EMuck--Joe DiNunzio (DisneyQuest) Invited Talk Transcript

Joe DiNunzio

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mr. Joe DiNunzio of Disney's DisneyQuest. The chat occurred on Saturday 11 July 1998 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck (http://www.emuck.com, telnet://game.emuck.com:6903). This transcript logs only the questions asked to Mr. DiNunzio (JoeDiNunzio), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

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While JoeDiNunzio is an employee of The Walt Disney Company he is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Mr. DiNunzio and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC.
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The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
   Current Topic:          DisneyQuest: indoor, interactive theme park
   Current Moderator:      Mickey
   Current Guest Speakers: JoeDiNunzio(Joe DiNunzio)
      Joe DiNunzio is Disney's Vice President of New Ventures and he's directing
      the development of DisneyQuest, Disney's new indoor, interactive theme
      park, so ask him anything about it!  For more information, point your
      web browser to http://www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/JoeD.html
      This chat takes place Saturday, 7/11, 11 PM WDW time/8 PM Disneyland time
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>< Mickey says, "Ladies and Gents in the audience, our special guest is here!"
>< Mickey welcomes JoeDiNunzio, and the chat will begin in about 12 minutes
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with JoeDiNunzio will start in about 
ten minutes!
>< Mickey gives Joe some Mousekecola and helps make him feel comfortable
>< JoeDiNunzio drinks and enjoys!
>< Mickey sips his Mousekecola and enjoys it, too!
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) Get ready for fun!  The chat starts in the auditorium in 5 
minutes! Enter 'run welcome;quest' (without quotes) to get there if you aren't 
in the auditorium already!
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ANNOUNCE> (Meecelet) We'll be starting the chat about DisneyQuest with Disney 
vice president Joe DiNunzio in just a couple of minutes!
>< Mickey thanks Meecelet for the announcements, but asks him to go back to
just taking notes. ;-)
>< Mickey puts on his mouse-eared Moderators Hat and prepares to start
tonight's Special Invited Talk.
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The Special Invited Talk with Mr. Joe DiNunzio, Disney's vice 
president directing their new indoor, interactive theme park called DisneyQuest, 
will now begin in the Arbordale Auditorium. Type 'run welcome;quest' without 
quotes to get there if you're not already in the Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "Welcome, everyone, to EntertainMuck's Arbordale Auditorium
and the 13th in our series of Special Invited Talks here on EMuck."
>< Mickey says, "Tonight, AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan
Club are proud to present our special guest, Mr. Joe DiNunzio.
>< Mickey says, "Joe is Disney's vice president who is directing their new
indoor, interactive theme park called DisneyQuest."
>< Mickey says, "Joe, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thanks for joining us, too. Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Mr. Joe
>< Mickey claps!
>< Mickey says, "None of us onstage can hear you in the audience while we're
at the podium, so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the
>< Mickey says, "To leave a question, enter the word REQUEST and then wait to
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>< Mickey says, "While we'll ask all of the questions in the REQUEST queue,
there are already a lot of questions lined up, so please limit your follow-up
questions. To follow-up, enter PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on
to Joe."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days. We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "And as a special bonus to all of you attending the chat
tonight, we'll be giving away free DisneyQuest prizes -- courtesy of The Walt
Disney Company!""
>< Mickey says, "Okay, let's begin!  Joe, are you ready?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "You bet."
>< Mickey says, "First, Belle, please come up onstage and explain about the
>< Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Belle says, "okay, everyone, please listen up...I'm going to go over the
prize contest."
>< Belle says, "we are going to be raffling away Disneyquest T-shirts and
buttons, courtesy of the Walt Disney Company."
>< Belle says, "so....type @doorprize to register yourself for the drawing."
>< Belle says, "and LOOK RULES to see the official rules of the drawing."
>< Mickey says, "MORE RULES also works"
>< Belle says, "we are going to draw several names every 15 minutes or so and
Mickey will announce.  When your name is called, type @doorprize and you will
be prompted to type in your postal address.  Allow 1 week for delivery."
>< Belle says, "NOTE that I said @doorprize will raffle off the T-shirts ONLY."
>< Mickey nods
>< Belle says, "that's because the Disney Company sent us many, many more pins
than shirts."
>< Belle says, "so....EVERYONE gets a pin!"
>< Mickey says, "Yay!"
>< Mickey says, "...until they run out.  But as of now, we have enough pins 
for everyone here."
>< Belle says, "we're going to hold a separate list for the pins....."
>< Belle says, "to register yourself to get a pin, PAGE your address to
Aladdin like this:  PAGE ALADDIN=My Name, My address, My city/state/zip 
>< Belle says, "sound good?"
>< Mickey says, "I understand that!  Thank you, Belle."
>< Belle says, "and a special thank you to the Walt Disney Company for
supplying the goodies!"
>< Belle applauds!
>< Mickey applauds!
>< Mickey says, "Let's start off with a question now!"
>< Belle says, "okay, I'm coming back to the audience"
>< Belle leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) What exactly *is* DisneyQuest?  And what will we see there?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Joe?"
>< Mickey says, "Joe, is your mouseke-mike still working?"
>< Mickey says, "Be sure to check out www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/JoeD.html
for a short overview on DisneyQuest..."
>< Mickey says, "And also see Disney's own website for it: www.disneyquest.com"
>< Mickey says, "Joe, did you see that first question?"
>< JoeDiNunzio has connected.
>< Mickey says, "I hear some of us are experiencing lag tonight, perhaps Joe
is, too"
>< Mickey hears Joe whispering hello to him
>< Mickey says, "Okay, Joe's back!"
>< Mickey says, "Joe, are you using a Java-equipped web browser to connect to
>< Mickey says, "Or are you using GMud?"
>< Mickey says, "Because if you're using a Java-equipped web browser, you
might have to disconnect and reconnect due to its text buffer filling up"
>< Mickey says, "OK, here's the first question again."
>< Mickey says, "Double_D wondered what one will see when they go to
DisneyQuest and what's it all about?"
>< Mickey notes Joe is experiencing net lag and had been disconnected before
>< Mickey says, "Sorry about the lag, folks.  Joe, if you see this, you might
try disconnecting and reconnecting to EMuck and maybe the lag will go away."
>< Mickey says, "Let's hold the first prize drawing while we wait!"
>< Mickey says, "Our first winner...."
>< Mickey drumrolls...
>< Mickey says, "Alice!  You've just won a DisneyQuest t-shirt!"
