EMuck--Jymn Magon Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr. Jymn Magon. The chat occurred on Saturday 13 June 1998 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck (http://www.emuck.com, telnet://game.emuck.com:6903).

Jymn Magon

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Magon (JymnMagon), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included. This transcript is available at http://www.emuck.com/archive/magon.html.

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While Jymn Magon has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company he is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Mr. Magon and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
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The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
   Current Topic:          From Gummi to Goofy... And Beyond!
   Current Moderator:      Mickey
   Current Guest Speakers: JymnMagon(Jymn Magon)
      Jymn Magon is known for his creative work on Disney's "Gummi Bears",
      "Tale Spin," "Goof Troop," and the highly-successful animated feature
      "A Goofy Movie."  This Special Invited Talk takes place on Saturday,
      June 27th, starting at 8 PM Pacific/ 10 PM Central / 11 PM Eastern.
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>< JymnMagon tapdances into the room, does a triple-spin, and poses "Tah Dah!"
>< Mickey hands Jymn a Mouseke-cola
>< JymnMagon glug glug glug
>< JymnMagon shuffles his feet nervously, staring out at the people.
>< JymnMagon shuffles his feet more... and it turns into a soft shoe.
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, relax and have more soda!"
>< Mickey offers Jymn more Mouseke-cola.
>< JymnMagon says, "That's what's making me HYPER!"
>< Mickey moves the Mouseke-cola a bit away from Jymn
>< Meecelet checks the label to see if it is decaffimeeced
>< Mickey says, "No, I brought the Mouseke-Jolt brand tonight, Meecelet"
>< Mickey says, "Beast liked your entrance, by the way -- he said so right
after you went up on stage"
>< JymnMagon says, "What a guy."
>< Mickey gets closer to the World-Wide EMuck Mouseke-mike to make an
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The special chat with Jymn Magon will start in about 7
minutes! Come into the Arbordale Auditorium now and get a good seat!  Enter
'run welcome;chat;a' without quotes to get here.
>< Mickey hears Tahamaki from the audience offer Jymn a double expresso made
with waterjoe
>< JymnMagon goes into a caffeine fit.
>< JymnMagon pulls T-shirt over his head. "I am the Great Corn-Cob-io!"
>< Mickey wonders if he should give Jymn some hot coffee to sober him up. ;-)
>< Mickey says, "Yes, folks, it is hard to hear you up here onstage, so if you
have a comment you want to pass along, PAGE MICKEY=COMMENT"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, Alice is in the audience, and she's curtseying to you"
>< JymnMagon curtseys to Alice... and falls over.
>< Mickey says, "Folks, remember, specific comments and question to Jim, other
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>< Mickey says, "If your question is longer than one line, just keep typing
until you finish the question THEN press the Return key."
>< Mickey says, "Beast says you should lay off the caffeine, Jymn -- Giving a
talk here is enough of a "Jolt" in and of itself!"
>< JymnMagon nervously fiddles with a loose shirt button.  It falls off.
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "We have 17 questions in the queue so far!"
>< Mickey says, "We hope to get to each and every one of them, plus more to
>< JymnMagon has a question.  "Who let all these toons in here!?"
>< Mickey says, "We're all Toons on this bus!"
>< Mickey says, "Tahamaki says he's not. ;-)"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) We're just minutes away from the chat with Jymn Magon in
the Auditorium! Enter 'run welcome;chat;a' and join us now!
>< Mickey checks his Eisner watch and prepares to start
>< Mickey puts on his mouse-eared Moderators Hat and prepares to start
tonight's Special Invited Talk.
>< JymnMagon thought he was speaking to orthodontists!
>< Mickey smiles a toothy grin, making Jymn think he *is* at that
orthodontics convention.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with Jymn Magon will begin
in the Auditorium now!
>< Mickey says, "AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club
are proud to present the twelfth in our series of Special Invited Talks
with our special guest, Mr. Jymn Magon."
>< Mickey says, "Jymn started at Disneyland Records in 1976, producing over
100 records in the next eight years. These included Disney titles, as well as
story records for Star Wars, E.T., Peanuts, Indiana Jones, and more."
>< Mickey says, "In 1984, Jymn moved to Walt Disney Television Animation,
developing "The Gummi Bears" with Art Vitello and being Story Editor for that
top-rated show."
>< Mickey says, "Then he worked on "Rescue Rangers," "Duck Tales," and "Winnie
the Pooh." Jymn and Mark Zaslove developed and produced "Tale Spin," which was
followed by "Goof Troop.""
>< Mickey says, "That lead to him writing the hit theatrical feature "A Goofy
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< JymnMagon says, "You're very welcome"
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thanks for joining us, too. Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Mr. Jymn Magon!"
>< Mickey says, "None of us onstage can hear you in the audience while we're
at the podium, so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the
>< JymnMagon says, "It's like one hand clapping."
>< Mickey says, "To leave a question, enter the word REQUEST and then wait to
be prompted to enter your question. If your question is longer than one line,
just wait to press your Enter key until the end of your question, not the end
of each line."
>< Mickey says, "While we'll ask all of the questions in the REQUEST queue,
there are already a lot of questions lined up, so please limit your follow-up
questions. To follow-up, enter PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on
to Jymn."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days. We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "Okay, let's begin!  Jymn, are you ready?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes"
>< JymnMagon says, "First, I would like to say "Greetings and salivations to
all you Disney-type, mouse-loving peoples.  You are the cream of the corn,
yes-no?"  Thanks for having me."
>< JymnMagon says, "Secondly, I want to state up front that I was very
fortunate to be in the vanguard on a lot of popular, high profile cartoon
shows.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "However, these shows would not have been successful
without the incredibly hard work and devotion of hundreds of talented
animation people (many of whom I never even met!).  "
>< JymnMagon says, "So let me just footnote this right now... nothing in this
business happens in a vacuum.  We all feed off one another. "
>< JymnMagon says, "If a particular individual gets the credit for coming up
with a funny name or a clever line or a terrific show concept, it's usually
because tons of ideas were kicked around first.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "In other words, building blocks are usually stacked in
such a way so that someone can then climb to the top and have a moment of
>< Mickey says, "Meecelet, don't push over Jymn's building blocks"
>< JymnMagon says, "Third, I am no longer with the Mouse Factory.  I quit
Disney after 17 and a half years of workaholic devotion. "
Meecelet pushes over Jymn's building blocks, "Oops!"
>< JymnMagon says, "I cherish the time I spent there and the people I worked
with.  It was a Golden Age in TV animation that broke from the run-of-the-mill
shows of the past and created an environment that eventually sparked greatness
in other toon studios. "
>< JymnMagon says, "For better or worse, WDTVA has changed from the creative
mindset I once knew, and I miss those days.  We all, however, move on... and
I am glad that I did."
>< Mickey says, "Why aren't you working there any more?  Is it because they
didn't spell your name right in the credits for "A Goofy Movie"? ;-)"
>< JymnMagon says, "HAHAHAHA!  Yes, that's it!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey checks his pocket and pulls out some notes
>< JymnMagon checks his pockets and pulls out some lint
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, it says here standard stuff about your opinions are
your own..."
>< Mickey says, "...and not Disney's, blah-blah-blah"
>< JymnMagon says, "OK.  blah-blah-blah"
>< Mickey says, "Do I have to read this?  I think we know what it says."
>< JymnMagon says, "Yadda-yadda"
>< Mickey says, "OK, want to expand on why you left Disney?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Not really.  It was mostly personal."
>< Mickey says, "yadda yadda"
>< Mickey says, "OK, on to the queued questions!"
>< *** First question:
><     (Cubbi) Are there many hidden Mickeys in the shows? I saw two
not-so-hidden Mickeys and two Donalds in Gummi Bears, but I think that's too
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Contrary to Disneyland mentality, we did not attempt to
place Hidden Mickeys in our cartoon shows.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "I remember Mickey & Donald statues in "The Sinister
Sculptor" (Gummies, Season 1) but that was the storyboard guy having fun.  It
was not written that way."
>< Mickey says, "I just snuck in, huh?"
>< JymnMagon says, "I remember Mickey & Donald statues in "The Sinister
Sculptor" (Gummies, Season 1) but that was the storyboard guy having fun.  It
was not written that way."
>< Mickey takes away Jymn's Mouseke-cola, cause he's repeating himself.
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry.  Say, is this thing on?"
>< JymnMagon taps microphone
>< Mickey says, "Read ya loud and clear"
>< JymnMagon says, "In "Some Day My Prints Will Come" I wrote a joke about
Tummi being surrounded by cute twittering birds who drape him with a banner.
He turns to camera and says something like, "Snow White, eat your heart out."
NBC killed it."
>< Mickey says, "OH MY GOD! They killed Kenny-bird!"
>< JymnMagon says, "And it was a BLUE bird, too!"
>< Mickey hears Cubbi heckle...
>< Mickey says, "What's that Cubbi?"
>< Mickey says, "You say Some Day My Prints is the episode with the other
Mickey and Donald?"
>< JymnMagon says, "No, I didn't say that.  CUBBI said that!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, does Cubbi know of what he speaks?"
>< Mickey says, "Cubbi says there's a rubber duckie and a rubber Mickey in the
bathroom of Gummi Glen"
>< Mickey smiles
>< JymnMagon says, "Cubbi is probably right.  He lives there.  I was only the
architect.   :)"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey waves to Cubbi and all the Gummies
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) I've heard there was influence from Laputa to Tale Spin and
from Tale Spin to Porco Rosso.. was there?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes."
>< JymnMagon says, "A little back story"
>< JymnMagon says, "When Michael Eisner started the TV Animation Dept. in '84,
I busy producing children's records for Disneyland Records.  I had no
animation experience other than watching and loving cartoons.  Early on I was
teamed up with Art Vitello who became my Toon Mentor."
>< JymnMagon says, "And one of the first things Art did was to introduce me to
Miyazaki.  He showed me Nausicaa, and my mind exploded.  It was fantastic!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Then we looked at Laputa and Cagliostro Castle.  Wow!
However, the Gummi Bears didn't easily lend themselves to Miyazaki's trademark
-- great flying sequences.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "So it was several more years before we got a chance to
capitalize on flying... i.e. Tale Spin.  Mark Zaslove and I were acutely aware
of our debt to Miyazaki's talent."
>< Mickey applauds!
>< JymnMagon says, "Flash forward.  Suddenly there's a new Miyazaki film
coming out:  Porco Rosa (or however you spell it).  I went to a premiere
screening with great anticipation."
>< JymnMagon says, "Imagine my surprise when I see a fat animal pilot lounging
in a sheltered inlet next to his seaplane!"
>< Mickey grins
>< JymnMagon says, "Then he revs his engines, flies out through a narrow gap
in the natural stone wall, and zooms off to battle air pirates!!!  Looked to
me like he had viewed Tale Spin, yes-no?"
>< Mickey nods!
>< Mickey loves Tale Spin, especially the music!
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, can you tell me why we don't see Rebecca Cunningham's
husband on Tale Spin?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Ah, the famous Mr. Cunningham question.  I could be flip
and say Mr. Cunningham was busy being Richie's father on "Happy Days"... but I
>< Mickey giggles
>< JymnMagon says, ""Why do we hide the truth about Rebecca's husband?"
That's a complex, 2-part question, so let me dissect it..."
>< JymnMagon says, "Part 1 - "Why?"  Philosophers have been trying to answer
the question Why? for centuries.  And if they can't answer it, how can I?  So
let's put it aside."
>< JymnMagon says, "Part 2 - "Do we hide the truth about Rebecca's husband?"
Yes!  (Sorry, an old, old joke.)"
>< Mickey moans
>< Mickey says, "Meecelet, I told you to eat your corn earlier... now you'll
have plenty"
>< JymnMagon says, "Truthfully, there is a quandary.  In the bible we state
that Rebecca is a widow.  In the pilot, we state that she's divorced.  (Or is
it vice versa?)"
>< JymnMagon says, "The truth is in both statements, and Mark Zaslove & I
refuse to answer the question until the right time.... like a Tale Spin
>< JymnMagon says, "(Which means it will never happen!)"
>< Mickey says, "Oh???  And why not a Tale Spin feature?  That would be great!"
>< Mickey says, "Look how well "A Goofy Movie" did"
>< JymnMagon smiles and rocks on the balls of his feet, knowing too much about
inner corporate workings.
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, I hear Alice out there saying "Never say never!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Thank you, Mr. Bond."
