EMuck--Susan Egan (Voice of Megara, and original theatrical Belle) Invited Talk Transcript

Susan Egan Susan/Meg This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Tony-nominated actress Susan Egan, who originated the role of Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway musical, played Meg in Disney's Hercules animated feature, and recently starred as Princess Leonide in the Broadway show Triumph of Love. The chat occurred on Saturday 13 December 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CST (GMT -0600) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck.

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Ms. Egan (SusanEgan) comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

The Official Susan Egan Fan Page is at http://www.calweb.com/~jblenkle/egan/.

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While Susan Egan has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company she is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Ms. Egan and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
Photos courtesy Susan Egan Fan Page, maintained by Joe Blenkle (omitted).
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You leave Mickey's Cyber Diner and arrive in...
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special chat events with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.

Current Topic:          Susan Egan, Disney voice artist & actress
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  SusanEgan(Susan "Meg" "Belle" Egan)

A Special Invited Chat with Susan Egan is here tonight (Sat., Dec. 13) starting
at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific / 10 PM Central Standard Time (GMT -0600).

To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes) and
wait to be prompted to enter your question.  Your REQUESTed question *can* be
longer than one line...if you don't press your Return key until you finish
typing your question.  Questions will be asked in the order they were REQUESTed.
Anyone at the podium cannot hear what is said in this room, so use REQUEST.

 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) We're a few minutes away from the Susan Egan chat in
the Auditorium. Stand by for the arrival of Susan Egan!
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "yeah!!!!!! "
Dale stands up on Hindlegs.
Dale sniffs the air.
JHaulsee exclaims, "Hi Ernie!"
Mickey says, "Susan Egan has connected!"
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "yes!"
Mickey exclaims, "Susan's on EMuck!"
Crystal exclaims, "YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Cogsworth exclaims, "Yes!"
g.Jeremy ( exclaims, "Susan!  She cracks me up..what spunk"
LudwigVonDrake exclaims, "hooray!"
Mickey exclaims, "Make way for Susan!"
Jujuevins says, "hi susan."
Disneygirl cheers!!!!!
Alice whew's.
Phil drops p.Nessus
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) asks, "where is she???"
Crystal waves a GO SUSAN sign!
Mickey vanishes in a puff of smoke to the Welcome Center Lounge.
Cogsworth jumps.
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "Susan Rocks!!!!! from Ernie!"
Double_D waves his "Meg 3:16" sign.
Starcade wonders if I should make a SUSAN 3:16 sign
Adarsh says, "John 3:16"
SusanEgan comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Bat drops to her knees and touches her forehead to the floor in honor of
Susan's arrival
Josie exclaims, "Whoo hoo!  Susan's here!  The party can begin!"
Truckie has arrived.
You hear a siren of in the distance, It's Chief Truckie and he pulls to
a stop right in front of you
Cogsworth BatB 3:16
Starcade giggles -- I'm a pro wrestling...
g.Jeremy ( says, "if she is seeing this she has got to be in
tears laughing"
p.Nessus wants to kiss Ms. Egan. ;)
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "welcome ms.egan!"
Starcade applauds at Susan.
Eddie says, "Hi, Susan.  :)"
Angela exclaims, "Yahoo!!!!"
Disneygirl takes a deep breath!!!
Double_D says, "Hello there."
Mickey comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
guest2 enters via the shortcut from the Welcome Center Lounge.
Dale gasps.
Crystal waves a GO SUSAN sign!!
LudwigVonDrake exclaims, "Hi!"
Dale exclaims, "Hi Susan!!"
Wrynne curtsies deeply
Jujuevins says, "hey susan."
TigerEyes enters via the shortcut from the Welcome Center Lounge.
g.LvMeeko (174-248-165.ipt.aol.com) says, "HI susan"
Rufus politely applauds Susan.
p.Nessus exclaims, "Hello! Oh, I love you!"
Disneygirl asks, "She can't hear us, right?"
Cogsworth exclaims, "Hello, Susan!"
Beast says, "I think she's getting ready.  Once she starts, we should have a
little more quiet in here.  Not total silence, mind you. <grin>"
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "YOU ROCK SUSAN!"
MsFunOne says, "i don't think she can hear us (read us)"
guest4 (ham-on4-31.netcom.ca) says, "Hey Susan"
Starcade gives Susan a quick hug because he might not be able to do it later.
Alanna comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
SusanEgan exclaims, "Hello everybody!"
Mickey says, "Susan, please join me up onstage at the podium!"
AbsoluteX says, "Hi Susan"
Crystal exclaims, "Hi Susan!"
Mickey clears a path for Susan to go to the stage
Phil asks, "Hey, why am I the only Hercules char here?"
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "welcome"
Agarboy says, "G'day Susan"
Alice curtseys gently.
LudwigVonDrake exclaims, "hiya!"
Josie says, "HI Susan"
g.LvMeeko (174-248-165.ipt.aol.com) says, "HI susan"
Starcade waves meekly.
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Angela waves!!
Cogsworth exclaims, "Because BatB rocks!"
TigerEyes says in a singsong voice, "Hi again Susan"
Alanna exclaims, "Whoah! Spam city!"
Bat leaps up from her cowering position to give Susan a huggle.
guest1 (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "Hello Ms. Susan Egan. A.K.A Diva!"
SusanEgan says, "It's such a crazy day, I'm glad I'm finally here."

 * * * NOTE: Meecelet went on stage at this point, so I'm missing * * *
 * * * some of the pre-chat comments for a bit...                 * * *

You head through the door and wind up at...
Center Stage: The Podium (Arbordale Auditorium)
You are at the podium onstage.  Anything you say or do (SAY, ", POSE, :)
will be seen by all in the Arbordale Auditorium.

Current moderator:  Mickey
Current topic:      Susan Egan, Disney voice artist & actress
Current speaker:    SusanEgan(Susan "Meg" "Belle" Egan)

ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) It is time for the chat with Susan Egan in the Arbordale
Auditorium! Enter 'run welcome;susan' to get here, if you're not here already.
Mickey leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale
SusanEgan comes onstage from the Auditorium.
Mickey comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Mickey offers SusanEgan a Mouse-ke-cola
>< Mickey says, "How are you, Susan?  Comfy?  Thanks for coming!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Hey, thanks!"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Time for the chat!
>< Mickey adjusts his mouse-eared moderator hat and prepares to start
tonight's chat session.
>< SusanEgan takes a sip of the Mouse-ke-cola.
>< SusanEgan says, "It's diet, right?"
>< Mickey nods
>< Mickey says, "AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club are
proud to present the tenth in our series of Special Invited Talks with our
special guest, Ms. Susan Egan."
>< Mickey says, "Susan portrayed the original Belle in Disney's "Beauty and
the Beast" Broadway musical for which she received a Tony nomination for Best
>< Mickey says, "She is now appearing as Princess Leonide in the Broadway
musical "Triumph of Love" at the Royale Theater in New York."
>< Mickey says, "Susan is heard as both the speaking and singing voice of
Megara, the sassy-girl heroine, in Disney's newest animated motion picture
>< Mickey says, "Two theatre projects with Billy Joel are being worked on, and
hopefully we can look forward to seeing more of Susan as Meg in the upcoming
"Hercules" animated series from Disney."
>< Mickey says, "Susan sings on the new "Sondheim at the Movies" CD and "Drat
the Cat," a Varese-Sarabande CD from a wonderful little-known 60's musical. "
>< Mickey says, "She also sings on the Disney compilation album "The
Princesses" and a "Peter Pan" collection.  "
>< Mickey says, "And of course, you can hear Susan on the Broadway soundtrack
of "Beauty and the Beast" -- as well as the "Hercules" soundtrack CD singing,
"I Won't Say," arguably the best song in the movie."
>< Mickey says, "Be sure to check out The Official Susan Egan Fan Page at
>< Mickey says, "Susan, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Thanks, Mickey.  Wow, you didn't even take a breath!"
>< Mickey bows to Susan
>< Mickey says, "Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Susan Egan!"
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thank you all for joining us, too."
>< Mickey says, "Now, we can't hear you while we're up on stage at the podium,
so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "To leave a question, just enter the word REQUEST and wait to
be prompted to enter your question."
>< Mickey says, "You can enter a question that is longer than one line by not
pressing your <Return> key when you come to the end of the line...Only press
your <Return> key at the end of your question."
>< Mickey says, "Also, we'll present the questions in the order they were left
in the REQUEST queue, so please be patient."
>< Mickey says, "If there is a need for a follow-up question to an answer just
do PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to Susan Egan."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days.  We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "Susan, we have a lot of questions lined up.  In fact you have
broken the record on how many questions were requested prior to any Special
Invited Chat session!  Are you ready for the first question?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Let's go for it!"
>< Mickey says, "Susan, we've also broken the attendance record for EMuck
tonight, thanks to you!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Well, thank you!"

>< First question:
>< (Cryslink) You've had a chance to play different roles - the ingenue, the
bad girl, the secret-identity cat burglar ;) ... are there any other roles
that you'd like to try? Do you have a "favorite" role that you've already

>< SusanEgan says, "My favorite role is always the one I'm doing at the time."
>< SusanEgan says, "but I've been lucky to play characters that I've loved."
>< SusanEgan says, "I guess I would really enjoy doing something serious."
>< SusanEgan says, "maybe a Joan of Arc, what do you think?"
>< Mickey says, "Alanna asks a follow-up... what's your favorite musical?"
>< SusanEgan says, "hmmmmm...it's always changing....."
>< SusanEgan says, "today, Sweeney Todd."
>< Mickey says, "I'd like to see you in that musical!"
>< Mickey says, "What role would you like in it, if you were to do it?"
>< SusanEgan says, "People think I probably want to play Joanna."
>< SusanEgan says, "but I don't."
>< SusanEgan says, "I want to play Toby."
>< Mickey says, "Agarboy asks a follow-up, if you were to do a Joan D'Arc
movie, who would you want to write and direct it?"
>< SusanEgan says, "hmm, Kenneth Brannaugh."
>< Mickey says, "We have 68 questions in the queue still to go, so we'll try to
keep the follow-ups to a minimum.  Let's move on!"