>< Mickey says, "Alice, type @doorprize and input your postal address"
>< Mickey says, "Let's give away another t-shirt"
>< JoeDiNunzio has disconnected.
>< Mickey says, "I had Joe log off, and he'll log back on again"
>< Mickey says, "The next winner of a t-shirt is Goofyball!"
>< Mickey says, "Goofyball, type @doorprize and input your postal address"
>< Mickey says, "Okay, everything working without lags now, Joe?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I'm here.  Forgot to pay my phone bill..."
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Okay, the first question was from Double_D"
>< Mickey says, "He wondered what DisneyQuest is all about and what one will
see there"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DisneyQuest is the world's first interactive theme
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We took our great characters and places, and created 
interactive adventures for our guests."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "For example, instead of Space Mountain, our guests 
ride CyberSpace Mountain.  They get to design their own roller coaster, 
complete with 360 loops and twists, and then they get to ride the actual 
coaster they designed with a friend...in a full motion military grade flight 
simulator capable of throwing you for a complete loop."
>< Mickey says, "Sounds kewl!  Is that a motion simulator, or do you watch a 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The whole simulator moves--faster and more
realistically than anything the military has."
>< Mickey says, "Bob asks a follow-up: What other kinds of adventures?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We created 20 new attractions, 1/2 large and 1/2
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Another example is Virtual Jungle Cruise, where guests
board a real River Raft, pick up real kayaking paddles and get thrown into a 
virtual world of 60 million years ago."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The raft sits on an aircell motion simulator which 
perfectly mimics the motion of a white water rafting trip."
>< Mickey says, "Double_D wonders if they throw water at you!"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We throw in some cool special effects and some CGI
dinos... and yes, real water."
>< Mickey says, "Belle, please come back onstage!"
>< Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "We have more to say about the contest before the next
question, Joe"
>< Belle says, "hi everyone....slight change of plan for the t-shirt and pin
>< Belle says, "if we announce that you've won a t-shirt, please type PAGE
ALADDIN=your name, your address, your city/state/zip to claim it!"
>< Belle says, "and do that now if you haven't done so....we're still giving
away the pins until we run out of them!"
>< Belle leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "Thanks, Belle"
>< Mickey says, "OK, Joe, here's another question!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Mickey) Disney has announced that another DisneyQuest will open in
Chicago.  What other cities are you thinking of expanding DisneyQuest to?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are currently looking at a number of different sites, 
both in the U.S. and internationally."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We'll be making an announcement in the next few weeks on
the next couple of sites but I am sworn to secrecy until then."
>< Mickey says, "Do you think it will be at the Disneyland Resort?  Can you
tell us that now?"
>< Mickey winks
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I think it would make perfect sense to put DQ in the 
Disneyland RD&E."
>< Mickey says, "What's RD&E?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Oops.  Jargon.  Retail, dining, and entertainment
>< Mickey says, "We have guests out there from Canada who want to know if
their country is being considered at this time."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We love Canada.  It is absolutely in the mix of sites
being evaluated."
>< Mickey says, "Great!  Thanks for being as open as you can at this point, 
Joe.  Ready for more questions?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yep.  Let's go for it."
>< *** Next question:
><     (guest1) What is the possibility of a Disney Quest being opened in
Arizona along with the Club Disney?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I honestly don't think we will be in Arizona for a bit."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Our first look is at very large cities that have huge 
tourist and local populations."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The Club Disney will be very cool but will be more for
the under 10 crowd."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Mickey) Follow-up: Do you think once DisneyQuest is open in more than
one location that there might be interactive adventures with players in more
than one city?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yep.  We've wired the facilities to do just that."
>< Mickey says, "I must really be all ears!  I thought that would be a kewl
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We're also setting up web-based adventures, like being 
able to drive the Treasure of the Incas telepresent cars from your home during 
hours where the facility is closed."
>< Mickey says, "Well that be free or for a fee?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "For free...for now!"
>< Mickey says, "Thank you!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are constantly trying to experiment and try to give 
stuff away!""
>< Mickey says, "Let's give away more DisneyQuest t-shirts!"
>< Mickey says, "Our next winner..."
>< Mickey listens to Meecelet do a drumroll
>< Mickey says, "Is a guest!  g.Aruba!  You've won a t-shirt!"
>< Mickey says, "Also, Formal_BR -- you've won a t-shirt!  Formal_BR is 
Briar Rose all dressed up, folks"
>< Mickey says, "Both of you, please PAGE ALADDIN with your name and address"
>< Mickey says, "And don't forget, everyone here is a winner..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "You are so PC, Mickey."
>< Mickey smiles
>< Mickey says, "You all get a DisneyQuest collectible pin"
>< Mickey says, "Be sure to PAGE ALADDIN with your name and address for the
pin if you haven't already done so"
>< Mickey says, "OK, on with the show!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) What other Imagineering projects have you been involved in?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I led the company's work in determining our initial 
on-line and internet strategy a million years ago (in web time, 4 years in 
real time)."
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Back then I couldn't get anyone to believe that this 
was going to be a big deal.  No one doubts it now."
>< Mickey says, "You betcha!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I've also helped develop a travelling show that is 
currently going throughout Asia..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "and I sit on the company's technology/R&D steering
committee and patent committee.  We try to stay a minute or two ahead of the 
technology curve."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Then I've done stuff like 5 year plans--think 
fingernails on chalkboard."
>< Mickey says, "You're very busy! Need another assistant... Me?  :: grin ::
Follow up from Rufus: How do you like the current disney.com site?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Disney.com is evolving rapidly in response to the way 
the internet world is evolving.  I think that we are still in the process
of building the foundation of what will be a substantial business for TWDC."
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Bashful: What do you think of Disney buying
into Infoseek?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "This is all moving so fast that you need to build your 
enterprise faster than you possibly could from scratch."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Infoseek will be a huge help in the process of making 
Disney's presence on the internet into a significant business."
>< Mickey says, "Here's another two DisneyQuest t-shirt winners... Wedge and 
DisLawyer -- page Aladdin with your name and address!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) Does WDI ever take ideas from the public?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "For legal reasons--no."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We do go out into the real world and learn from what 
others do..."
>< Mickey thinks Disneyland is the real world.
>< Mickey winks
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "but we never actually accept ideas from non-employees."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We do have open forums that allow any employee to come 
and pitch their idea.  There have been things built based on ideas that 
started in one of these sessions."