>< Mickey hopes Alice is right
>< JymnMagon says, "Let's just say this.  If there ever WAS a Tale Spin movie,
chances are good that nobody involved with the original series would be
>< Mickey grins and says again, "Never say never!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) How do you go about creating original ideas for TV shows,
like Gummi Bears (bouncing bears), TaleSpin (transplanted Jungle Book
characters), and Goof Troop (a "sitcom" with Goofy)?  Do you get inspiration
or an idea about a possible storyline?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I think there is a slight misconception about the "wild,
free, spontaneous atmosphere" of the development world.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "Usually there is a germ of an idea that comes down from On
High.  e.g.  "Let's do something like New Kids On the Block in space!!"  Then
it's up to the creative team to make sense of that. "
>< Mickey contacts PaulP about idea for New Kids On The Block In Space plush.
>< JymnMagon says, "In the case of the Gummi Bears, Michael Eisner told our
tiny development group that his kids had come back from summer camp raving
about a candy called... you-guessed-it."
>< JymnMagon says, "He pointed to me and said, "Make me a show about that."  I
smiled, gulped, and thought (ever so politely), "The man's a lunatic!  How do you
do a series where the main characters get EATEN!?!""
>< Mickey giggles.
>< JymnMagon says, "I struggled through some horrible ideas in which the
Gummies lived in Choco-lot, pursued by the evil Licorice Whip and his
traitorous sidekick, Scummi Gummi."
>< Mickey moans, "Oooooooo, Choco-lot..."
>< Mickey says, "That could be an area of EMuck!"
>< JymnMagon says, "But eventually we came around to the show you know today."
>< JymnMagon says, "Goof Troop was part of long term plan to slowly assimilate
the Big Three (Mickey, Donald, & Goofy) into television."
>< JymnMagon says, "Goofy went first. -- Goof Troop.  Then Donald (if you
don't count his Duck Tales cameos). -- Quack Pack.  And now Mickey will
finally be coming to TV."
>< Mickey says, "yeah, I'm finally getting off my duff and outta the parks to
film again"
>< JymnMagon says, "Way to go Mick!"
>< Mickey lowfurs Jymn!
>< JymnMagon says, "So you see Goof Troop was created as part of an overall
plan, not necessarily because somebody had a brainstorm about Max & PJ &
>< JymnMagon says, "Then there's Tale Spin.  It (like Rescue Rangers) wasn't
so "dictated."
>< JymnMagon says, "It's true that after the success of Duck Tales, BVTV
wanted MORE 65 episodes syndicated packages, but they didn't dictate what they
had to be about."
>< JymnMagon says, "After Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers, there was strong
pressure to sell another series.  That's when the concept of "B Players" was
created... sent back... altered... sent back... altered again... and finally
>< JymnMagon says, "At that point everyone was in a panic for a new series!
If we didn't have something to sell, people were going to be laid off."
>< Mickey says, "Uh-oh."
>< JymnMagon says, "Management was putting pressure on me to come up with
something.  ANYTHING!  I recalled an earlier, discarded idea we had for Duck
Tales in which Launchpad was a courier pilot."
>< JymnMagon says, "I combined that with Baloo (who had been in the failed B
Players development).  I pitched the concept to Mark, and the rest fell into
place.  Within 3 days, Mark and I had developed almost the entire series.  The
Big Boys (Eisner, Katzenberg, Jacqueman, etc.) declared it "a homerun.""
>< Mickey claps!
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry, I could go on about this forever.  Tale Spin is
very dear to my heart.  And its character dynamics are more solid than many
prime time shows.  But let's move on."
>< Mickey says, "No, I love the details you're providing..."
>< Mickey says, "DETAILS!  WE WANT DETAILS!"
>< Mickey heh-hehs.
>< Mickey says, "OK, here's the next question"
>< Mickey says, "Hmmm, a bit of a bug with the next question... let me put it
out by hand. Standby"
>< JymnMagon twiddles his thumbs.
>< JymnMagon twiddles his toes.
>< JymnMagon creates a new series.
>< Mickey says, "Double D asked in the queue: "How difficult was it when
writing _A Goofy Movie_ to "transplant" the characters from _Goof Troop_ into
a new "world", and try not to write a 90-minute episode of the TV show?""
>< JymnMagon says, "Good question.  At the time, I wasn't sure exactly HOW to
tell the difference.  I think it boils down to two things..."
>< JymnMagon says, "1)  A movie has a bigger canvas.  That's not to say that
many of our Disney Afternoon shows didn't span the globe... they did!  I mean
there's more room to play out feelings and nuances and moments."
>< JymnMagon says, "2)  Movies deal with bigger issues.  Most TV episodes are
about "lessons learned."  Films tend to ask bigger questions."
>< JymnMagon says, "A father and son stuck in a car together is a poor choice
for a TV plot, because there isn't much to explore in 22 minutes.  However, in
a film that choice now becomes a springboard for the universal question, "How
do we grow up?"  "
>< Mickey never grew up!
>< Mickey grins.
>< JymnMagon says, "And "How do I let go?"  As a parent, I can tell you, these
are powerful issues.  I was lucky, because I had a small taste of this with
the Goof Troop Christmas special, "Have Yourself A Goofy Little Christmas." "
>< JymnMagon says, "It played like a typical 22-minute episode, but it had
the seeds of A GOOFY MOVIE in it.  "My dad's a geek... but he loves me.  And I
love him."  Plus, in the movie, it helped to play Max older.  To make more at
stake for him socially."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Phil) Becoming a Disney writer has been my dream for a while now. Any
suggestions (ie. education, needed experience) for me?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "There is a famous story about Mark Twain (I think)
visiting a college to lecture on writing.  The place was packed with eager
students waiting for his pearls of wisdom."
>< JymnMagon says, "He entered the lecture hall and asked, "Who wants to be a
writer?"  Scores of hands shot into the air.  Twain barked, "Then go home and
write!"  And he left."
>< Mickey giggles.
>< JymnMagon says, "The best education is to watch shows and pick them apart.
Study them, time them, deconstruct them, synopsize them."
>< JymnMagon says, "Get your hands on scripts.  Do the same thing."
>< JymnMagon says, "If you can find a screenwriting class (or a toon writing
class like I teach), take it!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Then write, write, write, write.  You must have a slick,
entertaining, professional spec script to get hired.  Once that's written send
it around to the studios.  If it's good enough, you'll get hired.  If it's
not, you won't.  It's much harder than it looks.  Believe me.  It looks easy.
It's not.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "As Tom Hanks said in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, "Of course
it's hard!  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it!!""
>< Mickey says, "And, about Disney jobs in general -- there's a great jobs
area on disney.com.  Check it out for a lot of good advice!"
>< Mickey taps the queue machine for the next question
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) Why was "Max" chosen as the name of Goofy's son?  Named
after a crew member?  Family member?  Just a picked name?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Nothing in my memory banks is popping up.  As I recall, Max
was short for Maximillian (which I didn't care for).  "
>< JymnMagon says, "It might also have had something to do with the pun, "He's
Goofy to the max."  I would venture to say it was probably the (now dated)
phrase "Taking it to the max" that influenced the name."
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
><     (Mickey) Did you ever work with the Character voice artists while at
Disney? Did you ever meet June Foray?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Hahahaha.   Of COURSE!!  Art and I cast her!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Remember, I had been producing children's records for
almost a decade before going into TV.  There was no way you were going to keep
me out of the recording sessions!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Plus, it's standard procedure for the director and the
story editor to be at the sessions.  As it turned out, Art Vitello and I voice
directed the first 2 seasons of Gummi Bears.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "It was our great joy to reunite Rocky (June Foray) and
Bullwinkle (Bill Scott).  (Sadly, Bill died not long after the 1st season
>< JymnMagon says, " I had worked with a lot of voice talent before Gummies,
but I was totally freaked out to be working with June, Bill, Paul Winchell,
Lorenzo Music, and all the other fantastic voice folks.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "Later, I worked with Alan Young, Jim Cummings, Rob
Paulsen, Sally Struthers, Pat Fraley, Tress MacNeille, Chuck McCann, Russi
Taylor, Frank Welker, Joannie Gerber, and so many other talented people.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "(Presently I'm working with Ernest Borgnine, Steven Weber,
Dom Deluise, Charlie Nelson Reilly, and Sheena Easton!)"
>< JymnMagon says, "The recording sessions are the real joy of the writing
process.  That's where you find out if your script is funny or if it sucks."
>< JymnMagon says, "Believe me, there's no better way to improve your dialog
skills than to bring a famous actor in to read the lines... and you have to
sit there and cringe as they struggle to make your junk work.  You try much
harder the next time!"
>< JymnMagon says, "I'm out of breath."
>< Mickey says, "Speaking of Russi, I hear that Wayne Allwine (voice of Mickey
Mouse and husband of Russi Taylor) and Frank Thomas are part of an Old Time
Jazz Band kinda like the Firehouse 5 + 2, and should be appearing in a free
concert the first week of July in the San Gabriel valley.  1-626-357-5046
should have information."
>< Mickey would love to see that.
>< JymnMagon says, "Razzmatazz!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, that's great that you and Art cast June Foray and
worked with all those other great voice artists!"
>< JymnMagon says, "It was a major blast."
>< Mickey says, "In fact, I have exciting news about June Foray coming to
EMuck to chat with us, as well as two other Special Invited Talks before her
>< Mickey says, "June Foray, known as the Queen of Cartoons, will be our
Special Guest for a chat here on EMuck Saturday, August 8th. See
www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/foray1.html for details."
>< JymnMagon says, "(Nice plug)   Please say hello to June for me!"
>< Mickey says, "Our next Special Invited Talk guest will be Joe DiNunzio,
Vice President, New Ventures - directing the development of DisneyQuest,
Disney's new interactive theme park. That will be on Saturday, July 11th.
See www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/JoeD.html for details on the DisneyQuest
chat session."
>< JymnMagon rests his cola on Mickey's head.
>< Mickey likes the coolness of the mouseke-cola
>< JymnMagon notices how well Mickey's ears hold the cola steady.
>< Mickey giggles.
>< Mickey says, "What is your current project, the one with Ernest Borgnine,
Steven Weber, Dom Deluise, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Sheena Easton?"
>< JymnMagon says, "All Dogs Go to Heaven"
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) I'm a big fan of "Goof Troop" and "A Goofy Movie" and am
really curious about the sequel to "A Goofy Movie"! My question is, who other
than Goofy and Max will appear in the sequel?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yer barkin' up the wrong tree.  I haven't a clue about the
sequel.  I was never contacted."
>< Mickey says, "Rats"
>< JymnMagon says, "Double rats."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) Can you name everybody on that picture with Talespin cast on
Mickey's page about you?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes, I can.  Next question?"
>< Mickey giggles and says, "That would be the image found at
>< JymnMagon says, "Just kidding.  From left to right, back row.  Jim Cummings
(Louie & Karnage), Chuck McCann (Dumptruck), Sally Struthers (Rebecca), Pat
Fraley (Wildcat), and Ed Gilbert (Baloo).  "
>< JymnMagon says, "Front row:  Jymn Magon (bon vivant & junk dealer), Len
Uhley (writer & owner of a sport coat), and Ginnie McSwain (voice director &
dominatrix)  "
>< Mickey says, "Was Chuck doing Tale Spin before or after he was the voice of
Dreamfinder for Walt Disney World?"
>< JymnMagon says, "I think he had done Dreamfinder before TS."
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, Wonderment wants to know if you are at FOX now."
>< JymnMagon says, "I'm actually independent.  I work a lot for MGM (esp. All
Dogs, which is going to be on the Family Channel which is FOX.)"
>< JymnMagon says, "Also, my Casper movies were for Saban... which owns FOX."
>< JymnMagon wiggles his ears.
>< Mickey hears RobinHood heckling something about the character of Ricky Rat.
>< Mickey says, "Is Ricky some long-lost cousin of mine?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Ricky is an old friend of mine!"
>< Mickey smirks.
>< Mickey says, "Introduce me sometime!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Ricky & Baloo were the stars of the ill-fated B Players."
>< Mickey says, "Tell us about the B Players"
>< JymnMagon says, "The title pretty much says it all.  These were the toons
who weren't the superstars like Donald & Mickey."
>< Mickey grins
>< JymnMagon says, "Baloo had only done two films (if you count Robin
>< Mickey says, "Oh, I expect BVHETC will be making a direct-to-video about
them someday, anyway. ;-)"
>< Mickey waves to Alice!
>< JymnMagon says, "So he & Ricky Rat & Clarabelle & all the other minor stars
were trying to get work from Eisner."
>< Mickey says, "They gotta get in line behind me."
