EMuck--Al Lutz (Disneyland Information Guide [D-I-G] Author) Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr. Al Lutz, author of the Disneyland Information Guide. The chat occurred on Saturday 8 November 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CST (GMT -0600) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck.

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. Lutz (AlLutz), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

More information on Al Lutz and the D-I-G can be found at http://members.aol.com/alweho/.

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Al Lutz is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of The Walt Disney Company. Any and all comments stated here by him are solely the opinions and experience of Mr. Lutz and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
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The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special chat
events with celebrity guests take place.
Current Topic:          Disneyland/D-I-G (Disneyland Info. Guide)
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  AlLutz(Al Lutz)
Chat on Saturday, Nov. 8th starting at 8 PM Pacific / 11 pm Eastern / 10 pm
Central Standard Time (GMT -0600) with D-I-G author Al Lutz about Disneyland.
To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes) and
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order they were asked.  Anyone at the podium cannot hear what is said in this
room, so use the 'request' feature.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter

You head through the door and wind up at...
Center Stage: The Podium (Arbordale Auditorium)
You are at the podium onstage.  Anything you say or do (SAY, ", POSE, :)
will be seen by all in the Arbordale Auditorium.

Meecelet arrives at a breathtaking pace.
Meecelet waves!
>< AlLutz says, "Hello there!"
Mickey comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "Hiya, Al!"
>< Mickey says, "We'll be starting the chat in about 8 minutes."
>< Mickey says, "Here, have a drink and relax."
>< Mickey hands AlLutz a mouse-ke-kola
>< AlLutz says, "Hiya Mickey!  Hello everyone else!"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) In about 7 minutes the chat will begin with Al Lutz,
author of the Disneyland Information Guide.  Enter 'run welcome;chat;a'
to get to the Arbordale Auditorium for the chat. Once there, enter
REQUEST and you'll be prompted for your question.
>< Mickey waves to the guest named Eisner in the audience and grins.
>< AlLutz says, "Hello, Mickey and Mikey?  ;)"
>< Mickey says, "That's a good one!"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) We're 5 minutes away from the start of the chat in the
Arbordale Auditorium. Enter 'run welcome;chat;a' and join us now!
>< Mickey says, "Al, take a look at my Mouse-eared Moderator Hat."
Mickey looks up in surprise as a sudden gust of wind blows the
Mouse-eared Moderator hat off his head and it sails to the ground.
>< AlLutz says, "Just like Eisner's toupee in Indy?"
>< AlLutz says, "Pesky wind-tunnel..."
>< Mickey grins
Mickey takes the Mouse-Eared Moderator Hat and puts it on, smiling as he
senses it fits him!
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Two minute warning! Come on into the Arbordale
Auditorium now, (enter 'run welcome;chat;a') and then enter REQUEST and
you'll be prompted to enter your question to Al Lutz about Disneyland stuff!
Sat Nov 08 21:59:05 CST 1997
>< AlLutz says, "I promise to refrain from lurid gossip and vicious
innuendo... maybe..."
>< Mickey sees Meecelet taking notes of everything he and Al say and do, and
pats him on his lil' mousie head.
>< Mickey smiles
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) We're about to start the chat with Al Lutz, known
world-wide on <A HREF=news:alt.disney.disneyland>alt.disney.disneyland</A> and
his D-I-G web page. Come join us
now! Enter 'run welcome;chat;a'
>< AlLutz says, "Mickey is TOO kind..."
Mickey adjusts his mouse-eared moderator hat and prepares to start
tonight's chat session.
>< Mickey says, "AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club are
proud to present the eighth in our series of Special Invited Talks with our
special guest, Al Lutz."
>< Mickey says, "Al is well known as a Disneyland expert and fan on the
<A HREF=news:alt.disney.disneyland>alt.disney.disneyland</A> & 
<A HREF=news:rec.arts.disney.parks>rec.arts.disney.parks</A> newsgroups as 
well as for his
informative page on the World Wide Web."
>< Mickey says, "Al's web site is http://members.aol.com/alweho/ and contains
the >DISNEYLAND INFORMATION GUIDE [D-I-G for short] with tips, tricks and lots
of Disneyland info."
>< Mickey says, "Also on Al's web page is PROMOTE PAUL PRESSLER! where you can
read about the guy in charge of Disneyland and why Al wants to promote him out
of that job."
>< Mickey says, "You can also look through AL'S ARCHIVES on his web site,
which holds older postings from special Disney events he's attended in the
past, and a few newly added humor posts, along with his resume."
>< Mickey says, "Al's paying job is as a product manager for Delos
International, where he helped create these CDs of Disney music: "Bibbidi
Bobbidi Bach" and "Heigh-Ho! Mozart.""
>< Mickey says, "Al holds the position of "Deluxe" Chrome Buzz Lightyear in
the Future Disney Cabinet & Trimobius Disney Cabinet fun-but-mythical
>< Mickey says, "Al, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< AlLutz says, "Hello everyone, what a pleasure to be here!"
>< Mickey says, "Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Al Lutz!"
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thank you all for joining us, too.  "
>< AlLutz says, "Rich is so kind, as are many of you!"
>< Mickey says, "Now, we can't hear you while we're up on stage at the podium,
so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "...To leave a question, just enter the word REQUEST and wait
to be prompted to enter one line for your question."
>< Mickey says, "Note, it is possible to enter a question that is longer than
80 characters, in this way:"
>< Mickey says, "If your question is longer than one line, just keep typing
before you hit your <Return> key."
>< Mickey says, "Also, we'll present the questions in the order they were left
in the REQUEST queue, so please be patient."
>< Mickey says, "If there is a need for a follow-up question to an answer just
do PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to Al Lutz."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days.  We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "We have a lot of questions lined up, so let's get right to
the first one...""

>< Next question:
>< (Cricket) I know you are less than thrilled about McDonalds having there
fry carts about...but I have to say the thought of searching out the fry cart
with my son on a cool January evening in the WDW MK to get a pile of nice warm
frys to gobble down while watching the Fireworks appeals to me.  So what's the
fuss?  Lots of other restaurants in the kingdoms have been sponsored by
corporate entities.  If Disney can save a buck and provide good food why
shouldn't they?

>< AlLutz says, "It's McDonald's, Cricket, and it means that this is just the
start of what they would like to do..."
>< AlLutz says, "My concern is that it will expand beyond the carts, as most
other folks."
>< Mickey says, "You mean, like leaking hot oil?"
>< Mickey grins
>< AlLutz says, "Let's just hope they understand!"
>< Mickey grins at AlLutz and wiggles his nose.  As it jiggles up and down,
his big mousie ears wiggle-waggle!

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Do you think the current problems with Disneyland management will
result in a shake-up?

>< AlLutz says, "It's hard to tell, as is anything with DL at this time.  But
I hope at least they think twice about things.  That's a good goal right now."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) With most of the current attempts at increasing profit being
tried first at WDW, is there any danger of some of the more radical changes
making their way to Disneyland?

