruce, David, Plush Beast here is the one who complained
about the plush stores :)" 
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) asks, "was it Bathroom of the Future TP?" 
Belle says, "he doesn't like the thought of Plushes being sold, which for him
is quite reasonable :)" 
Double_D has arrived.
Double_D arrives and pauses to catch his breath from a brisk run.
BruceGordon comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the 
stage and podium.
Double_D oopses.
Sunni says, "ahh" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "no, it was color your own Space
Mountain TP" 
Plush Beast eeps an angry plush eep.
Glamour_Alice curtseys to Bruce and thanks him for coming to the chat!
Rufus applauds loudly for Bruce.
DavidMumford says, "Not much more we can talk about. Bruce likes model trains,
and just got the Grizzly Flats Ward Kimball train." 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) smiles
BigBrian says, "I really appreciate that it's both a history book and a
postcard book either one would have been great but this is two books in one" 
P_Fay pokes Plush Beast.
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) LOL!
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) asks, "GOT?" 
Rufus asks, "I thought Ward's trains went to Perris?!?" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) wows............
Sunni says, "wow :)" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "no, his personal train. Did you
get it for your birthday?" 
Glamour_Alice elegantly says, "Yes, this is a great overall reference book,
and fun to look through." 
DavidMumford exclaims, "Bruce got the little toy train, not the real one!" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) says, "I hope you got
some track too :)" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) chuckles
Rufus says, "Oh. Nevermind..." 
Sunni says, "ahh" 
Max asks, "By LGB, by any chance?" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "Oh, ok" 
Max says, "The model of Ward's train, that is." 
DavidMumford says, "Yes, LGB." 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "David! Do
you know Walter Koenig? He goes to those collector shows too :)" 
Rufus thinks this may just be enough to tip him over the edge into G scale.
Sun Aug 2 00:03:48 CDT 1998
Glamour_Alice watches Rufus tip the scales.
DavidMumford says, "David has seen him at the shows, but doesn't know him
personally. Bruce has seen him on TV." 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "G scale rocks, fuzzbutt" 
Max has already been tipped.
Glamour_Alice sips from a bottle marked 'Drink Me', and suddenly, her diamond tiara, long white gloves, and flowing, besparkled blue gown turn back into her usual Alice In Wunderbarland attire -- simple, but neat 'n' pretty!
Max says, "Now all I need to do is decide that I need to get that model of
Clarice should have asked the Imagineers if they collect cels. :)
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Sunni says, "ask them now :)" 
Mickey exclaims, "Ask 'em now, Clarice!" 
Mickey lowfurs Sunni
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "This was
really fun! So if Bruce likes trains, and Stacia likes the Happiest
Millionaire, do you have favorite themes?" 
DavidMumford says, "David has about a dozen, and Bruce likes the pencil
DannyCat has left.
Clarice asks, "Any vintage pieces?" 
Alice exclaims, "See ya later, Merlin!" 
Merlin hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
Merlin has left.
Plush Beast eeps a plush question.
P_Fay has nothing to say to the guests right now; feels embarrassed.
Belle thinks Plush Beast wants to know if the trains the Imagineers collect
carry Scooby Snacks for him to eat.
Sunni wonders what PB asked
DavidMumford says, "David likes to collect Disneyland paper products. And
Bruce just got a bootleg copy of the Happiest Millionaire restored in stereo!" 
DannyCat comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Plush Beast wags his plush tail back and forth in plush enthusiasm.
guest6 has left.
Double_D asks, "Bootleg?" 
BVHETC_Lawyer says, "Did I hear 'bootleg'?"
BigBrian says, "hehehehe" 
DannyCat whews.. lag
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "Oh neat! 
*toasts you with an autographed Styrofoam cup!*" 
Alice fwaps the lawyer!
Double_D says, "Looks like no shoes tonight..." 
Max has exactly one cel... and no pencil sketches.
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) wondering how to get all the damned
Disneyland paper products out of her Magnolia tree...
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Alice has cels *with* pencil sketches...for sale.
guest5 has left.
Sunni still looking for cells
Belle exclaims, "you could tell Plush Beast that they are Scooby Snacks and
he'll try to eat the tree clean!" 