>< Mickey smirks.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) In TaleSpin, it appears that bears represent Americans and blue
pigs - us, Russians :) were any other countries there related to real ones?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Close, but not exactly true.  Cape Suzette exists in a
tropical area that sort of a cross between Taiwan and Rio de Janeiro.  So I
wouldn't call them Americans (though they obviously thrive on capitalism).  "
>< JymnMagon says, "Cape Suzette (which, of course is NOT a cape) is
technically part of a vast, undeveloped continent called Usland.  Far to the
north is the arctic realm of Thembria.  It is an amalgam of a 50's Communist
state and Nazi Germany.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "So, yes, if you want to view it as America and Russia,
then you're definitely on the right track.  Usland vs. Thembria...  Us vs.
Them.  But I would hardly depict the relationship as The Cold War.  "
>< JymnMagon says, "Hi Sunni!"
>< Mickey hears Max in the audience...
>< Mickey says, "Max said he thought the geography was a bit like Hong Kong,
>< JymnMagon says, "Tell him to sit down & be quiet."
>< Mickey grins.
>< Mickey says, "You heard him, Max!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Actually, Max is right.  Hong Kong works too."
>< Mickey tries to lowfur Max, and falls off the stage!
>< Mickey says, "Ooof!"
>< JymnMagon tries to help MM back up... and falls off stage too
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, come back!"
>< Mickey helps Jymn back up.
>< JymnMagon climbs back on stage.
>< Mickey hears Max heckling, "My main reasoning about Hong Kong: The approach
to Hong Kong's Kai-Tak Int'l airport (located on the edge of a bay surrounded
by mountains) is a rather challenging one... Baloo would love it."
>< Mickey gets back up and taps the question queue machine.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) If you were to return to college, what subject would you major
in, and why?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "College?  That was 600 years ago!  Now I teach college!"
>< Mickey didn't think Beast was the book-learnin' type.  Must be Belle
rubbing off on him.
>< JymnMagon says, "But actually, I was an English major.  I'd be happy to go
back and learn ANYTHING this time around!"
>< JymnMagon waves and heads for the exit.  "Well, thanks, g'nite all!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn!  Where are ya going?"
>< JymnMagon looks like he's going to crash... but miraculously comes to a
safe stop a millimeter from the wall.
>< JymnMagon says, "Oh, aren't we done?"
>< Mickey says, "No!"
>< JymnMagon says, "I thought I heard someone booing."
>< Mickey smirks.
>< JymnMagon says, "Maybe it was Sleepy, yawning."
>< Mickey throws some cheese at Sleepy.
>< Mickey says, "We have more questions!  For example, where could one find
you teaching college courses... and could we get a discount?"
>< Mickey smiles.
>< JymnMagon says, "Well, the Disney ID won't get you a discount at UCLA
Extension program.  Sorry."
>< Mickey says, "We have about 20 more questions in the queue! We better
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, I think Roxanne is the best character in A Goofy Movie.
Is she your favorite too?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I love Roxanne... partially cuz I have a crush on Kellie
>< JymnMagon says, "Her voice is perfect."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, why is it that in the 1st season of Gummi Bears,
Princess Calla has a slight British accent, while in subsequent seasons she
has an American accent?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Noelle got tired I guess.  :)"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Tahamaki) It's been a few years since any of the shows mentioned here
debuted.  Do you still watch them today and does it give you the same kind of
feeling that it did when they first premiered?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Good question.  I really don't watch a lot of what I do.
Writing is one thing.  Watching how it go produced is another."
>< Mickey is glad the new Toon Disney channel on cable is running The Gummi
Bears. A whole new generation of viewers will get to see it.
>< JymnMagon says, "However, I did look at some of my old stuff by accident
the other day and had to smile.  It was good stuff."
>< Mickey grins, "Sure is!"
>< JymnMagon says, "I find A Goofy Movie a fresh experience each time."
>< Mickey loves AGM
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, did you meet any of the voice actors from your
cartoons, and are you friends with any of them?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I think I answered this.  Yes."
>< Mickey says, "But are you still friends with them today?  Still see them?"
>< JymnMagon says, "I have been to June's home & Jim's home, etc."
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes, I still work with a lot of these folks."
>< Mickey waves to all the fans in the audience who love AGM, too.
>< *** Next question:
><     (RobinHood) I'd like to point out that 'Talespin' went into production
10 years ago next year... :-)
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Thank you, but it's not polite to point.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Happy Anniversary, early!"
>< Mickey writes BVHETC to point out its time for a "fully restored" version
of Talespin. ;-)
>< Mickey says, "But don't edit 'nuthin' out!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) Given that the target audience for the Gummis and Goof Troop
are adolescents, how much does this influence the decisions about what would
be interesting and/or appropriate?  Do you ever have to "tone down" things as
a result?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Unfortunately, the fans' desires & management's choices
don't always coincide."
>< Mickey hears RobinHood say, "Hear Hear!"
>< Mickey senses that Max couldn't agree more, too.
>< Mickey says, "Alice is shouting, "Jymn, Boy -- don't you know it!""
>< JymnMagon says, "I try not to write down to kids.  I don't actively write
for children, however I now have a built-in switch that tells me if the
subject matter is too difficult or too raunchy."
>< Mickey wants to push the big red button!
>< Mickey smirks
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) hello Mr. Magon, I'm Scott Livingood!
>< ***
>< Mickey waves to guest1
>< JymnMagon says, "Hello."
>< Mickey says, "Glad you could make it, Scott"
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) would you ever get involved in Disney Comics?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Probably not.  Too little money.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Plus, the ink rubs off on your fingers."
>< Mickey hears Beast saying something...
>< Mickey says, "Beast says, "Understandable why someone might leave Disney -
the age-old big corporate mentality versus the artistic purity issue.""
>< JymnMagon says, "Well, I wouldn't call our artistic endeavors "pure" but
you're on the right track.  Successful people in this biz know how to please
management, or they don't work very much!"
>< JymnMagon says, "After all this is a BUSINESS, not an art form."
>< Mickey says, "Alice heckles that she wants to get to know you better -- you
and her think very much alike!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Is that a come-on?"
>< Mickey grins
>< JymnMagon says, "Woowoo!"
>< Mickey says, "Take a look at her shiny shoes... you tell me"
>< Mickey smirks
>< JymnMagon says, "Shiny shoes reflect UP, right?"
>< Mickey says, "Smart boy"
>< Mickey feels Alice fwap both me and Jymn and say, "WELL!"
>< Mickey says, "Ow!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Ooo, again!"
>< Mickey says, "We've got about 19 more to go.  Let's move on!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Go"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Tahamaki) so, since you're not at WD anymore, what are you doing now,
what are your future plans?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Well, we heard what you're doing now... but the future?"
>< Mickey stage-whispers to Jymn, "I'm going to Disneyland!"
>< Mickey giggles.
>< JymnMagon says, "I'm doing a lot of Direct to Video projects now.  I've
also done 3 seasons of All Dogs.  Tex Avery.  Super Human Samurai.  Free
Willy.  I guess I'm a busy guy."
>< Mickey says, "Ladies and gentlemen... the hardest working man in show
>< JymnMagon says, "My next Casper movie comes out this fall."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Jymn, come on back to the mouse and work at my place -- your
attitude and philosophies are greatly needed there!
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Heh!  Sure sounds like a come-on to me, Jymn."
>< JymnMagon says, "Where do you work, Alice?"
>< Mickey says, "Alice is at BVHETC."
>< Mickey says, "Buena Vista Home Video, etc."
>< JymnMagon says, " Ahh!  Send more AGM posters!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn... we've got an EMuck Day coming up at Disneyland --
want to join us?  You won't even have to wear a red shirt... promise!"
>< Mickey says, "Max heckles, "Send me one, too!""
>< Mickey says, "Alice will try to get some AGM posters but they probably
have none at this point, she tells me."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) What would you have liked to do with an animated show that you
worked on, but might not have been allowed to by the top brass?  How would you
have made things different? (choose a show for which to reply)
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Sounds like a college entrance question."
>< Mickey 25 words or less, Beast? ;-)
>< Mickey grins
>< JymnMagon says, "I'm not sure I have a complaint like that, Beast.  Sorry."
>< Mickey applauds Jymn for answering in less than 25 words.
>< JymnMagon says, "Let's roll!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) Where can I get a copy of the Talespin bible?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "3rd box down in my storage shed."
>< Mickey says, "And explain what that would be, to those not in the know."
>< JymnMagon says, "A "bible" is a show compendium in which all the characters
& situations are laid out for the writers."
>< JymnMagon says, "It teaches the staff what they need to know in order to
create episodes."
>< JymnMagon says, "P.S. Bibles are technically the property of the parent
company, so I couldn't give you one."
>< JymnMagon says, "It belongs to Disney!"
>< Mickey says, "Wonderment follows-up on a previous question: "What ANIMALS
have you not animated yet, but want to?""
>< JymnMagon says, "Amoebas & click beetles."
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "Sounds like something from Spumco."
>< JymnMagon says, ":)"
>< JymnMagon says, "I've done a lot of ducks."
>< JymnMagon says, "Ducks for bucks."
>< Mickey LOL.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, was that really Carol Channing doing the voice of
Canina La Fur in that CDRR episode?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes.  I wasn't there, but Ken & Dave were.  They said her
blouse was rustling, so she took it off."
>< JymnMagon says, "What a pro"
>< Mickey says, "Woo-hoo!  Hello, DOLLY!"
>< Mickey giggles.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Kovu) REQUEST Why did we never see the character 'Bagheera' in
Tale Spin?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "He was unnecessary.  His role as protector (mother figure)
was replaced by Rebecca."
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) 2000AD RULES OK!
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Fine with me"
>< JymnMagon says, "Uh... right on."
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest2) will you be doing any work on the new Mickey cartoons that are
supposed to be coming out soon?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I was contacted to "punch up" a longform Mickey project,
but declined."
>< Mickey says, "Awww"
>< Mickey would take a punch from Jymn any day...
>< Mickey says, "Um, Jymn... What's the *longform Mickey project*???"
>< Mickey says, "Something coming down the pike?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Remember, I'm not an INSIDER anymore.  But I do know they
are being very aggressive in their D2V projects.  One of them stars MM, DD, &
Goofy.  I can say no more."
>< Mickey says, "Heckling from RobinHood.."
>< JymnMagon says, "Outlaw!"
>< Mickey says, "He says, "Please say no more, Jymn... That's an 'In-joke'."!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Beast would like you to talk about what "punching up" means."
>< JymnMagon says, "Punching up is making a script funnier.  Elevating the
humor of the gags."
>< Mickey says, "Thanks."
>< JymnMagon says, "The Punch Up margin note, however, reads "P.U.!""
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) How long was Tale spin in production before it was
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yikes, I'm not 100% sure.  We began development in Oct of
'88 I think.  And it premiered in fall '89, right?"
>< Mickey says, "Max confirms that premiere date."
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest2) How closely do you work with the storyboard artists?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "At Disney I tried to work with all the board artists.
Unfortunately, due to time and office procedure, that isn't always possible
(or encouraged). "
>< JymnMagon says, "I find the shows are better when the writers & board
artists are closer."
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) where any characters that you helped bring to life every
based on someone you knew?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I suppose there are people in all my characters.  I can't
take credit for this guy, but Nimnul was actually writer Bruce Talkington (who
looked just like him!)"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) You mentioned that Kellie Martin had a 'perfect' voice....please
define 'perfect'.  (Alice smiles politely)
>< ***
>< Mickey sees Alice out in the audience with her resume all ready to pass
along to Jymn. ;-)
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry... I only take spec scripts."
>< Mickey says, "Don't make a SPECticle of yourself, Alice!  Heh-heh."
>< JymnMagon says, "When picture & personality & voice can't be separated,
that's perfect."
>< Mickey says, "That's amore!"
>< JymnMagon says, "That's a moray (eel)."
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) Why is it in the first season of Gummi Bears, most of the
bears had very little hair, and after had lots of hair, for example: Cubbi.
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Don't know.  More hair means more pencil mileage which
means more cost."
>< Mickey says, "Couldn't afford barbers, perhaps?"
>< JymnMagon says, "They're only forest animals, for crying out loud!  They're
>< Mickey hears Rufus heckling about BarberGummi retiring.
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) Jymn, what other voices have you done for Disney, besides
arite from Gummi Bears?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I played some of the ogres and I'm in various wallah scenes
in Duck Tales.  It's not like we're constantly running out into the studio to
do voices."
>< JymnMagon says, "Remember, Art & I left the series after the 2nd season.
Tad Stones took over for the 3rd, and Mark & Rich did the rest."
>< Mickey says, "Which do you enjoy more, the voice work or the other creative
>< JymnMagon says, "Well, I love watching a script come together.  And the
recording session (to me) is the culmination of the finished script.  The
episode can turn out lousy, but I'm happy if the script is solid & the
recording is funny."
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) Would you every return to Disney?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Never say never!"
>< Mickey grins.