>< Next question:
>< (Cryslink) When you look back at your run in "Beauty and the Beast", is
there a memory that stands out as being extremely memorable for you?

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh....there are so many good ones..."
>< SusanEgan says, "The first preview on Broadway -- it was my dream 
coming true."
>< SusanEgan says, "Silly one:  Terry pulled my wig off on stage!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I was bald, it was a horrible sight!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Children were crying, I'm sure!"
>< Mickey grins and asks a follow-up from Disneygirl, "Did he do it on
>< SusanEgan says, "Of course not!"
>< SusanEgan says, "but he had to wear these rubber Beast gloves so he could
never feel what he was touching!"
>< Mickey says, "A follow-up from Alanna: What's your fave song in BatB?"
>< SusanEgan says, "'Human Again'."
>< SusanEgan says, "It's what the whole play is about!"

>< Next question:
>< (Cryslink) How does it feel to know that you will go down in history as
being a part of a Disney Classic? Would you like to do another Disney film?
Have you always wanted to do a cartoon voice?

>< SusanEgan says, "Honestly?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Being a voice for a Disney Animated Feature was a HUGE
dream of mine."
>< SusanEgan says, "It really was!"
>< SusanEgan says, "...precisely because Disney films are classics."
>< SusanEgan says, "Hercules will outlast me by far."
>< SusanEgan says, "And yes, I would love to do another."
>< Mickey says, "What is your favorite song *overall*, and do you think "Human
Again" should have been dropped from the animated feature production of BatB?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, Human Again should not have been dropped."
>< SusanEgan says, "and rumor has it that they are animating it for the next
release of Beauty and the Beast."
>< Mickey nods about that rumor
>< Mickey says, "And your fave song, even not in BatB?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Oh God, I don't know...."
>< SusanEgan says, "probably Send In the Clowns."
>< Mickey says, "OK, on to the REQUESTed questions again!"

>< Next question:
>< (MuSE) Um.. I was wondering if you've read any good books lately? ;)  {I
like your taste! "Mists of Avalon"... fascinating!)

>< SusanEgan says, "I'm reading a great one now called the Snow Leopard by
Peter Mathieson."
>< SusanEgan says, "it's a true story about a man who treks thru the mountains
of Nepal."
>< Mickey says, "Agarboy follows-up, Have you read the sequel to the Mist of
Avalon, Lady of Avalon?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, is it good?"
>< Mickey says, "Is it, Agarboy?"
>< Mickey says, "He says Lady of Avalon is the Greatest of Arturian

>< Next question:
>< (guest2) This is cool, isn't it?

>< Mickey grins at guest2
>< SusanEgan says, "it's WAY cool!"
>< Mickey says, "Phil wonders if you meant to say this is a "real slice" being
here. ;-)"
>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "it's the best thing since they put the pocket in pita!"
>< Mickey says, "Huh-hah!"

>< Next question:
>< (Angela) Hi!! Oh wow! I'm feeling a little star struck at the moment.
So..um.. after doing hundreds of performances as Belle, what were your
feelings as you took your bows in Beauty and the Beast for the last time?

>< SusanEgan says, "Well, I felt fulfilled.  I felt like I had really played
it for a good length of time."
>< SusanEgan says, "and it was time to give the role over to someone new."
>< Mickey says, "Starcade wonders if it was as rewarding as it appears to
be to see all the kids fulfill a dream of meeting "a princess" after the
>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, I loved meeting the kids!"
>< SusanEgan says, "But sometimes they weren't as happy to meet me!"
>< SusanEgan says, "because I look like Peter Pan, not Belle!"
>< SusanEgan says, "but the kids always loved Willa!"
>< SusanEgan says, "(the Wonder Dog)"
>< Mickey says, "Starcade sends you a hug, Susan, and has to leave cause the
lab is closing. :-( Josie follows-up: Have you seen Sarah Uriarte or anyone
else in the role?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, I never did because I was in California!"
>< Mickey says, "Cinderella asks about the "real slice" line and wonders if it
was in the original script, or did you add it yourself?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Um, it was in the original script, but it was actually in
my audition scene."
>< SusanEgan says, "I think when I delivered it, I surprised them."
>< SusanEgan says, "because they were expecting Belle."
>< SusanEgan says, "The gesture that Meg does in the movie is what I did at
the audition."
>< SusanEgan says, "I think it's why I got the job."
>< Mickey says, "They expected sweet, innocent Belle, huh? And you sure
surprised them!"
>< SusanEgan says, "yep!"
>< SusanEgan giggles!
>< Mickey says, "What was your audition scene?"
>< SusanEgan says, "the scene when I first met Herc."
>< Mickey says, "OK! Back to the REQUESTed questions"

>< Next question:
>< (Phil) Got  Danny DeVito's email Address? Let's just say there are some of
us who are...tired of Meg.  =;o)

>< Mickey throws a cheese ball at Phil
>< SusanEgan giggles,
>< Mickey says, "Mind your manners, Phil!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, Phil, Schmill!"
>< Mickey grins
>< SusanEgan says, "Aren't you late for something!"
>< Mickey says, "Were you alone at the audition or was there anyone else
famous there too?"
>< SusanEgan says, "I was there....shoot, I'm not going to remember this guy's
>< SusanEgan says, "but he was in Damn Yankees on Broadway."
>< SusanEgan says, "He played the coach"
>< SusanEgan says, "and when they were explaining what kind of person they
wanted to play Phil, his name was the description."
>< SusanEgan says, "and then he didn't even get the job."
>< SusanEgan says, "it'll come to me."
>< Mickey says, "Josie says Dick LaTessa was the coach in Damn Yankees, she
>< SusanEgan says, "thank you, Josie!"
>< Mickey says, "EMuck's Phil apologizes and sends you a big kiss, by the way.
Back to the REQUESTed questions now..."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) How did Disney approach you for the role of Meg?

>< SusanEgan says, "They didn't! They wouldn't let me audition!"
>< SusanEgan says, "They had to audition everybody else in the world"
>< SusanEgan says, "before they'd even consider seeing me."
>< SusanEgan says, "They thought I was Belle."


Mike Tyson asks, "She's Belle???"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "lol" 
Mike Tyson ahems.
Medea rasps, "on broadway" 
Mike Tyson asks, "She's Belle?"
Sweesa  ahems
Mike Tyson exclaims, "Oh!" 
Cogsworth says, "In the Boardway 

>< SusanEgan says, "Hey, Mike, at least they didn't bite my ear off!"
>< Mickey grins but holds his ear defensively
>< SusanEgan giggles.

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you work with the animators in developing the character of
Meg?  Was there a lot of you in Meg's character?

>< SusanEgan says, "Meg was based on the 1930s and 1940s fast-talking dames,
like Barbara Stanwyck."
>< SusanEgan says, "I loved those movies!"
>< SusanEgan says, "so I did my impersonations of those women."
>< SusanEgan says, "They filmed me while I recorded and they definitely used
my expressions and gestures, although I wish I had that head of hair, too. :)"
>< Mickey says, "lar3ry follows-up: If they thought you were only Belle,
did they approach you for any of the BatB sequels?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, Paige O'Hara does them."
>< SusanEgan says, "wonderfully, by the way."
>< Mickey says, "Speaking of sequels, will you be in the "Hercules" animated
series Disney is making?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, sob sob sob"
>< SusanEgan says, "Not yet because the animated series is about a teenage
>< SusanEgan says, "He hasn't met me yet!"
>< Mickey says, "You're not watching from the bushes, huh?"
>< Mickey grins


guest4 (D-128-208-39-196.dhcp.washington.edu) exclaims, "Susan, I love your

>< SusanEgan says, "thank you, guest4!"
>< Mickey says, "I think we all do, guest4!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I wish!"
>< SusanEgan says, "maybe later!"
>< Mickey says, "Bat wonders if Roger is doing the animated series then?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Nope, it's Tate."
>< SusanEgan says, "As a matter of fact, his real life girlfriend Jennifer
Aniston got to play a part in one episode."
>< SusanEgan says, "I think Meg needs her own show, sob sob sob!"
>< Mickey agrees!
>< SusanEgan says, "Maybe an afternoon talk show!"
>< Mickey says, "Did you meet Jennifer Aniston, Pi wonders?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes! She's very nice and beautiful."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Did you ever think that BatB on Broadway would be so popular?

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, gosh.... We didn't know what to expect because it
was Disney's first theatrical venture."
>< SusanEgan says, "But we loved doing it in rehearsal!"
>< SusanEgan says, "So we just hoped that that would translate in performance."
>< Mickey says, "Beast says he'll be the first guest on your talk show, and
Cogsworth says bring all of us on! ;-) Susan, you're certainly welcome to host
a talk show here on EMuck if you'd like!"
>< Mickey grins
>< SusanEgan says, "Thanks, Mickey!"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) What are your impressions about the new "Lion King" musical?

>< SusanEgan says, "I can't wait to see it!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I hear the first ten minutes are worth the price of
>< SusanEgan says, "I'm so happy that Disney took a risk with this and made
it different than the movie."
>< SusanEgan says, "It's really paid off."
>< Mickey says, "Double_D wonders how you were chosen for the role of Belle."
>< SusanEgan says, "I almost didn't go to the audition, because I look like
Peter Pan!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I was one of the last people to audition.  I think they
were auditioning for months."
>< SusanEgan says, "and something just clicked!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It made sense to me and I made them laugh."
>< SusanEgan says, "I think they liked that."
>< Mickey says, "They obviously were waiting for you."
>< Mickey smiles

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) What is your favorite food?