>< Mickey says, "Before the next question, remember folks, "If you haven't
done so already, PAGE ALADDIN=your name, your address, your city/state/zip to
get a FREE DisneyQuest pin while supplies last!"
>< Mickey says, "Alice asks a follow-up: Do you mean *any* Disney employee or 
only WDI?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Good question.  In general we have only worked with WDI 
employees.  But it is certainly worth considering allowing others to 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Feature Animation allows employees from throughout the 
company to pitch ideas 1-2 times a year.  But they have a very controlled 
process to make sure that it is orderly and focused.  I'll look into the 
possibility of adding non-WDI folks to our open forums."
>< Mickey says, "Alice cheers your response, and Max thanks you for the
>< *** Next question:
><     (lar3ry) If DisneyQuest is going to be in multiple cities, is there any
chance that it will be franchised out, or will it be a totally company-owned
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It will be Disney-owned and operated."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We could never be happy that it would be designed,
operated, and maintained the way we want unless we ran it."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "In case you haven't noticed, we are kinda control freaks."
>< Mickey nods!
>< Mickey says, "For good reason."
>< *** Next question:
><     (lar3ry) What age ranges do you think DisneyQuest is trying to appeal
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have designed DQ to have a broad appeal, not unlike 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I think that children under 6 or 7 would probably not 
find a lot that would work for them, but being a developmental psychologist by 
training, I am constantly amazed at how young children are able to grasp ideas
and new technologies."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I have seen 3 year olds in DQ having a great time."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Not surprisingly, the younger children can suspend
disbelief, conquer any technical hurdles and lose themselves in fun a lot 
faster than most adults."
>< Mickey hears Meecelet do a drumroll... pretty good for a 2 1/2 year old
>< Mickey says, "Cari and Eddie, you've each won a DisneyQuest t-shirt! PAGE 
ALADDIN with your name and address."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Joe, what was the inspiration for DisneyQuest?  Was this a
project long on the shelf or was it a small window between concept and
>< ***
>< *** Next question:
><     (Aurora) What is the inspiration behind DisneyQuest?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Money."
>< Mickey smirks
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Hey!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "None of that Mr. Mouse."
>< Mickey is sorry!
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The inspiration for DQ was really the idea that we 
wanted to find a way to put our guests into our fantastic stories and
places and then let them take over and direct the experience.
>< Mickey says, "Kinda like taking EMuck here, where YOU are the Star! -- to a
whole new level.  I love it!  We'd love to be able to do the things you do at
DisneyQuest online here at EMuck."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "This generation of children growing up is far more 
used to control and in being part of the story."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We saw a convergence of technology, story, and culture,
that suggested something like DQ could work."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "But as I am sure you can appreciate, this is a pretty 
big risk.  We have never done anything like this and we have a lot to learn."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have been searching for many years for a way to 
capture a slice of the classic theme park experience, but in a way that is 
entirely new and able to be imported to places that historically have not been 
appropriate for Disneyland-like theme parks."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The idea for DQ itself was on a very fast track as far 
as WDI standards go.  We started working on it in earnest about 3 1/2 years
ago.  May sound like a long time but Joe Rohde spent more than 10 years on the 
Animal Kingdom."
>< Mickey says, "We all hope you do well, Joe. Sounds great!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Given DisneyQuest's interactive environment, do you envision
this as a place to 'test out' potential permanent attractions for the parks?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ is definitely a place to test out ideas, but these 
ideas could show up anywhere, not just the parks."
>< Mickey says, "Please, I have space in my backyard."
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are already working things that will show up in our
on-line business, ABC, and ESPN..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "and of course, Mickey's backyard."
>< Mickey thanks Joe for the backyard playground. :-)
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from Double_D: Was Innoventions a precursor or a
testing lab for DisneyQuest?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Actually it was in the sense that Innoventions was the
first place that we tested Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride.  Aladdin was a huge 
proof of concept challenge for us."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "By showing we could create a virtual animated world, 
put our guests into that world and make it believable, that's when we knew we 
could make something like DQ work."
>< Mickey says, "That Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride was sooo kewl! I'm glad I
was lucky enough to ride it at Innoventions. Great stuff!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Do you foresee any possibilities of spinning off certain
DisneyQuest attractions into home versions, perhaps in conjunction with
Consumer Products or Home Video or Disney Interactive?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Absolutely.  Besides the obvious merchandise 
opportunities, we are working on home versions of certain attractions."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "One of the biggest challenges is repurposing digital 
assets.  It is the Holy Grail of digital development to be able to take the 
CGI from one experience and seamlessly port it to another."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I'm still waiting for that to happen!"
>< Mickey says, "I couldn't resist putting another question of my own, Joe, 
into the queue..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Mickey) Is the Aladdin attraction similar to the one that was tested
at Epcot and Disneyland, where you pilot a flying carpet? I was lucky enough
to help test that one out, and it was cool! If it is similar, are there still
VR white gloves on a player's hands? That was so funny!
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride at DQ is based on the 
Innoventions experience."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have upgraded it substantially by adding gameplay, 
new worlds, and most importantly, multi-player elements (4 guests become Abu 
and can see and talk to each other as they fly through Agrabah hunting for 
jewels and the Genie."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "And yes, not only can you see your hands but also your 
whole Abu-body."
>< Mickey says, "But does Abu have on white gloves?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "You'll have to go and try it for yourself!"
>< Mickey says, "Twist my arm, why don'cha... Okay, I will!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey hears Meecelet beating his drum loudly. Mickey says, "Must be time
to give away two more t-shirts!"
>< Mickey says, "RDragon and Phil, you've each won a DisneyQuest t-shirt! PAGE
ALADDIN with your name and address now!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) If DQ proves to be as successful as we all hope it will be,
what do you think of building DisneyQuest locations adjacent to Disney Stores?
That is, one could walk into a Disney Store and right on through to a
DisneyQuest -- 'Synergy' in action! ;)   Seems like a perfect mall companion
to the Stores...
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Alice, would by any chance you be a Disney Store
>< Mickey says, "She works for Buena Vista Home Video Etc"
>< Mickey says, "Whatever name they're calling themselves this week. ;-)"
>< Mickey smirks
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yes, I think there are synergistic opportunities with 
the Stores and also with ESPN, ABC, and other parts of the company."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I've even had discussions with your very own Mitch Koch 
about what we can do with Home Video..."
>< Mickey sees Alice blink!
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Mitch was at the DQ pre-opening and had a great time."