>< JymnMagon says, "Probably not at the present time.  I have more freedom
now that I'm gone.  By the way, I am presently writing some of the Aesop
Fables for Disney, so I guess technically I have returned (tho' I work at
>< Mickey says, "When will they be out, and where?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Don't know.  I write.  They produce."
>< Mickey says, "Is June Foray involved, like on the old Bullwinkle show?"
>< Mickey lowfurs Rufus, who wondered the same thing in the audience.
>< JymnMagon says, "Involved in what?  Aesop?
>< Mickey says, "Yes, Aesop."
>< JymnMagon says, "As far as I know they haven't cast or recorded anything."
>< Mickey says, "Well, we'll look forward to that."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Max)   I know that on occasion you have found websites maintained by
fans of your work... How does it make you feel to see that there are people
out there who like your projects enough to create websites devoted to them?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I can't believe people are spending so much TIME on these
shows!  They must be spending more time than WE did, making them!  But I'm
totally flattered.  Keep up the great work!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, we have 8 questions left in the queue at this point.
Here's another one:"
>< JymnMagon says, "Go"
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) Mr. Magon, do you remember any particular recording
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Well, there was that one with Carol Channing. ;-)"
>< Mickey says, "Heh-heh."
>< JymnMagon says, "They do tend to blur after a while.  I remember Toadie's
Wild Ride.  Bill Scott had a soliloquy, and..."
>< JymnMagon says, "He was so funny, we were afraid our laughter was bleeding
through the studio glass!"
>< Mickey says, "RobinHood passes along that the pleasure is all ours, Jymn...
and I agree."
>< JymnMagon smiles.
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) did you ever keep a soveign from any show you worked on?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "???"
>< Mickey says, "Sunni, what's a soverign?"
>< Mickey grins and notes the audience is all shouting "She means souvenir!"
>< JymnMagon says, "IF you mean souvenir, it's kind of hard.  Their are no
"props" like on the Seinfeld set.  I do, however, have all my scripts.  I have
pictures signed by the cast.  I have the shows!"
>< Mickey says, "And memories."
>< JymnMagon says, "True"
>< Mickey smiles.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Your energies have been mostly spent on animation.  Do you
prefer that over live action?  If so, why?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "I have spent most of my professional life around
animation.  It's wonderful, but it takes forever to get your final work back.
In live action, it's immediate.  When I wrote my first Casper movie, I did the
final polish, and two weeks later I was standing on the set of something I had
just typed!  It was freaky!!!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Bottom line, I like them both, but in diff. ways."
>< Mickey says, "Five more questions in the queue right now, and after that
we'd love it if you had some time to mingle down in the audience, Jymn...
>< JymnMagon says, "sure!"
>< Mickey stage-whispers to Alice to get that resume stacked neatly. ;-)
>< Mickey says, "Here's the next question:"
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) Why do Sunni gummi and Molly look so alike?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "To my eye, they don't, but hey...Disney cutsey, right?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Four to go"
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) What do you think of John Kricfalusi's hatred of writers?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Some people in this biz are "pure artist".  Unfortunately,
TV doesn't cater to "pure" anything.  With the demands of deadlines & scripts
& approvals, there are procedures we follow that make it all happen.  Writers
are part of that process.  Frankly, anyone who tells a story (thru words or
picture) is a writer.  That would include John  So maybe it's self-loathing?"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) Have you been to other countries and which?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Yes, France, England, Canada, Mexico, Belgium.  But France
was the only one for business."
>< Mickey hums the countries tune from Animaniacs.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) Who got the idea that the Gummi Bears were using those cute
hairy pony unicorns as horses?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "My little unicorn. ;-)"
>< JymnMagon says, "Pass.  That wasn't during my tenure.  And I don't agree
with everything that came after."
>< Mickey says, "Last question!"
>< JymnMagon says, "Yay"
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest3) Are there voices you thought just didn't belong to a
particular character?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Not off the top of my head.  It does happen.  Mostly it
all works.  Example.  Phil Hartman (bless his heart) was on Tale Spin."
>< JymnMagon says, "His character was supposed to seduce Kit away from Baloo,
but he was told to play it slimy, which was a dead giveaway.   So that voice didn't
quite do what it was supposed to."
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, thank you so much for joining us tonight.  Belle, want
to come up here?"
>< Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Mickey adjusts the mouseke-mike for Belle
>< Mickey says, "Go ahead, honey."
>< Belle says, "Jymn, thank you for joining us tonight!  Everyone, let's have
a nice big round of applause for him!"
>< Mickey applauds!
>< Belle applauds!
>< JymnMagon says, "Let's have a big round of clap for Jymn!"
>< Belle laughs!
>< Belle says, "that's MY line!"
>< Belle smiles.
>< Mickey says, "Yeah!"
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, please join us in the auditorium now!"
>< JymnMagon leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "And folks, transcripts will be available soon."
>< Mickey and Meecelet leave the podium and head through the door to the...

The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
   Current Topic:          From Gummi to Goofy... And Beyond!
   Current Moderator:      Mickey
   Current Guest Speakers: JymnMagon(Jymn Magon)
      Jymn Magon is known for his creative work on Disney's "Gummi Bears",
      "Tale Spin," "Goof Troop," and the highly-successful animated feature
      "A Goofy Movie."  This Special Invited Talk takes place on Saturday,
      June 27th, starting at 8 PM Pacific/ 10 PM Central / 11 PM Eastern.
> To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'REQUEST' (without quotes)
> and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can
> be longer than one line - Just wait to press your Enter key until after you
> finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions
> may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at
> the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter,
 No-Spam Seats [EHX]
 Plush Beast, Stenographic camera
 Bashful, Aladdin, Beast, RobinHood, Wonderment, Cubbi, Alice, Cooler,
 AngieBelle, Rufus, Kovu, Max, Double_D, guest3, g.highway, SunniGummi,
>< Belle says, "Again, transcripts will be up in the next couple of days.  See
our web site for details, or NEWS here on EMuck."
Double_D says, "Hello, Jymn."
Sunni says, "hiya Jymn :)"
Belle comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "hi mr. magon!"
Wonderment hugs Jymn!
JymnMagon is crushed by adoring fans.
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) hug Jymn
Rufus applauds again.
Mickey applauds loudly!
Cooler exclaims, "thanks for coming Jymn!!"
Max asks, "Kind of like me in my job, eh?"
Sunni says, "thank you Jymn :)"
guest3 (sji-ca7-152.ix.netcom.com) says, "hello Mr Magon"
Alice jumps up and down and does a loop-de-loop for Jymn!
Meecelet applauds and screams in joy!
Bashful says, "For a transcript, send $1 to Kelly Press."
Double_D decides to pick up his sign.
Kovu wavies from the back to Jymn.
Alice nods to Max!
RobinHood asks, "Hi, Jymn, how's the figure of Karnage holding up?  :-)"
JymnMagon says, "Karnage is fine.  I'm looking at him now, yes-no?"
Belle smiles at Jymn's own shameless plugs.  :)
AngieBelle waves
JymnMagon says, "Thank you thank you thank you."
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "I have some questions for Jymn"
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Sunni brb, relog
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!
SunniGummi has left.
Double_D waves his "GummiGoof 3:16" sign.  (Old EMuck reference, Jymn.)
Belle wonders where all the other "* 3:16" signs have gone.
Bashful asks, "You were in Mexico, Jymn? What do you think of TV there?"
Kovu eyes his twitching tail and mrowls!, spinning around in an attempt to
catch it!
JymnMagon says, "Ask away."
Alice says, "Jymn, thank you so very much for being dedicated to the
characters and stories.  That makes the product worthwhile -- and real!"
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
Beast smiles and bows to Jymn.  "You have a great sense of humor."
Belle snirg.
Wonderment exclaims, "Hi Mick!"
guest3 (sji-ca7-152.ix.netcom.com) remembers some of the stories you told at a
conference you were in a few years back about tailspin, and some of the racous
things the storyboard artists would do :)
Mickey says, "Go ahead and try to cut through the clutter, g.highway"
JymnMagon says, "Mexico was many years ago.  It was funky TV.  I can see it in
LA, right?!"
SunniGummi comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Sunni says, "whew"
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "I'd like to do a Talespin story or fan
comic featuring an aswang. An aswang is a Filipino vampire"
Max nods at what Alice said.  "Your works were, on the whole, the ones that
made me a Disney fan... and that led to my working for the company."
AngieBelle notices an add for Disney auditions on playbill online
Bashful says, "On Univision, Jymn."
Sunni holds cubbi
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) asks, "Do you know anything about aswangs?"
JymnMagon gives Belle a kiss.  Beast slugs me.
Mickey grins
AngieBelle giggles
Sunni giggles
Cubbi tells Jymn, "Know what? you type really fast! :) I can't even read as
fast. Comes with an office, I guess"
Double_D says, "That's gotta hurt."
Alice says, "And, Jymn, it is utterly refreshing to hear a program developer
speak about a show the way you speak of yours.  You really are a success."
Beast says, "Don't sweat it, Jymn - I've been secretly lusting after Jasmine
for years."
Belle blushes.   I'll never wash this cheek again.
Max nods again at what Alice said.
Beast ducks the fwaps.
Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep!
Mickey says, "Jymn, did you see the questions from the guest named g.highway?"
Wonderment exclaims, "udderly!"
Sunni giggles
Belle says, "aka "guest1"."
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "I figured that Cape Suzette, since it's
near East Asia, is in or near the Phillipines, at least that's what I think."
Bashful says, "Jymn, some of the Disney TV cartoons are shown on Mwxixan TV."
JymnMagon asks, "No, what's an aswang?"
Wonderment exclaims, "Jymn!   Get an alt here and play mm?  now n then mmm?
Alice hopes the mobbing crowd doesn't push Jymn into a flowerbed!  ;)
AngieBelle likes Duck Tales
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "maybe Becky becomes an aswang."
Double_D asks, "What are you talking about, Wonderment?"
AngieBelle says, "oh- this is nothing compared to when Susan was here..."
JymnMagon says, "I lusted after Ariel. Then worked with Jodi on my Christmas
Carol movie."
Sunni holds PB and PS again
Max says, "Yes, by all means feel free to come back anytime..."
Sunni nods
Kovu smirks, "Hey, Jymn, hear anything about TLK2 before ya left Disney?"
Wonderment asks, "What?  same thing we all do Double_D.  Camaraderie I think
they call it?  :)"
Sunni glad her rl told Jymn about Emuck :)
Double_D says, "Oh."
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "but I'd have to keep my story from
being too violent, since aswangs suck blood, especially of children and
Wonderment shakes a finger at DD  :)
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "but I kni"
Beast says, "I got to meet Jodi briefly at the TLM premiere here in Atlanta -
that was fun.  Jymn, have you ever thought of creating a major animated feature
on your own, based on your own new characters?"
Double_D grins.
JymnMagon says, "Wonderment.  I have no idea what yer talking about."
Bashful says, "Jymn, Jodi looks like Ariel."
Double_D holds his left hand out in front of him, and it slowly grows to 5
times its original size!  He then runs up to Wonderment and mega-fwaps the
poor victim!  Double D's hand then shrinks back to its normal size.
Mickey has seen some Bluth movies that sucked. ;-)
Sunni saw Jodi last year at USC
Belle snirg.
Wonderment scratches head
AngieBelle wants to meet Jodie too
RobinHood asks, "Do you still have my article from 'Propwash' Jymn? You know
the hack rag you were in for awhile? 1 issue..."
JymnMagon asks, "TLK2 ???"
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "but I don't plan on showing anything
really bad"
Belle wishes we wouldn't miss SE by one weekend for EMuck Day 2.
Mickey says, "Belle, how about a EMuck Day 2.1?"
Alice says, "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride"
Alice says, "DTV"
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "nobody would be killed"
Alice says, "Er, I mean, 'Disney Video Premiere'"
Max asks, "Would it surprise you to learn that there's an AGM2 in the works
too?  Unfortunately, as a D2V, but still..."
Double_D grins.
AngieBelle will miss SE at Epcot anyway...boo hoo
Sunni like to see that g.hwy
Mickey asks, "Jymn, care to join us at EMuck Day at Disneyland if we get ya in
for free?"
Belle smiles.
Alice sniffs at Max's "just" D2V remark!
JymnMagon says, "The only new characters I've ever done have been for
Disney... who now owns them.   I have a series of my own at FilmRoman right
now, however."
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "what, Sunni, my story about aswangs"
Wonderment hehhehs at Mickey
Bashful says, "Max, i wonder if Max marries Roxanne in the sequel."
Max says, "Sorry, Alice..."
Mickey knows how to sneak over the fence. ;-)
Alice asks, "Which series?"
