EMuck--Mary Kay Bergman (Disney Voice Artist) Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Mary Kay Bergman, Disney voice artist, which occurred on Sunday 29 June 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck.

Mary Kay Bergman is a talented voice artist with many Disney films to her credit, as well as productions for other studios. In Disney's Hercules she is the Earthquake Lady, 4 Teens, and 3 Nymphs (Wood, Water, & Tree). Mary Kay was Djali the goat and Quasimodo's Mom in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as various townswomen. She was the two prettiest Bimbettes in Beauty and the Beast. In Indian in the City she was the Swedish Stewardess, the Screen Saver Babe, and the Children's TV Host, and in Homeward Bound II, Mary Kay provided a voice match of Sally Field, as Sassy. Her webpage, which contains her filmography as well as digitized clips of her voice work, is at http://members.aol.com/MKBERGMAN/index.html.

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Ms. Bergman (MaryKayBergman), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

Please note that some questions are repeated in the transcript. This is inevitable as questions were queued by players. Often another player will word a question in a slightly different manner which might spark an answer with further details.

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While Mary Kay Bergman has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company she is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Ms. Bergman and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
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ANNOUNCE> (Belle) ATTENTION:  AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS
Disney Fan Club are honored to bring you the third of our continuing
series of special invited talks.  Our special guest tonight is Ms. Mary
Kay Bergman, voice artist for the just-released animated feature film
HERCULES.  Please join us in the Arbordale Auditorium!  (type WELCOME,
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Current Topic:          Giving Voices to Disney Animations
Current Moderator:      Mickey
Current Guest Speaker:  MaryKayBergman
Mary Kay Bergman does the voices for many characters in "Hercules" and other
Disney films & products.  Samples: http://members.aol.com/MKBERGMAN/index.html.
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>< Mickey says, "Thank you all for joining us.  I'd like to give a big
EMuck welcome to Disney voice artist Mary Kay Bergman!"
>< Mickey says, "Now, we can't hear you while we're up at the auditorium,
so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "...To leave a question, just enter the word REQUEST and
you'll then be prompted to enter one line for your question."
>< Mickey says, "Note, if your question is longer than one line, just keep
typing before you hit your <Return> key."
>< Mickey says, "Also, we'll present the questions in the order they were left
in the REQUEST queue, so please be patient."
>< Mickey says, "If there is a need for a follow-up question to an answer just 
do PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to Mary Kay."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days.  We'll announce when the transcripts
are ready."
>< Mickey says, "Mary Kay Bergman is a talented voice artist with many Disney
films to her credit, as well as productions for other studios.""
>< Mickey says, "In Disney's "Hercules" she is the Earthquake Lady, 4 Teens,
and 3 Nymphs (Wood, Water, & Tree)."
>< Mickey says, "Mary Kay was Djali the goat and Quasimodo's Mom in "The
Hunchback of Notre Dame," as well as various townswomen."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I did some of Djali.  Frank Welker did some, too.
When you hear the bleats, that's me."
>< Mickey says, "Very good.  Thanks for filling that in!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Not a problem!"
>< Mickey says, "She was the two prettiest Bimbettes in "Beauty and the
>< Mickey says, "In "Indian in the City" she was the Swedish Stewardess, the
Screen Saver Babe, and the Children's TV Host."
>< Mickey says, "And in "Homeward Bound II" Mary Kay provided a voice match of
Sally Field, as Sassy."
>< Mickey says, "We have a lot of questions lined up, so let's get right to
the first one..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Great!"

>< First question:
>< (Alice) What do you feel is the most important factor in character
development (voice, char's 'history', attitude, etc.)?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Well, when you have a chance to do preparation on a
character, it's important to know how your character feels about the others
in their lives"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, be aware that you may have only a few minutes
to create that character!"

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) What is the most critical to winning a role: a) A great tape  b) A
great agent  c) Connections  d) Something else (if so, what?)

>< MaryKayBergman says, "All of the above!  It's impossible to know why you
get a role; often I am never told.  On the few occasions that I do find out,
it's usually been because of an adlib I did on the spur of the moment that fit
the character and that the producer liked"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Once, I got a part (one line in a Gatorade commercial
on TV) because I pronounced the word "being" with the "ing" very clear! 
Amazing, huh?"
>< Mickey says, "I'll say!"

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) What are your recommendations for getting an agent to listen to and
hopefully sign New, Non-Union-Affiliated Voice Talent?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "At the moment you can literally walk into AFTRA and
pay your fees and become a member; not true of SAG, however. New talent that is
good, depending on the agent, of course, that isn't yet in the union will get
signed anyway, if they like you and don't have any other "conflicts" (other
actors who are in your category of voice)."

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) How often you do feel one should practice/rehearse/workshop each
week to keep vo skills honed and growing?

