EMuck First Anniversary Balldrop Transcript

This is a transcript of the EMuck First Anniversary Balldrop, which counted down the last minutes until EMuck officially turned 1 year old at midnight U.S. CDT, 14 April 1997. Special thanks to Mozenrath, who took the transcript (this is from his point of view, i.e., "You" here = Mozenrath).

ANNOUNCE> (Belle) ATTENTION:  The EMuck ball drop for our 1st
anniversary will begin shortly in Arbordale Center!

<< Arbordale Center(#237RJL)
Belle oohs as the rest of the dropping ball lights up!
Belle applauds!
Clopin steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Lumiere steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Max comes out of the Arbordale Auditorium to join you.
Brandi steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Glen smiles and hugs Belle on this momentous occassion.
Belle asks, "can someone log this, please?" 
Glen is logging...
Belle looks up at the glowing ball of light dropping from the sky!
Nosedive comes out of the Arbordale Auditorium to join you.
Shadow steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Punkgoof comes out of the Arbordale Auditorium to join you.
Powerline has arrived.
Dadaleous joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Stacey steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Belle says, "thanks." 
Dopey steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Glen gets the bottles of champagne ready.
Belle says, "364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes...." 
Rufus comes out of the Arbordale Auditorium to join you.
Gusto steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Shadow asks, " Belle, where's Mickey?" 
You crane your neck up in the air.....
Dadaleous hugz Stace, Brandi, and wavies @ th' rest.
Stacey grins
Punkgoof asks, "when does the 10 sec countdown start?" 
Stacey hugs back
Truckie steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Enigma steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Glen hugs everyone...
A brilliant ball of light begins a slow descent from the midnight
black sky towards you....
Powerline giggles gleefully...
Meiglan joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Dadaleous readies his Super Popper (Cannon Model)
Dadaleous hugz Meig.
As it gets closer, you make out more details on it....
Pol steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Dadaleous wavies @ PL.
Punkgoof hugs all
Max grins.
Powerline waves to all :)
It looks not unlike one of the balls dropped on Times Square in New York to 
usher in the New Year....
But it is not.
Rufus exclaims, "It's just like Dick Clark!" 
Rufus looks closer.
As it drops to 10 meters, you note that the only unlit part is....
Dadaleous says, "It's a ball.. it's a sphere.." 
Dadaleous says, ".. it's UnderDog!" 
Clopin looks up at the glowing ball of light dropping from the sky!
A black "EMuck" across the numeral "1" on both sides of the ball.
Shadow says, "Dick Clarks Rockin' Emuck Anniversary Eve."
Punkgoof says ooh
Glen gets out the noisemakers.

[ several others look up at the ball--everyone in fact]

Suddenly, the lights on the ball glow brighter and brighter....
Punkgoof says ahh
Stacey ooos and ahhhs
Glen oohs...
And brilliant streaks of light in all colors of the rainbow shoot off
from the ball!
They race high into the sky....
Enigma grins
Powerline exclaims, "YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" 
And explode as fireworks in the air!
Suddenly, the word "EMuck" and the number "1" glows brillant white!
Glen screams and applauds...
Max says, "We need a quick @mdesc. ;o)" 
Max exclaims, "The ball is broken!" 
Dadaleous sets off his nosie-maker cannon, sending a thundering 'boom' 
throught the night sky...

Belle looks at the glowing ball of light hovering above the Dedication
Statue above Arbordale Center!

[ Everyone looks at the ball again ]

Rufus sips his champagne.
Glen pops open the champagne.

Players: Belle, Brandi, Clopin, Dadaleous, Dopey, Enigma, Gusto, Lumiere,
Max, Michael, Nosedive, Powerline, Punkgoof, Rufus, Shadow, Stacey, Tracey,