>< AlLutz says, "Paul Pressler has used WDW as a model for DL changes in the
past.  But I think he is now being more aware of the difference between the
two parks."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) What is your favorite quiet place at Disneyland?

>< AlLutz says, "The balcony overlooking the Rivers of America - accessed via
the Disney Gallery.  Lovely view!"
>< Mickey says, "Follow up question, from Phil...."
>< Mickey says, "He asks "What is with the Hunchback litho, signed by PaulP?"
>< Mickey didn't hear about that one
>< AlLutz says, "I haven't heard about that one at all.  Was it a CM thing?"
>< Mickey says, "Phil, tell me more about it!"
>< Mickey says, "He says he has it on his living room wall right now"
>< Mickey says, "He got it at Disneyland"
>< Mickey says, "It has Paul Pressler's signature on it, Phil?"
>< AlLutz says, "Wish I knew more about it.  Sorry!"
>< Mickey says, "Oh, Phil says the Paul Pressler signature is actually printed
right on the litho"
>< AlLutz says, "I wouldn't count on it being worth too much Phil...  ;)"
>< Mickey says, "OK, let's see the next question"

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) What is your favorite place to eat at Disneyland?

>< AlLutz says, "That's easy, the Big Thunder BBQ.  LOTS of food, reasonable
price and outdoors. What more could you ask for?"
>< Mickey says, "I've been there! Great place"
>< AlLutz says, "Love the ribs the best..."
>< Mickey says, "That's one to look for."
>< Mickey says, "Here's the next question..."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Do you have any theories as to why the merchandising problem is
being ignored even when outlet malls and places like Pic N Save were full with
Disneyland merchandise earlier this year?

>< AlLutz says, "I wish I could tell you - but it's a mystery.  I received a
record amount of e-mail complaints about the merchandise this year on my
site. You'd think they'd do something about it."
>< AlLutz says, "We'll see if people's complaints are getting through."
>< Mickey says, "How about the merchandise in the Disney Gallery at
Disneyland? What do you think of that?"
>< AlLutz says, "Right now, for the DL fan, it is the best assortment of
things available.  The only problem is that too few items are offered."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) If you got a chance to take PaulP's job, which of his debacles
would you change first?

>< AlLutz says, "I would bring back the Golden Horseshoe Revue / Jamboree,
that was the first thing he got rid of."
>< AlLutz says, "Slue Foot Sue and Pecos Bill belong in DL.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Max: Would you bring back the Main Street
Electrical Parade?"
>< AlLutz says, "Not the way it used to run.  It was time for a change.
Sadly, Light Magic was not the change that was needed.  An all new MSEP,
with some of the tech from LM would be a welcome thing to see.  But we'll
find out in two years."
>< Mickey says, "Have you seen the "Fantillusion!" parade that Tokyo
Disneyland has?"
>< Mickey says, "It is like an updated MSEP combined with SpectroMagic, and
includes fiber optics"
>< AlLutz says, "I've seen video of it, and was very impressed.  But I think
DL, as the showcase Disney park could go way beyond that.  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) I have heard a suggestion that if you are a true Disney fan, and
if you are taking your first trip to Disneyland, then you should explore just
about everything!  Do you agree?

>< AlLutz says, "Oh yes!  There is a page on the DIG's site about things to
look for when visiting."
>< AlLutz says, "Lots of little details that make the park so special.  Like
the Witch's cackle when you touch the magic wishing apple at Snow White"
>< Mickey loves the Evil Queen looking down from her window, opening the
>< Mickey says, "Phil has a follow-up:"
>< Mickey says, "He wants to know if first time visitors should also visit all
the stores."
>< Mickey says, "He says he's the future god of merchandising. ;-)"
>< AlLutz says, "Since so much of the merchandise is now pretty much the same
throughout the resort, I wouldn't recommend that anymore.  But the Emporium is
well worth visiting, as is the Gallery, located above Pirates.  Sadly, Pooh 
has taken over the park on his way to World domination."
>< Mickey says, "What about the stores in New Orleans Square?  Are you
encouraged that a shop is there now with one of a kind items found at
estate auctions?
>< AlLutz says, "Actually One of a Kind is gone now - replaced by a cook shop.
We also now have a bath shop and a Christmas shop.  An antique jeweler has
come in, but that is an outside lease."
>< Mickey says, "Yes, the antique jeweler is what I meant"
>< Mickey says, "Even though it is an outside lease, what do you think of a
shop like this there?"
>< AlLutz says, "It's much better than just having it closed, I guess. I miss
Lillian Disney's special shop, though."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Do you know of any good off-site places to eat in the Disneyland
Resort area?

>< Mickey says, "Disneyland Resort area... ah yes, the side opposite the
McDonald's. ;-)"
>< AlLutz says, "There is an entire section devoted just to that subject in
the DIG, written by Carlo Panno.  Excellent advice, and even driving
directions to boot!"
>< AlLutz says, "McDonald's?  Nah...You'll get run over!"

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) Al, have you ever worked for Disney, applied for a job with
Disney, or been offered one with them?

>< AlLutz says, "Never.  I don't think they like me... I wonder why?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< AlLutz says, ";)"
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Rufus to my previous question: Would you
*like* a job with Disney?"
>< AlLutz says, "Honestly?  Probably not.  I don't envy how hard they work to
make the magic for the rest of us.  But overall they are the nicest people to
deal with."
>< Mickey agrees about how nice they are and how hard they work!

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) Tell us all about the CDs you've helped create for Delos that have
Disney music on them.

>< AlLutz says, "Thanks for asking, Mickey.  They have been very successful,
and what pleases me the most is how many folks write Delos to tell us their
children have learned about Classical Music by listening to them."
>< AlLutz says, "I'm glad folks get "turned on" to another musical world like

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) What's the story on IASW.

>< Mickey waves to g.Eisner
>< AlLutz says, "Well we've only seen the advance art - but Marc Davis [who
helped design the ride with Mary] feels that it is pretty awful.  We'll see
come the 27th.  "
>< Mickey says, "For those who haven't been keeping up with
alt.disney.disneyland, fill us in a bit about what will be done..."
>< Mickey says, "...How are they going to change 'it's a small world' and
is it permanent?"
>< AlLutz says, "Basically they are adding holiday elements throughout the
ride, projected snowflakes also, and then they have two new songs playing
through it: Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls."
>< AlLutz says, "It will NOT be permanent, just a "holiday tradition."
Michael Maines, who did Light Magic is behind this."
>< AlLutz says, "They have also strung up the facade with lights.  Kind of
looks perforated to me... but that's just me.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "For the record, what is your opinion of the *normal* 'it's a
small world' attraction.  (I know what you think of it, I'm just askin'!)"
>< AlLutz says, "I don't really love this attraction, although I don't wish I
could carry a bazooka in anymore.  ;) But for folks who travel from so far
away to probably only see it once, I wouldn't think this would be the way they
would like to see it."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Alice: Do you know if there will be any
changes made to the dolls, too?"
>< AlLutz says, "I understand they will either have hats on, or new little
vests and such.  They didn't detail too much of that.  But when it opens
again, it will have taken over a month to do, so it should be a lot of stuff
they have to do."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Jeff_Graebner: "I heard that the new songs
would be blended in a medley with the regular song. Have you heard that?""
>< AlLutz says, "That's news to me Jeff - but it could happen.  I just wish it
were anyone but the Light Magic guy doing it."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Phil: "Hey! What about Chanuka?
>< AlLutz says, "They will have fireworks for countries or areas that don't
celebrate Christmas."
>< Mickey says, "Confetti, perhaps?"
>< Mickey winks
>< AlLutz says, "Phuleeze.... no more confetti!  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Will Tomorrowland open early....or do you know?