Beast asks, "Jymn, how can I get to see this series?"
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU)
Max says, "I didn't mean any offense.."
Kovu says, "Actually, DTV went all out in making Simba's Pride.  The quality
is extremely good."
Sunni says, "yeah"
AngieBelle asks, "Belle, were you here when I mentioned that SE sent me an
autographed pic?"
JymnMagon says, "I don't know really anything about WDTVA plans."
Belle thinks you mentioned it once or twice.  :)
Double_D says, "Maybe it was 5 times..."
Max hopes that AGM2 is also higher quality.
JymnMagon says, "I know about AGM 2.  I'm a little hurt no one contacted me."
Belle had to fight Beast last weekend to keep him from taking her SE
autographed pic :)
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) asks, "Sunni, do you know anything about
aswangs, or anyon who could collaborate with me on a story or fan comic?"
Kovu asks, "I wonder, will Jason Marsden be back as Max?"
Cooler asks, "July 25, right Mickey?"
Sunni says, "not sure, :thinks:"
Mickey exclaims, "Yup!"
AngieBelle exclaims, "Well, I know I've mentioned it before! I just couldn't
remember if Belle had been here!"
Max says, "I wish they had, Jymn... AGM was quite a piece of work."
RobinHood says, "I Agree..."
Bashful says, "Angie, it looks like Deborah Gibson is'nt gonna answer my
letter. She's leaving the cast tomorrow."
JymnMagon exclaims, "Whoa, slow down, all!"
Rufus nodnods sadly about DL.
Cooler says, "I'll be there"
AngieBelle says, "too bad"
Belle thought Lumiere has strung Pressler up on a pole by now.
Mickey asks, "Jymn, wanna go back onstage? ;-)"
Double_D exclaims, "Get back on stage!"
JymnMagon says, "You will only see my new series if I sell it."
Mickey lowfurs DD
Belle snirg.
Max applies both friction and dynamic braking.
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) says, "I'll just wait for things to catch up
AngieBelle still loves DL
Wonderment estimates Jymn types 110 wpm
guest3 (sji-ca7-152.ix.netcom.com) asks, "JYMN, I think he may have gotten
there after you left, but do you know of an animator at  Disney's TV division
named John Nunnemacher?"
Kovu bounds over and tugtugs on Jymn's shoelaces..
Sunni giggles
Alice shakes her head...poor Jymn, out in the maddening crowd...
JymnMagon says, "Jason Marsden was perfect as Max.  I hope he returns."
Sunni says, "yeah"
Rufus nodnods.
Double_D asks, "Belle, is this as bad as the Egan chat?"
Kovu smirks, "Jason Marsden's a pretty cool guy.  Talked to him for a while on
AOL once."
Wonderment peeks at G3
RobinHood just listens for a bit at the chatter...
AngieBelle doesn't think so
Alice exclaims, "Ah, you mean as GOOD, DD!"
Mickey points out Jymn now knows what it feels like to be a Disney Walk-Around
Character. ;-)
Max says, "My sources tell me that Marsden has.  Such as my sources are."
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) whisper Sunni would you like my e-mail address?
Cooler grins
Belle says, "No, the Egan chat was much "louder" and was more difficult for me
(remember I was typing for her)."
Max grins at Mickey.  "That makes two of us in the room."
Wonderment smiles at the experienced walkaround Mick!
Double_D says, "Oh, yes."
JymnMagon asks, "I'm going on stage, ok?"
JymnMagon goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Mickey Bows to Wonderment
Sunni asks, "Which walkabout were you, JM?"
Mickey lowfurs Max
Bashful says, "Jymn, I know Film Roman did the Garfield show."
Cooler recalls that the Egan chat was a nightmare
Max lowfours Mickey.
Beast says, "SPam casualty."
Mickey says, "Sunni, I meant about how he feels now."
AngieBelle misses the Egan chat...
Sunni says, "oh :blushes:"
Double_D nods to Beast.
Belle says, "and we didn't have the balconies then.  (actually that SIT was
what got us to make the balconies, which are no-talking zones)"
>< JymnMagon says, "Can you hear me?"
AngieBelle sighs
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Belle says, "We hear 'em."
>< Mickey says, "Yes!"
Alice nods!
Max says, "Sure can."
Bashful says, "yes"
RobinHood nods
>< Mickey says, "Escaped, huh?"
Double_D says, "Submit questions."
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry, I type faster than I can read!"
>< Mickey smirks
>< Mickey says, "Want me to turn the queue back on?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Want to field questions?"
>< JymnMagon says, "GO!"
RobinHood Smiles
>< Mickey steps down to do so
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
AngieBelle is a fast typer, but doesn't type correctly
Sunni smiles
Double_D exclaims, "First ever encore chat!"
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
>< Mickey says, "Yes... as Double_D says..."
>< Mickey says, "First encore for us!"
Cooler has that same problem, Angie
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry all.  I was getting swamped.  I'll stay here as long
as you want me."
Wonderment exclaims, "OH!   Now he asks us?  eep"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
>< Mickey huggles Jymn for being so nice
AngieBelle wants to chat...
>< Mickey says, "OK, here we go again!"
Plush Beast eeps a confused plush eep at Wonderment.
>< JymnMagon says, "Yay"
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.highway) I would like to do a story about aswangs as a Talespin
story or fan comic
>< ***
Rufus says, "No prob.  I'll just Fed Ex this hot tar to Dave instead."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.highway) do you know anything about asweangs?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "No, I don't.
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.highway) by the way, aswangs are Filipino vampires
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "But feel free to write to your hearts content.  The
show is out of my hands now, and in the hands of the fans."
Wonderment winds up the Victrola for another 78!
Plush Beast goes up to AngieBelle and cuddles up to her with his little plush
Wonderment giggles at Belle
AngieBelle huggles PB
Max says, "FedEx it to PaulP instead... make sure it all comes out of the box
as soon as he opens it."
>< JymnMagon says, "Next?"
Double_D says, "LOL"
Rufus exclaims, "Even better, Max!"
Plush Beast coos a plush coo at Angela.  He eeps a number of content plush
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Jymn, it is a dedication to story and characters which makes
you such a grand success.  Thank you so very much for that integrity and
dedication -- it makes all the difference in the world.
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Didja get your resume to him yet, Alice, or are you just
laying it on thick? ;-)"
>< Mickey giggles
>< JymnMagon says, "I'm delighted you think so.  As I said up front, however,
it takes a zillion people to make a vision happen on screen."
>< Mickey knows Alice was sincere but giggles anyway.
>< JymnMagon says, "As my buddy Mark Zaslove says, "Send your resume... with
$20 paperclipped to the top""
>< Mickey says, "Couldn't hurt, Jymn!"
Wonderment goes to Jymn Magon's Home Page!   *wish!*
Alice whips out a roll of twenties!
AngieBelle remembers how she cried when Susan left
Wonderment lols at the $20
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.highway) will there be a transcript of this chat?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Yes, g.Highway"
Max says, "Yes, there will be."
Bashful asks, "When Susan left BatB, Angie?"
>< Mickey says, "And we'll make announcements when it is posted"
RobinHood says, "It's dumping the original Tiki Room, and disguising the
re-hab... _That urks me_...."
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) exclaims, "I'll log of off in a bit, so bye
for now!"
AngieBelle exclaims, "no! when she left Emuck after her chat here!"
g.highway (ATLAS16.CAS.UTK.EDU) exclaims, "2000AD RULES!"
guest1 has left.
Alice asks, "RH, has work already started on Tiki Room?????"
Belle smiles.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Jymn, who is your favorite Disney heroine?
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry, I don't do drugs."
>< Mickey smacks Jymn!
Bashful says, "LOL"
>< JymnMagon says, "I don't do smack either."
>< Mickey says, "Heh-heh."
Wonderment lols!!
AngieBelle asks, "Bashful- have you read the Egan chat transcript?"
Bashful says, "yes"
>< Mickey says, "Fave Disney gal?"
>< JymnMagon says, "I love Ariel, Wendy, Roxanne, Gadget."
Alice exclaims, "WELL!"
Kovu calls out, "Nala!"  ;)
Alice steams for a bit
>< Mickey says, "A man with good taste... especially about that mouse"
PS PUTS HER arms up for belle to hold her
Wonderment says, "cool heroines"
AngieBelle is a big fan of Disney heroines
>< Mickey grins
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) Tell us more about the original series, if you can.  General
ideas?  Characters?  Without spilling too much, of course.
>< ***
>< JymnMagon says, "Er, um, aliens....  nuff sed."
>< Mickey says, "ooooo, scary, huh kids!"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
>< JymnMagon says, "Funny aliens."
RobinHood says, "Not as yet Alice... I think we have until September to see it
one last time. The word is that tey want to make  it into a food court....
Plush Beast eeps a plush question at AngieBelle.
Wonderment tries to sing "Roxanne" but gets pounced
Alice says, "So I've heard, and confirmed w/ Imagineers...sigh..."
AngieBelle asks, "what PB?"
Belle thinks Plush Beast is wondering if this means that you don't like
plushes anymore.
AngieBelle exclaims, "I never said that PB!"
Belle thinks Plush Beast is also getting a bit silly.
Belle says, "Plush for brains."
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest3) this probably isn't a question most others here would probably
be interested in but I was curious as to if you knew of an animator at Disney
TV named John Nunnemacher
>< ***
Kovu says, "ROXanne..   You don't have to turn on the red light..."
Plush Beast eeps a mollified plush eep.
>< JymnMagon says, "Sorry.  No."
RobinHood says, "I've first heard of that thru a friend of mine that has
worked at DL for 15 years in entertainment....."
Sunni puts  a SS on PB's nose
>< Mickey says, "Last call, folks!"
AngieBelle has a blue hair ribbon in hair right now
Alice asks, "How about an animator named Jhn nnnmchr?"
Alice giggles
>< Mickey says, "Going once..."
Plush Beast opens his plush jaws.  The Snack drops into his plush tummy.
>< Mickey says, "Going twice..."
Bashful exclaims, "It's so pretty, AngieBelle!"
Wonderment says, "Talk to Vanna White, Alice"
>< Mickey says, "Gone!  Thanks, Jymn!"
AngieBelle exclaims, "my hair still has curls from when I set it the other
>< Mickey says, "Wait..."
Alice buys a vowel from Vanna
>< JymnMagon screeches to a halt
>< Mickey says, "Last minute typing by RobinHood..."
>< Mickey says, "First, Cubbi, though..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cubbi) Do you have a web page?
>< ***
Wonderment says, "Good one Cub"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Sunni says, "yeah, cubbi"
>< JymnMagon says, "Funny you should ask.  I just finished my first (crude)
one today.  But I can't figure out how to POST IT!"
Plush Beast preens his plush fur.
Alice smiles
Beast LOO
>< Mickey says, "I put up a short bio and some pictures of you at
http://www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/magon1.html -- as well as what you're
working on."
Beast LOL too
Wonderment watches all the volunteers to help raise their paws!
Alice asks, "LOO?"
Belle smiles at the Plush.  He normally doesn't comb his plush fur unless
lar3ry's kids do it.
>< Mickey says, "What with the URL of yours be, when it is up, Jymn?"
Double_D wonders if 'loo' is what he thinks it is.
Max points Beast toward a door in the back.  "The loo is in there."
>< JymnMagon says, "Let me check.  P.S.  If anyone has software for posting
HTML's lemme know."
>< Mickey says, "Sunni wants to know if he can link to yours when it is up.
Sunni, you're welcome to link to mine."
Alice watches everyone's hands/paws go up!
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
>< Mickey says, "I use FTP, Jymn."
>< JymnMagon says, "Sure!"
RobinHood exclaims, "Hear Hear!"
>< Mickey says, "Rufus recommends the WSFTP shareware"
Plush Beast puts up his plush paws, thinking he will be given a Scooby Snack
to eat.
Wonderment exclaims, "Silly Mickey!"
AngieBelle wants to chat
>< Mickey says, "Wonderment advises you go to GeoCities. ;-)"
>< JymnMagon says, "I think it will be at http://home.earthlink.net/~jymnby/"
Double_D asks, "You're chatting now, aren't you?"
Bashful says, "Cities Service"
AngieBelle shrugs
>< JymnMagon says, "I can't get WSFTP to work."
>< Mickey says, "RobinHood says, "Have you seen the Talespin Online server?
He'd also like to say that baloo9 and rvolpfox@[...] say hi."
Alice tosses PB a Scooby Snack!
>< JymnMagon says, "I need a real time techie."
>< Mickey says, "Wonderment suggests you try FETCH"
>< JymnMagon says, "Is Baloo9 here?"
Double_D wonders, "A time techie?"
SunniGummi has left.