>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "ice cream!"
>< Mickey says, "What flavor?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch!"

>< Next question:
>< (JHaulsee) What's a "typical" day like when you're performing in UMPH?

>< SusanEgan says, "hi J!"
>< Mickey waves to J, too!
>< SusanEgan says, "You know what ice cream I love."
>< SusanEgan says, "What's my typical day!"
>< Mickey says, "I already asked that question, no fair! ;-)"
>< SusanEgan says, "Triumph of Love is really exhausting."
>< SusanEgan says, "but Sooooooo much fun!"
>< SusanEgan says, "So basically my day is to try to conserve energy so I can
release it during the show."
>< Mickey says, "Sweesa follows-up and asks if all the work in Triumph is
worth it"
>< SusanEgan says, "completely!"
>< Mickey says, "Agarboy follows-up asking if doing the same show over and
over gets boring?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No, that's the challenge."
>< SusanEgan says, "You gotta make it new for each audience!"
>< SusanEgan says, "...because it's the first time they've seen it."
>< Mickey says, "How long have you been with UMPH and are you performing
Wednesday afternoon?"
>< SusanEgan says, "I've been working on the show for a year"
>< SusanEgan says, "We've been on Broadway since September"
>< SusanEgan says, "And yes, I'll be there Wednesday!"
>< Mickey says, "Some of those in the audience wonder what UMPH is"
>< SusanEgan says, "Umph is Triumph of Love, because the show has a lot of
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "Next question?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes!"

>< Next question:
>< (Jujuevins) Leonide is one of the most dynamic roles created for an actress
in recent memory. What challenges did you face in creating the role? And are
there any other roles out there in musical theatre land that you've always
wanted to play?

>< Mickey says, "We've covered the second part of that, so only answer part
one, please"
>< SusanEgan says, "The challege is that Leonide wears three disguises..."
>< SusanEgan says, "a waif, a seductress, and a man."
>< SusanEgan says, "But that's what made it fun!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's like playing Belle, the Beast, and Gaston!"

>< Next question:
>< (EricR) What actors or directors would you love to make a film with?

>< SusanEgan hmms.
>< SusanEgan says, "Robert Redford as a director, or actor.  He's pretty
cute :)"
>< SusanEgan says, "He is an amazing director!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I'd love to work with Emma Thompson, Jodi Foster...."
>< SusanEgan says, "any of those smart women"
>< Mickey says, "Folks, I'm getting a lot of pages that aren't exactly
follow-ups... please use REQUEST to be fair to the others who've already put
in their questions."

>< Next question:
>< (EricR) With whom would you most like to sing a duet (or more!) with?

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, wow....."
>< SusanEgan says, "Betty Buckley is pretty great!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Wow, I don't know!  There's so many!"
>< SusanEgan says, "You name it!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's too hard."


Pi exclaims, "Spice Girls!" 
lar3ry says, "ME! ME!  PICK ME!" 
Sweesa hmms
Wonderment  giggles at lar 3 ry  :)
Cogsworth says, "So little time." 
TishTash exclaims, "lol Pi!" 

>< SusanEgan says, "Except maybe Spice Girls, Pi!"
>< Mickey says, "Pi, Spice Girls is a good choice!"

>< Next question:
>< (EricR) I know you're a big film fan. Considering where we are, what are
some of your favorite Disney animated films?

>< SusanEgan says, "Bambi!"
>< SusanEgan giggles!
>< SusanEgan says, "I love the line "You can call me flower if you want to!"
>< Mickey says, "Susan, Dena says she'd like to sing with you. ;-) What about
Jennifer Aniston for the duet?"
>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "How about Jennifer Aniston gives me a job on her show, how
about that!?"
>< Mickey says, "How did you feel when Bambi's mother was killed, Agarboy
>< SusanEgan says, "Thanks for pointing that out!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I'm in a great mood now!"
>< Mickey sorries and winks.
>< SusanEgan says, "Let's talk about Lion King, let's talk about that one!
What is it with Disney and Parental Deaths!"
>< Mickey says, "Yeah!"

>< Next question:
>< (RoLin) Let's see if I can get this right this time (I messed up before).
Susan, before I ask my question, I want to tell you once again how much I
loved your performance and the show. I'm trying to get back to NY to see it
again. Do you know if the show will transfer to a new theater, and if so when
will it reopen? I hope it does, b/c a show this good doesn't deserve to close
so soon. Thanks!! Hope to see you soon!-Lindsey

>< SusanEgan says, "We're hoping the show will transfer."
>< SusanEgan says, "But this season is so crazy!"
>< SusanEgan says, "If your show isn't Ragtime or Lion King, it's a struggle."
>< Mickey says, "The lease is running out on your current theater?"
>< SusanEgan says, "yes."
>< Mickey says, "When?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Our lease is up January 11, so we'll have to move and if
we do we'll play the O'Neill in mid-February."
>< Mickey says, "You can do the show here on EMuck in this Audtorium, if you'd
like. ;-)"
>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "Thanks, Mick!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Can I call you Mick?"
>< Mickey says, "Sure can!"
>< Mickey says, "JHaulsee says "A move was built into the budget. Does that
play a factor in the move equation?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Keep your fingers crossed!"
>< SusanEgan says, "and remember everything's for a reason."
>< SusanEgan says, "They have the money to move it"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's just a matter of, you know, how busy the season is
and if we'll sell well."
>< SusanEgan says, "But we're all really optimistic."
>< Mickey says, "Sweesa says 1/11 is a lucky number and don't worry, it'll go
through. Is the new theater near the old, wonders g.Ernie?"
>< SusanEgan says, "The new theatre is 4 blocks north."
>< Mickey says, "Jujuevins wonders about a national tour for UMPH. Will there
be one?"
>< SusanEgan says, "We certainly hope so!"

>< Next question:
>< (Angela) What did you think of Hercules the first time you saw the finished

>< SusanEgan says, "It was really weird!"
>< SusanEgan says, "When I heard the voices, I was still picturing Tate and
James, not the characters."
>< SusanEgan says, "But about a half hour into it, I forgot it was us, and
had a lot of fun!"
>< Mickey says, "Some of us picture you when Meg speaks, Susan. ;-) What's
your favorite line in Hercules that you said?"
>< SusanEgan hmms.
>< SusanEgan says, "A couple of rodents looking for a theme park!"
>< Mickey likes that one!
>< Mickey says, "Followup from TishTash..."
>< Mickey says, "Wasn't the O'Neill (original theater) considered too small
for UMPH?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Grease has been playing at the O'Neill for years now.  It
wasn't available."

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) How did you begin work in voice-over?  What comments would you
offer to others wishing to do voiceover work?

>< SusanEgan says, "I had never done a voiceover before, but these Disney
animated features, they really look for musical theatre actors."
>< SusanEgan says, "So I lucked out!"
>< Mickey says, "No, we did!"
>< Mickey says, "We got to see you onstage in BatB, and also hear you and see
your mannerisms in Meg in "Hercules""
>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, that's so sweet!"
>< Mickey bows
>< SusanEgan says, "I didn't go the normal route of a voiceover actor."

>< Next question:
>< (AbsoluteX) Among all the roles you have played, which character that you
relate to the most?

>< SusanEgan says, "I relate to a lot of them, because they have qualities
that I share."
>< SusanEgan says, "Um, like Belle, I love to read."
>< SusanEgan says, "...like Leonide, I'm driven"
>< SusanEgan says, "...like Meg, I'm sarcastic"
>< SusanEgan says, "You see what I mean!"
>< Mickey says, "You have a Beast-like dog, don't you? ;-)"
>< Mickey grins
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes!"
>< SusanEgan says, "She's a 'Beauty', too!"

>< Next question:
>< (AbsoluteX) What is your favorite Disney character and what's your favorite
non-Disney cartoon character?

SusanEgan exclaims, "Oh my gosh!"
>< SusanEgan says, "My favorite character is Goofy"
>< Mickey says, "Gawrsh!"
>< SusanEgan says, "My favorite non-Disney character might be Marvin the
>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< Mickey likes those choices

>< Next question:
>< (AbsoluteX) What attracted you to the role of Meg?

>< Mickey says, "Were you tired of playing a Belle-like character?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No!  Interesting 3-dimensional character.  I never got
tired of her."

>< Next question:
>< (AbsoluteX) Among the different personas that Leonide disguises, which is
your favorite?

>< SusanEgan says, "I love them all! because they help me win the guy I love!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's fun to be sexy!"
>< Mickey's hormones are raging, Susan.
>< SusanEgan says, "and it's fun to be like a dashing guy."
>< Mickey smirks

[****** FWAP! ******]

Gwenwyfar laughs, LOUDLY
Agarboy has left.
Josie says, "whoa... getting R rated again!  =)" 
Sweesa says, "lol mickey" 
Disneygirl asks, "Is that fit for Emuck Mick??? :)" 
MuSE knows about Mickey's hormone problems when it comes to Susan...
Wonderment watches Mickeys' yellow buttons  :)
Agarboy enters via the shortcut from the Welcome Center Lounge.
Cogsworth says, "No only PG." 
Sweesa exclaims, "oh Josie! lol" 
Sweesa says, "ill" 
EricR exclaims, "more like PG-13, at least!" 
Beast raises an eyebrow.
Sweesa says, "herc is rated G" 
MsFunOne says, "at least Mickey is a Diz character w/ pants" 
Sweesa says, ":o)" 
Angela waves around her Megara doll
Fife says, "If you look up  'satyr' in a dictionary, I'm not fit. =:op (Second
definition most of the time)" 
Josie says, "sorry Beast.  We'll be good.  :)" 
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "more like NC-17" 
Sweesa says, "lol MsFunOne" 

>< Mickey says, "OW!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) HI! It's Jeremy.  Lauren told me about it the other day, she said
she had to set it up!   I have one question: what is the first step to script
work when yo have a long while before your first rehearsal..I have just been
cast as the lead in AR Gurney's The Middle Ages here at Hofstra in my first
Dept. Show!!!