Shadow guzzels champagne.
ANNOUNCE> (Belle) 1 year, 2 minutes, 18 seconds!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMUCK!!!!!!
Punkgoof says its the end of the world :)
Clopin  dances around the room throwing confetti every where singing
"TopsyTurvy!!!"  (oops wrong celebration)  Oh who cares, "Topsy Turvy!!!"
Glen blows a noisemaker
Stacey hugs Maxie!
Dadaleous exclaims, "Woo-Hoo!!!" 
Fireworks shoot across the sky!
Lumiere starts huggling random people....
Shadow exclaims, "Hoooooray!" 
Max exclaims, "Ack!" 
Punkgoof drinks his champange
Gusto bouncies
Rufus exclaims, "Happy birthday EVERYBODY!" 
Stacey hugs Glen!
Brandi huggles everyone!!!
Stacey hugs Gusto!
Glen cheers and hugs everyone!!!
Dadaleous runs around to all the girls and gives 'em TIIIIGHT
huggles, and gives all the guys a high-5.
Clopin  throws confetti all over!
Shadow kisses everyone on the lips.
Rufus purrs.
Gusto huggles Stacey!
Belle puts her finger to her lips and whistles.  After a minute, her beloved 
Plush Beast comes back to her!
Belle hugs all!
Stacey hugs oh just everyone!  ^_^
Dadaleous eek's!
Dopey dances around like only dopey could
Brandi exclaims, "yay!!!"
Lumiere surprises everyone by shooting huge flames from his main candle.
Belle sings, "Happy Birthday to you...."
Belle sings, "Happy Birthday to you...."
Glen joins in with Belle, singing.
Stacey eerps at Shadow ;P
Rufus wanders through the crowd rubbing against everybody's legs.
Belle sings, "Happy Birthday to EMuck!"
Punkgoof  blows up
Belle sings, "Happy Birthday to you!"
Clopin says, "Topsy Turvy...uh happy Birthday!"
Powerline skritches Roofus behind his ears
Glen starts singing 'Auld Lang Syne...'
Gusto cranks up the volume on his stereo and blasts the Main Street
Electrical Parade music.
Enigma exclaims, "Happy B-Day EMuck!"
Roofus perrs.
Plush Beast looks about hoping to get a First Anniversary Commemorative Scooby
Glen blows his party favor....
Belle sings, "Should old acquaintance be forgot..."
Rufus tosses Plush Beast a handful of Scooby Snacks.
Stacey hands PB some FACSS!
Glen hoists Belle up on his shoulders...
Punkgoof shots his party poppers
Belle's mind goes blank all of a sudden.
Shadow says, ":) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)" 
Dadaleous puts his arm around the empty space that Zarra should be in.
Michael puts his arm around Meiglan and gives her a gentle kiss
Truckie thinks Dadaleous needs therapy
Belle quickly considers putting on "When Harry Met Sally" on the LD to get the
rest of the lyrics.
Punkgoof spews
Michael exclaims, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMUCK!" 
Rufus sheds one tiny tear that Mickey is missing all this.
Stacey huggles PB tight and give him a big kiss!
Gusto strings some Christmas lights around himself, plugs them in, and
dances to the MSEP
Dadaleous grinz at Truckie, and gives the invisible girl a DEEEEEEP
Clopin  pose sings, "And never brought to mind...Topsy Turvy..."hehehehe
Shadow says, "Where's Mickey :(  " 
You say, "let's hear it for those who have made this possible...every single 
one of ya's...."
Truckie KNOWS dadaleous needs therapy now!
Rufus says, "Hip, Hip..." 
Shadow exclaims, "I'll drink to that!" 
Max exclaims, "Three cheers to all!" 
Belle exclaims, "yes!  Thanks to all EMuckers, everywhere!" 
Powerline puts a lampshade on his head and dances like a madman..
Dadaleous exclaims, "HOORAY!"
Clopin  poses and poses again... hehehehe ;-)
Dopey exclaims, "Hurray!"
Brandi exclaims, "Hooray!!!" 
Belle exclaims, "HIP HIP HORRAY!"
Belle exclaims, "HIP HIP HORRAY!" 
Belle exclaims, "HIP HIP HORRAY!" 
You exclaim, "HIP HIP HORRAY!"