>< Mickey says, "Alice's hubby is voluntEARing to help you out, Jymn.  Want
him to?"
Wonderment says, "realtime"
"Hello, MicroSoft Time Systems?  I need a Time Techie like *yesterday*!"
>< Mickey looks out there for Baloo9
>< Mickey says, "Jymn, Alice's hubby is The Lizard With A Ladder"
>< JymnMagon says, "Sure, I'll take any help.  "
Wonderment giggles at Alice!
>< Mickey says, "He's good -- a full-time techie"
Alice smiles
RobinHood says, "Oh, Bill..."
>< Mickey says, "Kovu vountEARS also"
>< Mickey says, "Wonderment wonders if you have a Mac?"
>< JymnMagon says, "Y'know, there's something about Alice being 2 stories
tall, with one leg out the window.  The other leg out the window.  And the
front door being..."
Wonderment feels like Nostrildomus
Wonderment exclaims, "heehee!!!"
>< JymnMagon says, ""There goes Bill!""
SunniGummi comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Alice exclaims, "HEY!"
>< Mickey says, "alice says, HEY!"
Sunni back
Bashful says, "rehi"
>< Mickey giggles
Wonderment exclaims, "Oh my!"
Sunni says, "rehi"
Kovu laughs!
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Max giggles.
Alice burns with embarrassment!
>< JymnMagon says, "Most writers I know are PC folk."
>< Mickey says, "I'll point you in Alice's direction in e-mail after the chat,
Beast says, "Alice, heehee"
Wonderment looks at all the red faces!
Double_D says, "Wait a sec.."
>< JymnMagon says, "kewl"
Alice exclaims, "Oooooooooooooooh!!!!"
>< Mickey points out that Wayne Allwine uses a Mac.  Thought you'd like to
know. :-)
Beast exclaims, "Hey look, a Hyundai!"
Alice makes a note to have TLWAL mis-wire Jymn's computer
Alice hehs
Rufus says, "At least *I* remember that Alice had one leg out the side door,
and another out the front.  Nothing embarrassing in that at all."
AngieBelle giggles
>< Mickey sees Beast clap Jymn on the shoulder for that one
Sunni bouunces cubbi
>< JymnMagon says, "Wayne is a voice-type person, don't you know!  (French
>< Mickey grins
Alice curtseys to Rufus
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
>< Mickey hears Max phbbpt and use a Mac, too
Cubbi gets bounces because he was looking at the stage
>< JymnMagon says, "Anything else?  Mickey probably wants to go to bed.  I'll
go to the cafeteria."
AngieBelle says, "that's right- it was her arms that went out the windows, not
her legs"
>< Mickey says, "No more in the queue!"
>< JymnMagon says, "OK."
JymnMagon comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
>< Mickey says, "Down we go!"
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
Nothing up my sleeve...
Wonderment says, "Hey there  :)"
Sunni smiles
Mickey hears Alice using a Mac, too.
Sunni waves
JymnMagon says, "hey there."
Rufus applauds one more time.
Sunni says, "hiya"
Alice says, "Take a deeeeeep breath, now, Jymn...you're back in the crowd!"
Double_D points out the Diner.
Beast says, "Thanks again, Jymn.  Good show!"
JymnMagon says, "Mac's are for artists and stuff."
Sunni applaudes
Wonderment shakes a Jymn paw
Sunni says, "yeah, great show"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Cooler says, "thanks for coming Jymn"
Rufus exclaims, "Real Writers use PCs!"
and stuff!
Mickey says, "Jymn, I also will give you any help I can about web stuff, but
I'm not in California."
JymnMagon exclaims, "You're moron welcome!"
Bashful says, "I'll be in the Diner, Angie."
Belle snirg.
Kovu wavies to Jymn.
Max says, "...And for people who couldn't find a less expensive laptop..."
AngieBelle says, "ok"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Who you calling a moron?
Bashful heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
JymnMagon exclaims, "Thanks! for techie help!"
Rufus uses an 8088 himself.
Belle smiles.  Well, if you want a cheap laptop, I'll sell you our old host in
a month or so :)
Max ducks while patting his PowerBook 5300.
Cubbi hugs Jymn one more time :)
AngieBelle says, "I'm staying here till everyone else goes to the diner"
Wonderment kewls at Rufus  :)
JymnMagon says, "BAshful, I think I'll stand here."
Sunni huggles JM to
Mickey would still rather be using his old, dead, Amiga. ;-)
Beast says, "I'd help, Jymn, but I'm more of a hacker, and not that
knowledgeable about web stuff."
Kovu has WS_FTP LE 4.60 running right now.
Mickey lowfurs Kovu
Rufus does too.
Mickey does too!
Belle will offer to buy alia if the price is right when she goes back to
Wonderment asks, "So Alice, yer gonna hep Jymn do the Fetch?  :>"
Max can't remember the last time he touched an FTP program... he suspects it
may have ocurred sometime in December of 1997.
RobinHood says, "Oh Rufus.... but don't take it so hard... My 386/DX is
almmost as usful...."
Alice tells Beast to cut down on his smoking, if he's such a hacker...
Mickey Grins with Belle.
Kovu can't fully use it, due to a bug in AOL 4.0.  =P
JymnMagon asks, "Should I got in the diner or stay here?"
Belle snirg at Alice.
Cubbi personally was using cuteftp instead of ws_ftp most of the time
Beast says, "Stay here, Jymn."
Wonderment wows at Mickey!  Those are for artist types and stuff too!
Max says, "Whichever makes you most comfortab.e"
Belle thinks AOL in general is a bug.
Alice nods to Wonderment.  "TLWAL, actually!
Rufus says, "I still can't type faster than my 8088 with DOS 3.30."
Max says, "Comfortable, even."
JymnMagon asks, "Beast, a hacker?  Quit smoking?"
Sunni giggles
Sunni says, "yeah"
Mickey exclaims, "If you're hungry, go to the Diner!"
Mickey grins
Double_D says, "Wherever you go, you will be followed by us. <g>"
Kovu says, "Especially AOL 4.0 Preview.  Yeesh, don't click a window closed
and your entire internet use is cut."
Plush Beast eeps an excited plush eep!
Wonderment says, "Maybe Jymn would like a muffin at the diner"
Double_D asks, "Cheese muffin?"
Alice exclaims, "Or, a MUSHROOM!  "
Beast coughs and coughs.  "I think that the surgeon general must be named
Donald.  He's a real quack."
Double_D picks up the stenographic camera along with its keyboard.
Alice smiles innocently
Plush Beast holds out his plush paws to get some more food.
Rufus exclaims, "NO MUSHROOMS, ALICE!"
Max says, "You and your magic mushrooms, Alice."
Alice says, "tee hee hee hee hee....."
JymnMagon says, "OK.  Off to the diner."
RobinHood says, "Please say no more..."
JymnMagon looks like he's going to crash... but miraculously comes to a safe stop a millimeter from the wall.
AngieBelle is dying to go to CA
Double_D exclaims, "To the Diner!"
Belle wonders if Plush Beast is looking forward to EMuck Day 2.
JymnMagon rockets through at Mach 11.
JymnMagon has left.
Plush Beast eeps an excited plush eep!
Wonderment heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Mickey heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Double_D heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Alice heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Plush Beast heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Aladdin runs by at a breathtaking pace.
Aladdin has left.
Belle heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
SunniGummi heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Max heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Cubbi heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Kovu watches everyone go, and just sits down.
RobinHood heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
You leave the auditorium and wind up in...
Mickey's Cyber Diner (in Arbordale Center)
Mickey's Cyber Diner is a shiny stainless steel, neon, and glass place to
chow down while chatting with friends in here over cups of hot chonklet or
via the IntEARnet using the computEAR terminals Mickey has provided at each
seat.  This cozy place looks like a great, old-fashioned diner from the 50's
and you hear the food is much better than those plastic eateries where
billions of grey meat burgers are sold.  A white enamel sign is over the grill.
You look around this yellow-walled room for a place to 'sit' down.
 [C]ashier at Exit to Arbordale Center, [2]-way Door to Back Room,
 [Welcome] Center Lounge, [A]rbordale Auditorium for Jymn Magon Chat
 Diner Sign, Toon Gardens Amusement Park Brochure, FANtasEARS Poster,
 Nightly Chat Sessions Flyer, Laptop ComputEARs, UpcomingTopics,
 Chat Topics Blackboard (type MORE TOPICS to read it),
 'Help Wanted' Notice (type LOOK HELP WANTED to read it), Nightly Chats sign,
 Plush Beast
 Bashful, JymnMagon, Wonderment, Mickey, Double_D, Alice, Aladdin, Belle,
 SunniGummi, Max, Cubbi, RobinHood
Rufus looks around the diner and smiles.
Rufus comes in from the Arbordale Auditorium.
Cooler looks around the diner and smiles.
Cooler comes into the diner, ready to chat!
Wonderment exclaims, "Mickey!@     he gets to have spam at the diner!"
Max places an order with the grill cook.
Max gets an order of fried cheese sticks and munches on them.
Beast has arrived.
Beast arrives at a breathtaking pace.
Beast looks around the diner and smiles.
Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep!  He seems to want some service.
Sunni bounces cubbi agina
Rufus places an order with the grill cook.
Rufus bravely orders a bowl of anchovies and brie cheese.
Double_D says, "LOL"
AngieBelle looks around the diner and smiles.
Angela comes in from the Arbordale Auditorium.
Bashful says, "Everybody's here."
Alice orders a big helping of Spam
Beast says, "Give it a moment to settle down, Jymn."
Wonderment smiles at Alice!
Max sings the Spam Song.
JymnMagon says, "This was a bad idea.  We all had to watch ourselves enter."
Plush Beast eeps an impatient plush eep!  He looks down at his plush tummy
with plush longing.
Mickey lowfurs Wonderment about the spam!
Alice smiles right back at Wonderment~
Belle says, "give the spam to Plush Beast, he'll eat it."
Max says, "Well, we're here now."
Wonderment giggles At J y m n
Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep!
Sunni puts down a huge box of SS for PB
Beast asks, "Jymn, do you read any comic books?  Any that have impressed you?"
Mickey exclaims, "Just don't start running back and forth, folks!"
Mickey looks up in surprise as a sudden gust of wind blows the Mouse-eared
Moderator hat off his head and it sails to the ground.
Max asks, "Can we keep that bot outta here?"
Double_D realizes that he made a wrong turn and bumps into a wall.
Double_D looks around the diner and smiles.
Alice says, "Jymn, Plush Beast would love it if you gave him a Scooby
Mickey changes back into his classic attire of red shorts and big yellow shoes.
AngieBelle has a whole collection of Disney comics
RobinHood Thinks he should someehow turn into 'Dr. Zibaldo'.... :-)
JymnMagon says, ""I've cut back on my comic buying.  Mostly 14 year old stuff.
 Sexy warrior chix with big... eyes."
Plush Beast eeps an emphatic plush eep!
Mickey studies the menu closely.
Belle snirg.
Wonderment thinks a bout the sad bot named Marvin.....
With huge... tracts of land...
AngieBelle has had fan letters published in Disney comics
Alice says, "...'eyes'....right..."
Kovu looks around the diner and smiles.
Kovu comes in from the Arbordale Auditorium.
Bashful asks, "Jymn, did you get my message saying that I love Belle?"
Double_D grins.
Beast asks, "Ever read 'Watchmen', Jymn?  That's one I've been hoping would be
made into an animated film someday.  Ah, wishful thinking."
Kovu slowly pads in, tailtip twitching in some curiousity.
Plush Beast eeps a hungry plush eep.
JymnMagon says, "Bashful... No I didn't.  Repeat."
Alice asks, "How about 'Sandman', Bashful?  That'd be kewl."
Plush Beast holds out his plush paws hoping that someone will feed him.
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Gosh, now there are suddnely
more questions! ;-)"
Sunni gives Jymn a Scooby snak to give to PB
Bashful says, "You said you love Ariel. I love Belle."
RobinHood says, "Tak Vixens would prove interesting.... then again..."
JymnMagon says, "Watchmen was a firm fave at WDTVA.  We'd all wait for each
release date & then read & then chat about it for hours."
Cubbi exclaims, "Sandman was a friend of Crimson Avenger!"
Double_D exclaims, "To the Auditorium!"
Plush Beast happily eats up the Snack.  He burps a plush burp!
Wonderment says, "Hey mick.. this is gossip now  *heehee*"
Mickey smirks with DD
JymnMagon places an order with the grill cook.
JymnMagon gets a plateful of Mrs. Fieldmouse's cookies and a large glass of
RobinHood says, "Tank.. that is."
AngieBelle wants to sing again if anyone's interested
Sunni asks, "yeah?"
Mickey happily says, "Oh, so that's it, Wonderment."
