EMuck--Buena Vista Home Video Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Melanie Basta and Melanie Ross of Buena Vista Home Video's Creative Services Department, which occurred on Wednesday 5 February 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CST (GMT -0600) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck). This transcript logs only the questions asked to the speakers (g.BVHV), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments.

Please note that some questions are repeated in the transcript. This is inevitable as questions were queued by players. All questions were passed on to Melanie and Melanie should they find them useful as feedback as to what Disney fans (at this talk, at least) would like.

ANNOUNCE> (Belle) ATTENTION:  Amberthree Productions' EntertainMuck is
pleased to welcome Melanie Basta and and Melanie Ross of Buena Vista Home
Video's Creative Services Department for a special invited talk, starting
in about 5 minutes at the Arbordale Convention Center.  Directions:
@welcome -> CHAT -> A

Wed Feb 05 22:00:12 CST 1997

Mickey goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
g.BVHV goes through the door up to the stage and gets behind the podium.
>< Mickey says, "Hi, folks!  First, just a second while I update the speaker
name in the room description."

Center Stage: The Podium (Arbordale Auditorium)
You are at the podium onstage.  Anything you say or do (SAY, ", POSE, :)
will be seen by all in the Arbordale Auditorium.
Current moderator:  Mickey
Current topic:      Tonight our special guests are Melanie Basta and
Melanie Ross, Cast Members from Buena Vista Home Video's Creative Services
Department. Find out about the Very Exciting Things coming to home video
from Disney! Please read the disclaimer (enter 'more disclaimer') and use
'request' to leave your question or comment now.

Current speaker:    g.BVHV

Mickey wishes to pass along the following disclaimer about Wednesday's chat:
   Melanie Basta and and Melanie Ross will be our special guests for a
chat on Wednesday, 2/5/97, here in the Arbordale Auditorium on EMuck.
They are Cast Members from Buena Vista Home Video's Creative Services
Department. Find out about the Very Exciting Things coming to home video
from Disney! Use 'request' right now to leave your question or comment to
   Here's your chance to tell them how much you really want to see "The
Little Mermaid," "Sleeping Beauty," "Lady and the Tramp," "Song of the
South," "The Black Cauldron," and other Disney masterpieces. They'd love
to hear your suggestions about what you would like to see released to
video or created by Disney for direct-to-video! 
   Want more Gummi bears, more Mickey & Minnie Mouse cartoons/features,
more new Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger, too!) or additional "Goof Troop"/
"A Goofy Movie" productions?  Tell them...either during the chat or
anytime before it begins, by entering your questions 'request'!

*   *   *     Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: ON     *   *   *
While Melanie Basta and Melanie Ross are Cast Members of The Walt Disney Company, they are not visiting this chat as Official Representatives of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of these two Cast Members and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC.
* * * Keeping Disney Lawyers Happy Mode: OFF * * *
As much as Melanie and Melanie would love to, they *cannot* divulge information such as release dates of upcoming titles, or even names of upcoming titles, unless they have already been announced to the public. So they will not be able to respond to the rumors seen in numerous newsgroups about the video release possibilities for "Song of the South," "The Little Mermaid," "Sleeping Beauty," etc. But you are certainly welcome to suggest and request videos you would like to see, including these Disney masterpieces. >< Mickey says, "So, since we can't hear you, that is what the 'request' action is for out there." >< g.BVHV says, "Hi, Gusto!" Belle says, "ok, folks: here's how this works...." Belle says, "the guest speakers are in the podium, where they will be isolated from any sound and noise made in here. You can ask them questions with 'request' and they will hear that and answer." >< g.BVHV hope the Lag Monster is on vacation tonight. Belle says, "some of you are taking logs. Scooter has a camcorder and will be taking the official log of the session--it will be edited to remove extraneous stuff (like connections on and off) and made public tomorrow." >< Mickey says, "During the chat, the only way to make a comment or ask a