>< SusanEgan says, "Congratulations!"
>< Mickey says, "Very good, g.Ernie!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I like to read the script several times and let it sit in
my head."
>< SusanEgan says, "Don't think about it too hard."
>< SusanEgan says, "Your subconscious will do so much for you."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) Susan..another note...When i saw you last week and was headed to
Cyrano, guess who I ran into at the show and at the party afterwards? Mr.
Abraham (F. Murray that is.)  He is so funny!  I saw him on the street that is
how I knew you were around...then I saw him at the Roundabout..small world! :)

>< SusanEgan says, "Synchronicity!"
>< Mickey notes that we have about 66 more questions, and tries to move on
>< Next question:

>< (g.ant) Susan. It's Christina(aka LvMeeko) I was wondering how long you are
planning to be in Triumph. I'm begging my parents to bring me to see you for
my birthday (which is only a couple days after yours--Feb 20 yea!!) But I
really want to meet you and see you in TOL.  I saw you as Belle and LOVED
you!! Sorry to take a lot of space typing but you are great!! OH and thanks
for agreeing to do this chat--it just proves how great you are!!!  Thanks

>< SusanEgan says, "It's so great to hear from you!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I too hope that we're here in February!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.ant) Susan it's Christina(LvMeeko)  I was just wondering what kind of
dog Willa is?--Saw a picture and she's BEAUTIFUL!! I love dogs!! I used to
have a murl collie but we had to put him to sleep last year. :o(

>< SusanEgan says, "Aww, that's so sad about your dog!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Willa is a dog by committee, lab-spaniel-setter-something,
a pound dog."
>< Mickey says, "I hear that the Susanteers are planning on seeing the show in
February, so they hope you're still there then, Susan!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I hope so!"
>< Mickey says, "Next question!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.ant) How's your niece doing?

>< SusanEgan says, "My niece is fabulous.  Thanks for asking!"

>< Next question:
>< (guest2) I heard that the Sound of Music is coming to Broadway.  Are you
thinking of joining the cast after TOL? It would be cool to see you as Maria!!

>< SusanEgan says, "They're already in rehearsal!"
>< SusanEgan says, "My boyfriend's working on their set."
>< SusanEgan says, "Rebecca Luker is playing Maria."
>< SusanEgan says, "She'll be terrific!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) What type of flowers do you like, and what do you really want
for Christmas?

>< SusanEgan says, "I like wildflowers and I don't need anything for

>< Next question:
>< (Josie) Hi again! Will you be performing at Nothing Like a Dame '98?

>< SusanEgan says, "Ooh, what is that?"

>< Next question:
>< (Sweesa) Susan, this is Dena and Lisa...Sweesa and BeansPiano @ aol..do
you still have our Gumballs???? Good Luck in Triumph!! :O)

>< Mickey says, "Gumballs?"
>< Mickey says, "Did you look under your seat, Dena and Lisa?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, I'm so sorry I haven't written back yet!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I did get the beautiful poem and ring!"
>< SusanEgan giggles!
>< Mickey smiles
>< SusanEgan says, "I've eaten all the gumballs!"
>< SusanEgan says, "But you don't need to send anymore, it's okay!"
>< Mickey hands Susan a toothbrush
>< SusanEgan says, "I'm buying stock."
>< SusanEgan says, "but thank you again for the poem and the ring!"

>< Next question:
>< (Sweesa) Susan, HI!!!! what's it like working with Chris and Roger -From
Allison (Dena and Lisa's Friend) :O)

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, I love them both!"
>< SusanEgan says, "You know Roger was the singing voice of Hercules."
>< SusanEgan says, "And Christopher, well, what can I say?"
>< SusanEgan says, "He's a gorgeous prince!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) you currently working on any type of individual projects for the
stage or screen?

>< SusanEgan says, "I'm shooting a movie right now!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's an independent film that I'm shooting during the
day here in New York."
>< SusanEgan says, "It's a lot of fun!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It's called Johnny Twennies"
>< SusanEgan says, "I play his gal"
>< Mickey says, "For the record, what are Chris & Roger's last names?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Chris Sieber and Roger Bart"

>< Next question:
>< (Sweesa) How are things going with the Billy Joel thing?

>< SusanEgan says, "It's going great!  My partner is doing most of the work
on that."
>< Mickey says, "You're doing two projects with Billy Joel?  What are they?"
>< SusanEgan says, "New musicals that he's writing."
>< SusanEgan says, "and my partner is producing them with our company,
Bird/Dog Entertainment."
>< SusanEgan says, "They will workshop the first project in late winter."
>< Mickey says, "Broadway?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, Broadway."
>< Mickey says, "And you'll have roles in these musicals?"
>< SusanEgan says, "No!  Producing, not starring."
>< Mickey says, "Aw, you're a producer!"
>< Mickey says, "Ever want to direct?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Maybe!  I want to write."
>< Mickey says, "Sweesa wonders if the name Bird/Dog has anything to do with
your dog and your partner's bird?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, I'm the dog and he's the bird!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "You're no dog, Susan!!"
>< SusanEgan says, "You're no rodent!"
>< Mickey bows

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) Where do you see youself in 5 years time?

>< SusanEgan says, "Where do I see myself in 5 years?  Happy!  Happy is always
the goal."

>< Next question:
>< (Starcade) What advice would you give to the current Broadway Belle,
Deborah Gibson?

>< Mickey says, "How about "Go back to calling yourself "Debbie"? ;-)"
>< SusanEgan says, "She doesn't need advice from me, are you kidding me!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I should ask her questions!"
>< SusanEgan says, "We all gotta grow up sometime, Mickey"
>< Mickey says, "You're too modest"
>< Mickey grins

>< Next question:
>< (Dale) you ever met any of the other voice actresses from the other Disney
Movies?  Jodi Benson?

>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, I know Jodi and Paige well, and Judy Kuhn."
>< SusanEgan says, "But I know these women because of Broadway.  They're
Broadway actresses."
>< Mickey says, "Mary Kay Bergman told me to tell you "Hi" and she's sorry she
couldn't make it here tonight.  She was a previous Special Invited Talk guest
here on EMuck."
>< SusanEgan says, "She's the coolest!"
>< Mickey says, "Did you work with Mary Kay?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Um, I've met Mary Kay.  We didn't work on the same day."

>< Next question:
>< (Disneygirl) I saw on your list of credits that you were a voice on
'Aladdin'.  What voice was it? Was it on the cartoon or the movie? I heard a
genie called Eden on the cartoon the other day, and thought it might have been

>< SusanEgan says, "No, this was pre-Aladdin."
>< SusanEgan says, "The Disney Channel did a TV special that was live-action
about 2 years before the animated feature."
>< SusanEgan says, "It was pretty awful and I think only shown overseas."
>< Mickey blushes
>< SusanEgan says, "Barry Bostick was the Genie"
>< Mickey says, "What part did you play?"
>< SusanEgan says, "I played the princess, but her name was Meiling."
>< Mickey says, "Maybe it will show up on Vault Disney. Next question! ..."

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) How has someone so young, talented, and beautiful achieve such
success in a short time?

>< SusanEgan says, "Well, thank you!  I follow my heart."
>< SusanEgan says, "That's the honest truth."

>< Next question:
>< (Belle) Where did Drat the Cat play?  I bought the cast recording and
enjoyed it a great deal, but I'm not sure from what I've found out where it
was performed.

>< SusanEgan says, "That version wasn't performed, we just recorded it!"
>< SusanEgan says, "But they want to do it next year, either in California
or New York."
>< Mickey says, "It was a musical from the 60's, right?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Correct."
>< Mickey says, "Was it performed then?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes.  It opened during a paper strike, so it closed."
>< SusanEgan says, "Bummer!"
>< Mickey says, "EricR follows-up: Who is the "They" who want to stage Drat
the Cat next year?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Ira Levin, who wrote it, and the man who produced the
album, Bruce Kimmel"

>< Next question:
>< (Belle) Can you tell a bit why your high school became the Orange County
High School of the Arts?  I'm from near Los Al and left for college before
that happened and I'm curious how things there changed since it became

>< Mickey says, "Belle asks Belle!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< SusanEgan says, "My music teacher, Ralph Opacic developed a great music
>< SusanEgan says, "And during my junior year, he wrote away for a grant from
the state to make the school a high school for the arts."
>< SusanEgan says, "He succeeded and my senior year was the first year of the
Orange County High School of the Arts."
>< Mickey says, "How is it different than any other high school? Belle
>< SusanEgan says, "There are two schools on the campus.  Los Al, and OCHSA"
>< SusanEgan says, "The arts kids take regular academic classes and also many
many arts classes.  They're there much later in the day."
>< SusanEgan says, "They're in school until 5."
>< Mickey says, "Any more benefit concerts planned for your school, JHaulsee
>< SusanEgan says, "Ooh!  If the time allows, yeah!"

>< Next question:
>< (Adarsh) Hello Susan, from one fellow Southern Cal beach city-->displaced
to NYC person to another -- just wondering if you have any upcoming Disney
projects coming up?