Plush Beast eep eep eep eeps three plush times!
Max says, "And yes, another year with you all. ;o)" 
Stacey grins
Punkgoof gets drunk and spews in the fountain
Dadaleous raises his hands.. "May I make a quick speech?"
Max exclaims, "MORE FUN!" 
Glen calls EMuck sanitation on his cel phone.
Rufus says, "This is no time to threaten people, Max."
Belle says, "of course, Dadaleous." 
Dadaleous says, "Ok.."
Lumiere starts decorating things like a big cake.
Stacey puts her arm around Max and noogies him ;P
Brandi exclaims, "happy birthday Emuck!!!" 
Max grins.
Punkgoof exclaims, "Hooray!!!!" 
Shadow downs 8 more glasses of champagne.
Gusto restrains Lumiere.
Belle says, "Shadow, go easy.  Aren't you the designated driver for 
tonight? :)" 
You say, "no, Shadow's more of the designated drunk..."
Rufus laps gracefully at his champagne.
Brandi has to go...see you all later!!!
Shadow says, "Somebody's a desingatal diver."
Clopin  guzzles some Champagne...woo hoo!
Punkgoof falls flat on the floor
Rufus says, "I thought the designated driver was MSCDEX.DRV!" 
Belle says, "I don't think so, Glen.  We got too many volunteers for that
Stacey gets drunk of Rum Cake, remember, Max?  So don't give her anything ;)
Brandi exclaims, "bye!"
Belle exclaims, "bye Brandi!" 
Dadaleous says, "I would like to thank all of you... the past year of mine
in RL has been very stressful, with the attack from the wizards on me from
TinyTIM, and many other things... but if it wasn't for Emuck and all my
friends here, I have to admit I would have been 5 feet under the ground.."
Shadow says, "I'm to drive to drunk :$" 
Stacey huggles Dada!
Dadaleous huggles Stacey.
Tracey huggles Dadaleous
Dadaleous huggles Tracey.
Truckie has left.
Punkgoof is unconsious
Brandi has left.
Shadow goes around kissing everyone indiscriminantly again.
Belle says, "you're still making coherent sentences, Shadow.  You
KNOW thatnone of us ever do that when sober so you must be drunk!" Stacey
gives Dada a friendly peck on da cheek, "That's so sweet.. we feel the same
way =)"
Glen speeches, "well, last year was my first foray into the world
of mucking...I've met a lot of wonderful people here, had the opportunity
to express my creativity through my building...umm...I just wish certain
friends could be here tonight to share this moment...."  he wipes a tear
from his eye.
Clopin  watches all the happy celebration... :-)
Punkgoof wakes up in a pool of vomit
Belle gives Glen a hug.
Stacey hugs Glen!!
Max says, "Ahem, my turn. ;o)"
Nosedive has left.
Rufus purrs quietly to himself as he finishes his champagne, lapping out every
last yummy drop.
Glen raises his glass high "TO EMUCK!"
Belle says, "well, there's a reason why the actual ceremony's tomorrow
night and not right now :)"
Enigma frowns, "We are missing a few people tonight, aren't we?"
Dadaleous says, "I would especially like to thank Stacey, Zarra, Meiglan,
Timon, Truckie, Gusto, Brandi, and Sherry for
releaving the excess pressure from my life."
Punkgoof says TO EMUCK
Shadow says, "Thanks fer zuh mimorees guuys."
Enigma raises his glass with Glen, "TO EMUCK!"
Dadaleous smiles at Stacey, and gives her a friendly peck, too.
Belle exclaims, "TO EMUCK!"
Dadaleous rasies his glass of Champagine.
Gusto awws and blushes.
Shadow kisses more people indiscrminantly.
Glen chokes back tears...he's getting verklempht!
Gusto raises a glass of fermented Gummiberry juice
Powerline says, "To EMUCK, my first and favorite on-line communication
forum, and to all those who made it possible, and who made it worthwhile :)" 
Punkgoof falls on the floor again
Dadaleous grinz @ Glen.