question will be to use the 'request' action in here..." >< Mickey says, "When you enter 'request' it puts you in a text editor..." >< Mickey says, "It will instruct you to enter a one line comment or question...." >< Mickey says, "What that means is, keep typing (even if you need more than one line) until you are finished, and then (and only then) hit the RETURN key." >< Mickey says, "The questions and comments will be read and responded to one by one, in the order they were presented." >< Mickey says, "The only way to have a follow-up question once your question or comment is presented and answered, is to 'page Mickey=MessageHere'." >< Mickey says, "OK, let's begin!" >< g.BVHV says, "Hello, everybody! :)" >< Mickey says, "First of all, I'd like to welcome both Melanies to EMuck!" >< g.BVHV says, "Thank you, Mickey. We're happy to be here." Belle applauds. At the risk of being corny, Amberthree Productions is pleased to welcome you as our special guests. >< Mickey says, "Would you please give us a little background about yourselves?" >< g.BVHV says, "Sure..." >< g.BVHV says, "B: Art director, now commision design firms and oversee the development of creative projects." >< g.BVHV says, "M: Your basic, all-around assistant/artist/writer/schmoozer/get-things-done kind of person" >< Mickey says, "Our first question comes from SunniGummi..." >< (SunniGummi) I like to see more epsodes of gummi bears and possibly a movie, also The black Caldrin. >< >< g.BVHV says, "First off..." >< g.BVHV says, "re: Black Cauldron..." >< g.BVHV says, "There is (obviously!) quite a lot of interest in this title..." >< g.BVHV says, "It *was* slated to come out..." >< g.BVHV says, "...but..." >< g.BVHV says, "We're afraid it got put on the back burner for now." >< g.BVHV says, "When will it be out????????" >< g.BVHV says, "re: Gummi Bears, we haven't heard anything. Sorry." >< Mickey says, "OK, so on to the next question!" >< Mickey says, "It is from someone I know very well..." >< Next question: >< (Mickey) My son loves Winnie the Pooh. Are any new Pooh videos being worked on? >< >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "We are happy to report..." >< g.BVHV says, "YES on Pooh!" >< Mickey claps! >< g.BVHV says, "Specifically........" >< g.BVHV drumroll >< Mickey says, "DETAILS! WE WANT DETAILS!" >< g.BVHV says, "On February 18th THREE new Pooh Friendship titles will be coming your way...." >< g.BVHV says, "They are...(we're frantacally looking this up, now...)" >< g.BVHV says, ""Pooh Wishes", "Tiggerific Tales", and "Clever Little Piglet"." >< g.BVHV says, "BUT--" >< g.BVHV says, "--THAT'S NOT ALL!!!" >< Mickey smiles >< g.BVHV wonders if everyone is on the edges of their seats... >< Mickey is about to fall to the floor, he's so close! >< g.BVHV says, "On August 5, 1997...." >< g.BVHV says, "...will be the PREMIERE of the VERY FIRST POOH FULL-LENGTH MOVIE IN 30 YEARS..." >< Mickey says, "Wow!" >< g.BVHV says, "Direct-to-Video is.................................." >< g.BVHV wonders if they reeeeeeeally want to know... >< Mickey says, "Let me point out that while we are up here onstage at the podium, we can't hear anyone in the audience." >< Mickey says, "That is what the 'request' action is there for, to leave questions and comments." >< Mickey says, "Yes, what's the title?" >< g.BVHV says, ""POOH'S GRAND ADVENTURE: THE SEARCH FOR CHRISTOPHER ROBIN"!" >< Mickey says, "I didn't know he was missing" >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "BTW, it looks really good!" >< g.BVHV says, "Oh, but if you saw the end of the last Pooh film 30 years ago..." >< g.BVHV says, "...you would know that Christopher Robin went away..." >< g.BVHV says, "Do you remember where?" >< Mickey says, "Uh, to school?" >< g.BVHV says, "Bingo." >< Mickey says, "What do I win?" >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "Round trip fare to the Fairmont Building. Ha." >< Mickey says, "OK, any more about Pooh, or should I present the next question?" >< g.BVHV says, "That's it......for now." >< Mickey says, "OK, there will be more Pooh questions coming up, I know." >< g.BVHV says, "'kay." >< Next question: >< (Mickey) Some Disney videos are labelled as a Disney Classic and others as a Disney Masterpiece. What's the difference? >< >< g.BVHV happily notes the absence of the Lag Monster tonight. >< Mickey nods enthusiastically! >< g.BVHV says, "The difference is..." >< g.BVHV says, ""Classics" was the term used when titles were FIRST released..." >< g.BVHV says, "On their SECOND release they are called "Masterpiece"..." >< g.BVHV says, ""Masterpiece" also *usually* deonotes