>< Mickey says, "Alice is filled with questions, isn't she!  ;-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "That's okay, Alice...I feel it's important to read
aloud every day, at least ."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, if you can, singing is a wonderful thing to
practice, as well."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Playing with the Sunday comics can also be fun; Pick
a character and give it a voice."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Volunteer to read to the blind, or to children's
groups in your area."
>< Mickey says, "What other kind of things do you read aloud and what do you
sing?  Do you read newspaper stories, for example, with your morning coffee?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "You can read from the newspaper, or a book -- 
anything, really!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "It doesn't matter what it is, just as long as you do
>< Mickey hands Mary Kay a phone book.
>< Mickey giggles
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I use the phone book as an exercize in my class
believe it or not..."

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) How did you know when you were 'ready' (marketably competitive) to
make your very first demo tape?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "I asked my voice coach (I had been working
one-on-one with) what she thought and I made sure I felt that I had enough
characters that I could do consistently."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "This is a question only you can answer ultimately..."
< Mickey says, "OK, next question now.  Just a few more that Alice left, then
we'll get to more from others."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Great, I'm ready..."

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) Any tips on how one can get called in for auditions *before* a demo
tape is completed or an agent is signed?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Once you have a good demo, one that really shows what
you do well, there are several independent voice casting companies you can
send your tape to."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If you take one of the classes held at independent
voice casting companies, that's a great way to show what you can do and for
them to add you to their roster of talent to call in for auditions--just make
sure you're really ready to showcase yourself!

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) Do you know how much your visit here is appreciated...wait, I'll
answer that for you:  VERY Much!!!!

>< MaryKayBergman smiles and blushes
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "I think Alice speaks for all of us"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Thanks, Alice, it's fun for me, too!"

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Which is better for doing professional voice work:  Having a
background in radio or in live theatre, and why?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Well, any acting will help you tremendously; The
energy level needed in voice work would point to stage training as being quite
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Improvisation is also a great tool to help you
become a terrific voice actor"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If by radio work you mean being a disc jockey, well,
that is helpful with the aspect of being unafraid to handle things as they
happen, and if you have the chance to do live radio interviews, this will also
help, as questions will be handed to you, and you'll have to answer off the
cuff, quickly."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If you mean live radio drama, that can also be a big
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Film acting and television acting although very
different than voicework can be very helpful because your acting talent and 
skills are what casting directors look for especially in animation acting."
>< Mickey says, "Is acting in high school productions helpful, too?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I started in high school plays and stuff..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Oh, one other thing, I just did Batman: Subzero and 
in that my acting had to be very subtle, indeed, much more like film acting
than most voicework..."
>< Mickey says, "What role did you have in Batman: Subzero, and what is it?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I was lucky enough to do Batgirl, and that was
because Melissa Gilbert was unavailable.  She was in Canada shooting a film."
>< Mickey says, "What is it?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Batman: Subzero is a film like Mask of the Phantasm,
made for home video release, due out sometime toward year's end or the
beginning of '98... It may also be aired on tv, we're not sure yet..."
>< Mickey says, "Sounds great.  Nice to meetcha, Batgirl!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Nice to be met"
>< Mickey grins and goes to the next question in the REQUEST queue.

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) A lot of voice artists do commercial and industrial voiceovers. 
Have you done any national commercials or industrial work that any of of would
recognize (such as telephone company recordings, industrial or tutorial films,

>< MaryKayBergman says, "I've done several industrial films for schools
including "Cinderella In School" for the company. I have also done a few 
for the Postal Service."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Bob Kurtz produced these indies for the Postal
Service, and I played several roles in each."
>< Mickey says, "There is one more question from Minnie (entered in two parts
as you'll see), then there are questions that other people left for you. 
Here's Minnie's:"

>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) A professional voice over artist once said at a seminar I
attended it takes a lot of diligence and persistence to be a voice
artist. You have to call ad agencies, casting directors, producers, etc.
daily to put your name in front of them.
>< Next question:
>< (Minnie) Is it true (I couldn't complete typing my entire question due to
my chat window only having three lines), that you have to call around to
casting, producers, etc. constantly? Do agents do that for you? Or do you have
to do it?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "I never call casting people!"
>< Mickey says, "Ah, so 'Don't call us, we'll call you' is true, huh?"
>< Mickey smiles
>< MaryKayBergman says, "The way I handle self-promotion is by doing mailings
of my demo tape to ad agencies or casting people..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "as I know how busy they are!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "My agents are the ones who contact the casting
>< Mickey says, "Ah."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If I have extra time on my hands (not often, thank
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I can always work on creating a new character or I
can of course, if I'm genuinely friends with the person, take them to lunch."
>< Mickey says, "Follow up from Alice about calling agents: "It *is* all right
to call their offices to see whether they've received your tape...right?""
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Oh yes, I usually as a rule of thumb, give them 2
weeks to respond, much longer if it's one of these independent casting houses
I mentioned before.  They can have backlogs of several months duration,
sometimes.  They all get hundreds of tapes"

>< Next question:
>< (Wakko) What steps do you have to go through to become a voice actor?