>< Mickey says, "Another Aladdin Magic Carpet Ride question coming right up..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Joe, I heard there is an Aladdin in DisneyQuest. Will I see
Jasmine in this attraction?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Only if you can find her!"
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Bashful passes along that he loves the princess, Joe."
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
><     (Truckie) I'd like to know why Cyberspace Mountain was designed with a
person 5'10" 150 lbs in mind? Isn't the average American male something like
6'0" 200? Why was this not considered in the design of this ride and is this
the trend that all the new WDW rides will follow?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Not sure where the 150 pound info came from but it is 
not true."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "What we do with all of our attractions is to try to 
make them accomodate the broadest possible group of people.
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "In the case of CyberSpace Mountain we are limited by 
what the safety harnesses can accommodate.  CyberSpace Mountain was designed 
to try to accomodate 98th percentile of adults and give them a safe and fun 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have always had limitations with attractions based 
on the limits of the equipment.  That said, we are looking at what we can do 
in revisions of CyberSpace Mountain to accomodate even more guests because I 
will never be happy until everyone can have fun at DQ on all the attractions."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I doubt we will ever get there but we are trying."
>< Mickey says, "Truckie says he was told about what he said from a Cast
Member, that's what it was designed for.  I guess that CM was wrong.  He
wonders why other rides have safety harnesses that are built with a larger
person in mind, and why couldn't this have been done with CSM as well?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The Cast Member should not have said that but there has 
been some frustration by larger guests."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The safety harnesses are the identical ones that you
will see on loop-to-loop coasters throughout the world.  It is an
off-the-shelf item."
>< Mickey says, "Truckie thanks you for your response, Joe. Wedge follows-up:
What kind of restraints does CSM have... belts, harnesses, bars, what?"
>< Mickey says, "So, not belts then? Padded bars?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The harnesses are full body bars that utilize hydraulics
and completely lock the guest in place.  This is necessary because the sim 
does move pretty violently if you choose a level 5 ride."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It is a good issue and one we are not yet happy with."
>< Mickey hears Meecelet pounding his drum again. Mickey says, "Time to give
away two more t-shirts! Sunni and Aislinn, you've each won a DisneyQuest
t-shirt! Page Aladdin with your name and address!
>< *** Next question:
><     (CzarJim) I noticed that some DQ attractions had a Disney "feel" and
some did not. (a) to what extent are non-Disney developers contributing
content to the DQ effort and (b) will they be using more Disney storylines and
characters as time goes on?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I'm curious which do you feel fall into the non-Disney
feel category?"
>< Mickey looks out into the audience and tries to hear CzarJim.
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "In the interim I will answer the rest of the question..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have used several outside media developers to develop 
DQ attractions.  This is done under the supervision of WDI producers and we 
still provide all creative direction and approvals."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "By bringing outside talent into the mix, we allow
ourtselves to branch out and try new stuff.  But ultimately anything that is 
produced--inside or out--has to meet the same standards and get through the 
same approval process, which always ends up at Michael Eisner's door."
>< Mickey says, "CzarJim says that "Ride the Comix" seemed more violent than
what he's used to from Disney... Same with the Alien one."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Interesting.  I would agree that both those attractions 
have more conflict than many of the others in DQ, but we wanted to get some 
conflict and action in the Score Zone."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have the same requirements of showing violence and
conflict in a tasteful way as any other Disney enterprise but as you know 
conflict has been a part of most Disney stories.  What is important is that 
it is not gratuitous but rather a fundamental part of the story and/or the 
message that is being delivered."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "In the case of Comix our goal is to give guests a taste 
of what it is like to have hand-to-hand combat with a virtual villain."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "In Invasion, it was the task of cooperating with three
others to save our colonists and beat the baddies that drives the storyline 
and the experience."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "As I am sure you have surmised, Explore and Create are 
much more traditional Disneyesque experiences, while Replay and especially 
Score are pushes to try some very new things for us."
>< Mickey says, "We have many more questions. Here's one..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (CzarJim) The internet access in the DQ Wonderland cafe is very tightly
filtered. Is there a possibility of a Java enabled
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "For legal (control freak) reasons we are somewhat 
limited in what we can enable in Wonderland cafe."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Sometimes the lawyers win, and in this case they are
doing the appropriate thing to protect our interests and our
guests while we all figure out how to make this work."
>< Mickey grins at DisLawyer in the audience!
>< *** Next question:
><     (CzarJim) I am curious about the personal journal feature in the
Wonderland Cafe stations. Is the idea that you'd interact with your younger
self, reading what you'd written on successive visits?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The idea is that you leave a little note to yourself 
and your friends about your experience at DQ and your view of life at that 
moment in time.  Then you can go back and see it --- a day later or 5 years 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It is a bit self-centered I suppose, but there is 
also the element of something you did sitting somewhere for others to 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Now there are a few legal issues that prevent us from 
allowing free access to photos and stuff, but you can give your password to 
friends and they can check out everything you did."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It's a work-in-process.  We'll add stuff to it and mold
it as time goes by."
>< *** Next question:
><     (CzarJim) Are you continuing to develop for all of the VR interfaces
used in DQ - video hood, projection screen, and so on? Also, I loved the
antique video games in DQ - asteroids and all that. Were you able to find 
clean working originals, or were they restorations?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yep.  And a whole bunch of new interfaces as well.  
This is a grand experiment and you never know what will yield a compelling 
guest experience."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Unlike a traditional theme park attraction, DQ 
attractions are iterative and involve guests at every step of development.
We had 1000's of people play all the games before they ever made it into the 
>< Mickey says, "Nice work if you can get it!"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "That and the scale of the experiences allows us to 
try all kinds of cool stuff, even if some of it craters!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "To answer your second question, I am a video game 
junkie.  I probably spent 1/2 of my time in college on Missile Command 
and Zaxxon."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I made sure we went out and bought originals and then 
had them restored in their original cabinets with their original interface 
>< Mickey hears Meecelet pounding out more prize winners on his drum. Mickey
says, "Xyanth and guest P-Fay, you've each won a DisneyQuest t-shirt! PAGE
BEAST with your name and address now!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Rufus) Joe, what would you personally *like* to take on for your
*next* project?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Mickey's backyard. He already said so."
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "You aren't Marty Sklar mascarading as Rufus are you?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "As an Imagineer, what gets me excited is doing stuff 
that has never been done before and finding new ways to make guests smile."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I would love to find a way to take further advantage 
of the intersection between the virtual and the real worlds.  I am also very 
interested in what the next generation of theme park is going to look like."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Finally, I am wild about finding ways to bring our
products and experiences to more international markets."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful)  I'd love to see a Beauty and the Beast attraction in
DisneyQuest. I'd love to dance with a VR Belle.