>< SusanEgan says, "No!  But I'd love to work for them again!"
>< Mickey says, "What would you like to do for Disney this time?"
>< SusanEgan says, "A live-action movie!"
>< SusanEgan says, "...since you're letting me choose!"
>< Mickey says, "Oh, that would be great"
>< SusanEgan says, "Oh!"
>< SusanEgan giggles.

>< Next question:
>< (Bat) When will we see a Triumphant cast recording?

>< SusanEgan says, "If God allows, soon"
>< SusanEgan chuckles

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) Have you had any "unfortunate" accidents on stage during TOL?

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, I twisted my ankle the other night!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Tonight was a bad one."
>< SusanEgan says, "I got stuck in traffic and got to the theatre at ten
to eight, and my understudy went on."
>< SusanEgan says, "But I got to watch, she was great!"
>< Mickey says, "How's the ankle now?"
>< SusanEgan says, "The ankle's good, a bit sore."
>< Mickey rubs Susan's tootsies and ankles, tenderly.
>< Mickey smiles
>< SusanEgan says, "Don't tell Herc!"
>< Mickey says, "Heh-heh!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) If you could be in any play or broadway show that you haven't
done yet, what would it be?

>< Mickey says, "I think we touched on this, but perhaps you'd like to answer?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Um, it hasn't been written yet."
>< SusanEgan says, "I like to do new things."

>< Next question:
>< (MsFunOne) Hi susan: just wondering if you miss southern calif, we miss you!

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, I do miss Southern California!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I love New York, but I miss my friends!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) Who are your idols?

>< SusanEgan says, "who are my idols?"
>< Mickey nods
>< SusanEgan says, "People who are successful, but then give back, like
Paul Newman or Audrey Hepburn."
>< Mickey says, "I have blue eyes, too, ya know. ;-)"
>< Mickey bats his baby blues
>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "I think it's important to know that success isn't the
final step."
>< Mickey says, "Susan, JHaulsee points out that we put you in that category
of people you just described!"
>< SusanEgan says, "That's sweet!  I'm not there yet, though."

>< Next question:
>< (TishTash) I tried Instant Messaging you on AOL -- didn't mean to scare you
-- but just how many emails do you get a day?"

>< SusanEgan says, "Well, I have to turn off the Instant Messages or I can't
answer any of my mail!"
>< SusanEgan says, "...because all these windows keep popping up!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I probably get like 30 letters a week."

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) What are your indulgences?

>< SusanEgan says, "Sleep!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I love to sleep and I don't get very much!"
>< Mickey says, "Uh-oh... we'd better hurry then!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) How do you stay in such great shape?

>< SusanEgan says, "I'm usually running on adrenaline.  I don't think I'm
taking very good care of myself, actually."
>< SusanEgan says, "I should get better at that."

>< Next question:
>< (Panic) What was it like working with Alan Menken?

>< SusanEgan says, "I love Alan!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I've known him for 5 years now."
>< SusanEgan says, "He always makes me laugh!"
>< SusanEgan says, "and he's incredibly patient."

>< Next question:
>< (Pi) Were you on the Rosie O'donnell show!?!

>< SusanEgan says, "No!"
>< SusanEgan says, "I would love to be on Rosie's show!"
>< Mickey says, "Has Rosie ever asked you to be on her show? Would you like to
>< SusanEgan says, "I think I would be a good guest!"
>< Mickey says, "Me too!"
>< SusanEgan says, "She named her new daughter Chelsea Belle"
>< Mickey says, "Whoa, good name"
>< SusanEgan says, "I played Belle, and I live in Chelsea!"
>< Mickey nods
>< Mickey says, "The Susanteers are thinking of calling Rosie for you!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Please do!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) You rock! And how are you this fine evening???

>< SusanEgan says, "Thank you!  I'm doing ok!"
>< SusanEgan says, "Rock on, mighty man!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) Do you still keep in touch with the disney people??

>< SusanEgan says, "Yeah!  How do you think I get my tickets to Lion King!"
>< Mickey grins
>< SusanEgan giggles!

>< Next question:
>< (TishTash) How many takes did it take to get "I'd do it in a Polyponnesian

>< Mickey grins
>< SusanEgan says, "I think just a couple takes!  I love alliterations."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) Have you ever cracked up on the stage before??

>< SusanEgan says, "Yes!  Burke Moses, who played Gaston, could always get
>< Mickey says, "What did he do? Are you ticklish?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, as a matter of fact!"
>< Mickey says, "Koochie-koochie-koo!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< SusanEgan says, "Let's just say the Gaston-Belle kiss wasn't always what it
seemed ;)"
>< SusanEgan says, "Sometimes Belle was cracking up instead of angry."
>< Mickey says, "Oh!"

>< Next question:
>< (Pi) How do you feel about that whole Disney versus Anastasia thing!?!

>< SusanEgan says, "Oh, I don't believe in competition.  I believe success
begets success."
>< SusanEgan says, "If Anastasia's successful, it'll make more people want to
see more animated features, thereby helping Disney, and vice versa."

>< Next question:
>< (Yojimbo) Besides Joan of Arc you've also mentioned Portia as a role you
might play; have you ever done any Shakespeare?

>< SusanEgan says, "Very little, because it doesn't make money, so people
don't produce it."
>< SusanEgan says, "Iambic pentameter"
>< Mickey says, "Gesundheit"
>< Mickey says, "Would you like to play Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Would that be good for you?"
>< SusanEgan says, "Yeah, but I'm worried about people casting me as boys all
the time!"

>< Next question:
>< (Gwenwyfar) Are you proud of getting a part because of only one line. (I'm
not trying to be mean, really) :)

>< SusanEgan says, "I had to do the whole scene, I didn't just read one line!"
>< SusanEgan says, "We had to sing, too."
>< Mickey says, "We need to do a Lightning Round now, Susan, with *real* short

>< Next question:
>< (TishTash) I know most voiceovers are done in isolation. were any you did
in collaboration with other voice actors?

>< SusanEgan says, "Yes, I worked with Tate and Jim Woods."
>< SusanEgan says, "Lucky me!"

>< Next question:
>< (Beast) If you could go back to school to major in any subject, what would
it be, and why?

>< SusanEgan says, "Parapsychology.  It's amazing!"

>< Next question:
>< (Gwenwyfar) Do you think chatting on the internet is productive in any way?

>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "If I didn't, would I be here?  :)"

>< Next question:
>< (TishTash) How did the cast feel after Ben (The Prude) Brantley's review in
the Times?

>< SusanEgan giggles.
>< SusanEgan says, "Ben doesn't like comedies."
>< SusanEgan says, "We knew that before."
>< Mickey says, "Just a few more, Susan, then we have to cut the questions off
because you need to be on the movie set tomorrow. And we'd like you to meet
the folks for a few minutes in the audience."
>< SusanEgan says, "Excellent!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) is your favorite type of music?

>< SusanEgan hmms.
>< SusanEgan says, "I like classical."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Ernie) YOU ROCK!  I wanted to know if there was ever a show you didn't
like doing?

>< SusanEgan says, "No!  Isn't it great!"

>< Next question:
>< (Agarboy) What is your middle name?

>< SusanEgan says, "Farrell"
>< Mickey says, "Susan, thank you so much!"
>< Mickey says, "Belle, please come up on stage"
>< Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Belle says, "Susan, on behalf of AmberThree Productions, I'd like to thank
you for taking the time to be with us!"
>< SusanEgan says, "It was wonderful!"
>< Belle puts her finger to her lips and whistles.  After a minute, her
beloved Plush Beast comes back to her!
>< Mickey says, "Yes, thank you very much!"
>< Plush Beast eeps a plush eep at Susan Egan!
>< Mickey says, "Please join us for just a few minutes in the audience."
>< SusanEgan says, "That would be super swell!"
>< Mickey scampers over to SusanEgan, bows gallantly, then tenderly huggles
her tightly!
SusanEgan leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale
Belle leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
Meecelet leaves the podium and heads through the door to the...
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special chat events with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.

Current Topic:          Susan Egan, Disney voice artist & actress
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  SusanEgan(Susan "Meg" "Belle" Egan) and Belle

A Special Invited Chat with Susan Egan is here tonight (Sat., Dec. 13) starting
at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific / 10 PM Central Standard Time (GMT -0600).

To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'request' (without quotes) and
wait to be prompted to enter your question.  Your REQUESTed question *can* be
longer than one line...if you don't press your Return key until you finish
typing your question.  Questions will be asked in the order they were REQUESTed.
Anyone at the podium cannot hear what is said in this room, so use REQUEST.