>< Mickey says, "Anything to add to what you answered before in general?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Training is paramount!  That's how I got started; I
took every available class in commercial, narration, animation and that's the
best way to know about the business."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Of course, it helps if you live in a major city like
LA or NY or Chicago, but nowadays with the help of ISDN lines, more and more
people are getting into voicework."

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) What is the recording process like, for when you recorded voices
for "Hercules" as well as the other projects you've done? Do you get shown the
storyboards, hear from the director about your role and the situation, etc.?
In the recording session are you playing off the other actors or by yourself?

>< MaryKayBergman says, ""Sounds like you know a little about the process!"
>< Mickey bows
>< MaryKayBergman says, "On Hercules, I met with the directors and they showed
me character sketches and some of the background pre-production art first..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Then we had a script to work from and tried out 
several voices for each character, til we found the ones they liked the best."
Sun Jun 29 22:58:56 CDT 1997
>< MaryKayBergman says, "On Hercules, the directors liked us to adlib a lot!
Very unusual working situation!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "But I was quite comfy with that.  They provided the
most incredible working environment!"
>< Mickey says, "We have about 20 more questions.  Will you be able to stay to
answer them all, Mary Kay?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I'm gonna try my best!"
>< Mickey says, "Great!  Thank you."

>< Next question:
>< (Hercules) was it working on 'Hercules'?

>< Mickey says, "I think he meant to have "How" at the front of that question."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Okay...if you meant how was it working on Hercules,
see my last answer -- fabulous!  Ron and John are the most incredible actor's
directors, allowing total creativity and letting us go wild!"
>< Mickey says, "The next question I think also needs "How" at the head of

>< Next question:
>< (LudwigVonDrake) do you learn about the opportunities?

>< Mickey says, "Did we cover that one?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "My agent calls me with auditions every day.  I also
watch the trades like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "One little thing more to add to that last question:
sometimes it's possible to get a job or an audition from your demo tape. 
Remember the mailings I talked about earlier?"
>< Mickey nods

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Mary Kay, your web page advertises "Big voices come in tiny
packages". Just how tiny is your package--Mickey-size, cat-size,
Tinkerbell-size, Lawyer-conscience-size?

>< MaryKayBergman says, " I'm not a very tall person, "
>< MaryKayBergman says, ""and my pal John who put my site together is very
tall, so it's funny to see us standing together:  the giant and the flea"
>< Mickey says, "Do you mind giving your height?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "No, I'm about 5'3"..."
>< Mickey says, "Alice has another follow-up: "With so many hundreds of tapes
being submitted to agencies, how do I get them to select *my* tape case, open
it, and listen to it at all?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Good packaging, clever packaging is a plus, if you
can afford to be fancy..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "The main thing, though, is once they do open the
cassette, put it into the machine and listen, does your tape represent you at
your best?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "That is even more important than the fanciest label. 
Also, can you deliver the goods in a high-pressure audition situation?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Never put some character on your tape that you can't
do standing on your head in a snowstorm at three am:  In other words..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If it's on your tape, you'd better be able to do it
anytime anywhere..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I used to do a character that I can only do if I've
had dairy products because I can only do it if I'm clogged up"
>< Mickey says, "Let's take a comment from Truckie now..."

>< Next question:
>< (Truckie) i'd like a large popcorn  some nachos and a budwieser :)

>< Mickey says, "Truckie, do you want fries with that?"
>< Mickey smiles and moves on.
MaryKayBergman has connected.

>< Next question:
>< (DisLawyer) Which voice job have you found to be the most challenging?

>< Mickey says, "I think this one, trying to stay online at EMuck while she's
using AOL is quite challenging, DisLawyer!  Huh-hah!!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Wow, that's a toughie...recently I had to do two boys
for Rugrats and that was very hard because they have such a specific type of
sound they like on that show:"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I had to be careful not to duplicate what I've
already heard the other characters do, yet stay in that same style with lots
of gravel in my voice."

>< Next question:
>< (LudwigVonDrake) How do you find out about possible voice jobs?

>< Mickey says, "We've handled that one.. .Next."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "already fielded that one..."

>< Next question:
>< (Beast) Do you find that one involvement with Disney tends to lead to
others, through their continued solicitation of your business/talents?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, definitely!  I'm going to work on Don Hahn's
next project with Kirk & Gary (the two genuises behind both B&B and Hunchback)"
>< Mickey says, "And the name of that project is...?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Sorry--too early to divulge...Keep watchin' the
>< Mickey says, "Will do!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Never know if there's a DreamWorks employee on

>< Next question:
>< (Truckie) she blond and single? :)

>< Mickey giggles
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Down, boy!"
>< Mickey says, "Can't blame a Truckie for trying, I guess. :-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "that's ok..."
>< MaryKayBergman fwaps Truckie
>< Mickey grins
>< MaryKayBergman grins, too

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Can you tell us about any future projects you are involved in?