some improvement..." >< g.BVHV says, "...e.g., restored, etc. BUT NOT ALWAYS (in fact, maybe not even most of the time, although that is our lastest approach.)" >< Mickey says, "So it doesn't have anything to do with whether the features were first created when Walt Disney was alive?" >< g.BVHV says, "Not exactly..." >< g.BVHV says, "When we say "Walt Disney's (title)" that means it was while Walt was alive..." >< g.BVHV says, "When we say "A Walt Disney Masterpiece (or Classic)", it means it's from the Walt Disney Studio after Walt's passing." >< g.BVHV says, "This applies to the films in our Classic/Masterpiece library." >< Mickey says, "Many of us have enjoyed how the Disney Channel shows old TV shows from the 50s and 60s. Our next question is in regards to those shows..." >< Next question: >< (Lumiere) Is Disney looking into making more of its classic TV library available on video? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Not to our *current* knowledge..." >< Mickey says, "Do you get a lot of requests about those shows?" >< g.BVHV says, "There are films coming out, but not TV items (e.g., Mousketeers, etc.)" >< g.BVHV says, "Disney receives many requests for lots of programming..." >< g.BVHV says, "it comes down to this..." >< g.BVHV says, "there MUST be a *wide* demand for the product before they will even consider releasing it." >< g.BVHV says, "So keep those cards & letters coming!" >< Mickey says, "Well, speaking of the Mouseketeers, many of their shows were recently shown on the Disney Channel for the 40th Anniversary of the Mickey Mouse Club." >< Mickey says, "Our next question is also about that..." >< Next question: >< (Mickey) I'd like to see all of the Mickey Mouse Club episodes from the 50s released to home video, as well as all of the "Disneyland" and "Walt Disney Presents" TV shows! >< >< g.BVHV says, "M- And so would I!" >< Mickey says, "You have good taste!" >< g.BVHV says, "At the present, there is no talk of such releases." >< g.BVHV says, "Unfortunately." >< Mickey says, "OK, on to another question...." >< Next question: >< (Sailor_Mars) How much do you get paid? >< >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "...wait a minute..." >< g.BVHV says, "...you mean...THEY'RE supposed to pay US???????????????" >< g.BVHV the Melanies look at each other in shock. >< Mickey says, "Huh-ha!" >< Mickey says, "You get paid in all the Disney videos you can watch, right?" >< Mickey says, "Our next question comes from Pooh" >< Next question: >< (Pooh) I'd like to see The Little Mermaid on tape as soon as possible! If possible, some more Poohs too! :P >< >< g.BVHV says, "Dearest Pooh..." >< g.BVHV says, "You and everyone else..." >< g.BVHV says, "Pooh, dahling, do check your theatrical releases..." >< g.BVHV says, "You just may find a lovely clue there..." >< Mickey says, "Word *has* gone out officially about the re-release of The Little Mermaid later this year to the theaters, right?" >< g.BVHV says, "Hm. I think the Fall is a good time to go to the theater, don't you?" >< g.BVHV hmmm and haww and say nothing more on the Mermaid subject. ;) >< Mickey says, "...and perhaps Disney might follow its recent action of putting out videos once a feature is out of the theaters, hopefully!" >< Mickey sees how tightly the lips our sealed on the Melanies! >< g.BVHV continue to hmmmmmm and haaaaaaw.... >< g.BVHV says, "Yew gottit." >< Mickey says, "OK! Another comment.." >< g.BVHV notes the accuracy of Mickey's observations... >< Mickey says, "Now we had been talking about the *animated* Pooh so far..." >< Mickey says, "But there is at least one Disney home video that has the Walk-Around Pooh in it..." >< Mickey says, "...That's the "Disneyland Fun" episode of the Sing-Along Songs." >< g.BVHV says, "We're sorry to say we don't know about any live-action Pooh's walking around in SAS" >< Next question: >< (Mickey) I'd like to put in a request for more Sing Along videos with the Disney Walk-Around Characters. They're great, especially the "Disneyland Fun" one. >< >< Mickey says, "Yes, there is one, in the Disneyland Fun tape. Trust me." >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "We mean, we didnt' know of any NEW live-action ones, Mickey." >< Mickey says, "My son loves that part the best! I'd like to see more of the Walk-Around characters on video" >< g.BVHV says, "We'll pass along the word. BTW, we just noticed there is another Pooh animated coming out..." >< Mickey says, "Oh, do tell!" >< g.BVHV says, "OK, re: another new Pooh video (animated)...." >< g.BVHV says, "coming out August 26th..." >< g.BVHV says, ""Boo To