>< AlLutz says, "I understand they want to open it all at once next Easter. 
They MAY open the Orbitron up front early, but that is still undecided."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) what's going on around the hub?

>< Mickey is glad to see g.Eisner take such an interest in the park!
>< AlLutz says, "I checked on that today!  They have rebuilt the curbs and
laid in new more durable brickwork to replace the cement."
>< AlLutz says, "Brickwork allows them to patch things, and then just drop the
bricks back in, so it looks better."
>< Mickey says, "Must be all those alt.disney.disneyland people wearing out
the cement, with the a.d.d.-meets. ;-)"
>< AlLutz says, "I'm innocent!  Honest!"
>< Mickey says, "Where are folks meeting now?  At Rod's piano?"
>< AlLutz says, "Right now, yes.  But this should be the last weekend of that.
Hopefully by mid week they will be done."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Have you seen the book "Designing Disney's Theme Parks?"  Is it
worth buying?

>< AlLutz says, "I haven't seen that one.  But I cannot recommend the Nickel
Tour or WD's Railroad Story enough, both are wonderful books for the DL fan."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Any interesting tidbits on DCA?

>< Mickey says, "Disney's California Adventure, for the initial-impaired."
>< AlLutz says, "I have heard they are bringing in carnival type attractions
for the boardwalk area that ape Knotts,  including a chain bucket whirl thing
and a ferris wheel with cars that slide down towards the middle.  NO theming
for them at all to make them "Disney.""
>< AlLutz says, "We will have to see."
>< Mickey says, "What about the preview center for DCA?"
>< Mickey says, "Does it give any clues, or is it vague?"
>< AlLutz says, "Well worth visiting is that center.  But they don't have all
the answers yet only because they don't know exactly what is the final design."
>< AlLutz says, "Plans change almost daily I hear.  We'll see.  :)"
Sat Nov 08 22:42:40 CST 1997

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Are there any Marc Davis HM lithos left?  Any upcoming Gallery
events of note?

>< Mickey loves Marc Davis's Haunted Mansion work, as well as the Jungle
>< AlLutz says, "I didn't see one today when I visited, but do give them a
call.  Hench was in today, and Michael Broggie and his Railroad book is coming
next week."
>< Mickey says, "Broggie's book is great and worth getting, even if you're not
a big train fan."
>< AlLutz says, "They are also dedicating the Railroad again for all you steam
>< AlLutz says, "Info is in the DIG on the Contents page if you need it.  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Are Pressler and Dale going ahead with the souvenir store in 
the old bank?  What type of merchandise will be sold?

>< AlLutz says, "This was good news, only because it seems they won't be
kicking Walt out from what I understand.  The are looking to sell high-end
stuff is what I've been told.  LOTS of $5000 bronzes.  Wish they would also
consider the little guy collector, too..."
>< Mickey says, "Where would the Annual Pass processing center be moved to?"
>< AlLutz says, "Don't know, but I have a feeling it will go back outside the

>< Next question:
>< (CzarJim) Do you get the sense that the Disney management is monitoring
ADD and RADP and the various fan web sites, and taking action based on them?

>< Mickey says, "Good question!"
>< AlLutz says, "Well no one can say for sure.  But I know they print out the
newsgroups three times a day.  Plus my own monitoring of my site tells me
Disney.com addresses visit constantly.  So who knows?  But they have acted on
many things, which appear that we brought up first, so it may be encouraging."
>< Mickey says, "Have you ever heard from Disney, even unofficially, about
things on your site or things you've written?"
>< AlLutz says, "Both officially and unofficially, yes.  And as I was told
Eisner knows me as "the Disneyland guy."  Good or bad?  I don't know.  :)"
>< Mickey grins

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Before you leave tonight please tell everyone to e-mail WDW and
DL and beg them not to commercialize Disney parks!!!  Thank you so much

>< AlLutz says, "Thank YOU g.Eisner for feeling that way!  I hope folks get
more interested in speaking up for WDW like we do here at DL."
>< Mickey says, "Comments from park guests are always appreciated... good and
>< Mickey says, "Send in your cards and letters, folks, about anything you
like or dislike."
>< AlLutz says, "Never forget, YOU are the customer.  Speak up!  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Follow up from Alice, about writing to Disney..."
>< Mickey says, "She wants to know if it carries any more weight to hand-write
a letter to Disney than to e-mail?"
>< AlLutz says, "For some reason, it seems e-mail is the rule of the day now. 
Some folks have told me they never get responded to via snail mail anymore
like they used to, but I can't confirm it.  E-mail also seems to carry more
urgency for them."
>< Mickey says, "Here's the next question...."

>< Next question:
>< (Teri) What would you suggest for a infrequent :( visitor to DL?

>< Mickey says, "Go more often?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< AlLutz says, "Depends on what you like in a Disney park. Best new ride? 
Indy! It's wonderful. Like to relax? Storybook is wonderful, and unique to DL."
>< AlLutz says, "It depends on what you love about Disney.  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) What absent attraction do you miss most?

>< AlLutz says, "Without question two of them!  The Skyway, for it's wonderful
views of the park, and the PeopleMover where one could just sit back and relax
and view the lovely scenery."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Rufus..."
>< Mickey says, "He wants to know what existing attraction *would* you miss
>< AlLutz says, "That's HARD.  :)  I guess the Matterhorn, because it was the
first coaster I rode as a kid with my Dad.  Maybe the total loss of the Main
St. atmosphere into complete shops, which they seem to want to do."
>< Mickey says, "Did you like the Matterhorn better before it had the second
car added to it?"
>< Mickey says, "Notice any difference to the speed or the ride over the
>< AlLutz says, "Believe it or not, I liked it best before it got enclosed
inside, and you could see all the beams and such that held it all together
>< AlLutz says, "It was ALMOST as scary as Space Mtn with the lights on.  ;)"

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) Do you think the Candlelight Procession show should be expanded to
more dates, like it is at WDW?  Would there be enough interest?

>< AlLutz says, "Oh yes!  And limit the VIPs to one or two shows.  Right now
they take over almost all of Town Square with VIP seats and the regular DL
guests have to stand way back with no seats."