>< Mickey says, "....other than the one you wouldn't divulge... :-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Well, yes, I will be heard as the Banshee in two
episodes of a new series called "Extreme Ghostbusters" due to start in
August.  I'm not sure which channel..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, I will be heard in the Hercules on Ice show
which will tour nationwide beginning this fall.  I'll be Hera in addition to
the Earthquake lady."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also the CDROMs for Herc.  For the rest, check out 
the website..."
>< Mickey says, "You'll be the Earthquake Lady in the ice show, and what else
in it?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Hera, Herc's mom, voiced in the film by Samantha
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I guess you haven't seen it yet, huh?"
>< Mickey says, "I've seen the movie twice this weekend!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Just teasing..."
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "You are credited at the end of Disney's "Hercules" as the
Earthquake Lady, but you also provide the voices of the 4 teens and the three
Nymphs (Wood, Water & Tree)."
>< Mickey says, "Why didn't they give you an on-screen credit for all that you
did in the movie?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Gosh, I don't know..."
>< MaryKayBergman blushes and giggles

>< Next question:
>< (Belle) Can you tell us about some of the work you did on Hercules that
unfortunately wound up on the cutting room floor?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Ah yes the pain oh the pain!  I did Aphrodite and
Athena, two amazing goddesses who unfortunately aren't in the movie due to..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "time constraints.  This film isn't about the little
characters, after all..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I did Aphrodite as Marilyn Monroe, much to the
delight of Ron and John; Athena was very strong and British."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "You will be able to hear them on the CDROMs, however!"
>< Mickey says, "Yes, I saw Aphrodite do a Marilyn take up in the sky, as a
constellation in the movie!"
>< Mickey says, "They kept that in, but not your adlib.  :: sigh ::"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "You are correct, sir!  I was so thrilled that got
into the final cut of the film!  I took that as a tremendous compliment
from the animators..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "There were several scenes with both characters...
Ah well..."
>< Mickey says, "Folks, we now have about 10 more questions in the REQUEST
list to go. Mary Kay has said she'll stay (AOL-willing!) to answer them all,
so I'm glad she is sharing so much with us in her answers."
>< Mickey says, "If anyone needs to get sleep, remember to read the
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, please...I know it's late on the east coast!"

>< Next question:
>< (Ikari-Shinji) uhh is it easy to be on a set voice dubbing for a long
period of time if needed

>< MaryKayBergman says, "If you mean ADR or "looping", putting voices to the
film while it's running, it's challenging, cause you have to match the exact 
mouth movements of the character"
>< MaryKayBergman says, " But it's fun, too!"
>< Mickey saw a film Natalie Wood made where she went a bit crazy doing
that... or was that getting "loopy" ;-)
>< MaryKayBergman says, "The SAG contract stipulates a four hour minimum for
an animation session, but..."
MaryKayBergman has disconnected.
>< Mickey says, "She's still here, folks!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, I'm back!"
>< Mickey says, "Remember, America Online... it's not just an ISP, it's an
>< MaryKayBergman says, "To continue..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "for adr, eight hours is standard"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Please pardon the terrible typos!"
>< Mickey says, "That's fine"
>< MaryKayBergman giggles insanely
>< Mickey says, "And don't worry about the typos... We'll clean it up for the
>< MaryKayBergman says, "w mickey = you are a god!"
>< Mickey giggles
>< Mickey says, "Uh, don't SAY your whispers, but thank you very much!"
>< Mickey just went from Zero to Hero in Mary Kay's eyes. ;-)

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) If just one of your character voices could get their own regular TV
series, so that you'd be voicing them to the exclusion of all others, who
would you want that to be?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Wow, that's a really tough one, cause I tend to get
attached to all the roles i do..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Sorry, I'm really stumped on this one!"
>< Mickey says, "OK, we'll move on"
>< Mickey says, "If you think of something later... ;-)"

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) What have been your favorite projects that you've worked on?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Every Disney film I've been lucky enough to be
involved with!  Plus Batman: Subzero is up there, too!"
>< Mickey says, "Walt Disney always used to say his favorite was the one he
was promoting. ;-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Smart man!"