Bashful says, "Sing Reflections, Angie."
Plush Beast's plush nose twitches a plush twitch of plush interest as he
smells the cookies.
Kovu plops down in the corner and watches, his green eyes wide..
Sunni hands Rufus some Ginger Snaps
Wonderment whooshes around Mickey and sniffs the doughnuts
Bashful says, "Jymn, Angie sings. Listen to her."
AngieBelle sings,"Look at me, I will never pass for a perfect bride"
Double_D asks Mortimer for more spam.
Beast says, "It's really a shame that we don't have as much of an
adult-oriented animation market as there is in Japan.  Disney has done wonders
for animation in general, but the features for adults really aren't there
(films on the big screen, that is)."
Alice makes no comment
Mickey wishes Mortimer could have made some Gummiberri Juice for tonight.
Rufus thanks Sunni, and begins to munch on the ginger snaps.
AngieBelle sings,"or a perfexct daughter"
Alice nods with Beast
Plush Beast tries to sing along with AngieBelle.  His plush eeps are somewhat
out of tune.
Wonderment says, "Ask June Foray about that, Beast  :)"
Rufus asks, "Jymn, what did you think of Bakshi's _Heavy Traffic_?"
JymnMagon says, "Sing "Far Far Away""
Alice covers her ears!  "Quick!  Somebody stuff something in PB's mouth!"
AngieBelle sings,"Can it be I'm not meant to play this part?"
Mickey lowfurs Jymn.
AngieBelle sings,"Now I see that if I were truly to be myself"
Wonderment loafers Mickey
RobinHood Nods to Beast...
Alice giggles
Belle puts a Snack in Plush Beast's plush jaws to stop his plush singing.
Mickey happily says, "Nice shoes, Wonderment."
AngieBelle sings,"I would break my family's heart"
Wonderment heheee!
Large SS comes in and
Alice curtseys to Belle
JymnMagon says, "Didn't see Heavy Traffic.  Not a big Bakshi fan."
Plush Beast forgets about singing along with AngieBelle and munches on his
AngieBelle sings,"who is that girl I see staring straight back at me?"
Wonderment asks, "How about that nutty panda movie a few years back, Jymn?"
AngieBelle sings,"why is my refection someone I don't know?"
Alice thinks quickly and mars her shoes to lose their shiny reflective
Rufus says, "I'm not that hot on Bakshi either, but at least he was aiming for
an adult market (as opposed to the X-rated market)."
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Awww, Alice!"
AngieBelle sings,"somehow I cannot hide"
AngieBelle sings,"who I am though I've tried"
JymnMagon pushes thru the crowd, unseen, opens the backdoor of the fire escape
& yells "FREE!"  Can't buy me love...
Alice exclaims, "Hmmmph!"
Mickey giggles
Sunni giggles
Alice says, "poor, poor Jymn...."
AngieBelle sings,"when will my reflection show who I am inside..."
Sunni remmeber Hard days night
Plush Beast finishes his Snack and tires again to accompany AngieBelle's song.
 His plush eeps sound like a small dog howling at the moon.
Wonderment turns up the air conditioner instead? for JM?
Double_D says, "We're on the first floor.  Fire escape?"
Mickey happily says, "Alice knows about reflections, AngieBelle."
Beast asks, "Jymn, do you have any particular esthetic demands of the
animation?  Say you wanted to get a show on the air but the budget only
allowed 14 fps (or whatever most TV anime is) - would you go for it, or do you
insist that the presentation be up to at least Disney TV standards?"
AngieBelle sings,"when will my reflection show who I am inside"
JymnMagon says, "It was a Beatles reference for all of you under 30"
RobinHood says, "No Jymn... It's 'We're Out!'..... Please say no more.."
AngieBelle says, "the end"
Mickey perks up his big mousie ears and asks, "Disney TV has standards now,
Beast???  ;-)"
Alice hars!
Max ahems at Mickey.
Sunni got it
Wonderment giggles....    *number 9    numbder 9   number 9.......*
Bashful says, "good, Angie."
AngieBelle asks, "more song?"
Beast says, "Disney TV is smooth, at least.  Some anime is pretty clunky."
Kovu's tail flicks and he rises, moving over.
Mickey happily says, "Angie, I don't think you could top yourself... Leave 'em
wanting more!"
Mickey smiles
JymnMagon says, "Beast, good question.  Rocky & Bullwinkle was shot on 3's, I
think.  They knew the animation was going to be bad, so they designed a show
for dialog.  A radio show with funny pictures.  That's how you devleop a show
correctly... know your time & budget."
Wonderment says, "Wow.  I thought it was on 5s!"
Double_D says, "He has a point."
JymnMagon says, "Correct.  "We're Out!""
AngieBelle says, "oh fine"
Belle applauds
AngieBelle sighs
Belle thinks someone should feed Plush Beast to keep him from singing along
with AngieBelle.
Wonderment giggles at Belle
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep of plush protest.
Mickey says, "I think Jay Ward stuff would be funny if it was done with
Sunni puts a large SS in Plush beasth mouth
Belle doesn't think singing is your strong point, Plush Beast.
Alice nods with Mickey!
Bashful says, "Too hectic out here. Angie, I hope to see you at the susan chat
Natasha:  Boris, how could you mistake me for a mattress???  Boris:  Uhhh,
you've put on weight?
Plush Beast munches on his Scooby Snack.
AngieBelle thinks she gets on people's nerves by singing too much...
Bashful has left.
Belle says, "not as much as Plush Beast's singing gets on people's nerves :)"
Beast says, "I heard some horror stories from Chris Rowley, who was one of the
writers for the 80's "Galaxy Rangers" TV series.  Animation has a hard time
running if there isn't an accompanying toy line for revenues."
Alice slaps Rufus around a bit to keep him alert!
Double_D says, "Brb..."
Beast gives Rufus some catnip.
JymnMagon says, "I won't get into other people's problems or deals."
Rufus exclaims, "Ow! Ow!  I'm awake already"!!"
Max offers to take over should Alice get tired...
Mickey hands Rufus some sardines.
Plush Beast eeps a plush song to himself expressing his plush love for Scooby
Snacks.  It still sounds like a small dog howling to the moon.
Wonderment asks, "Like well, what do you think about this bit where they knew
'Human Again' was too many 'show stoppers' for BntB, bit since it was popular
in the stage show they are gonna stuff it in the next video release?"
RobinHood says, "Hmmm... wahat about the line from 'Help'? "Yes, I believe
you...but thoulsands woul'nt .... Get me protection. You used that in 'Plunder
& Lighning'... :-)"
AngieBelle has a terrible habit of getting depressed when told not to sing no
matter how politely
Rufus says, "Thanks, Mickey."
Rufus dumps the sardines in his brie with the anchovies.
Cooler is gonna catch you all later, thanks for giving us your time Jymn,
g'night everybody
Sunni hands PB a huge box of SS to eat
AngieBelle waves
Mickey says, "Seeya, Cooler!"
JymnMagon says, "I don't know much about Disney's stage shows or video release
plans, sorry.  "Don't know much about history...""
Wonderment waves cooler
Alice says, "Nite, Coolr"
Sunni says, "bye cooler"
Cooler hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
Cooler has left.
Alice asks, "But, do you know much about biology?"
Alice grins
Mickey happily says, "oooo, Motown."
JymnMagon says, "Bye Cooler"
Wonderment says, "ah...  thanks Jymn  :)  anyway"
Beast says, "Animal House. <grin>"
AngieBelle loves Disney stage shows
Max says, "Do you know much about the science book... or about the French you
Rufus says, "I know one and one is two, but two and two is five, for large
values of two."
Mickey perks up his big mousie ears and asks, "You took French?  Didja have to
give it back?"
Wonderment smiles as Alice gets Jymn to help with her biology homework!
Alice listens to TLWAL play cartoon SFX on his laptop!
Belle sings, "In my mind my life is free
RobinHood says, "I do know that one and one is two..."
Belle sings, "no one's there controlling me
JymnMagon exclaims, "What a wonderful WHIRL this could be!  Or has been!"
Max says, "Or for certain totalitarian governemts in Englands in alternate
universes in the early-mid eighties."
Belle sings, "I can do what I like"
Sunni chases cubbi
Wonderment giggles at max
AngieBelle says, "don't remind me of school"
Mickey claps with Jymn!
JymnMagon asks, "What is TLWAL?"
Belle sings, "climb a hill or ride a bike by the sea"
Alice says, "The Lizard With A Ladder"
Mickey happily says, "Alice, you do the honors"
AngieBelle asks, "what song is that, Belle?"
Sunni asks, "yeah?"
Mickey perks up his big mousie ears and asks, "Is it a ladder, or Viagra?"
SunniGummi has left.
Alice says, "aka, Bill, the Lizard in Alice In Wonderland.  In real life, my
Mickey smirks
Rufus says, "An exceedingly minor character."
Belle says, "'In My Mind', performed by Susan Egan on the "Friendsongs"
Belle says, "her only solo, and it's a good one."
JymnMagon asks, "Yer hubby is a lizard?  Does he shed in bed?"
AngieBelle exclaims, "I'm interested in hearing that CD! I'm broke though"
Wonderment exclaims, "You and your yellow buttons!"
Mickey says, "Heh!"
JymnMagon says, "...Or before bed?"
Belle says, "only $12."
Max eews...
Alice will never tell  ;)
Wonderment heheeee!
RobinHood LOL...
Max thinks it's better that way.
Sunni looks around the diner and smiles.
SunniGummi comes into the diner, ready to chat!
Wonderment exclaims, "I would guess he sheds wherever it starts happening!@"
Double_D is back.
Plush Beast eeps a surprised plush eep!
Beast exclaims, "Sunni, cover your ears! :-)"
Sunni back
Alice begins to blush...
AngieBelle says, "but that's not the only think I want to buy- there are at
least 5 Mulan dolls out there to choose from..."
Sunni covers her ears
Wonderment scritches head
Sunni asks, "why?"
Belle smiles.  Well, you'll have to prioritize.  :)
AngieBelle exclaims, "and a Peter Pan CD that Susan did a song for!"
Plush Beast eeps a plush question at AngieBelle.
Mickey says, "TLWAL is Priority Male?"
AngieBelle asks, "yes PB?"
RobinHood says, "Mushu'....that's enough."
Belle thinks Plush Beast is wondering why you're not budgeting money to buy
him Scooby Snacks, Angela.
Alice exclaims, "TLWAL is so named 'cause he is a minor character in the film;
here, he only 'shows up' through me (I'm like a medium that way, I guess!)"
AngieBelle giggles at PB
Belle hmms.  Plush Beast seems to have learned something about money by now.
Beast says, "I can remember seeing TaleSpin for the first time in reruns, and
thinking "Whoa, this is not your run-of-the-mill Disney series".  I was
suitably impressed."
Rufus says, "More like medium-rare, Alice."
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Let's hear it for TaleSpin!"
Alice oh-berruh-thurs
Mickey claps loudly!
Belle hmms.  The cast recording for Triumph of Love should be coming out very
soon as well.
Alice applauds!
AngieBelle never watched Tail Spin for some reason- always skipped it
RobinHood Cheers!
Kovu pads up to Plush Beast and mrrs, swatting a dropped Scooby Snack to him..
Max says, "I'd go so far as to say it was Disney's best series... Well, Duck
Tales was good too..."
Plush Beast catches the Snack in his plush paws!  He burps a plush burp.
Mickey bum-bum-bumbum-bumbebum-bum-bum's.
AngieBelle says, "yeah, another thing I might want..."
Rufus grumps because he doesn't have a TV.
Sunni remembers seeing GB for the first time :)
Wonderment watches Jymn relax on the magickleMysteryTour   :)
Kovu tries to clap once more!  But, he falls flat on his face again.
Four-legged animals don't clap that well..
AngieBelle says, "then there's that Poca sequel in August..."
JymnMagon says, "Beast, thank you for the kind words.  We tried to do TS as
little movies instead of TV episodes."
RobinHood asks, "You What Belle?!? "
Sunni holds PB and pats his back
Beast says, "The best thing about TaleSpin was the level of sophistication in
the characters' motivations, and their more adult personas.  Unlike other
Disney TV."
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Whoa-ee-oh!  Tale Spin!"
Wonderment says, "Ya cant say TS"
Belle asks, "I what what?"
Cubbi is gonna see a Duck Tales ep. in 10 minutes, Max :)
Alice says, "Catchy theme song for TS, too."
Wonderment eeps.  :)
JymnMagon steps right this way.
RobinHood says, "You _missed_ Talespin... the nerve! :-}"
Sunni says, "TS was great Jymn "
Wonderment hugs PlushBeast
Max says, "TS's theme is my favorite of all Disney series... GT second, DT
AngieBelle says, "no- that was me"
Max says, "Cool, Cubbi."