>< Next question:
>< (Jeff_Graebner) Al, have you heard any details about what will take place
at the railroad rededication ceremony this Friday?

>< AlLutz says, "Nothing yet.  But like most DL ceremonies, don't expect
anyone but the press to get good views of it."
>< AlLutz says, "A continuing sore point with me you can imagine."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Do you have any info on the construction accident at the
Matterhorn. Reports on the WWW have been conflicting.

>< AlLutz says, "The worker was fine today.  A bucket full of debris from the
rehab pulled a crane onto the mountain and toppled the roof off of the Alice
mushroom.  Today you'd never know it happened."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Kitsune: "Was the Beamway damaged by the crane
>< Mickey says, "One news report was that the crane hit the monorail track."
>< AlLutz says, "Not from what I could see, but I'm not a Monorail engineer...

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) You say that they are still designing DCA?  Doesn't construction
start in a year on the park?

>< AlLutz says, "From what I have heard, yes.  The general areas are set, but
the attractions are still being worked on."
>< AlLutz says, "Be aware a LOT of the work is from OUTSIDE WDI.  That should
be very interesting."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Can you tell me more about this Geyser Mt I keep hearing about?

>< Mickey says, "Geyser Mountain sounds like it would be a great attraction."
>< AlLutz says, "Basically it will be DL's version of Tower of Terror, and
they are looking to place it behind Big Thunder Mtn, where the Festival of
Fools show is now.  But don't look for it before 2002,"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Have you ever been inside Walt's apartment?

>< Mickey says, "Why, Double_D -- is there something missing? ;-)"
>< AlLutz says, "No, but I have dined in Club 33 three times now.  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Can you tell us more about the Matterhorn's extensive renovation
and the reasons behind it.

>< AlLutz says, "The DL line had an article about it.  Basically the
combination of water and the old style construction caused problems."
>< AlLutz says, "It's in the middle of a long rehab, the eighth year of a
twelve year schedule"
>< AlLutz says, "They are tearing out the old plywood that they used to form
the mountain, which rotted, and they are rebuilding the inside."
>< AlLutz says, "The biggest problem areas are the various waterfalls."
>< Mickey says, "Yes, the Line said they could have saved on maintenance if
they changed the ride to not have water running through it, but they thought
it was worth it to keep that aspect of it, plus it helps the braking, so the
water stays!"
>< Mickey says, "Are you glad the water stays?"
>< AlLutz says, "Yes, this is costing Disney a fortune to keep a ride the
same, but they understand what a bellweather attraction this is for the park."
>< Mickey nods and agrees.
>< AlLutz says, "I applaud them for doing it."
>< Mickey claps loudly!

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Do you think DL will get the update TIKI Room show that WDW is
getting?  The show sounds pretty funny and keeps a lot of the old show intact.

>< AlLutz says, "I hear if it does well in WDW, we may see it here.  But with
budgets being the way they are... we'll see. I think it was an excellent idea."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Have you ever been to WDW?  How do you think it compares to DL?

>< AlLutz says, "I've visited twice.  I love EPCOT and think the Studios are
the best thing Disney has ever done.  But the MK just lost something in the
translation for me."
>< AlLutz says, "It's been said DL was built by a father for his daughters..."
>< AlLutz says, "And that WDW was designed by a committee for a hoard."
>< AlLutz says, "DL still has more charm and grace I think, and more
attractions, that's for sure!"
>< Mickey nods!

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) What would you do to fix Main Street if you had the power?

>< Mickey says, "Well, most of the confetti is now gone.... ;-)"
>< AlLutz says, "After asking Ann Dale to leave?  ;)  I would restore full
menus to Carnation Cafe, keep the China Shop they want to eliminate after the
>< AlLutz says, "Then I would squeeze in American Adventure where Mr. Lincoln
is, keeping him as a host, and also look to bring back more of the types of
displays that were on Main St. when it first opened."
>< AlLutz says, "In other words, make it less a mall and more an attraction. 
Mickey's Big Break should go in the cinema too.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Yes, that's quite a movie I'm in at WDW's Magic Kingdom!"
>< Mickey shows Al his Mikie Eisner watch.
>< Mickey says, "We have time for a few more questions, Al. Are you game?"
>< AlLutz says, "If you folks want me still...  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Sure!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Any luck on DL saving the plans for the Blast to the Past
restaurant?  Do you know how much mail DL has gotten about this restaurant?

>< AlLutz says, "I understand it is a dead issue.  All due to capacity that
Food Service wants.  I know folks have been writing, but it's hard to campaign
for something that hasn't opened yet."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Is "Rocket Rods" the official name and does the ride have a

>< AlLutz says, "I hear NO sponsor.  And Tony got his Rocket Rods name.  Which
I think every kid in the world would love...  :)"
>< Mickey yays!

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) What do you think of charging Guests the full admission price of
$36 when so much of the park is under major rehab/construction?

>< AlLutz says, "Funny you should ask that... we were talking about this in
the park today."
>< AlLutz says, "I think they have speeded up much rehab to beat El Nino,
which is why so much is down."
>< AlLutz says, "BUT attendance has been up quite a bit, which leads them to
believe they don't need the locals discount this year."
>< AlLutz says, "I am guessing here..."
>< AlLutz says, "But I think a lot of the increased attendance now is because
people stayed away from Light Magic."
>< AlLutz says, "The word of mouth was that bad... so we'll see.  They had a
bad summer due to it, but they are having a great winter now due to it.  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Lumiere: Going back to the Blast to the
Past... Is it true that the Rocket Rods lobby will incorporate the ride
vehicles intended for the restaurant?"
>< AlLutz says, "I heard that also in a.d.d.  I can't confirm it, but it does
seem to fit.  The rehab of the old theater will be minimal, BTW."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Rufus: "What about charging full admission
price when there are 100,000 people inside?""
>< AlLutz says, "You are a man after my heart Rufus... they LOVE packing the
park.  Too bad the place was designed for 20,000 max."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Alice: "So, if they'll pay $36 when the park
is in rehab, how much might they pay when it's done?....Your speculations?""
>< AlLutz says, "DL raises admission each year by a dollar.  I do understand
they would like to match WDW's pricing.  Between you and me, I wouldn't
expect a huge increase until the new park opens."
>< Mickey says, "Do you think we're approaching the point where a trip to a
Disney park for most families is too expensive?"
>< AlLutz says, "I think they reached that point a few years ago.  It used to
be food and souvenirs were reasonable, but no longer.  We'll see.  So far the
gate tells them no."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) Why don't you tell us your opinions of the Astro Orbitor

>< AlLutz says, "I think it's very nice for a Dumbo type of attraction.  My
concern is the scale of it next to the Castle and Matterhorn.  It looks a bit
large.  But they are working on it - it was shortened by six feet after 
initial installation."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Eisner) You said minimal renovation to the CircleVision
Theatre...Are we to assume the Rocket Rods will have a round queue?  DL
should have gotten the Timekeeper!