>< Next question:
>< (Belle) Which other voice actors, if any, did you record at the same
sessions while you were working on hercules?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Corey Burton, Patrick Pinney and Jim Cummings were
there with me on Hercules for the film.  On the recent Ice show, they were
there plus..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Kathleen Freeman, Bobby Costanza (Phil in the Ice
show, what perfect casting!)"
>< Mickey says, "Did Jim Cummings use any of his Winnie the Pooh voice around
you?  Is he as cuddly as he sounds?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Oh yes!  His agent says he reminds him of Jerry
Garcia!  Believe it or not, he does!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Jim does Winnie all the time!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "It's so perfect, I defy anyone to tell the difference
between his and Sterling Holloway's"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "He also has this habit of playing with drumsticks;
He's a musician, too!"

>< Next question:
>< (Ikari-Shinji) do you get alot of rewards for your work?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes!  I get to meet amazing people (I actually made
James Woods laugh at the premiere of Herc at the studio..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "...I asked him if he had based his character on
his agent, who happens to be a close friend of mine, and who was standing
right next to James at the time..."
>< Mickey giggles
>< MaryKayBergman says, "They both lost it; James said absulutely..."
>< Mickey says, "You go, girl!"
>< Mickey says, "He plays Hades.  Is James Woods scary in real life?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "He is so sweet and he's not at all like what you'd
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also there are many times when we get to dress up
fancy to attend these premieres and all kinds of other little perks..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I love my job!"
>< Mickey says, "I have a follow-up: You've been in Hercules, Hunchback of
Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast, and many other Disney productions. How does
it feel to have your voice as part of Disney's legacy?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I still pinch myself!  It's so hard to believe that's
>< Mickey says, "You're too modest, Mary Kay. You're very talented."
>< MaryKayBergman blushes bigtime.
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Lou Gehrig said it best, "I'm the luckiest (gal) on
the face of the earth (but he said guy of course)"
>< Mickey smiles

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) How do you keep your voice in shape for future roles?

>< Mickey says, "Do ya run up and down the scales? ;-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I stay away from dairy products, unless I want to
have gravel, of course...I also warm up my voice every day prior to starting
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I only drink water at sessions and make sure it's
lukewarm or room temp"
>< Mickey says, "Fascinating"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I use the email to "talk" to friends instead of
sitting on the phone"
>< Mickey says, "Heh-heh!"
>< MaryKayBergman laughs
>< Mickey uses macros to save his gloved fingers. ;-)

>< Next question:
>< (Veloso) Excuse me if this has been asked before, I got here late:  You
said that you did plays in high school.  Back then, did you have dreams of
becoming a voice actor, or did this come later?

>< Mickey says, "I don't think you answered about the dreams and aspiritions
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Much later!  I grew up watching and loving toons..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "but I had no idea that one could actually make a
career doing the voices"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "My mom took me to Snow White when I was about 4 or 5
and I sang every song she had and did the voice even back then!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I used to imitate the actors on Laugh-In and even
tried the Godfather...a nut even then!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I wanted to act, that much I knew, but I had no luck
after college and a few small plays in LA...so I got out of the business and
got a real job..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I was miserable and went to a party at a coworker's
house and someone there brought a Karaoke machine; I went nuts and had fun
and after the party one of the guests introduced himself, told me this
was not a pick up line, but he felt I had talent and gave me the name and
number of his voiceover teacher"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I took every one of her classes and the rest is
>< Mickey sees the audience in the auditorium having fun in this chat, holding
up "Hi Mom" signs to the transcript camera and waving.  :: grin ::  Mickey
says, "You'll enjoy the transcript when you see it, Mary Kay!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I can just imagine!"
>< Mickey says, "Follow-up from DD-lus: "I've heard you do the 'current' voice
of Snow White""
>< Mickey says, "Want to tell us about that?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, I began doing that voice back in 1989 with a
book on tape for Disney, one of the "read-alongs" you know?  It's still
available in stores...anyway..."
>< Mickey nods
>< MaryKayBergman says, "They were looking for a voice match for Adriana (she
was in her 80's and they felt == disney character voices, that she wasn't
sounding enough like her former self...)..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "so they sent a tape around to all the agents and I
worked on it; I went in to read and got it!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "In fact the only time I haven't voiced her was on
that awful thing they did on the academy awards a few years back..."
>< Mickey says, "You should be very glad you weren't connected with that
Academy Awards fiasco!"
>< Mickey says, "Do you have the same household cleaning habits that Snow
White does? ;-)"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I like a clean house, and luckily I've got help.
Not from seven little men, though, just one amazing little lady who comes
every two weeks!"
>< Mickey says, "She does the work of 7 little men"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes!"

>< Next question:
>< (JessicaRabbit) Is there a market for singing only voices?