Plush Beast coos a plush coo.
Belle looks at AngieBelle who is emersed in her fantasies of playing the beautiful princess.
Cubbi still thinks Gummi Bears are the best :-p
Double_D orders more spam.
Wonderment asks, "You mean GB?"
Belle sings, "In my mind, I'm sure to see
AngieBelle says, "I watched Disney Afternoon when I was little and never felt
a desire to watch TS"
Belle sings, "the adventures wait for me
Max says, "I didn't think its theme was hugely great..."
Belle sings, "I will learn, yes I must
Sunni says, "BB seemed like little movies aslo"
Belle sings, "It's myself that I should trust!
Belle sings, "Yes, my mind is the key
nobody mentioned wuzzles
Alice exclaims, "SPAM HAIKU:  Blue can of steel / Jerks and cuts me deeply,
but / Ah, Spam -- my poultice!"
Mickey happily says, "Lucky for you there is now Toon Disney, Angie."
Sunni says, "GB that is"
AngieBelle wishes she could at least hear that CD before buying it
Belle whews.  Typing that in real time to the song on the CD-ROM player.  :)
JymnMagon says, "Tale spin was constructed like a stool with 3 legs.  It was
hard to tip it over.  You have Baloo, the irresponsible father figure torn
between raising Kit or goofing around with him...  And torn between hating
Rebecca & wanting to date her."
RobinHood says, "I should scan the addvert for 'Talespin' that I have 'Fro
Your Emmy Consideration', Outs"
Max giggles at Alice.
AngieBelle types songs here all the time
Sunni hands PS to BElle
Belle says, "I think the friendsongs webpage has some audio clips in realaudio
format, Angela."
Rufus says, "Alice, that is the grossest thing I've seen all day.  And I just
came back from viewing _Lost in Space_!"
AngieBelle says, "yeah- I've seen it"
JymnMagon says, "Then there's Rebecca, the mother figure.  Trying to be soft &
stern at the same time."
Beast listens to Jymn - very true.
JymnMagon says, "And Kit, who is torn between the big galoot Bear and the Mom
he never had.  Very solid character triangle."
Alice asks, "And who dares mock Spam? You?  /  You?  You are not worthy / Of
one rich, pink fleck!"
Max nodnods.
Wonderment says, "Lotsa tearing torn stuff"
Sunni says, "yeah, I remember how she was with BAlOO :)"
Mickey says, "I don't think Spam has any poultice or any kind of meat in it,
RobinHood asks, "THat's the character Triangle that you wanted, right Jymn?"
Belle points out that $12 is not that much.  It's only about 6 boxes of
Snacks, or what Plush Beast goes through in an hour or so.  :)
Kovu smirks, "I'd really like to have seen Baggy make a few guest apperances.
Ah well."
AngieBelle says, "I really love the kiddie tape Free to be ZYou and me- it
stars Marlo Thomas"
Double_D asks, "Kovu, how?"
Alice says, "Great character set up, that, in TS. Really works."
Beast says, "Naturally I associate most with Baloo, given my demographic.
Accepting responsibility is a great theme."
Wonderment says, "Too bad the episodes couldn't be an hour each"
Max says, "I recall desperately wanting to be Kit when I saw that show when it
was in production...  In some ways, I almost am him."
AngieBelle says, "$12 is much when you add it to $20 for Mulan doll. and I
just spent most of my allowence on the AG camping gear"
Belle smiles
Kovu shrugs to Double_D, "Dunno.  I just love panthers."
Alice exclaims, "Not the Lag Monster *again*!!!"
Max says, "Just ask anyone who's had to listen to me rattle on about this type
of aircraft equipped with this type of engine... ;)"
Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep.
JymnMagon says, "Panther characters were inserted as Shere Khan pilots."
Belle also wonders what Plush Beast would look like with that camping gear.  :)
RobinHood nods
Max says, "Heh... KhanAir... :)"
Mickey says, "Please don't tell me the Mickey Movie will be called "Spirit of
Mickey -- the Sequel!""
Kovu says, "Yes, but as I said earlier.  Most of them were all shot down.  ;)"
Double_D has left.
Alice lol with MaxQ!
Alice exclaims, "with Max, even!"
AngieBelle exclaims, "all that AG stuff cost over $50!"
Wonderment exclaims, "Mickey!   Just call Andreas  :)   *heehee*"
JymnMagon says, "Some were an hour.  (2 parters)  One was 2 hours!  (Plunder &
Mickey happily says, "Sure, Wonderment. ;-)"
_Spirit of Mickey II: With a Vengence_
Belle snirg.
Mr.Deja says, "Don't call us; we'll call you".
Sunni says, "you are, Max, like kit :)"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Wonderment giggles!    "Nice long eppersodes.. .yeah"  :)
_Spirit of Mickey II: The Wrath of Donald_
Spirit of Mickey II:  He's Bad... And He's Back!
JymnMagon says, "It's funny, but Kit on his air board is what first hooked the
Sunni asks, "yeah?"
JymnMagon exclaims, "I love panties, too!  ER,  panthers."
AngieBelle says, "and I'm still a bit hesitant to buy a kiddie CD...but it's
Alice blinks!
Cubbi exclaims, "it first hooked me too! :)"
Mickey sits by his Mouseke-phone, waiting for Mr. Dejas to call.
Wonderment giggles at Jymn!
Max says, "BTW, at some point I'm going to put a few pictures of the Super
Duck online... probably this August..."
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Alice makes double-sure her shoes are dulled at this time.
RobinHood Laughs....
Sunni says, "great"
Beast exclaims, "Mickey Mouse makes magnificent movie, marries Minnie, makes
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Don't tell me I guessed the
title! ;-)"
JymnMagon exclaims, "MMMMMMAmmy!"
Sunni looks at Meecelet, who coos and giggles at her.
Kovu eyes Jymn with a smirk, "Yes, the panthers are awesome.  I know Shere
Khan had a $3,000 panther paperweight, but it was destroyed.
Double_D has arrived.
Double_D arrives and pauses to catch his breath from a brisk run.
Double_D looks around the diner and smiles.
Alice exclaims, "re-hi, DD!"
Double_D has stopped his log.
Sunni says, "yeah and a  4,000 tie"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Kovu says, "That episode was on a few days ago, actually.."
AngieBelle sings,"well I don't care if I'm pretty at all and I don't care if
you never grow tall, I like what I look like and you're nice small, and we
don't have to change at all"
Sunni says, "yeah"
Wonderment exclaims, "At least Mickey got his brain back!   *WHEW*"
Alice says, "That Shere Kahn figure was great."
RobinHood says, "...by doctor Axelottles Robot MEL as I recall..."
Kovu says, "Tony Jay was awesome as Shere."
Sunni onds
Sunni nods
Beast laughs
RobinHood Nods...
Wonderment winks at belle
Sunni says, "so was June Foray as Grammi Gummi"
Sunni says, "her voice fit the charater well"
JymnMagon says, "Tony did a killer George Saunders."
Alice kept wanting to hear original Shere Kahn ask about the 'first Mrs. De
Wonderment asks, "Toni Fuscile?"
Sunni says, "oh, kova, the eps was on Thursday"
Wonderment says, "oh jay  :>"
Kovu says, "Ah yes."
Beast says, "Shere Khan should have worn a monocle and kept a little bald guy
on his lap.\"
Sunni says, "um friday"
Alice says, "Reference to the movie, 'Rebecca', Wonderment"
Alice nods with Beast!
RobinHood looks at the ceiling....
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
JymnMagon says, "Yup, lotsa furries... all talking at once.  Only missing are
sketchbooks & sweaty costumes."
Mickey giggles
Alice exclaims, "I do *not* wear a furry costume!"
Sunni giggles
Mickey says, "We work cheap, Jymn."
Alice harrumphs
Wonderment doesnt isnt using the neat program that makes the text easier to
read right now :)
Belle snirg.
Kovu quotes ShereKhan from that ep., "...I am still not amused..."
Sunni says, "yeah"
RobinHood chucles....
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Max grins at Alice.  "I do..."
Beast asks, "Alice, that's NOT a costume?"
Rufus tries to subdue a guffaw.
Mickey LOL with Max
Alice grrrrs
Mickey lowfurs Beast!
AngieBelle sings,"brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers, each and every
one, brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers, every father's daughter,
every mother's son"
Max grins at Mickey too.
RobinHood Urpss a bit at that quote....
Alice points her dainty nose high up into the air!
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Alice, that sounds like a big
bear growl!"
Wonderment gives Jymn a little fan to wear inside.  No more sweat!
JymnMagon says, "Whoa, whoa, whoa.  I didn't say *I* was in a costume.  I'm
the human here, remember?"
Double_D exclaims, "I'm human, dammit!"
@desc me=Jymn is no a big ole bear!
AngieBelle says, "I'm human"
Sunni says, "your a big bear"
Sunni giggles
JymnMagon says, "You're toon humans.  I'm human human."
AngieBelle says, "I'm not a toon"
AngieBelle whirls around again and returns to her normal everyday clothes.
Double_D says, "No, I'm human human also."
Plush Beast eeps a loud plush eep of plush protest!
Rufus exclaims, "Excuse me!  I happen to be a toon cat, not a mere human."
Mickey says, "I'm not a Toon, but I play one on EMuck."
Wonderment says, "And doudly so  :)"
Angela says, "see this is how I look normally"
Belle thinks Plush Beast is saying that he is not a toon, he is a Plush.
Beast drips some DIP on Angie.  Nope.  Not a toon.
Wonderment says, "Doubly  erk"
Belle  looks at Angela.  Angela smiles because she is happy someone has noticed her.
Max is a toon and a Goofy toon at that.
Angela says, "I've been in my AngieBelle costume because Bashful likes it"
Wonderment faints from the blood flow!!
Max is the son of the epitome of 'toonishness....  and it's genetic.
Belle smiles.
Kovu tilts his head to Max, "A-hyuk?"
JymnMagon exclaims, "You can't fool me!  You're all figments of my
Double_D grins.
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Sunni asks, "yeah?"
Mickey has always thought Max was Goofy to the Max
Angela says, "Alice in Wonderland is my fav early Disney movie"
Rufus says, "Figment couldn't be here tonight, but he sends his regards."
Sunni hands max Waffles
Mickey says, "No, Bill Gates imagination, Jymn.; -)"
Imaaaaagination... Imaaaaagination... a dream can be a dream come true... with
just that spark in me and you...
Alice exclaims, "Mine too, Angela! (obviously...)"
Beast says, "Linus Torvalds, in my case, Mickey."
Mickey says, "This is all a "feature" of Windows."
Double_D mumbles.
Sunni giggles
Kovu says, "Bah, a feature is a bug with publicity."
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Cubbi remembers Tummi claiming to be figment of imagination :)
Angela says, "I made a Wendy costume cause Alice was already claimed and Wendy
was the next closest thing"
Rufus looks around the diner and smiles.
Double_D asks, "Are you awake?"
Sunni takes cubbi's flag
Sunni says, "capture the flag"
Angela says, "my dad likes Alice in Wonderland too"
Wonderment snugfluffs Mickymoo
Mickey grins with Wonderment
Rufus says, "I don't think you want to do that to Mickeymoo.  She's got awful
big feet."
RobinHood looks at the 'who' list.....
Sunni runs off with Cubbi's flag
Double_D says, "Jymn, I thank you for coming.  Please come back soon."
Belle says, "bye DD"
Mickey says, "Seeya, DD!"
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Angela waves
Sunni squirts PB accidently
Wonderment exclaims, " lar3ry's gonna be sorry he mist thist!"
Mickey wonders when he should have Meecelet stop taking a transcript.
Sunni says, "uh oh, PB is wet now, sorry"
Plush Beast growls a plush growl!
RobinHood nods
Mickey says, "Oh, l3 can see it! ;-)"
Rufus falls soundly asleep in the midst of all the shouting.
Double_D says, "Good night."
Angela listens to clips on the friendship page
Double_D bows his head and clasps his hands, and suddenly, he slowly phases out of view in front of you like a ghost.
Double_D has left.
JymnMagon says, "Nite DD"
Angela looks around the diner and smiles.
Belle rubs suntan oil on her legs.
Kovu idles to watch the Simba's Pride Trailer from the Mr. Magoo video.
Sun Jun 28 00:44:03 CDT 1998
RobinHood says, "Let's see... almost three hours on line....."
RobinHood says, "Not bad for a first visit...."
Angela will get to go to the beach in CA
Belle wonders who's on the lineup for the two EMuck Day 2s.
Wonderment exclaims, "There's like 27 new guests!"