>< AlLutz says, "I wish we had gotten the Timekeeper, too - they will have
movies running in it to keep you amused while waiting."
>< Mickey says, "Al, last question... Will you join us in a moment down in the
auditorium to meet everyone?"
>< AlLutz says, "If you guys still want me, of course!  :)"
>< Mickey says, "Great!  Before we go down into the audience, Al, I have an
announcement to make..."
>< Mickey says, "EMuck is about to have two special guests who have a
connection to "Beauty and the Beast"..."
>< Mickey says, "On Saturday, November 22nd we'll be chatting with  
Richard White, who is Gaston..."
>< Mickey says, "And on Saturday, December 13th we'll be joined by Susan Egan,
who was Belle on Broadway and is Megara in "Hercules"!"
>< AlLutz says, "How wonderful, Mickey!"
>< Mickey says, "Both chats will start at the usual time, right here in the
auditorium... 10 pm Central time."
>< Mickey says, "Al, on behalf of the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club and
AmberThree Productions, thank you for joining us tonight!"
>< Mickey says, "Please come with me down into the audience!"
>< AlLutz says, "Thank you all, and especially you Mickey!"
>< Mickey bows
>< Mickey says, "My pleasure!"
AlLutz leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
Mickey leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
You leave the podium and head through the door to the...
The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special chat
events with celebrity guests take place.
Current Topic:          Disneyland/D-I-G (Disneyland Info. Guide)
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  AlLutz(Al Lutz)
Chat on Saturday, Nov. 8th starting at 8 PM Pacific / 11 pm Eastern / 10 pm
Central Standard Time (GMT -0600) with D-I-G author Al Lutz about Disneyland.
To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes) and
wait to be prompted to enter your question.  Questions will be asked in the
order they were asked.  Anyone at the podium cannot hear what is said in this
room, so use the 'request' feature.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter
 Air Lutzes, Plush Beast
 Lumiere, Double_D, Rufus, Teri, Gurgi, Figaro, Max, Kitsune, :Kervus:,
 Angela, Phil, Cidrian, Alice, Babette, MissSpider, g.Eisner, Jeff_Graebner,
 AlLutz, Mickey
Lumiere applauds for Al!
Double_D applauds.
Max claps then waves to Al.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "Mickey, come give your pal a hug!" 
AlLutz says, "You folks are so kind.  :)" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Let's hear it for Al Lutz!!!" 
Double_D says, "Thanks for the chat, Al." 
Figaro says, "Thanks for coming, Al" 
Mickey claps loudly!!
Alice jumps up and down and applauds loudly for Al!
Lumiere exclaims, "Thank you for coming Al!" 
Teri claps loudly in appreciation!
Mickey gives g.Eisner and hug and thanks him for the great questions.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "I'm tired from asking all those
questions, Al!  How about you?" 
Rufus exclaims, "Thanks for all your work on the web site, Al!" 
Phil exclaims, "Hello! I am Philocites, "Ohh, type 'look Air Lutzes' =:o)" 
MissSpider claps !
Rufus applauds again.
AlLutz exclaims, "Thank you all for asking such interesting questions, about
my favorite subject of course!" 
Babette claps her feather, which make a whispy sound.
Alice trips over all the plush and falls to the floor...thankfully, on a bunch
of plush who break her fall...
Double_D puts on the Air Lutzes.
Phil says, "I make every guest shoes...but I nearly refuse to make any for
Susan Egan...Meg.Yuck." 
Kitsune asks, "So, where's lunch tomorrow? Rod's?" 
Babette puts on the Air Lutzes.
Mickey says, "A transcript of this chat will be available in a few days and
put on EMuck's web and FTP sites.  We'll announce when the transcript is
Cidrian has left.
Mickey says, "Yes, Al, Phil has some special shoes for you... Enter 'look air
lutzes' (without quotes)" 
AlLutz asks, "Actually today I was told we HAVE to eat at Big Thunder, now
who's coming?" 
Alice puts on the Air Lutzes.
Phil says, "And type 'put' no quotes. =:o)" 
Kitsune exclaims, "me!" 
Angela is estatic about Susan Egan coming to chat!!!!
AlLutz says, "AL hopes Mickey will fix his spelling errors.  :)" 
Mickey says, "Yes, Al, I'll fix all the errors, mine included!"
Rufus puts on the Air Lutzes.
Jeff_Graebner says, "Unfortunately, it looks like I have to work tomorrow..." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "AL, is the EWalt RR book really that
great.  Is it mostly about RR's or DL?" 
Phil is afraid  of  Susan Egan...
Alice asks, "Do add folks meet at DL on a *daily* basis???" 
Lumiere LOL!!
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "don't pick on Mickey AL!" 
Babette isn't too ecstatic about Gaston coming.:)
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "or my spelling errors!" 
Rufus says, "Broggie's book is mostly about Walt's relationship to trains." 
Mickey grins at g.Eisner
AlLutz says, "G - it's a wonderful book, more about how trains inspired DL. 
Well worth it." 
Kitsune says, "Alice, we go home at closing :)" 
Jeff_Graebner says, "There are usually many add folks in the park on Saturday
and Sunday (particularly Sunday)" 
Mickey says, "Al, I have a gift for you...  Ready for it?" 
AlLutz asks, "What???" 
Alice watches with anticipation
Phil says, "Mickey...competition? =;o)" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Here it is!!!" 
Mickey rips open a big bag of confetti.  Confetti flies everywhere!
Angela exclaims, "As most people here know, Susan Eagan is my idol!" 
Mickey grabs a handful of confetti and tosses it up into the air! Colorful
confetti slowly drifts down.
Double_D exclaims, "Woohoo!" 
Max needs to get that train book....
Lumiere wonders if PaulP puts a plainclothes DL security person on the a.d.d.
group.... ;)
Mickey watches more of the confetti he threw drift down.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) asks, "Oh God, where are the leaf
Phil hides from Angela.
Alice runs screaming from the confetti!!!!!
Mickey sees the last bits of confetti he threw float down to the ground.
Al is getting ill... trying not to hurl on the pixies...
Babette grabs a handful of confetti and tosses it up into the air! Colorful
confetti slowly drifts down.
Jeff_Graebner says, "We can clean our streets forever..."" 
Babette watches more of the confetti she threw drift down.
MissSpider smiles.
Gurgi has left.
Babette sees the last bits of confetti she threw float down to the ground.
Double_D puts on the Air Lutzes.
Babette says, "OO.. a macro-50" 
Plush Sunners comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "Al" 
Phil sees some confetti infront of his nose...wait, that's goat-fur...
Figaro says, "Good night all and especially Rufus" 