DannyCat loves sketches and preprod art..
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) says, "blowtorch, Fab." 
Clarice says, "I don't have any Disney drawings, but I do have on old original
charcoal sketch." 
Bart comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Plush Beast eeps an excited plush eep!
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "Let's Avva
Drink On It Now! *stereo*" 
DavidMumford says, "Ok folks.... unless there are any more questions, Bruce
and David are going to head out!" 
Mickey exclaims, "David and Bruce, we want you to know that you are welcome
back anytime you want -- to chat, explore our interactive role-play world, or
generally have fun!" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "Don't tempt me, Judi." 
Belle exclaims, "okay, David, Bruce, thank you!" 
Double_D exclaims, "Yes, come back soon!" 
Bart WOAHS! _way_ too many here..
DannyCat exclaims, "Bye fellas!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Thanks again guys! For the book *and* the chat!" 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "Goodnight" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "Please do!
Clarice waves to the guests.
Mickey says, "You can get anonymouse EMuck characters, too, if you want. 
Thanks you so much for coming!" 
BigBrian exclaims, "thanks guys!!" 
DavidMumford exclaims, "Goodnight to everyone!" 
Sunni waves bye bye to the special Guests
Double_D says, "Thank you again." 
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, ""-------========[}" 
Alice waves
Max says, "Thank you both very much for a wonderful evening." 
Sunni says, "thank you for coming" 
DavidMumford has disconnected.
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!
Sunni smiles
Max says, "And thanks for the career advice." 
Bart heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
CzarJim says, "T" 
Belle exclaims, "the Imagineers have left the building!" 
Sunni nods
Belle rides around the room, cackling.
BruceGordon has left.
DavidMumford has left.
Mickey rides around the room, cackling.
Double_D picks up the stenographic camera along with its keyboard.
Alice whew's a big sigh!
Belle exclaims, "remember, next week is June Foray!" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) says, "That was.... 
Alice smiles
Sunni will be here for sure :)
Mickey exclaims, "Like Belle said, don't forget one week from tonight is the
June Foray chat!" 
P_Fay says, "Belle> Hope the server can take it." 
Belle says, "we can. we handled the Susan Egan SIT (our record) easily, and
that was on our OLD host machine." 
Belle says, "which is extremely underpowered." 
Clarice says, "I hope I can make it next week. I might be going out of town." 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "I hope we
got ALL the newest info!" 
BigBrian says, "awesome" 
Mickey exclaims, "Yes, if any of you guests liked the fun we have here, apply
for regular EMuck player accounts! They're free, and the application form is
on our website" 
Sunni wonders what happen to old host?
Double_D will go to put his camera away...BRB.
g.FabDisBabe (172-215-112.iptr.aol.com) says, "Thanks for everything, Mickey" 
Belle says, "the old host is still in service, Sunni. We just have forwarders
on it now." 
Mickey bows to the FabDisBabe
g.bxtrlnd4me (judilane.vip.best.com) exclaims, "thanks, Mickey, for a really
nice Imagineering evening!" 
Mickey says, "And that web site address is http://www.emuck.com"
Mickey had a lot of fun tonight
Mickey exclaims, "Thank you all for coming!" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) asks, "what does 
dyn and ml mean?" 
Belle says, "part of our hostname." 
Mickey asks, "DYNisny MLagic?" 
Mickey grins
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) fehs at Mickey! :)
Mickey giggles
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) LOLs!
Mickey says, "Time for you to put down your pencil, Meecelet, and go to bed." 
Belle smiles.
Mickey exclaims, "You did a great job taking notes there, son!" 
Sunni smiles
Double_D says, "He used crayons before." 
Meecelet thanks his mousie Daddy and waves nite-nite to all
Double_D asks, "Now pencils?" 
Sunni says, "hello Meecelet" 
g.Guest11 (pool017-max8.ds14-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) watches Meecelet get
the Imagineer job over alla us!
Meecelet grins
You exclaim, "Heh-heh!"
Sunni smiles
With a tear in your eye... and a thump in your heart... you go home.