Punkgoof has left.
Dadaleous raises his glass to Powerline..
Shadow "walks" around, leaning on everyone and kissing them.
Stacey says, "Okay.. my turn.. I want to thank everyone because thanks
to everyone we have EMuck.. I wanna thank Belle for putting up with Suck
Up Stacey ;P And PB for being the cutest plushie and Max for being the
best darned deranged brother she could ever ask for to rule the
Muck(*coughworldcough*) with! And gah it goes on.. You know who you are!"
Plush Beast raises his plush paws up and down, hoping to say
something on his own.
Belle smiles.
Stacey holds PB up so he can speak.
Dadaleous says, "I do admit.. I got to a nasty start here with..
well.. *looksover at Belle and smiles* But I'm glad we worked through that,
and are now all friends."
Glen draws his glass around, taking in all the love.  He sips.
Shadow downs some more champagne.
You exclaim, "and here's to Belle, the nicest admin a muck could ever ask
Punkgoof joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Stacey will be sending letters ;P
Shadow exclaims, "I love you ALL!"
Gusto looks over at Dadaleous.  "Let me know if I can be of any assistance
inthe future."
Gusto grins
Plush Beast coos a plush coo and eeps a long plush speech as
he wiggles in Stacey's arms.  Unfortunately, nobody can understand him.
Powerline agrees with Gusto and toasts accordingly
You say, "and here's to lar3ry, the best gosh darn MUF guy there is...."
Lumiere sloshes from side to side.
Punkgoof spews on all
Stacey raises her Pepsi and nods ;)
Rufus decides to make a quiet retreat to his bed for a nice long nap so he
will be ready for *tomorrow's* celebration.
Rufus says, "Thank you all, and goodnight." 
Max asks, "If it wasn't for the mere fact of making EMuckers smile, well,
what would life be? ;o)  You've all been my dearest friends, the best
people to kid around with or there when I need more comfort than a laugh
can give.  I've met a lot of wonderful people and they just keep showing up
more and more each day, which just gives me more hope for life and the
Stacey huggles PB, thinking she knows just what the cute plushie meant.
Gusto pitches Lumiere into a nearby lake to sober him up a bit.  "Heh. 
o/~...You'll be my candle on the water... o/~"
Rufus hops to the floor and walks off toward home, his tail waving proudly.
Rufus has left.
Clopin  exclaims, "Gnight Rufus!"
Dadaleous grinz at Gusto.. "And I to you... infact... I to everyone. I am
always open for anyone and everyone.. if you ever need help.. in RL..
here.. programming wise... mentally.. anything.. I am always here.. for
everyone.. even my enemies."
Belle hmms.  Someone's going to have to buy a Plush-to-English translater
for Plush Beast next time.
Shadow puts his arm around Lumiere and kisses his hand, nearly burning
his mouth.
Max says, "There, I'm speecherized." 
You say, "we may have our differences, but we are all bound by the common
language of love."
Punkgoof is taken to the hospital
Belle says, "and Plush." 
Stacey hugs Maxie in the hugest hug you could imagine ^_^ "Wuv ya, bruh
Gusto says, "But I don't speak french..?" 
Belle says, "and kicking r.Daneel.  :)" 
Gusto grins.
Dadaleous grinz.
Max says, "Speaking of the bot..."
r.Daneel comes in from Mad Programmer's Laboratory.
r.Daneel says, "I was called here by Max."
Belle says, "come on, folks, admit it.  There isn't a player among us
who hasn't kicked the bot."
r.Daneel says, "You'll have to tell me where you are, Belle.  You can tell
me to 'go <direction>' or 'go to <destination>'."
Tracey says, "I haven't" 
Dadaleous looks over at Max... "Oh... you're evil.. ;)"