Angela says, "Al, I wrote a DL trip report once.  I'm the on who gave drawings
to all the characters." 
Rufus is surprised. He didn't think featherdusters could count that high.
Alice watches confetti land in her Cheesecake Milkshake and frowns.
Double_D exclaims, "These shoes say I'm going to Disneyland!" 
AlLutz says, "Rumor has it the hub was rehabed to put in listening devices...
but I say pshaw..." 
Lumiere exclaims, "30 minutes of Riverdancing Nicole Kidman look-alikes
dressed as grotesque looking pixies- quality entertainment! ;)" 
Plush Commando comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Plush Helicopter comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Babette has never heard the last name 'LUTZ' b-4!
guest1 has left.
guest1 comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Alice says, "uh oh...lag monster..." 
Kitsune wonders whats on the agenda (becides lunch) for sunday, FoF?
Fantasmic? (and when is the next fantasmic 3d event?
Rufus exclaims, "Nite, Figgy!" 
MissSpider waves
Plush Oliver Stone comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Zummi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
guest1's new name is g.Eisner.
Plush Staci comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Plush r.Daneel comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
AlLutz says, "You have to ask Adiranne about Fantasmic 3-D." 
Babette is gonna turn in
Radi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Double_D exclaims, "Plush invasion!" 
Plush Mad Dog Sunni comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Sassi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Max huggles Zummi Plush.
Tummi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Figaro hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
Figaro has left.
Gusto Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Babette hugs Lum
Max drowns in a sea of plush...
Buddy Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Jeff_Graebner says, "I think F-3D has generally been retired..." 
Alice asks, "What's this about Fantasmic 3-D???" 
Double_D exclaims, "AAHHHH!" 
Sunni Plush Woman comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "burn down the plush warehouse!" 
Phil says, "I'm the  future god of merchandising. I feel so proud. =;o)" 
Grammi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Babette has left.
Baby Sunni Gummi Plush comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Lumiere says, "This must be Ann Dale's doing......" 
Double_D fumbles for a weapon.
Mickey giggles
AlLutz says, "Phil, when do you want to start, there's this woman I want you
to replace..." 
Phil says, "What...Oh...not me...I only had a plush r.Daneel out there..." 
Double_D pulls a fish from his robe.
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Just trying to make you feel at
home, with all this plush, Al!" 
Alice puts on her Plush Protective Gear.
Max fwaps each and every plush, shouting "Beat it Doofus!" with each fwap...
Phil says, "I'll  have to  talk to Zeus  'bout that..." 
AlLutz says, "I will cut a path through all the plush with my trusty light
Double_D looks at the fish and remembers what Herc said.
AlLutz says, "Ooops, it broke..." 
Alice exclaims, "Watch out; Plush Beast is still here!" 
Phil says, "But...I mean wouldn't they think it weird  to have a satyr in 
that spot?" 
AlLutz says, "Cheap light swords..." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "AL, you can light the way with your
pixie stick" 
Kitsune says, "fantasmic 3d.. think disney guests do rocky horror-isims" 
Lumiere says, "I can't believe how many things they could sell at Disneyland
that would be perfect- but don't get sold in favor of more pooh, and cheap
generic merchandise." 
Double_D starts fwapping the plush with his fish.
AlLutz says, "Boy, Lumiere, you are so right." 
Alice nods with Lumi.
Rufus says, "Kit, there's a net site with instructions for Fantasmic..." 
Max has to agree with that.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "I am dumber for having allowed
AnnDale to be hired!" 
Phil says, "Well...I can change that...but, I'll have a partial Hercules take
Max has had about enough of this Cult of Pooh...
AlLutz exclaims, "They don't even have wall maps anymore!" 
Kitsune nods to Rufus
Meecelet jumps on top of the plush mountain!
Alice says, "But, I am happy to see that Piece of Eight is no longer just
plush, and does indeed have some kewl Pirate-y items in there now." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "I have an old wall map!" 
Lumiere says, "I sat down and came up with 20 ideas in a matter of minutes....
I wonder what their problem is?" 
Max would have bought one of those maps had he seen one when he was there...
Double_D digs around the room looking for leftover ears.
AlLutz says, "Herc is too busy with that parade Phil, you'll have to go it
Rufus exclaims, "Yeah, that wall map I got in 1958 was the prize of my youth!" 
Phil says, "Herc's MY boy...he is not to busy." 
AlLutz says, "The problem is a woman who has only worked for the GAP and
places like that all her life." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "RUFUS - that map would be the prize of
your bank account if you sold it." 
Phil smiles.  =;o)
Rufus says, "Not after all the trips my bubba and I planned with it, Eisner." 
AlLutz asks, "Has everyone visited my Culprits page?  You can see Ann Dale's
photo there." 
Rufus nodnods.
Meecelet giggles with Double_D
AlLutz says, "Along with Michael Maines." 
Lumiere says, "Yep. Good job with that! I wondered what these people looked
Phil says, "Well...I'm a guy with Achilles and fun stuff...I don't think I'm
better off" 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) exclaims, "would someone tell Ann "clueless"
Dale to sell video tapes of Fantasmic!!!" 
Max asks, "What's the URL of that page?" 
Sunni looks at Meecelet, who coos and giggles at her.
Jeff_Graebner says, "I thought that page was about the cast of the "Beverly
Cidrian comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
AlLutz says, "Today they got back in those horrible bloody plastic eyeballs." 
Rufus exclaims, "Oh yuck!" 
SunniGummi comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Alice asks, "What? Where??" 
AlLutz says, "Just want I want to buy my kid at DL.  Bloody eyeballs." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "I have a WETT'N WHIZZER for sale ;)" 
Cidrian says, "Better bloody eyeballs than light swords or bubble swords..." 
Kitsune says, "we saw them last sunday, in" 
Rufus exclaims, "I didn't mind the plastic barf in the Magic Shop, but bloody
eyeballs in the Emporium is too much!" 
Phil says, "Look...I'm sure you'd rather have Plush Phil's galore. =;o)" 
Sunni says, "yeah" 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) asks, "AL, where (and why) do they sell these