 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter
Rufus applauds loudly from under his seat.
 TonyMuck Award, Stenographic camera, Air Egans, Computer Chips, Gwalchmai
 Dale, Cogsworth, Disneygirl, Josie, Phil, Rufus, Scooter, Wrynne, Beast,
 Jujuevins, Double_D, AbsoluteX, Lumiere, Fife, JHaulsee, Cinderella,
 TishTash, Angela, EricR, Panic, RoLin, Wonderment, Gusto, MuSE, Gwenwyfar,
 Gizmo, MsFunOne, Shakesfork, Agarboy, Sweesa, g.Ernie, Bat, SusanEgan,
Angela exclaims, "Yea!"
Dale cheers Ms. Egan!
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the
stage and podium.
MuSE cheers!!
AbsoluteX says, "go Susan"
TishTash exclaims, "bravo, bravissimo!"
Double_D says, "Thank you very much."
Josie exclaims, "everyone stand!"
Belle applauds.
Phil says, "Yo, Ms.Egan!"
MsFunOne says, "thanks for doing this susan"
Disneygirl cheers and cheers and cheers and scheers!!
JHaulsee says, "Thanks for taking the time to talk with all of us, Susan."
Mickey scampers over to SusanEgan, bows gallantly, then tenderly huggles her
Dale exclaims, "Thank you so much much!"
Sweesa exclaims, "YAY SUSAN!!!!!!"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "excellent"
Jujuevins says, "wow....."
Cogsworth shouts for SusanEgan.
Lumiere cheers!!!!
EricR exclaims, "Hi, Susan! Thanks so much!"
Gusto waves to SusanEgan.  "Thanks for coming... It's been a real slice."
Beast applauds and bows graciously to Susan for sharing her time with us.
RoLin exclaims, "Thanks SUsan!!"
Wrynne says, "thanks for coming =)"
MsFunOne says, "come back to LA soon"
Wonderment yays!!!
Sweesa exclaims, "thanks susan!"
Mickey says, "Susan, we have a gift for you.... do "LOOK TONYMUCK""
Phil drops p.Nessus
Bat kneels and touches her forehead to the ground in Susan's honor
Dale bouncies.
SusanEgan exclaims, "THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING!"
Double_D shakes Susan's hand.
Sweesa exclaims, "get some sleep susan!"
Disneygirl says, "Thank you so much for coming Susan."
AbsoluteX says, "thank you"
SusanEgan exclaims, "I can't believe so many people are here!"
Gusto grins... "Well SOMEONE had to say it..."
Wrynne curtsies deeply
Wonderment admires the beautiful TonyMuck Award.
Cogsworth bows to Ms. Egan.
p.Nessus says, "Yeah, it was smashing, meg."
SusanEgan exclaims, "So many people I know, and new faces, too!"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "NO THANK YOU!"
Gwenwyfar says, "feel free to say anything, anytimwe"
Bat has left.
JHaulsee says, "See ya Wed afternoon at UMPH."
Jujuevins says, "yah...amazing...thanks for chatting."
TishTash exclaims, "Wrynne, she does play a man!"
SusanEgan admires the beautiful TonyMuck Award.

You tenderly take the TonyMuck Award into your hands.  You are slightly
surprised by the weight of it! You run your fingers across the carved letters
and it brings a smile to your face.
You admire the prestigious TonyMuck Award.  Its silver C-shaped frame seems to
be sparkling in the light.  Suspended from the frame is a beautiful silver
medallion with a sillouette of Mickey Mouse engraved into it.  It is supported
by a solid black cylindrical base on which is written: "TonyMuck Award - Susan
Egan - 1997".