>< ***
>< Mickey would, too!
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Funny you should mentoin that..."
>< Mickey says, "Oh?"
>< Mickey is all ears!
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are working on something that would allow you to do 
just that."
>< Mickey says, "Details! We want DETAILS!"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It was actually in our original menu but technically 
it proved to be very hard to do and make it believable."
>< Mickey says, "How about just getting Susan Egan to come to DisneyQuest
sometimes?  ;-)"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The R&D team has gone after it in a new way and I am 
actually scheduled to go look at the next generation in the next few weeks.
I'll keep you posted."
>< Mickey says, "Tough job, but somebody's gotta do it, huh, Joe?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Hey, it ain't all smiles..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "ok, maybe it is."
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "We all wish you luck with the next generation"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Phil) Is it just a coincidence that your last name kind of has Disney
in it.
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "If only..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Will there be a DisneyQuest in Philadelphia in the future?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Could be."
>< Mickey says, "Is that where you live, Bashful?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Pumbaa) What advantages do AP holders have at DQ?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Annual Passholders, for those who don't know"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ is working on a bunch of new packages but at 
this point I do not think there is one for APs."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ is putting together an AP of its own that will 
allow folks in the local area to have regular access to DQ."
>< Mickey says, "Truckie tells me his AP newsletter says AP holders get extra
units when they buy some."
>< Mickey says, "Rufus says 100 points for the price of a 90 point pass."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Could be true.  They have done a bunch of things with 
ticketing that I am not current on."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I want a pass for locals that will allow easy access but 
also make sure that we give everyone a chance to enjoy DQ.  We have seriously 
limited capacity compared to a theme park and we are working hard to manage 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have also instituted a plan for cast members that 
allows a pretty good discount on non-peak periods."
>< Mickey says, "Will a DQ AP be good at all the DQ locations, when there are
more than the one at WDW, or just the one you buy it at?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "If I have anything to say about it, at all DQ's 
anywhere in the world."
>< Mickey says, "Alice wants to know how many units are debited per game...
Double_D wants to know how many people DQ will hold... Truckie wants to know
if the DQ AP will be restricted to locals only!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yow..."
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Games run from 2-18 credits.  That means that an 
E-ticket experience like CyberSpace Mountain would be 18 units but most 
attractions are between 8-16 units.  Stuff like the classic games are 
generally 2 units."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "AP will probably not be restricted to locals
but there will be special local promotions."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ capacity is roughly 1400 people, based on the wait 
time standard we are trying to maintain, so that even at the most busy day 
guests do not have to wait more than 10-12 minutes for any attraction."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Code would allow us to put in many more than 1400."
>< Mickey hears Meecelet banging his drum for attention and points to
t-shirts. Mickey says, "Oh! g.Pumbaa and Max each just won a DisneyQuest
t-shirt! PAGE ALADDIN with your name and address!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Phil) Would you be ever so kind to open a Disney Quest in Colorado?
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Are you begging, Phil?"
>< Mickey says, "He says 'YES!'"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Last I checked you have a pretty big city and lots of 
>< Mickey says, "Sounds promising!"
>< Mickey sees Phil run up onstage, hug Joe, then rug back to the audience.
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Pumbaa) Any chance of a small DQ on any of the Disney Cruise Ships?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We've looked at that and not for the moment but you
never know..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "There are a few tricky issues with a ship, especially 
the space requirements.  The ships are huge but DQ is pretty huge too."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.MFarmer) Will DQ continue to work with Silicon Graphics?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are constantly looking at the hottest technology 
available to power our attractions.  We have a great relationship with SGI
and they have been a huge help in getting DQ off the ground.  If their 
technology continues to rock then we will continue to look to work with 
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "But we always hedge our bets and technology moves so 
fast that you have to be prepared for the wildest turns imaginable.  Kinda 
like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, but with Bill Gates and Andy Grove"
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse) Getting back to the "not accepting ideas from truly creative
types who don't work for Disney but should,  What if someone just makes a
suggestion, like saying "I would like to see Disney do such and such,"  would
that be okay?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Unfortunately, I am not in a position to accept any
ideas.  It seems totally silly, but it is a rule that has reasonable
grounding, given incidents that have taken place at other companies."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Pumbaa) Will any of the DQ experiences be sold as CD roms for home
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I think chances are good derivative experiences based 
on DQ will make it into your home.  However, chances are good it will come 
over the net or over the television."
>< *** Next question:
><     (RDragon) i noticed when i went to dq that there was and extra charge
for some things that had to be payed in cash or charged like getting printout
of your toy you made.  why was that not made into a points value?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "When we started DQ we wanted everything to be 
on the QuestCard.  Unfortunately, tax issues make it extremely
problematic for us to sell take-aways and food using the card."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I hope it will eventually be resolved, but for
now we have to charge cash for the Create Zone takeaways, for food, 
and for merchandise in the Quest store."
>< Mickey says, "Time for another t-shirt giveaway!"
>< Mickey hears Meecelet doing a drumroll...
>< Mickey says, "Panic and guest MFarmer!  You two now have a DisneyQuest 
t-shirt!  Please PAGE ALADDIN with your name and address"
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Aruba) Oh yes... on that fast track note, how long was it from 
idea to apply the concept?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We started working in late 1994 and DQ1 opened in 
June 1998.  The first year was all conceptual stuff... the first software 
development really didn't start until late 1995."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "But we were running R&D efforts in parallel, and were
able to take advantage of things like the air cell motion base, the
Gatorvision HMD, and the video technology for Treasure of the Incas."
>< Mickey says, "We have 12 more questions in the queue now, are you GAME for
that many more if we hurry, Joe?"
>< Mickey giggles at the pun
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Sure."
>< *** Next question:
><     (CzarJim) Would it be possible to have the toy printouts and such be
emailed to yourself rather than printed?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Not right now but in the near future, yes."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Don't forget when we started DQ (late 1994) about 5% 
of the US had e-mail addresses at home.  We're running to catch up with the 
tidal wave!"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We can send data to e-mail addresses now, but we are 
going to coordinate it all with Disney On-line and make it seamless for our 
guests. "
>< *** Next question:
><     (Double_D) What is the Sid's Create-a-Toy thing all about?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Like Sid, from Toy Story, most people like to create
stuff, some a bit less grim than the toys Sid made."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The idea is pretty simple: using a force feedback 
joystick, go into Sid's room, and his sister Hannah's, and pick from a wide 
variety of toy parts.  Assemble those parts any way you like to make a gross 
toy (which most boys do--sexist as that may sound...) or a pretty toy (as most 
girls do)."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Now I need an aside here..."