Lumiere says, "I'd like to see a CD with old parade music from the DL parades
of the past." 
AlLutz says, "I had dinner today with two special guests, Tom Shaw 
and Janna Nichols at the Blue Bayou.  We had an imagineer
and an animator visit with us too." 
Double_D exclaims, "Wow!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Tell all, Al!" 
AlLutz says, "Emporium G." 
Angela wants to go back to DL!!!
AlLutz says, "I just ordered that Japanese CD of Park music, very nice.  It
will arrive next week." 
Lumiere exclaims, "I've seen that! Is it all in English?" 
Jeff_Graebner asks, "Where did you find that would order the Japanese CD?" 
AlLutz says, "AS I understand it Lumiere, yes.  It even has Tower of Terror
music and indy on it." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) asks, "AL, what CD of Japanese park music? 
Where did you get it?" 
Lumiere says, "Oh- I was thinking about the Japanese parade CD, not that
Alice asks, "And, does it come with sushi?" 
AlLutz says, "There was a recent post about this two CD set of park music from
japan.  It runs about $40 here, but it seems worht it." 
Phil asks, "So Al, mind if I call you Al? I want to take over DL. Think it's
alright for a satyr to do that?" 
Better a satyr than a sadist.
Mickey says, "You can call me Betty, you can call him Al."
AlLutz says, "Phil I wish you would, you could really go the distance.  :)" 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) asks, "AL, is it Disney park music?  Any idea
where I can go on the WWW to get it?" 
Alice hears rim-shot.
Rufus says, "Phil, I'll volunteer to retrain the (surviving) Jungle Cruise
Phil says, "Alright...I'm in CO ooc...give me the ticket to  fly there, and  
we'll  see what happens.  =;o)" 
AlLutz says, "Forgive me folks as I try to keep up.  This is all new to me. 
Cidrian says, "Better rimshot than rimfire..." 
Angela  wishes she was playing a character here instead of herself.
Sunni says, "yeah" 
Sunni says, "hello AlLutz" 
Rufus says, "That's why we built the stage, Al.  Don't worry, we can't always
keep up, either." 
Lumiere says, "I think they should sell CD singles of the current afternoon
parade music- with a classic parade song thrown in....." 
Kitsune says, "right Al, as if all of us talking at once at the meets is any
different :)" 
Max nodnods to Rufus
Phil shivers at the thought of LM in Japanese..
Mickey says, "Al, here's a trick I'd like to see happen at Disneyland.... here
Mickey changes clothes and emerges from a puff of smoke as Sorcerer Mickey, 
a red-robed apprentice magician with a borrowed magic star-covered hat and
a thick spellbook. The sleeves of the robe are too long for him and the
hat frequently slips down over his eyes. He licks one gloved finger before
turning a page in the spellbook and considers which spell to try next.
Double_D says, "Hmmm..." 
Alice makes a note to visit DL at an add meet sometime soon.
AlLutz says, "I think any www site has it, it's called Disney Music Vacation." 
Mickey zaps Plush Beast.
Plush Beast has left.
Mickey zaps Plush Sunners.
Plush Sunners has left.
Mickey zaps Plush Commando.
Plush Commando has left.
Mickey zaps Plush Helicopter.
Plush Helicopter has left.
Mickey zaps Plush Oliver Stone.
Plush Oliver Stone has left.
Cidrian says, "Mickey, the plush Terminator..."" 
Double_D exclaims, "Go for it, Mickey!" 
Lumiere says, "I think I've been to DL on days when there were add meets, but
I always seem to forget them." 
Double_D says, "I would help..." 
Mickey zaps Zummi Plush.
Zummi Plush has left.
Phil says, "Hey...plush is our friend...unless it's Barney." 
Mickey zaps Plush Staci.
Plush Staci has left.
Mickey zaps Plush r.Daneel.
Plush r.Daneel has left.
TheMickinator says, "Hasta la vista, baby."
Mickey zaps Radi Plush.
Radi Plush has left.
Mickey zaps Plush Mad Dog Sunni.
Plush Mad Dog Sunni has left.
Mickey zaps Sassi Plush.
Sassi Plush has left.
Phil says, "The Plush r.Daneel was mine. =;o)" 
TheMickinator adds, "Huh-ha!"
Mickey zaps Tummi Plush.
Tummi Plush has left.
Sunni exclaims, "wait!" 
Mickey zaps Gusto Plush.
Gusto Plush has left.
Alice thinks Plush r.Daneel prolly helps more than regular r.Daneel...
Mickey zaps Buddy Plush.
Buddy Plush has left.
Mickey zaps Sunni Plush Woman.
Sunni Plush Woman has left.
AlLutz exclaims, "If any of you are at the park tomorrow, come visit!  Noon at
Rod's piano in Coke Corner." 
Mickey zaps Grammi Plush.
Grammi Plush has left.
Double_D exclaims, "Spoofer should add Huh-ha!" 
Mickey zaps Baby Sunni Gummi Plush.
Baby Sunni Gummi Plush has left.
Lumiere waits to see Mickey zap Ann Dale....
Max says, "He did, actually, DD." 
Phil says, "Great. Fly me  there.  =;o)" 
Double_D says, "..and PaulP!" 
Sunni is geting motion sickness watching 
Kitsune will try to be there, if not later in the evening
Angela exclaims, "I wish I could come to DL tomorrow!" 
AlLutz says, "Zapping would be too merciful...  ;)" 
Sorcerer Mickey zaps Ann Dale!
Lumiere claps!!!
AlLutz says, "Watch her explode into confetti" 
Phil says, "And zap me  to DL. =;o)" 
Alice asks, "Al, how does one find out when/where to meet w/add folks?" 
Jeff_Graebner has left.
TheMickinator leaves, but before going he turns and says, "I'll be back."
Mickey changes back into his classic attire of red shorts and big yellow shoes.
Mickey bows
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "I'm so jealous.  I wish I could go to
DL tomorrow!  I'm in VA (wishing they had build Disney's America!)" 
Alice asks, "Al?" 
AlLutz asks, "Yais Alice?" 
Alice says, "I checked add tonight, but did not see mention of meeting in
Alice says, "...so, how can I find out when/where add meets at DL?" 
Kitsune says, "Come to rod's place, or to goofy's stature, and look for I DIG
a.d.d red buttons " 
Phil does some  weird satyr dance, and plays on a Syranix.
AlLutz says, "Alice, we hardly announce them anymore.  Folks just show up
Sundays noon.  Someone is always there." 
Sunni asks, "Al?" 
Angela asks, "I'm going to sound stupid, but who exactly is Ann Dale anyway? 
They're always mentioning her on the Disney parks newsgroups." 
Alice curtseys with thanks.
AlLutz asks, "Yais Sunni?" 
Double_D shows off the "I D-I-G a.d.d" button he found on the ground.
Max wishes he had known that... He went to DL on a Sunday...
Sunni thinks fast
Dr.Hutchinson comes in from Arbordale Center and finds a seat near you.
Dr.Hutchinson waves
AlLutz says, "Ann Dale is the woman who "runs" merchandising.  Visit my site
to learn more about her." 
Alice chews on a Milk Dud from today's screening of BatB: TEC.
Max asks, "What's the URL?" 
Rufus says, "Yeah, Al's site runs Ann Dale down pretty well." 
Phil says, "And this little satyr wants her so-called job.  =;o)" 
AlLutz says, "http://members.aol.com/alweho/" 
Lumiere says, "I think they should try to get "Michelle Lynne" to meet up with