MaryKayBergman has connected.
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Back again!"
>< Mickey welcomes back Mary Kay from the disconnect land of AOL
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, there is!"
>< Mickey says, "Tell us more about that, please."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "If you are an excellent singer, it's possible to get
work in commercials as a jingle singer... or..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "you might get lucky and if you have Broadway
experience or if you're like Marnie Nixon and can match voices, you could
possibly be able to do the singing voice of an animated character...some
actors aren't very good singers..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I have a good friend who did the singing for Richard
Dreyfuss in James and the Giant Peach: Jeff Bennett..."
>< Mickey says, "I noticed that Hercules as a young man had one person do his
speaking voice and another do his singing."
Mon Jun 30 00:00:14 CDT 1997
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, that's right, there was a different person doing
the singing for Herc as a youth.
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Speaking of the devil again, Mr Jim Cummings did
the singing for Jeremy Irons..."
>< Mickey says, "In The Lion King?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes in the Lion King..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Also, Demi Moore didn't do her own singing in
Hunchback, either..."
>< Mickey says, "I'd love to have Jim Cummings on here for a chat!"
>< Mickey grins out at the Pooh-lovin' Alice in the auditorium
>< MaryKayBergman says, "He's sooooo busy, I really doubt that he could..."
>< Mickey says, "Maybe for us he'll "Go the distance!""

>< Next question:
>< (Ikari-Shinji) which voice part did you ever REALLY wanna do?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "I want to do it all, are you kidding?  EVERY actor
wants that!"
>< Mickey grins
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Did you know I was the original Belle?"
>< Mickey says, "You have the undivided attention of EMuck's "Belle" right
now, you know. ;-)"
>< Mickey smirks
>< Mickey says, "Tell us more!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I came in to do voice tracks, samples for the
animators to use they call..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "scratch tracks...I read Belle, Mrs. Potts, etc.  all
the female roles..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "they went with Paige because she's a Broadway star..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "but I am in so many of their films now, I can't
>< Mickey says, "Yes, and I'm sure you made a fine Belle, Mary Kay."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Paige probably won't be cast in any others..."
>< Mickey says, "Why won't Paige be used any more?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "One gets typecast, unfortunately, very often...
>< MaryKayBergman says, "since she's so well known for that voice, it's
unlikely they'll use her for anything big again.  "
>< Mickey says, "Paige can be heard as Belle again in Buena Vista Home Video's
upcoming Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, out later this year."
>< Mickey waves to Alice!
>< Mickey says, "You've done so many roles, you obviously don't have a problem
with typecasting."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Paige wouldn't accept a small role like the stuff I
>< MaryKayBergman says, "They still try to typecast me, anyway, but I keep
coming up with new stuff..."
>< Mickey says, "There are no small roles, only small people... uh, wait..." 
>< Mickey says, "I didn't mean it like that."
>< Mickey smiles
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Oh, I know what you meant..."

>< Next question:
>< (Belle) You've mentioned that you're Hera in the ice show....can you tell
us why you weren't cast as Hera in the film, or why the actress voicing Hera
in the film wasn't cast for the ice show?

>< Mickey says, "I think you said that the movie's Hera wasn't available for
the ice show."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "That's right, Samantha was unavailable.  Disney likes
to pack their films with celebs to help box office..."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Do you have any inspirations from other voice artists or

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Yes, constantly!  I had a very hard time with the
emotion of sarcasm until..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I studied the work of a very underrated actress,
Helen Hunt...she taught me how to be playfully sarcastic..."
>< Mickey says, "What is she best known for?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I hated the emotion of sarcasm cause of the root: 
greek for "to tear flesh""
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Helen Hunt starred in Twister and she's the costar
with Paul Rieser in Mad About You for TV"
>< Mickey nods

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Do you have fun during recording sessions?

>< MaryKayBergman says, "Always, kiddo!"
>< Mickey says, "Do you get together with other voice artists at parties?"
>< Mickey says, "And what is it like, if so?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Well, not "parties" per se... some of my friends are
also voice artists and we'll go out to lunch or dinner or to Disneyland..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "We try to stay "normal" in public...whatever that
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Alice has two more follow-up questions. First: "How long did
it take you from your first vo class to cutting your demo to landing an agent?
(I know it's different for everyone; just curious)."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I was very lucky; the first agent who heard my demo
signed me..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "I waited to make my demo 'til I thought I was ready,
as I mentioned.  I'd guess it took about 6 months to make the tape..."
>< Mickey says, "Alice's next follow-up is: "Do you feel the current trend of
sarcastic, attitude-filled reads is here to stay, or will only be (thanfully)
a brief trend?"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "As all trends, I'm sure it will in time go the way of
them all, but I just wonder what will follow it?"
 >< MaryKayBergman says, "One thing to always be aware of is what those trends
are and how to keep up with them..."
>< MaryKayBergman says, "listen to the radio spots and TV spots so you'll stay
>< Mickey says, "We have one final question, that Beast left for you..."

>< Next question:
>< (Beast) If Mickey is a god, then what does that make Walt?