>< Mickey says, "An aside for Mr. DiNunzio, please!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Hey!"
>< Mickey says, "All we got is Naugahyde"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I studied gender development with Carol Gilligan and 
Matina Horner, and nothing prepared me for the reality of Sid's being split 
like that."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Ok, enough of that aside."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Once your toy is designed you can animate it, change it,
or my favorite activity... buy it -- all the actual parts... from the Create 
Zone counter and take it home and put it together."
>< Mickey says, "Makes the perfect Christmas gift!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We all like to make stuff, and the Create Zone stuff 
gives you the chance to express yourself and have tangible output of what 
you did."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Bashful) Will Disney Characters appear at DisneyQuest?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Probably not."
>< *** Next question:
><     (SunniGummi) I like to see a Gummi Bear or Disney Afternoon attraction
in DisneyQuest.
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Sunni, now that you suggest it he can't use that idea!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Let's not get out of control here..."
>< Mickey smiles
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Mr. Mouse."
>< Mickey says, "Yessir"
>< Mickey grins
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I'll have you know as I type this, one of my pet rats --
Rosie -- is keeping watchful eye over your mouse antics."
>< Mickey uh-oh's!
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are looking at all Disney properties, including the 
Disney Afternoon gang."
>< Mickey says, "Oh, good!"
>< Mickey grins a cheesy grin and moves on to the next question.
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) There are several themes which Disney covers in its parks - MK
is classic Disney, Epcot is global culture, MGM is film, AK is nature.  Is DQ
intended to represent such a theme?  If so, what?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ represents adventure."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The Armillary Sphere -- the central icon of DQ and the 
navigational hub -- is representative of exploration and challenge and
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "with the seriously hidden back story..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "or do you want to hear backstories?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Mickey--any interest in backstories?"
>< Mickey says, "YES!"
>< Mickey says, "We all want to hear it!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Well, an Armillary Sphere was first constructed over 
1000 years ago.  The idea was that it would enable scientists to predict 
the movement of the celestial bodies."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It actually worked pretty well, but had one flaw.  
The ancients thought that the earth was the center of the universe, so the 
Armillary Sphere had to have all these elaborate rings and connections to 
predict the movement of the stars."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The simple version for DisneyQuest is that you, the 
guest, are at the center of the DQ universe.  You control the experience and 
the stories.  You determine what your adventure will be like and where you 
will go."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "So when you stand on the VenturePort and look up at the
Armillary gun, you see all the energy of DQ being poured into..."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "you!"
>< Mickey says, "That's a great backstory.  Thanks for filling us in!  Joe,
Alice says that sounds kinda like a CyberMickey in 'Sorcerer's Apprentice!' 
And g.Aruba wants you to know that all the funniest VP's are on EMuck! (tm)
;-)  I guess that's a compliment to you!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I'll accept any and all compliments!"
>< Mickey says, "Oh, g.Aruba said "funnest""
>< Mickey says, "Still a compliment!"
>< Mickey smiles
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Aruba) Are these the sims built by Iwerks?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Nothing in the facility was built by Iwerks.  We looked 
at some of their stuff but didn't find anything that fit.  They also seem to 
be going toward passive ride films. We didn't want to do any of those for DQ."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Aruba) Is there a WEBSITE http with further info describing D-Quest
>< ***
>< Mickey says, "Sure is, and its a doozy!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "disneyquest.com"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Cari) Just how big is DQ, and how many attractions altogether are
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "100,000 square feet (about 2 1/2 acres)."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "There are 10 major (D or E-ticket) attractions and
10 other, smaller ones."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Xyanth) How much money would you say that DisneyQuest will take before
it is completed?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ will never be completed, just as Disneyland will 
never be completed."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have opened DQ1 and while we will be making tons of
changes over the next several months we are at a solid starting point for the 
experience.  Unfortunately, I am not in a position to discuss costs."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Xyanth) How expensive would you say DQ is?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "As a guest?  For $20 you can have a pretty comprehensive
experience.  That seems to be about the average."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "But some people get a Quest20 ($7), try a couple of
things, and then hang around and have a bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory."
>< Mickey says, "Nice name for a place to eat, Joe!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "The goal with DQ and the SVS card was to allow people to
spend as little or as much as they wanted."
>< Mickey hears Meecelet clang a cymbol. Mickey says, "Thanks, Meecelet! Time
for more DisneyQuest t-shirt winners! Bashful and Angela, you've won! PAGE
ALADDIN with your name and address."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse) Does DQ build/design all of its attractions in-house?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We develop the concepts in house and we art direct 
everything.  But we work with many outside developers on software and hardware
to build our attractions."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We serve as the final integrator of everything and we 
install all our attractions."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse) How will SGI's recent decision to sell MIPS and move to Intel
boxes affect the platforms you/DQ is using for the attractions it creates?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "It will be interesting to see what happens with Unix and
the high end workstations like the Onyx2."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have obviously had numerous discussions with SGI
about this and in the near term it will have minimal effect on us."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We are currently working with SGI on their next gen
platform which by all appearances will be a Unix box, so we will have to see."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse)  What is the relationship between DQ and Walt Disney
Imagineering?  Do they fall under the same umbrella?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DQ is operated by Disney Regional Entertainment.  WDI
dreamed up and built DQ and then turned it over to DRE."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "DRE will be our partner going forward in the continued 
development of DQ."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Pumbaa) I heard that there is a dangerous slide at DQ. Is that true?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "There is a slide but I would hardly call it dangerous.
It is not for the faint of heart... it goes 150 feet and down 2+ stories,
but it is not dangerous."
>< Mickey says, "Wow!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse) I've read that DQ is aimed at short term projects. How short
term is that?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Not sure what you mean, but our development horizon is 
1-2 years for a new DQ attraction, sometimes longer if it involves developing 
an entirely new technology."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "I suppose that is short term compared to a theme park 
attraction, but we have stuff in R&D that has been 4-5 years in the making..."
>< Mickey says, "Have you got other attractions in the wings to put in soon if
some in there now turn out to be not so popular?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Yep.  Started working on them months ago."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "But we will also work to enhance and renew things that 
are not working as well as we would like them to."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Xyanth) What are you using to create DQ?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "??? Please elaborate"
>< Mickey says, "What do you mean, Xyanth?"