[ Several people (almost everyone) kick, slap, bap, reprogram, and just all
out abuse r.daneel ]

Enigma exclaims, "Make it go away!"
Max laughs!!
Lumiere says, swaying, "I would like to thank the
Max exclaims, "KICK THE BOT!" 
Glen laughs!
Punkgoof walks to Mad Programmer's Laboratory.
Gusto LOL!
Dadaleous inplants a virus into R.Daneel.
Belle waits for the bot to dump core.  :)
Dadaleous grinz.
Lumiere looks in shock at the robot violence!
Dopey says, "ahh.. the infamous core dump :)"
Gusto grins.
Clopin  cries, Bot abuse, bot abuse....
Stacey ums...
Lumiere calls the SPCR
Belle says, "only on EMuck can a beautiful ceremony be reduced to robot
abuse. :)"
Enigma asks, "Riot anyone? :)" 
Belle says, "folks, I'm going to save my speech for tomorrow night."
Dadaleous asks, "How long should it take before he dies? ;)" 
Stacey laughs
Dadaleous grinz @ Enigma.
Belle says, "those of you who are reading between the lines can correctly
conclude that I haven't written it yet.  :)"
Stacey giggles at Belle 
Dadaleous made his up as he spoke it.. ;)
Max says, "There, I'm all better. ;o)" 
Powerline thought you were just gonna wing it...
Shadow asks, "Does anybody know where Mickey is/was?" 
Dadaleous says, "Actually.. I didn't even know this ceremony was tonight.."
Ursa has joined you from Third Avenue.
Stacey squishes everyone in a big GROUP HUG!!
Enigma didn't either
Dadaleous waves @ Ursa!!!
Enigma exclaims, "URSA!!!!!!!!" 
Max fwaps Stacey.
Anton huggles!
Dadaleous eek's!! He forgot to thank Kelly!
Anton grins.
Stacey hugs Max anyways
Belle exclaims, "Ursa!" 
Gusto huggles everyone who needs huggling.  And you too, Max. ;)
Belle exclaims, "you just missed the balldrop!" 
Lumiere says, swaying, "I would like to thank the academy......"
Glen hugs Ursa "Heya..."
Max sticks his tongue out at Gusto.
Anton tells you, "I will thank Kelly, Dadaleous. For what, though?"
Enigma exclaims, "Make that: ANTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P" 
Gusto toasts a marshmallow over one of Lumiere's flames and hands it
to Max.
Max exclaims, "It's fixed!" 
Anton asserts, "ENIGMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Stacey exclaims, "I want one!" 
Lumiere asks, "The lottery?" 
Dadaleous says, "No.. _I_ forgot to thank her.. for helping me in my times
of need.. just like the rest on my list! =)" 
Max eats the marshmallow and sneers at Stacey.
Stacey glomps Lumiere and roasts a marshmellow on his flame ;P
Anton asserts, "BELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Gusto tries to imagine Max sneering...
Dadaleous tickles Stacey.
Stacey giggles wildly!
Clopin has left.
Max asks, "Okay, how about smirking?" 
Dadaleous drops a Marshmellow down Stacey's shirt and walks away.
Gusto says, "That works. :)"
Message sent to Belle.
Belle exclaims, "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 
Stacey screams!
Max says, "I was trying to expand my limited vocabulary. :oP"
Powerline says, "We'll get to see, in: Another Goofy Movie...." 
Gusto grins and nods!
Stacey pulls the sticky mess out of her shirt and narrows her eyes at Dada..
Dadaleous expands his vocabulary from 3 body-part references to four...
Gusto says, "Rest assured, I will see *that* one in the theatre...
missed the original, unfortunately." 
Dadaleous girggles at Stacey.
Clopin steps out of Mickey's Diner, burps, and walks up to you!
Max hopes the second movie happens and doesn't get brushed off like the
Darkwing Movie...
Dadaleous salutes Clopin. "Greetings!"
Belle asks, "too much champagne, eh?"
Maligs joins you from the Arbordale EMTrak (tm) Station.
Clopin exclaims, "Hello again all!" 
AGM 2: Max Gets Serious.....
Dadaleous blinks?? "THERE WAS A DARKWING DUCK MOVIE PLANNED!?!??!?!!??!?!"
Stacey stuffs bags apon bags of marshmellows down Dada's pants!
Shadow asks, "Who said champagne?" 
You say, "hey, there's a live action gargoyles movie planned..."
Gusto nods.  "But since AGM was so successful I think they'll go through
with the sequel."
Dadaleous attacks Max. "GIMMIE.. INFO!!!!!!" =)
Maligs says, "what is everyone doing in the center"
Gusto says, "It became "Darkly Dawns the Duck"" 
AGM 2: Stacey Goes to Speech Class
Max says, "It became an episode from what I gather." 
Belle exclaims, "we just finished watching the ball drop, Maligs!"
Maligs says, "for what" 
Belle exclaims, "EMuck is now officially 1 year and 23 minutes old!"
Dadaleous smiles, and swiviles his hips to let the gooey mass get all over.
Maligs says, "cool" 
Stacey ewwws
Glen is going to stop logging now if there are no objections....
Maligs says, "now we have thos new ticketts" 
Dadaleous pats his pants.. "Save this for later.. thanks, Stacey! ;("