You, Too, Pooh!" for Halloween treating." >< Mickey says, "Pooh merchandise is currently out-selling Mickey stuff in the Disney Store. I suppose you have had a lot of requests for more Pooh videos!" >< g.BVHV says, "Pooh is EXTREMELY popular...especially the Classic Pooh stuff." >< g.BVHV says, "And especially with Melanie R! :)" >< Next question: >< (Mickey) A man posted on the FidoNet Disney Echo that he has a copy of "The Black Cauldron" on video that came directly from the Disney Archives and says "Disney Archives" on it. He is claiming that what he has is an authorized copy of the movie, since it was transferred to video at the Disney Archives by people who work there. Is he right or wrong -- does he have a bootleg copy or an authorized copy? And is there someone at Buena Vista Home Video or the Disney Archives he could call to ask about this? >< >< g.BVHV says, "One moment..." >< g.BVHV says, "Weh-helllllll....." >< g.BVHV says, "R- Having worked previously in Disney Anti-Piracy AND in Technical Services -- who actually transfer the film to tape, NOT Archives--...." >< g.BVHV says, "R- Sounds doubtlessly like a bootleg and/or fake to me." >< g.BVHV says, "Melanie B. concurs." >< g.BVHV says, "If any of you come across such a tape..." >< g.BVHV says, "...which is being touted as being Authentic Disney..." >< g.BVHV says, "...and you have doubts about the verity of that tape..." >< g.BVHV says, "...call 1 (800) NO COPYS and report it." >< g.BVHV says, "That will save YOU from paying the Big Bucks for fake merchandise..." >< g.BVHV says, "...and keep Quality Disney product available." >< Mickey says, "I'll pass that information along to him." >< Mickey says, "Our next comment is in praise of the videos that include the Walk-Around Characters in them..." >< Next question: >< (Minnie) My 13-month-old son enjoys the "Disneyland Fun" Sing Along video. We also have Sing Along titles with Disney Characters at WDW. I would love to see more theme park videos that show fun aspects of those theme parks with the Characters. It helps to familiarize very young children with what to expect at DL & WDW. >< >< Mickey says, "That's been discussed, so let's move on" >< g.BVHV says, "Mickey, P.S. on the Live-Action stuff....." >< g.BVHV says, "If you'd like to hear it..." >< Mickey says, "Yes go ahead" >< g.BVHV says, "There *will* be new live-action product, but NOT Sing Along Songs including the characters..." >< g.BVHV says, "and I believe they will only be offered through one outlet (e.g., Kmart or Wal*Mart, etc.)" >< g.BVHV says, "Look for them around the Holidays." >< Next question: >< (Brudus) Will "Make Mine Music" and/or "Melody Time" be coming to video soon? >< >< g.BVHV says, ""Make Mine Music" is already available -- at least, two parts of it are." >< g.BVHV says, "They are..." >< g.BVHV says, ""Willie the Operatic Whale".. and....I have to look this up; just a moment..." >< g.BVHV says, "just a moment...searching..." >< Mickey helps flip pages >< g.BVHV furiously search their research materials... >< g.BVHV says, "Okay, we admit, we can't find it at the moment..." >< g.BVHV says, "But another segment does exist." >< Mickey says, "Well, how about the other part -- will the whole thing be released?" >< g.BVHV says, "HOLD IT" >< g.BVHV says, "FOUND IT" >< g.BVHV says, "the other one is Peter and the Wolf, released as "Favorite Stories: Peter and the Wolf"" >< g.BVHV says, "Don't know if/when the other parts will be released." >< g.BVHV says, "re: Melody Time: it has never been released on videocassette, and there is no talk of it at this time." >< Mickey says, "Our next question is asked in the hopes that you have some new information to pass on to us..." >< Next question: >< (PhotoHound) Info on Song fo the South and The Black Cauldron release dates >< >< g.BVHV says, "PH, forget about SOTS.....for a v e r y l o n g time." >< g.BVHV says, "See notes re: Black Cauldron at start of chat." >< Mickey says, "Here's a question about marketing of Disney videos..." >< Next question: >< (Lumiere) Does BVHV like to change the overall 'look' of a movie's ad campaign for the video release? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Yes...." >< g.BVHV says, "Basically, lots of times our audiences are different for video release as compared to the theatrical release. And also, times change between theatrical and video releases....." >< g.BVHV says, "...and..." >< g.BVHV says, "B - We learn from the theatrical release re: what went right, what went poorly, and how to improve the overall presentation of the title." >< Mickey says, "You mean sometimes Disney does things wrong???" >< Mickey smiles >< g.BVHV doesn't know what Mickey could Possibly be referring to ;) >< Mickey says, "Baloo brings up that the video art and marketing gets re-worked for international releases, too." >< g.BVHV says, "Yes, and in fact, their artwork is different from domestic releases, although we do consult between the two factions." >< Mickey says, "OK, next question..." >< Next question: >< (Gusto) I guess I'd like to see Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears on video and I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide in getting them on tape. >< >< g.BVHV says, "...uh........not a whole lot of current demand for Gummi Bears. Sorry." >< g.BVHV says, "But we'll pass on your requests. :)" >< Mickey says, "A follow up is coming from Gusto" >< g.BVHV says, "'kay..." >< Mickey says, "Gusto also points out that "many other, in fact almost all other Disney animated series have ben out on tape."" >< g.BVHV says, "B sez she had a packet of Gummi Bears while watching Evita last night...is that close enough?" >< Mickey says, "Gusto also tells me in a follow-up that "But Gummi Bears have not... and I was hoping for there to be a correction to this... um... oversight."" >< g.BVHV says, "Gusto...." >< g.BVHV says, "...don't hold your breath, darling..." >< Mickey says, "The next two questions also are about the Gummi Bears..." >< Next question: >< (SunniGummi) Will there be any Gummi Bear videos aviable soon?? >< >< Next question: >< (SunniGummi) Will Gummi bears ever have a DV movie?? I would like to see on. >< >< g.BVHV says, "See prior response." >< Mickey says, "OK, more comments left in the queue..." >< g.BVHV says, "We're ready & waiting!" >< Next question: >< (SunniGummi) Will The Black Cauldren ever be avaible in video format? >< >< Mickey says, "We covered that, so we'll go on" >< Next question: >< (SunniGummi) Will Goof Troop or Gummi bears have new episodes. >< >< g.BVHV says, "We don't know abut Goof Troop....at least, we haven't heard anything." >< Mickey says, "Oh, please answer more if you have it about Goof Troop. They are very popular!" >< g.BVHV says, "Really, honest, cross our collective hearts, we don't know." >< Mickey says, "The next question had the first part covered already, but not the last part of it..." >< Next question: >< (g.Diznyguy) Do you plan on releasing Make Mine Music, Melody Time, and Ichabod/Willow to home video? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Diznyguy!" >< g.BVHV says, "Glad you could make it! :)" >< g.BVHV says, "Those are already available, dearie." >< g.BVHV says, "Both under the "Favorite Story" headings." >< Mickey says, "Even though it was already touched on..." >< Mickey says, "In the spirit of presenting to you all of the comments so you can pass along the desires of your Disney fans, the next comment..." >< Next question: >< (Bobby) hi. >< (Bobby) I'm one of the mob who wnats to know if there will be a sequal to A Goofy Movie or another posable Goof Tropp release? any news on that? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Again....nothing further on the Goof, at least, not that we know of." >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) BVHV! Nice to have ya here! =) >< >< g.BVHV says, "Thanks :)" >< Next question: >< (Belle) so, what IS going to be released in the near future by Buena Vista, anyway? >< >< Mickey says, "...Okay, keep us in suspense!" >< g.BVHV says, "Belle, that's a rather general question...we release LOTS of stuff in a year..." >< g.BVHV says, "Belle, are you interested in, well, "Belle" stuff?" >< Mickey says, "Well, you have the Belle story tapes out now" >< g.BVHV says, "Yes, we do..." >< Next question: >< (Goofy) Since A Goofy Movie did *far* better than anyone at Disney thought it would, are there any plans to make a direct to video sequel, or another series based on the characters? >< >< Mickey says, "He has a good point there, about how well that movie did" >< g.BVHV says, "B - No, although the Direct-To-Video area is really popular right now, and is growing...but we haven't heard anything YET about Goofy." >< Next question: >< (Baloo) and Melanie - Welcome to EMuck from a fellow Disneyite! >< >< g.BVHV says, "Thanks, Baloo...where are you in the land o'Dis?" >< Mickey says, "Baloo is not online at this time, and left his question ahead of time, but he is at the Disney Studios in Burbank." >< Mickey says, "My mistake, Baloo *is* online now!" >< Mickey waves to Baloo >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) So... do you have any ideas as to the next set of movies you'll be releasing is? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Dadaleous, it depends on which types of movies you refer to..." >< g.BVHV says, "Dad, we release animated, live action, all kinds of stuff ...." >< g.BVHV says, "do you have a particular interest?" >< Mickey says, "Dadaleous, go ahead and page me with that answer." >< g.BVHV says, "Dad, here's some info..." >< g.BVHV says, "Aladdin just had one (Aladdin and the King of Thieves), and Hunchback...don't expect one." >< Mickey says, "I've seen enough of the Hunchback, but not Esmerelda." >< Mickey winks >< g.BVHV says, "Regarding Beauty and the Beast...." >< g.BVHV says, "...keep your eyes peeled. :)" >< Next question: >< (Sailor_Moon) Is anything being done to make Sailor Moon on tape anymore? There are a line of three so far that I know, is there more? Will there be? >< >< g.BVHV says, "re: Sailor Moon..." >< g.BVHV says, "I believe some interest has been expressed, but whether any more are coming out....we just don't yet know." >< g.BVHV says, "Sailor Moon is a lot more popular than Melanie R. Thought!" >< Mickey says, "Sailor Moon says, "Thank you!"" >< Next question: >< (Goofy) On two separate occasions, it was promised that Sleeping Beauty would be re-released on video. When *will* it be re-released? >< >< Mickey says, "Yeah!" >< g.BVHV says, "Hmmmmm........Sleeping Beauty......hmmmmm....let us see now......" >< Mickey says, "Third time's the charm" >< Mickey says, "Prince Charm-ing, that is! Huh-ha!" >< g.BVHV wonders if everyone is once again on the edges of their seats... >< Mickey says, "DETAILS! WE WANT DETAILS!!" >< g.BVHV notices loud drumroll playing in the auditorium... >< g.BVHV says, "If you all aren't toooooooo busy on September 16th, you can pick up your copy of the Fully Restored Limited Edition release of SLEEPING BEAUTY -- complete with Exclusive, Never-Before-Seen Programming!" >< Mickey says, "Wowee!" >< g.BVHV says, "AND as if THAT weren't enough..." >< g.BVHV says, "It is Digitally Remastered and THX CERTIFIED!!!!!!! :)" >< Mickey says, "I've gotta ask this..." >< g.BVHV says, " yyyyyyes?" >< Mickey says, "Are we talking only *video*? Or laserdisc, too?" >< g.BVHV says, "Geez you're demanding..." >< g.BVHV says, "huh-ha" >< Mickey grins >< Mickey says, "Gosh!" >< Mickey says, "If you want demanding, how about releasing the laserdisc on the same day as the video? Huh-ha!" >< g.BVHV says, "We are 99% sure it will be on laser as well, but not on the same date. It won't be until a little later." >< Mickey says, "Well, that's great news about Sleeping Beauty." >< g.BVHV hears the oooohs and aaaaaahs of the crowd >< Mickey says, "Follow up question about Sleeping Beauty from Gusto: " Widescreen LD or pan-and-scan?" >< g.BVHV says, "Gusto......p&s" >< g.BVHV says, "We think" >< g.BVHV says, "But we're not sure" >< g.BVHV says, "But we expect so. Sorry." >< Next question: >< (guest3) What determines whether a film is released simultaneously with a VHS release, months later, or not at all? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Guest 3....do you mean Theatrical film released AT SAME TIME as video? Unheard of." >< Mickey says, "Well, then answer the rest of his question... What determines how much later it will be released on video (or not at all) following a theatrical release." >< g.BVHV says, "B- Bucks, baby, bucks" >< g.BVHV says, "And also, how much demand there is for it, frankly." >< g.BVHV says, "AND..." >< g.BVHV says, "If it's a HUGE theatrical success, it'll sit there in theatrical for some time before it goes to video." >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) have heard of a sequil to 'Toy Story'. What can you tell us about this? Will it still use CGI? Plot details? >< >< g.BVHV says, "PLOT DETAILS?" >< g.BVHV thinks Dad surely jokes. >< g.BVHV says, "Uh...no, we don't know the plot points..." >< g.BVHV says, "It'll be a Pixar/Disney gig again..." >< g.BVHV says, "No word yet as to release date -- it may be quite some time off." >< g.BVHV says, "In the meantime, check out "Tiny Toys"." >< Next question: >< (Rufus) Where is the best place to get advance information about new releases? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Rufus, and everyone -- call 1 (888) 345-BVHV for all consumer information. Request the U.S. Available Videocassette List." >< Next question: >< (PhotoHound) What modifications will be done to the US release of Song of the South? >< >< Mickey says, "..that is, assuming there would be a release, I guess." >< g.BVHV says, "How about not releasing it?" >< Mickey grins >< g.BVHV says, "Seriously." >< g.BVHV says, "Well......he *did* go off to school, didn't he?...." >< Next question: >< (g.John) When is Song of the South going to be released? Say's he who has the shrine at 1025 GC (Hi Melonie!!!) >< >< Mickey says, "I guess John knows ya. ;-)" >< Next question: >< (Goofy) A good friend of mine has a special request: *IF* another movie or series based on the characters from A Goofy Movie is made, *PLEASE* don't age or change Max. >< >< g.BVHV says, "We'll pass that along. thanks." >< Mickey says, "I think the next question is about the rumored pulling of inported copies of the Japanese laserdisc "Song of the South"..." >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) was Song of the South pulled from the shelves? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Don't know anything about the foreign releases, sorry. All we know is that it was released overseas. (Was there one released for the British market, B. asks)" >< Mickey says, "There was a PAL video in the British market, yes." >< g.BVHV says, "Just don't expect to see it here in the ol' US of A." >< Next question: >< (guest4) Sorry. Is Beauty and the Beat(st) (sorry) coming to video? >< >< Mickey says, "guest4, I have that movie on tape!" >< g.BVHV says, "Do you mean the original B&B" >< Mickey says, "There was a regular release of BatB as well as a collector's edition" >< Mickey says, "Very nice job on the collector's edition, by the way. Yes, Beauty and the Beast original movie. What do you think guest4 meant?" >< g.BVHV says, "Original is not slated for re-release yet, nor is Deluxe." >< g.BVHV says, "A question from Melanie B....." >< g.BVHV says, "Do any of you have the laser of Toy Story, and what do you think of it (with the "Making Of" video, etc.)?" >< Mickey says, "Just 'page Mickey=MessageHere' if you have an answer to that. We'll move on" >< Mickey says, "g.Diznyguy responds, "AWSOME!!!"" >< Mickey says, "Next question?" >< Mickey says, "g.John pages: "Incredible!!!!! The best yet!!!!! Keep up great sets like that!!!! It was worth the $$$" >< Next question: >< (g.Diznyguy) So, in essence, the Masterpiece Collection is the same as the Classics Collection, just a different marketing name, and the only real difference is whether a movie is called "Walt Disney's" or "A Walt Disney Masterpiece", and that is only refering to whether he was alive to work on it or not... >< >< g.BVHV says, "Whew...Diznyguy....yup, that's about it, except for any fancy-schmancy improvements like THX or digitizing / remastering." >< Mickey says, "Question from RobinHood: "As to laser disks, will there be a 'collector's edtion' Box set of 'Sleeping Beauty", Or 'The Black Hole',Or a complete version of 'The Happiest Millonaire>" There's someone named 'Statia' that keeps wondering about that one...." >< g.BVHV says, "RobinHood, re: Black Hole and Happiest Millionaire on Laser? Doubt it." >< g.BVHV says, "re: Sleeping Beauty on laser...." >< g.BVHV says, "...do you mean laser or Deluxe Video?" >< Mickey says, "Page me, RobinHood" >< Mickey says, "How about, both? :-)" >< g.BVHV says, "Just a moment..." >< g.BVHV says, "We haven't heard about either yet, but it would be a likely candidate for Deluxe Video and quite definitely CLV Laser...we don't know about CAV, though...(MBasta is working on Sleeping Beauty and is doing a fine job at that! sez MR)" >< Mickey says, "Here's another comment expressing a request for a sequel to AGM, then we'll move on to another question..." >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) like to see a sequil to 'A Goofy Movie'. What are the chances of such a spectacular event happening? >< >< g.BVHV says, "My, that's a popular one...don't know about Goofy follow-up." >< Mickey says, "I'm passing along some of these just so you can see how popular certain things are, even if the answer was already covered. You can pass along these requests to the powers that be!" >< Next question: >< (Belle) Are there any plans to release letterboxed videos on VHS? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Re: letterbox on VHS.............keep your eyes peeled. :)" >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) note on the Little Mermaid subject... is there any hints of a sequil? Or was that just a re-release hint.. ;-) >< >< Mickey says, "I think if more was said, it wouldn't be much of a hint!" >< g.BVHV says, "Uh...er...um...well...." >< g.BVHV says, "You know, movie theaters are a great place to go in the fall...." >< Mickey moves on. 8=-) >< Next question: >< (Belle) will there be any more Sing Me a Story: With Belle videos released after the first two that have already been put out? >< >< g.BVHV says, "MB worked on those...glad you liked them :)" >< g.BVHV says, "re: further Belle SMAS......" >< g.BVHV says, "Nothing in the works, at this time." >< Mickey says, "Are any of the Belle SMAS videos different than the show that is on broadcast TV in syndication?" >< g.BVHV says, "re: SMAS video vs. TV show..." >< g.BVHV says, "It's a trade secret." >< Mickey giggles >< g.BVHV says, "(Meaning, we're not sure :)" >< Next question: >< (Sailor_Moon) I know there are a few Aladdin tapes and four Princess Jasmine Collection tapes but I was wondering if more are coming? And is there going to be anything new done with Aladdin or is it pretty much over? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Well, there's always the Aladdin TV series which is great fodder for tape, but we haven't heard anything about new stuff for Aladdin." >< g.BVHV says, "Don't expect any more Princess Collection in the near future." >< Mickey says, "Follow up: Not even a Princess Calla video? :-)" >< Mickey has never had the pleasure of meeting Princess Calla. :-) >< Next question: >< (Gusto) Do you know if there are any non-collector's versions of Tron available on VHS or laserdisk, especially a widescreen version? >< >< g.BVHV says, "Gusto, re: Tron..." >< g.BVHV says, "Noooooooooot a whole lot of interest in that one. Sorry. Don't expect a "Star Wars" Trilogy series of Tron. :)" >< Mickey says, "Our guests only have time for two more questions tonight, but we have many more that are waiting in the queue to be asked. Would you mind coming back again another night for more questions?" >< g.BVHV says, "Why, we'd love to!! :)" >< Mickey says, "That's great!" >< Mickey says, "We'll work out the details later and announce them." >< Next question: >< (Rufus) Where can one find such minor classics as 'Willie the Operatic Whale'? >< >< Mickey says, "Is that one still for sale?" >< g.BVHV says, "re: Willie The Operatic Whale..." >< g.BVHV says, "...that was already discussed. It's from Make Mine Music, and is available as its own video (#1186)." >< Mickey says, "One quick last question for the night, then I'd like to invite y'all to mingle with our EMuck players for a short bit..." >< Next question: >< (Dadaleous) are the chances of a Gummi Bear movie? >< >< g.BVHV says, "...um...Gummi Bears are awfully popular here, huh..." >< g.BVHV says, "Don't expect any Gummi Bears on tape any time soon...sorry." >< Mickey says, "Is there anything else you'd like to announce before we end tonight's session?" >< g.BVHV says, "Why, yes, Mickey, how uncanny that you should ask us...." Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium. >< Mickey giggles >< g.BVHV says, "Coming to a video store near you on August 26th...." >< g.BVHV hears yet another drumroll in the auditorium... >< Mickey sits on the edge of his seat! >< g.BVHV notices that people are ALREADY on the edges of their seats.... >< Mickey falls off! >< g.BVHV says, "Yes, it's the FULLY RESTORED, LIMITED EDITION, THX DIGITALLY MASTERED edition of..............." >< g.BVHV says, "...Walt Disney's Masterpiece....." >< g.BVHV says, "THE COMPUTER WHO WORE TENNIS SHOES!!!" >< g.BVHV says, "(just kidding)" >< Mickey faints! >< g.BVHV says, "MARY POPPINS!" >< Mickey says, "All RIGHT!!!!" >< g.BVHV says, "with extra footage never-before-seen." >< Mickey says, "Whoot! Whoot! Whoot!" >< g.BVHV says, "We knew you all would be just thrilled." >< g.BVHV says, " :)" >< Mickey says, "Thank you for all the great things you've shared with us, and for coming tonight!" >< Mickey says, "We'll look forward to another chat with you two. Belle?" >< Belle says, "everyone, let's have a round of applause for our guests." >< g.BVHV says, "We enjoyed it greatly." >< Mickey hears the thunderous applause! >< g.BVHV bow deeply to the point of scraping our noses on the ground. >< g.BVHV blush >< g.BVHV says, "Oh no, you're too kind, please stop (as if...)" >< Mickey says, "What Belle wants to say is that there will be a transcript of this available" >< Belle says, "On behalf of AmberThree Productions, we'd like to thank our guests." >< Belle says, "An official (and unofficial ;) set of transcripts will be available tomorrow...." >< Belle says, "from our website, at http://www.emuck.com/emuck.html >< Belle says, "or upon request from (omitted)" info@[...] >< Belle says, "we will announce when this comes out." >< Belle exclaims, "thank you all for attending!" >< Mickey says, "It will be out tomorrow. Now, you are free, g.BVHV to go out to the Auditorium." >< Mickey says, "Thank you all for the great questions, too!"