adders. (or maybe she's too busy answering ALL of Disneyland's e-mail) ;)" 
Alice giggles!
MissSpider smiles
Max launches Netscape...
Mickey hopes only the Milk was a dud, and not the movie, Alice!
Angela asks, "you saw TEC, Alice?!" 
Sunni says, "oh, Al, I was wondering " 
AlLutz asks, "SOMEONE from Disneyland should show up to answer questions don't
you think?" 
AlLutz says, ":)" 
Alice nods to Angela and assures the movie was FUN!
AlLutz says, "Yais Sunni." 
Phil says, "Yeah...well, I'm a  satyr. =:o)" 
Angela exclaims, "I can't wait to see it!  I thought it wasn't out yet." 
Lumiere says proudly, "My world premiere movie on video!"
Phil wags his little goat tail.
Max is gonna have to fwap someone for this IaSW music... ;P
Alice senses no bitterness whatsoever in Al's response to Lumiere.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "I wish I could go to DL
tomorrow....but I'm in VA" 
Mickey rings a Christmas Belle in joy!
Lumiere winks. "I think Alice has an in at BVHE"
Sunni says, "you have to excues me alittle, the system I use is laging very
bad today, well anyway, do you know if" 
Alice says, "That's, 'BVHETC', Lumi..." 
Mickey says, "Lumiere, that's BVHETC now. ;-)"
Mickey lowfurs Alice
Alice hifives Mickey
MissSpider starts playing the IASW theme on a xylophone.
Mickey says, "No, MissSpider, anything but that!"
MissSpider grins evilly.
JanetJ sings "If."
Mickey grins with Sunni
( Pain and Panic say, "If is good..." )
Angela says, "I heard some TEC sound clips on the Disney page.  I don't care
for Chip's new voice." 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) asks, "AL?" 
Mickey hopes Al is a speed reader
AlLutz says, "Yais G, still waiting for Sunni." 
Sunni asks, "are the CD still available in DL from Afternoon Avenue?" 
AlLutz says, "No, as a matter of fact I found one in an collector's store last
week.  Four bucks." 
MissSpider zaps MissSpider.
MissSpider has left.
Sunni is lagged very bad today
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "I hear the Sherman brothers may be
doing songs for the rocket Rods queue and redoing "Great Big Beautiful
Tomorrow" for Innoventions.  Any truth?" 
AlLutz says, "G, from your keyboard to WDI's screens..." 
Lumiere says, "I saw a plush Mrs. Potts and Chip the other day... I hope they
introduce another Plush Lumiere." 
Max looks at a photo of Paul Pressler...
Sunni says, "yeah" 
Mickey says, "Lumiere, trouble with the Plush Lumiere's is they keep cathing
on fire."
Phil says, "I saw one at the suvineir stand at the musical when it came to
Angela says, "I saw the plush Mrs. Potts and Chip too" 
Lumiere smiles.
Double_D says, "Plush BatB chars.? At TDS?" 
Rufus nodnods.
Phil is still looking for a plush Phil...
Lumiere exclaims, "Yep!" 
Alice exclaims, "Oh, yes, we need MORE PLUSH at DL!" 
Max would get a plush Lumi if they released one...
Sunni says, "yeah" 
Mickey giggles with Alice
Sunni would love to see other Plushes return to DL to
Mickey says, "More confetti, too!"
Mickey grabs a handful of confetti and tosses it up into the air! Colorful
confetti slowly drifts down.
AlLutz says, "Well gang, this was a real pleasure." 
Alice worked on Belle's dress...it'll be at DL soon...
Mickey watches more of the confetti he threw drift down.
Rufus says, "For us, too, Al.  Thanks again for coming!" 
Mickey sees the last bits of confetti he threw float down to the ground.
Angela exclaims, "The 1st time I saw B&TB, I thought Cogsworth's name was
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Al, thanks for coming!! And come
back anytime, okay?" 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "I had a Paul Pressler plush, but lent
it to the VooDoo woman above the Bath Shop in New Orleans Square (LOL)" 
Max nods to Al.  "Stop back anytime."
Dr.Hutchinson grabs a handful of confetti and tosses it up into the air!
Colorful confetti slowly drifts down.
Lumiere says, "Applause did a Plush Lumi but I stupidly put it back on the
Alice exclaims, "Thank you so very much for the visit, Al!  Come back soon!" 
Phil exclaims, "Bye!" 
Double_D asks, "Yes, please come again" 
Dr.Hutchinson watches more of the confetti she threw drift down.
Lumiere exclaims, "Bye, Al!" 
Dr.Hutchinson nods.
Angela exclaims, "Bye Al!" 
Lumiere exclaims, "Thanks for coming!" 
Double_D exclaims, "Good night!" 
Dr.Hutchinson sees the last bits of confetti she threw float down to the
Dr.Hutchinson exclaims, "Bye Al!" 
Rufus says, "Al, you should come back on a Friday night for our trivia
Sunni says, "bye" 
AlLutz says, "Thank YOU Mickey, and all the wonderful folks for hosting me.  I
had a great time." 
Mickey applauds loudly for Al again!
Max waves bye to Al.
Phil gives Al a satyr-hug.
Sunni neeedsHellppppppppp
Rufus applauds Al once more.
Lumiere applauds for Al!
Kitsune claps
AlLutz exclaims, "Bye all!" 
Sunni waves
Dr.Hutchinson waves
Phil says, "Oy, I wish I were taller." 
Dr.Hutchinson grins
Teri waves at Al.
Lumiere says, "Keep up the pressure. :)" 
Alice curtseys goodbye to Al!
Dr.Hutchinson looks at the wise mage known as Double D.
Mickey picks up all the confetti, making this place all neat and pretty again!
Mickey happily says, "Hey, they should have used me at Disneyland to pick up
the confetti there. Look!  All gone." 
Mickey zaps Confetti.
Alice watches as Mickey puts all the confetti back into the blowers.  He's got
Phil says, "Yeah. You and me could be a team  there.  =;o)" 
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "Goodnight all...I had lots of fun" 
AlLutz has disconnected.
Kitsune checks behind his ears, nope, here's three more pounds
Mickey says, "Mortimer, have all that confetti dry cleaned so we can use it
again tomorrow."
Rufus exclaims, "Nite, Eisner, thanks for joining us!" 
Mickey says, "Bye, g.Eisner!"
Dr.Hutchinson waves
Double_D exclaims, "BYe!" 
Sunni says, "g.Eisner" 
Mickey says, "Thanks for the great questions!"
Alice says, "bye Mikey" 
Lumiere asks, "I saw the Blockbuster Video Exclusive Belles (She's holding me
in her hands) Was that done through BVHETC, Alice?" 
Sunni says, "Wait" 
Lumiere exclaims, "bye Mickey!" 
Phil attempts to honk the horns on his head, but they don't  make any noise.
Dr.Hutchinson yawns.  "Goodnight."
Kitsune has left.
g.Eisner (ip156-128.lab.jmu.edu) says, "Bye Mickey.  The questions were as fun
for me as everyone else" 
Mickey says, "Meecelet, I'm going to stay up a bit longer, but you need to go
to bed."
Le Royale with cheese...
Lumiere says, "They don't sell them things around here anymore- now it's the
"Big and Tasty"" 
Meecelet says, "OK, Daddy."
Meecelet says, "G'nite, everybody!"
Sunni asks, "meecelet?" 
Double_D exclaims, "Night!" 
Rufus exclaims, "Nite, Meecelet!" 
Sunni says, "nite " 

With a tear in your eye... and a thump in your heart... you go home.

[End of transcript.]