>< Mickey blushes
>< MaryKayBergman says, "The supreme being, of course..."
>< Mickey says, "Good answer!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "The one regret I have is never having met him!"
>< MaryKayBergman sighs
>< Mickey opens the door for Belle.
Belle comes onstage from the Auditorium.
>< Mickey says, "Me, too.  Hiya, Belle!"
>< MaryKayBergman says, "Hello!"
>< Belle says, "Ladies and gentlemen, please give Mary Kay a big round of
>< Mickey says, "Mary Kay, Belle and I would like to thank you very much"
>< MaryKayBergman says, Well gosh!  It's been a real slice, to steal from my
pal, Susan..."
>< Belle says, "Yes, Mary Kay, on behalf of AmberThree Productions, it's been
a privilege to have you as our guest."
>< Mickey says, "Let's go on down into the auditorium."

The Arbordale Auditorium
This large auditorium has room for everyone on EMuck and is where special chat
events with celebrity guests take place.
 Doorway to the [Podium], Mickey's Cyber Diner [MCD], Arbordale [C]enter
 Plush Beastucles, Plush r.Daneel
 Alice In Elysianfieldsland, Beast, DisLawyer, Scooter, Gusto, Ruphilus,
 Ferrat, Veloso, DD-lus, Ikari-Shinji, g.thomas2, Gurgi, Tummi,
 MaryKayBergman, Mickey
DisLawyer exclaims, "We loved it!" 
Beast bows to MaryKay and kisses her hand.
Mickey scampers over to MaryKayBergman, bows gallantly, then tenderly huggles
her tightly!
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "I just hope I wasn't too long winded!" 
Beast says, "Nice insights into the biz, MK." 
MaryKayBergman giggles
DisLawyer gets in line for an autograph
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "No, not at all!  It was
extremely interesting!" 
>< Belle says, "Again, folks.  TRANSCRIPTS WILL BE AVAILABLE on our web and
ftp sites real, real soon (within a day or two).  See EMuck's internal
newsgroup 'news' for an announcement!"
g.thomas2 (pool007-max8.pasadena-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) smiles and thanks
MaryKay for spending time with us
Alice In Elysianfieldsland only has a million more questions!  For another
time...   :)
DD-lus says, "good job" 
Belle comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the stage and podium.
Ferrat climbs up MaryKayBergman's leg and rubs against her cheek.
Ikari-Shinji does a lil mini japanese bow to miss Bergman
Belle shakes Mary Kay's hand.  Thank you!
Veloso exclaims, "Thanks very much!" 
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "Oh my goodness!" 
Ferrat says, "VERY nice :)" 
Scooter waves from behind the camera.
Mickey is inspired by the Earthquake Lady to change outfits...
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "It was my pleasure!" 
Belle appears to shimmer.  You blink, and a flash of light erupts!   It
disappears to find Belle wearing a lovely Greek gown!
Mickey changes into his HercMICKEYes costume.
Bellegara changes outfit too.
Bellegara asks, "You like it?  :)" 
Gusto shakes MaryKayBergman's paw... er.. hand and says, "Thank you very much
for visiting us."
Ferrat exclaims, "Guys, we're gonna scare her away! ;p" 
Alice In Elysianfieldsland curtseys the deepest curtsey she's *ever* done!
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "It's your color!" 
Bellegara says, "type LOOK name-of-character to see what someone looks like,
Mary Kay" 
DisLawyer exclaims, "We loved it, Mary Kay!" 
HercMICKEYes looks at the lovely Bellegara.  Susan Egan, eat your heart out!
Plush Beast shimmers!  His fine plush blue overcoat, black trousers, and
white plush shirt and kerchief disappear and turn into a small white
plush toga.  Plush Beast has become Plush Beastocles!
MaryKayBergman gazes enchantedly at the young Greek Goddess, her hair
piled atop her head in a grecian coiffe, her dress transformed into a
long, flowing gown of white gossimer.  Curious attire for her...
Like Cinderella at Midnight, Alice In Elysianfieldsland's attire changes
in the blink of an eye!  Once again donning her familiar blue and white
dress, you recognize her as your dear friend, Alice In Wunderbarland.
Bellegara smiles.
DD-lus says, "hey guys, i had fun tonight..." 
Ikari-Shinji Adigato gazaymashta,please come g again miss Bergman!i'll
Scooter n is helplessly drawn toward Alice's classic grecian beauty.
MaryKayBergman says, "I'll try...things have a way of keeping me busy..." 
MaryKayBergman says, "In fact, I should join my hubby for dinner..." 
Ferrat says, "Come back any time, we'd be MOST appreciative :)" 
Beast thanks MK again for a special evening.
Bellegara exclaims, "thanks again for coming, Mary Kay!" 
DisLawyer says, "Shucks, she's taken" 