Mickey exclaims, "MuSE made the TonyMuck for you, Susan!"
Wonderment says, "You know us...?"
MuSE says, "Ms. Egan - Angela and I made that for you..."
Panic exclaims, "Thanks so much for being here tonight Susan!!!!"
Cogsworth exclaims, "Comeback anyTime!"
Sweesa smiles with joy
AbsoluteX says, "see you on 22nd"
Phil says, "Oh, and I have made you the usual nice guest shoes. 'look Air
Wrynne sticks her tongue out at tish tash
Angela exclaims, "Hey!  MuSE and I were supposed to give that to her!"
SusanEgan tenderly huggles the precious TonyMuck Award.
Josie exclaims, "we missed you at the matinee today, so we had to see you
somewhere!  =)"
Disneygirl asks, "Have you met many Muckers before Susan?"
SusanEgan exclaims, "Wow!"
Gwenwyfar asks, "made what?"
Double_D slips on the nifty Air Egans, and goes dancing around in them.
SusanEgan asks, "Are you sure you're not mistaking me with Daisy Eagan?"
Mickey says, "Yes, you are very welcome here whenever you'd like to come and
chat, or just come and play."
Agarboy says, "Susan, It has been a supreme marvel to have had you here
tonight, thank you. I wish you and your loved ones happy holidays. :)"
Sweesa exclaims, "SUSAN! NO we aren't!"
MuSE exclaims, "We hope you like it!!"
Gusto nods.  "Drop by anytime."
Bat enters via the shortcut from the Welcome Center Lounge.
Dale nodnods.
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "we would never!!!!!"
Jujuevins says, "Susan...get some rest...your working too hard!"
Cogsworth exclaims, "Come back soon!"
Phil asks, "Would you like to play a Muse? =:o)"
Sweesa says, "Susan go SLEEPIES"
EricR says, "Susan, always remember: "Sha-la-la-la-la-la-zzzzzzz" :)"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "lol"
Sweesa exclaims, "lol eric!"
AbsoluteX exclaims, "yeah susan take it easy!"
Double_D exclaims, "Thank you!"
TishTash asks, "Susan, what are you doing here at 1am?"
SusanEgan exclaims, "Thanks eric!"
Sweesa exclaims, "ernie! channel channel channel 4!"
Angela exclaims, "The TonyMuck waard was my idea!!  I felt bad that you didn't
win a Tony!"
MsFunOne says, "catch some zzzzzz's"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "LOL LIsa!"
Dale says, "Baibai Ms. Egan =)"
Sweesa exclaims, "Susan don't eat too many GUMBALLS!"
Cogsworth says, "May the future hold true for you."
SusanEgan exclaims, "TonyMuck means more to me!"
Disneygirl asks, "When is your birthday, Susan?"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "lol"
Josie exclaims, "You'll win the real one soon!  HA!"
MuSE grins
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "feb 18th"
Sweesa exclaims, "i dont' wanna say then i'll sound like a stalker!"
SusanEgan says, "You guys are amazing, I can't believe you're here1"
Jujuevins says, "sorry we missed you today..."
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "too late"
MsFunOne says, "hasta la pasta"
Wonderment giggles....   Thank you so much!
Angela exclaims, "You probably don't remember me, but I've written you
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "ciao mein!"
Sweesa exclaims, "i gotta get up for work tomorrow but do i care NO!"
With a sly look, MuSE turns into Alice Van Guilder...
Phil says, "The scary thing is I'm the only Hercules char here..."
Angela says, "uh  before"
AbsoluteX says, "hope your feet get better soon"
Disneygirl exclaims, "My birthday is the 23rd of feb, and my bfriend's is the
19th! Neat!"
SusanEgan exclaims, "I wish I could stay longer, but I've got a 7 AM call!"
Alice Van Guilder says, "Thanks for coming..."
Mickey exclaims, "Goodnight, Susan, and thanks!!!"
SusanEgan waves
Wrynne says, "ditto sweesa"
Sweesa asks, "did you know i cried because i couldn't get online?? because my
brother was stopping me! =("
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "wow. get some sleep"
Cogsworth says, "Good nite"
RoLin exclaims, "Thanks Susan!"
SusanEgan exclaims, "I love you guys, and I'll talk with you soon!"
AbsoluteX says, "good nite"
Double_D exclaims, "Good night!"
Mickey waves and blows kisses
EricR exclaims, "Well, Susan, As always, "We LOVED you in this!""
Lumiere exclaims, "Bye!"
Jujuevins says, "bye"
SusanEgan exclaims, "Thanks, Mickey!"
SusanEgan exclaims, "You're the best mouse any girl could ask for!"
Gwenwyfar asks, "So, Who's Gonna Mail Minnie? Or Are We Gonna Keep This Whole
Thing A Secret?"
Mickey blushes.
Disneygirl exclaims, "Bye!!"
Sweesa exclaims, "bye!"
Rufus says, "G'nite, Susan.  Thanks again!"
Dale wavers!
Belle exclaims, "thank YOU, Susan!"
Angela exclaims, "noooo!  I wanted to talk to you!!!!"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "bye susan"
With a snap of her catty fingers, Alice Van Guilder turns back into MuSE.
Gusto waves to SusanEgan.  "Thanks for coming!"
Agarboy exclaims, "Goodnight, Sleeptight Susan!"
Wrynne exclaims, "bye susan!!!"
Disneygirl exclaims, "We love you Susan!"
Wonderment exclaims, "Hi!"
Mickey fwaps Gwenwyfar
Angela cries!!
Josie exclaims, "BYE!  Goodnight!  Thanks so much!"
AbsoluteX exclaims, "bye Susan!"
p.Nessus kisses Ms.Egan.
SusanEgan waves
SusanEgan has disconnected.
MuSE exclaims, "You're great!"
Dale bouncies.
Agarboy has left.
Cogsworth asks, "How many tickets does Mickey have?"
Sweesa says, "aw.."
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "that was so cool"
Wonderment exclaims, "She is WAY energetic!"
Sweesa exclaims, "YAY!!!!!!! THAT WAS THE BEST!"
Beast exclaims, "That was fun!"
Dale's nose turns red.
Jujuevins says, "that was wild"
Beast cheers!
Wonderment runs aroun the room!
Disneygirl says, "Cool cool cool cool coolcool...."
MsFunOne says, "how sad, she's gone :-("
Double_D says, "Wow."
Angela burst into tears.
Dale exclaims, "That was Awesome!!!"
Gwenwyfar fwaps Mickey REALLY hard.
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "well goodnight all :)"
Cogsworth asks, "Who's next?"
EricR exclaims, "Well, I'm happy!"
Disneygirl says, "Now I gotta go edit this thing...."
Mickey exclaims, "Susan Egan has left the building!"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) exclaims, "BYE!"
Mickey says, "OW!"
Phil says, "Alright, my brow and I gotta go, it's late...can't stay  any
Dale says, "What"
MuSE sighs...
Double_D is exhausted just watching.
Bat presses her nose to the window watching Susan leaves and a tear roles down
her cheek
Josie exclaims, "Thank God for adrenalin!!"
g.Ernie (166-79-103.ipt.aol.com) says, "goodnight everyone. ciao mien"
Sweesa says, "Juju, Josie, Ernie, Lindsey, J. Eric private chat UMPH!"
RoLin says, "Now I have Tuesday to look forward to"
Wonderment  looks at Angela.  Angela smiles because she is happy someone has noticed her.
TishTash asks, "how many people are here anyway?"
Mickey grins at Gwenwyfar
Dale says, "Oops..what wrong Angela?"
p.Nessus has left.
Gizmo says, "Be sure and visit Susan's web page"
Disneygirl asks, "Mickey- any upcoming chats?"
Jujuevins exclaims, "my head hurts!"
MsFunOne says, "will the log have everything on it, even our patter"
Dale taptaps Angela.
Phil zaps Phil.
Phil has left.
Beast says, "My log from the auditorium is 3000+ lines long."
guest1 has left.
Gusto glances around.
Wonderment asks, "Best kinda spam tho, eh Double?   :)"
MuSE says, "Wow... it's so weird when you wait months for somewthing and then
it's over!"
Rufus rubs against Angela's legs and purrs to cheer her up.
Angela exclaims, "Nooooo!  I didn't get to talk to her!!!"
Mickey exclaims, "Yes, Disneygirl, as a matter of fact we do!"
Fife zaps Fife.
Fife has left.
AbsoluteX says, "eyes hurts too"
Sweesa has left.
JHaulsee says, "Thanks for the chat, mickey.  See the Susanteers when I return
Shakesfork zaps Shakesfork.
Shakesfork has left.
Dale patpats Angela.
MsFunOne has left.
Mickey asks, "Would you like to know who will chat next?"
Dale says, "Mebbe she'll be back, yep."
Jujuevins exclaims, "thanks mickey and emuck!"
Gusto is mesmerized by Lumiere's flames.
Double_D asks, "Mickey? Are you sure about this?"
Wonderment exclaims, "Great Work, Mickey and Belle!!"
Cogsworth exclaims, "YES!"
RoLin says, "Enjoy the rest of your trip J"
Dale gasps.
Dale exclaims, "Do tell Mickey!"
AbsoluteX exclaims, "see ya J gotta to study now!"
Disneygirl exclaims, "Yes! Who's coming?"
Wrynne flops back into her chair
Mickey says, "OK, listen"
jolumiere (lawnorder.nbc.com) says, "Will Jerry Orbach be here, Mickey?"
JHaulsee says, "THanks Lindsey but it's just the trip home."
EricR exclaims, "Thanks Mickey and Belle, VERY much indeed!"
Double_D places the plush Mickey Mouse doll down gently.
AbsoluteX has left.
Jujuevins has left.
Mickey says, "I'm not going to announce the date for the next two chats until
we get the guests to successfully connect, but..."
Panic hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
Panic has left.
Disneygirl exclaims, "ILene Woods! ILene Woods!!!"
SunniGummi comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
RoLin says, "Well then, have a safe trip home"
Sunni waves
EricR has left.
Double_D heh-hehs.
Sunni says, "hello all"
Mickey says, "We have confirmed chat dates with Wayne "Mickey Mouse" Allwine,
Gusto oohs...
JHaulsee has left.
Mickey exclaims, "Russi "Minnie Mouse" Taylor!"
RoLin exclaims, "Don't forget everyone- e-mail Rosie!!"
Dale double oohs..
Rufus exclaims, "Sunni, you missed it!"
Wonderment exclaims, "YAY!   and Russi!"
Angela is still crying her eyes out
Mickey says, "Looks like it will be in January, two separate chat nights"
Dale huggles Angela.
Cogsworth says, "Thank you for a most wonderful evening."
TishTash asks, "Sorry, but is it really that hard to sound like Mickey?"
Wonderment ooopses and covers mouth...   ;)
Dale offers Angela a peanut.
Lumiere exclaims, "Uter!"
Belle is still beaming!
Josie exclaims, "ok, I gotta get some sleep!   Goodnight!!"
Gizmo has left.
Josie has left.
Sunni says, "can you all stay a few mins more"
Double_D says, "It's easy for me, Tish."
Wrynne walks over to Angela
Gusto phbbbpts at TishTash
Sunni ISP is dying slowly
Bat huggles Mickey and Belle in thanks for their mceeing and organization
tonight then exits
TishTash says, "there you go, Double_D"
Angela I wanted to tell her I'm auditioning Monday.
Bat has left.
Wrynne sprinkles some fairy dust on Angela to help her smile
Disneygirl says, "I'll be here for a little while..."
Rufus commiserates with Sunni--his BBS is dying.
Cinderella has left.
TishTash says, "my BBS died a while ago"
Double_D says, "Oh, yeah, well, I can do Minnie's also."
Wonderment says, " leave her some mail, Angie  :)   *hug*"
Cogsworth says, "I'll be here."
Wrynne says, "E-mail her, Angela.  She'll get it."
Mickey says, "I apologize to all who left REQUESTed questions that we didn't
have time for"
Beast says, "Check out the spike in the @usage.  It took two screens to get
back to baseline."
Belle apologizes too.
Double_D asks, "How many, Mickey?"
Mickey asks, "Want to know how many questions were left?  I'll check real
Sunni says, "yeah"
Angela says, "I have, I wrote her a while ago.  She hasn't written back yet"
Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
Belle says, "she's undoubtedly very busy, Angela."
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
RoLin asks, "How many people were here for the chat?"
Wonderment says, "They were good Q's what we saw  :)   *patpats all around*"
Mickey says, "We had 23 more questions, some comments"
Angela says, "I know"
Wonderment asks, "56?"
Sunni says, "hello Lolin"
TishTash asks, "say, how does one commit an action here?"
Sunni says, "rolin"
RoLin exclaims, "Hi!"
Mickey exclaims, "Yes, very good questions, folks! Thanks"
Cogsworth exclaims, "Hello!"
Gusto was here for about half of it.
Wrynne says, "It doesn't mean she hasn't read it, Angela.  I'm sure she is
wishing you the best of luck."
Wonderment asks, "hey maybe you can tell us what the Q's were in an object
desc  :)   ?"
Rufus says, "TishTash, enter <pose action> or <:action> (no space)."
Mickey says, "I have special news for y'all about Susan...."
Double_D picks up the camera along with its keyboard.
Belle says, "Tishtash:  POSE smiles"