>< Mickey says, "Max says you use imagination!"
>< Mickey says, "Here's a follow-up from Xyanth..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (Xyanth) Are you using a specific program?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Hundreds of programs. Everything from control programs
to OS's like Unix and everything in between.  PCs, O2s, Onyx2's, heck even 
>< Mickey says, "Alice asks if you use anything from Apple there at
DisneyQuest... any Macs or PowerBooks?"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "No Macs or powerbooks."
>< Mickey says, "Sorry, Alice!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "No, wait..."
>< Mickey waits, too
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "3 Macs being used to support 3D sound in Hercules."
>< Mickey says, "Yay, Alice!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Beast) There seems to be a lot of emphasis on the future here.  Is
this an attraction which only looks ahead, or does it make a link to the past
analogous to the Carousel of Progress?
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We certainly pay homage to our great icons of the
past, and attractions like Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlaster are definitely 
throw-back experiences.  We want a blend of past, present, and future."
>< Mickey says, "3 more to go, Joe!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.mouse) My earlier question about short term projects was a little
vague :} I was referring to the lifespan of the attractions after deployment
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Aha.  Yes, the attractions lifespan at DQ will be much
shorter than a traditional theme park attraction.  We expect 15-20% of DQ to 
change every year.  Obviously some stuff will be evergreen, but the idea is
that DQ is more ever-changing."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Full employment act for Imagineers!"
>< *** Next question:
><     (Truckie) What will be the plan for expansion should this prove to be
massively popular? You seem to be limited by putting the building where it is
-- you can only go up.
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have got to be flexible--and the concept was designed
to be just that."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We have all kinds of configurations on the drawing 
boards.  But the idea was to be in urban environments, where land is dear,
and vertical is the way to make it work."
>< Mickey says, "Truckie says he meant no room for expansion on the sides of
the current building at WDW and you can only go up with the building or move
everything.  So, I guess he wants the one at WDW expanded!"
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Let's wait a bit on that!"
>< Mickey grins
>< *** Next question:
><     (Alice) Given the target audience is comprised of people who are likely
to be cyber-hip, will DQ possibly run 24/7, allowing anyone to access it at
any time (lots of hooked-up folks get online 24/7)
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Getting ops to work those kind of shifts is kinda tough."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We will experiment with late closings (1 and 2am) and
special events post midnight, but that is probably it."
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "We will open up a bunch of the stuff that we can -- like
the telepresent jeeps -- to after hours web use."
>< Mickey says, "Kewlness.  One last comment, Joe! Here it is..."
>< *** Next question:
><     (g.Aruba) Aruba (and ALL) thank you for the wonderful prizes!
>< ***
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "You are most welcome!"
>< Mickey says, "Belle, please come upstage"
>< Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< JoeDiNunzio says, "Hope this was as fun for you all as it was for me."
>< Belle says, "ok, everyone, let's give Mr. Dinunzio a big round of applause!"
>< Mickey says, "Joe, thank you so much for being with us tonight.  If you'd
be so kind, please standby to go down into the audience for just a few minutes.
The folks down there would love to "meet you"."
>< Belle says, "on behalf of AmberThree Productions, we thank you for coming
to talk with us, Mr. Dinunzio, and thank you for the prizes."
>< Belle says, "a couple things before we go...."
>< Belle says, "I'm going to give away the last t-shirt."
>< Belle says, "and it's...."
>< Belle says, "Czarjim!"
>< Belle says, "Czarjim, page aladdin with your address to claim it."
>< Mickey and Meecelet clap for all the prize winners and especially for Joe!
>< Belle says, "second, if you haven't already done so, page aladdin with your
address so we can send you your Disneyquest pin!"

You leave the podium and head through the door to the...
The Arbordale Auditorium
Special Invited Talks with celebrity guests take place in this large auditorium.
   Current Topic:          DisneyQuest: indoor, interactive theme park
   Current Moderator:      Mickey
   Current Guest Speakers: JoeDiNunzio(Joe DiNunzio)
      Joe DiNunzio is Disney's Vice President of New Ventures and he's directing
      the development of DisneyQuest, Disney's new indoor, interactive theme 
      park, so ask him anything about it!  For more information, point your
      web browser to http://www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/JoeD.html
      This chat takes place Saturday, 7/11, 11 PM WDW time/8 PM Disneyland time
> To ask a question of anyone at the podium, enter 'REQUEST' (without quotes)
> and wait to be prompted to enter your question. Your REQUESTed question can
> be longer than one line - Just wait to press your Enter key until after you
> finish typing your question (not at the end of *each* line). Many questions
> may be in the REQUEST queue ahead of yours, so please be patient. No one at
> the podium can hear what is said in this room so use REQUEST for questions.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter,
 No-Spam Seats [EHX], @doorprize
 SURPRISE!, PRIZE RULES, Plush Beast, Stenographic camera, Air DiNunzios
 Beast, Aladdin, Scooter, Max, Rufus, Double_D, Eddie, :Bob:, Glamour_Alice,
 Princess AngieBelle, g.Pumbaa, g.Aruba, Xyanth, Truckie, Cari, Phil,
 g.annette, SunniGummi, CzarJim

>< Belle says, "and third....Mr. Dinunzio, I don't know if you're aware of
this, but EMuck is having two get-togethers on the 25th of July...."
>< Belle says, "one in Disneyland, the other in Disney World."
>< Belle says, "if you will be at either one at that day, we will be honored
to have you as our guest for breakfast, or something.  :)"
JoeDiNunzio comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the 
stage and podium.
Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage 
and podium.
Belle comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage 
and podium.
Sunni applauds
Cari shakes her head.
Double_D says, "Thank you, Joe." 
Truckie waves 
Max waves to JoeDiNunzio.
Belle exclaims, "thank you again!" 
Glamour_Alice jumps up and down and thanks Joe for visiting!
Mickey exclaims, "Thanks, Joe!" 
Cari exclaims, "Yes, thanks!" 
Beast says, "Hello, Joe.  Thanks for a wonderful chat!" 
Princess AngieBelle waves
Rufus applauds Joe for his generosity and his time.
Sunni says, "yeah" 
g.annette (usrts1m8.uwinnipeg.ca) exclaims, "thanks joe!" 
g.Aruba (pool033-max4.ds8-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) shakes Joe's paw
Sunni says, "thank you for the prizes and for coming" 
CzarJim says, "Thank you Joe. Wonderful chat!" 