g.thomas2 (pool007-max8.pasadena-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) applauds hubby
Ikari-Shinji ^_\\
HercMICKEYes wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Thank you for coming,
especially on the Hercules premiere weekend, Mary Kay!" 
Ruphilus says, "We'll be here. Do drop in if you'd like some improv practice." 
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "He's a real Prince Charming, too!" 
DisLawyer grins his sharklike grin, the one that doesn't quite reach his eyes.
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "Cool!" 
Bellegara says, "yes, you're welcome here anytime." 
Beast asks, "He rides up to strange women and joins them singing??? :-)" 
Alice says, "Mary Kay, your time has been beyond appreciated here.  Thank you
oh so very much." 
Ferrat says, "Yeah, listen to Roofy... the internet is a great way to work up
courage... :)" 
MaryKayBergman says, "Not exactly..." 
Beast laughs and winks to MK
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "It's nothin!" 
MaryKayBergman exclaims, "Be well, and I'll come back soon!" 
g.thomas2 (pool007-max8.pasadena-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) nudges Beast, "I
dunno -- he's already married to the new voice of Snow White...I think he's
come about as close as one could"
Ruphilus says, "No, it's not nothin', we understand how precious time is and
we really appreciate you sharing some of yours with us." 
DD-lus says, "heheheh" 
Alice smiles at Mickey appreciatively for inviting Mary Kay to be our Guest
tonight. {{Mickey}}
MaryKayBergman says, "Bye everyone1" 
Beast says, "Time to hit the sack, folks.  Goodnight!" 
HercMICKEYes gives a huggle to MaryKayBergman, and says goodbye, but grins as
he shouts, "Seeya real soon!  Heh-heh!"
DisLawyer claps again!
Gusto waves bye to MaryKay
DD-lus exclaims, "good bye!" 
Bellegara exclaims, "bye!" 
g.thomas2 (pool007-max8.pasadena-ca-us.dialup.earthlink.net) exclaims,
Beast claps and departs
DD-lus exclaims, "thanks again!" 
MaryKayBergman waves goodnite
g.thomas2 goes home.
g.thomas2 has left.
Beast shrouds himself by furling his great blue cloak, and slips away secretively into the toon night.
Beast has left.
Ruphilus wavies 'bye-bye'
Ikari-Shinji exclaims, "oh please come again,hope you find EVEN more greater
roles to play!BYE!" 
Veloso exclaims, "Goodnight to all that are leaving!" 
Gurgi says, "Nite Mary Kay" 
Ferrat exclaims, "Bye everyone who is leaving!" 
DisLawyer waves
MaryKayBergman has disconnected.
Ruphilus sighs.
DisLawyer has left.
Ruphilus exclaims, "Whatta chat!" 
Gurgi says, "Nite everyone" 
HercMICKEYes wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Fun! Fun! Fun!" 
Ferrat exclaims, "Well THAT was fun!" 
DD-lus says, "that was fun" 
Alice heaves a happy, fulfilled sigh!
Bellegara says, "for those who remain....we will have more special guests
coming up soon!" 
HercMICKEYes lowfurs Ferrat
MaryKayBergman has disconnected.
Gusto has connected.
Alice asks, "She disconnected *twice*?...." 
Veloso says, "Wow, what a neat birthday thing." 
Bellegara says, "she had up to three connections at one point, Alice." 
Gusto has disconnected.
HercMICKEYes wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "That AOL, such a service!
Ferrat has disconnected.
Bellegara says, "speaks loads for how great AOL is." 
Ruphilus exclaims, "That's right, Veloso, happy happy!" 
Bellegara exclaims, "yes, Veloso, happy birthday!" 
HercMICKEYes lowfours Bellegara
Ikari-Shinji thinks this was all VERY interesting and hope s it will happn
Ferrat exclaims, "Fun fun, happy happy! ;p" 
Bellegara sings, "Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday to you..."
Alice says, "Wow.  Well, who else is coming up soon as Special Guests?" 
HercMICKEYes wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Happy birthday, Veloso,
Happy birthday to yooooooooou!" 
Bellegara says, "Ikari, we'll announce some of them as soon as we set dates." 
DD-lus exclaims, "happy b-day, veloso!" 
Ferrat says in a british accent, "A smashingly jolly time chaps!"
Ikari-Shinji ^_\\
Bellegara says, "we have several who have agreed--we just need to set dates
and then we'll announce them." 
HercMICKEYes happily says, "Yes, we have many more chats like this in the
pipeline. Stay TOONed!" 
Gurgi says, "hippo birdie Veloso :)" 
Veloso exclaims, "Thanks, all!" 
Alice hands Veloso a Very Merry Birthday Cake!
Ruphilus says, "Lesse, the target list includes June Foray, Ward Kimball...
who else?" 
Bellegara says, "and we have a number of other requests in the pipe." 
HercMICKEYes happily says, "Ruphilus, I'm no snitcher."