Double_D picks up the plush Mickey Mouse doll and fondly holds it close.
Mickey asks, "Listening?"
Sunni says, "sorry for not coming in elier, isp problem is slowly getting
Beast listens!
RoLin says, "yes"
Cogsworth smiles
Angela says, "When I wrote the letter, I didn't know about the auditiion"
Wonderment listens  :)
Mickey exclaims, "Susan whispered to me "I loved this, I'd like to come back
Angela listens
Gusto exclaims, "Cool!"
RoLin exclaims, "Yeah!!!"
Cogsworth cheers.
Sunni asks, "where is is Susan?"
Angela exclaims, "good!"
Mickey exclaims, "So, let's give all of us a big hand!"
Disneygirl exclaims, "Well let's hope she does!"
Rufus exclaims, "Kewl!  Gofur it, Mickey."
Beast nods happily.  Cool.
Mickey says, "She whispered that before she left, Sunni"
Dale exclaims, "I gotta go now!"
Double_D exclaims, "I hope there are less people then!"
Wrynne says, "So drop her another line."
Dale baibai's everyone.
Gusto says, "Gone, Sunni.... Logged off just before you came on."
Rufus says, "Nite, Dale."
Belle says, "Susan had to get some sleep, Sunni...she has a early morning
shoot on her set for her new movie."
Wrynne cheers and dances into the air
Sunni says, "aww"
Mickey says, "We'll certainly keep her account for her here on EMuck, and
she's welcome back whenever she has time"
Wrynne says, "Not likely.  There will probably be more"
Dale goes home.
Dale has left.
Belle exclaims, "DD, with a star like Susan, there will be a zillion people on
if she comes back, like there were tonight!  :)"
Angela says, "I wanted to present the TonyMuck Award.  Did she even take it
with her?"
Belle exclaims, "NOTE:  If Susan is back next time, we will have a far more
powerful home for EMuck for her!"
Double_D asks, "What if it was unannounced?"
Sunni says, "anyone got  a hammer, I going to beat up my ISP"
MuSE says, "She picked it up Angela"
Angela says, "ok"
Mickey says, "Angela, MuSE told me to mention the award, so I did.... You got
credit for making it"
Belle exclaims, "EMuck's new home is starting to fall into line--a few more
weeks of testing and we will be ready to move!"
Sunni kick the evil Meteor Server
Cogsworth asks, "More next time? Beter let us have an entire day, if she could
get us in."
Beast notes that he has tested the new server...it is VERY fast.
Gusto sings 0/~ If I had a hammer...  o/~
Disneygirl think she will be here a lot more often, if Susan might come back!
MuSE says, "Thank you Mickey for drawing her attention.. it was very crowded!"
Mickey exclaims, "Yes, and the new EMuck home is SMOKIN'! Really fast"
Rufus exclaims, "Yes Beast, but I can't *read* any faster!"
Mickey bows to MuSE
No Smoking, Please.
Sunni hands Gusto a mask
Cogsworth asks, "What is the new address?"
Sunni smiles
Belle says, "Cogsworth, it's in testing right now....."
Angela is still feeling sad
Double_D says, "We don't know yet."
Sunni says, "it worked, i not laging"
Wonderment says, "Likes the entire day idea  :)"
Belle says, "we will be sure to let everyone know what the new address is, of
Mickey says, "All in due TIME, Cogsworth. all in due TIME. ;-)"
Disneygirl asks, "How do we request special guests?"
Cogsworth says, "Yes, but when it comes out of testing..."
Belle exclaims, "disneygirl, just let us know!"
MuSE exclaims, "Yup - she still has it!"
TishTash says, "Having any more people here would be rather unwieldly."
Wrynne butterfly-kisses Angela
Mickey says, "Well, Disneygirl, let me know -- and if you have their e-mail
address that helps! ;-)"
Sunni says, "yeah, I love to talk to Jymon Magon"
Beast consoles Angela by offering her some of Mrs Potts' hot coca and a tiny
muffin from an enchanted silver tray.
Disneygirl asks, "Okay, Belle, does anyone know how to get in touch with ILene
Woods? She's my favorite. :)"
Double_D says, "Brb..stopping my log."
RoLin has left.
Belle says, "we have ways of getting people here, disneygirl.  ;)"
Angela thanks Beast
Rufus says, "Having this many people was unwieldy.  Figaro logged off early
because he couldn't read fast enough to make any sense of it all."
Disneygirl exclaims, "Okay, well use them! On ILene!"
Wrynne says, "I hear THAT"
MuSE says, "ok b'ys - I gotta go... I'm the one that has to say up til 2 <g> I
have to travel home tomorrow too!"
Mickey is looking forward to interviewing "Mickey" & "Minnie" next month. :-)
Disneygirl says, "She was Cinderella's voice. :)"
Wonderment giggles at Belle,and Beast
Sunni sings "do you hear what I hear"
TishTash says, "ah"
Lumiere exclaims, "Goodbye MuSE!!!!!"
Belle says, "yes, next up are Wayne Allwine...."
Angela says, "I wish I could talk to Susan by myself"
Wrynne yawns
Beast says, "Goodnight all who are leaving."
Double_D has TONS of q's for them!
Mickey says, "Disneygirl, be careful what you wish for... that's all I'll say.
MuSE huggles Lumiere... good to see you again!
Disneygirl says, "Come on, ILene do rah do, come one, ILENE do rah do...."
Belle smiles.  It's public record that we've already extended a written
invitation to Jodi Benson.
Sunni says, "lumiere"
Cogsworth says, "Goodnite all."
Wrynne heads out of the auditorium and goes to Mickey's Cyber Diner.
Sunni smiles
Cogsworth exclaims, "Jodi Benson, I'm not off yet!"
Beast is trying to get some folks on, also.  That's all he'll say. :-)
TishTash says, "Jodi Benson ... isn't she born-again?"
Disneygirl asks, "hy should I be careful about that? I *really* want her to
come! :)"
Wonderment watches the ...dots   after what Belle said  :)
Mickey winks at Disneygirl
Double_D says, "Brb.."
Belle says, "I didn't expect this many people.  perhaps one idea is to make
several other auditoriums and divide the audience up evenly."
Gusto says, "If you can get an invitation off to Rob Paulsen I'd be very, very
happy. ;)"
Mickey says, "...Russi Taylor"
Wonderment hugs Mickey in a great big yer welcome!
g.jolumiere (lawnorder.nbc.com) says, "What about asking Jerry Orbach?"
Disneygirl says, "Hey Mickey, I met Jodi too"
Lumiere exclaims, "Uter!"
TishTash says, "Belle, not a bad ideer."
Rufus says, "Belle, I was going to suggest exactly that."
Belle says, "we'll work on that."
Double_D has left.
MuSE has left.
Mickey says, "g.JoLumiere, I'd love to have Jerry Orbach here. How can I get
in touch with him?"
Cogsworth says, "Great idea."
Belle says, "ok.  We will have that ready for the Allwine talk, sometime in
Sunni says, "or Jymon to, right gusto :)"
Disneygirl asks, "Who is Jerry Orbach?"
Gusto asks, "Who?"
TishTash says, "The voice of Lumiere."
Mickey says, "He was Lumiere in the BatB movie"
Angela says, "lumiere's voice"
Lumiere smiles. :)
Sunni says, "oyr creator, Jymon Magon"
Disneygirl says, "Oh yeah. :)"
Beast exclaims, "Jerry Orbach was the voice of Zachary Fox on the Galaxy
Beast smiles
Cogsworth spins the hands upon his face.
TishTash says, "he's also in Law and Order. Mickey, I would write him at NBC."
Angela can't believe Susan left
Gusto says, "Ah.  Okay... Now I know who you mean."
Mickey smirks at Beast
Sunni sees Gusto blushe
Mickey says, "Thanks, TishTash"
Belle says, "well, we don't want to keep her up all night, Angela."
Sunni says, "yeah"
Gusto does not blush one tiny bit.
Double_D has arrived.
Double_D arrives and pauses to catch his breath from a brisk run.
Double_D yawns.
Cogsworth says, "Good bye."
Angela is mad that the chats are so late!!
Sunni nods
Cogsworth gets up and exits through the door to Arbordale Center.
Sunni says, "too early for me"
Angela hates time zones
Wonderment looks at the wise mage known as Double D.
Beast asks, "Mickey, when are we going to have me on as an invited speaker?
Mickey says, "Robby Benson?"
Mickey faints
Double_D grabs a broom..."Fore!"
Belle giggles.
Double_D rides around the room, cackling.
SusanEgan has left.
Mickey says, "Bye, Susan!"
Mickey grins
Sunni asks, "hows Meecelet?"
Angela exclaims, "See, I told you I wouldn't be able to get a word in
Suddenly Susan! (leaves)
Disneygirl asks, "Was Susan here again?"
Mickey says, "Meecelet's wonderful! Enjoyed WDW again very much"
Wonderment says, "That could be interesting.  :)      I used to have his
number like 7 years ago  :P      Nice fellow"
Gusto says, "No... Unfortunately."
Mickey says, "No, that was her in here, asleep (non-connected), Disneygirl"
Wonderment exclaims, "eep!  I missed "look"ing at Sue!"
Disneygirl says, "Oh. :)"
Sunni says, "yeah, did he enjoy a certain PB"
Belle smiles.
Sunni says, "me to"
Disneygirl asks, "Can we scan her?"
Belle rides around the room, cackling.
Sunni looks at the young woman in blue and white.
Mickey says, "Sure"
SunniGummi looks at Belle's Plush Beast.
Sunni pets Plush Beast, who gets up on his plush hind legs and begs for a
Scooby Snack.
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep.
Double_D says, "It doesn't say anything. That's all."
Disneygirl says, "Oh, not much to look at. :)\"
Mickey says, "Go ahead and 'scan SusanEgan'"
Angela didn't even get to tell Susan Egan about the drawing of her.
Disneygirl says, "In a @desc sense, anyway. :)"
Double_D asks, "PB was here the while time?"
Wonderment says, "neat  :)"
Mickey says, "Her desc is "Actress Susan Egan""
Double_D says, "Whole"
Sunni says, "yeah, he was hiding"
Angela says, "Rufus scanned my picture and my drawing for me"
TishTash asks, "Say, Mick: how'd she make the chat from a 10:30 curtainclose?"
Double_D says, "I have a lot of editing this week."
Belle smiles.
Mickey says, "Very quickly, TishTash~"
TishTash says, "People speculated she was typing from her prod. offices."
Wonderment smiles... "it'll be neat to hear about WDW  n stuff  uff f  :)
Mickey says, "She told me she might be late. Luckily she wasn't"
Sunni smiles hearing about the new disney toon network
Double_D is checking any system stats.
TishTash says, "Guys, I just want to say, how honored I was to be a neophyte
amongst you. You're all officers and gentlepeople."
Rufus asks, "Wonderment, what do you want to hear about WDW?"
Double_D asks, "Toon network?"
Gusto nods to Sunni, then hopes his local TCI cable company will actually get
Double_D says, "Thank you."
Sunni also does to
Mickey says, "TishTash, you are quite welcome! Thanks!"
Gusto nods to DD.  "Yep... 'Toon Disney' it'll be called."
Sunni says, "yeah"
Sunni says, "yeah head to head with CN"
Double_D says, "I haven't heard this."
Gusto says, "Lots of good WDTVA stuff will be on there."
Gusto grins.
Wonderment exclaims, "Oh!   Just about the fun and rendezvous  :)   Maybe
later tho, I dont want to take away from the splendor of the Susan moment
Lumiere says, "Toon Disney will only be offered to cable companies currently
offering Disney Channel as a basic channel."
Sunni says, "yeah, and the return of GB"
Angela is depressed. "I gotta go now.  Nite everyone.  sigh ."
Gusto nodnods to Sunni.
Lumiere says, "That means I won't get it. :("
Mickey says, "Seeya, Angela!"
Double_D scratches his head.
Sunni says, "Lumi, TDC is going basic after this year"
Double_D exclaims, "Why wasn't I notified!?"
Rufus says, "Wonderment, as soon as I get my web pages uploaded with my trip
report, I'll post a notice in the General newsgroup."
Mickey grins
Gusto nods to Lumi.  "My cable system just got TDC as a free channel, but that
doesn't mean they'll carry Toon Disney."
Belle hugs Angela.  goodnight!  I hope you had a good time.
Mickey says, "Meecelet, you can stop taking notes on what people say now."
Meecelet says, "Thanks, Mickey!"
Lumiere exclaims, "Goodnight Angela!"
Gusto's cable company is rather antisocial when it comes to new channels...
Des Moines still only gets 34 channels.
Double_D is already taping "Ink and Paint Club."
Mickey says, "Time for you to go off to bed, Meecelet"
Rufus says, "G'nite, Angela.  Take care!"
Sunni says, "TCI Pueblo going free with TDC in Jan."
Meecelet says, "I had a great time!  G'nite, folks!"
Wonderment exclaims, "Thank you Ruf!       The news file here I hope
Wonderment exclaims, "Bye meece!"
Sunni says, "meecelet, hello"
Sunni waves
Meecelet waves g'nite.
With a tear in your eye... and a thump in your heart... you go home.

[End of transcript]