Chief Truckie asks, "Joe has a Paw?" 
Cari clapclaps
g.Pumbaa (atlas21.carroll.com) says, "thank you Joe" 
Plush Beast eeps a plush eep!
g.Aruba (pool033-max4.ds8-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "And for the
nice website!" 
JoeDiNunzio waves
Double_D shakes Joe's hand.
Glamour_Alice applauds wildly for Joe!!!!
Eddie says, "Congrats, Joe. Thanks for the t-shirt.  :)" 
Max claps loudly and goofily, and gets in a loud Ah-HYUCK! for good measure.
Phil says, "Hi, Joe." 
Sunni smiles
Phil says, "Type 'l air DiNunzios'" 
Double_D exclaims, "Shoes!" 

[look Air DiNunzios]
They're weird shoes with computer chips and flashing lights. Hey, do you wanna
'see' how they fit?

You try on the Air DiNunzios and feel like going for a walk down the
information super highway...

Belle laughs!
guest3 hurries into the Auditorium directly from the Welcome Center Lounge.
Eddie offers the guest a drink of Wild Turkey.  :)
Eddie says, "I'm Eddie, detective to the toons." 
Xyanth bows to Joe.
Sunni bows to Joe too
Double_D picks up the stenographic camera along with its keyboard.
Mickey exclaims, "Joe, you stayed very long with us, and thank you for
answering all the questions!  We are deeply honored." 
Belle gives JoeDiNunzio a hug.
Belle exclaims, "thank you!" 
Phil says, "I'm Phil...the satyr. " 
Mickey runs up to JoeDiNunzio and gives him a macho mousie huggle!
Cari huggles Joe!
Xyanth hugs Joe.
Beast bows to Joe and salutes him with a flourish of his cloak.
guest3 (ricochet-17.cisco.com) says, "Thank you, too" 
g.mouse stands up and leaves the No-Spam Seats [EHX] and comes over near you.
Double_D simply shakes Joe's hand.  No hugging.
Sunni huggles
Truckie shakes Joe's hand and poses for a quick picture....quick someone take 
the picture already!
g.mouse (1Cust27.tnt4.lax3.da.uu.net) thanks Joe for his time. "Nice to talk
with you!"
Sun Jul 12 00:55:21 CDT 1998
Mickey says, "Joe, anytime you'd like to come back and chat or role-play here
on EMuck, we'd love to have you.  And if you'd like an anonymouse character,
just let us know and we'll set it up" 
Double_D says, "Good night, Joe.  Come back soon!" 
Mickey exclaims, "Thank you for being here tonight, Joe!  Goodnight!" 
Max waves g'night to Joe.
Rufus exclaims, "See ya real soon, Joe!" 
JoeDiNunzio says, "This has been way fun." 
Max exclaims, "Glad ya liked it!" 
Double_D says, "Thanks for the chat.  It was interesting." 
Mickey exclaims, "Let's hear it for Joe DiNunzio!" 
Mickey claps loudly!!!
Max ah-hyucks goofily again.
SunniGummi comes in from Mickey's Cyber Diner and takes a seat near you.
Double_D applauds.
Alice exclaims, "Good night, Joe!  Thanks again!!" 
CzarJim  claps
Scooter exclaims, "yes!" 
Princess Cari clapclaps royally.
Rufus applauds again.
Sunni says, "bye Joe" 
Sunni waves
Mickey gives a huggle to JoeDiNunzio, and says goodbye, but grins as he
shouts, "Seeya real soon!  Heh-heh!"
Alice applauds and waves and curtseys to Joe!
Sunni huggles
Aladdin says, "Goodnight, Joe.  A million thanks." 
Sunni says, "Nite, Joe. Hope to see you soon" 
AngieBelle waves
Belle says, "goodnight, Joe, and thank you on behalf of AmberThree
JoeDiNunzio exclaims, "You are most welcome!" 
Double_D exclaims, "Yay!" 
Princess Cari waves!
Xyanth waves.
JoeDiNunzio has disconnected.
Mickey zaps JoeDiNunzio.
JoeDiNunzio has left.
Belle exclaims, "Joe DiNunzio has left the building!" 
Sunni smiles
Double_D exclaims, "Joe has left the muck!" 
Mickey grins
g.Aruba (pool033-max4.ds8-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) hehhehs at the zapping
Sunni smiles
Belle says, "okay, Mickey....who's next on our SIT lineup?" 
Sun Jul 12 01:00:18 CDT 1998
Mickey says, "Glad you asked!"
Mickey says, "Our next Special Invited Talk on EMuck will be Saturday, August
1st, when our guests will be Disney Imagineers David Mumford and Bruce
Gordon, authors of the wonderful book about Disneyland called "The Nickel
Tour: A Postcard Journey Through 40 Years of the Happiest Place On Earth."" 
Mickey says, "Note: The date of this Special Invited Talk is still being set
up, but is 90% confirmed for August 1st.  For more details about this chat,
see http://www.calweb.com/~rkoster/Stars/Disneyland.html"
Mickey says, "And then on Saturday, August 8th join us here on EMuck for a
Special Invited Talk with the "Queen of Cartoons," June Foray, a lovely &
gracious, and legendary voice artist who is Grandmother Fa in Disney's
"Mulan," Rocket J. Squirrel in "Rocky & Bullwinkle," and hundreds of other
Mickey says, "For more details about the chat with June Foray, see
g.Aruba (pool033-max4.ds8-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims, "great pasting
Mick!   ;)" 
Alice WHOO-HOOOOOOS about both upcoming chats!
Mickey says, "SIT is Special Invited Chat.  June will be our 15th with Disney
Beast says, "Nice plugs, Mouse." 
Princess Cari exclaims, "Ahh a VA!" 
Princess Cari looooooooooooooooooooooves voice acting, call me anytime,
Kittycat90@[...], woohoo!
Alice exclaims, "'Nite, Rufus!" 
Double_D is stopping his log now.
Mickey bows to Beast
Sunni applauds
Princess Cari exclaims, "Ja ne, minna-san!" 
Belle smiles, we're really on a roll with SIT guests now.  First a Tony Award
nominee, now a Disney Vice President.
Mickey says, "Meecelet, you can stop your log and go to bed now, too."
Meecelet nods at his Daddy Mickey and heads off to bed.
AngieBelle wants that Tony nominee back here!!!
With a tear in your eye... and a thump in your heart... you go home.