EMuck--Rita Aero (Walt Disney World Guidebook Author) Invited Talk Transcript

This is a transcript of a special invited talk with Ms. Rita Aero, author of Walt Disney World for Adults...and families, too! . The chat occurred on Friday 24 October 1997 at 10 PM U.S. CDT (GMT -0500) at the Arbordale Auditorium on AmberThree Productions' EntertainMuck.

This transcript logs only the questions asked to Ms. Aero (RitaAero), comments from moderator Rich "Mickey" Koster, and assorted opening and closing comments. Audience comments during the talk are not generally included.

More information on Rita Aero and her guidebooks is available from http://www.wdw4adults.com.

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While Rita Aero has affiliations with The Walt Disney Company she is not visiting this chat as an Official Representative of TWDC. Any and all comments stated here are solely the opinions and experiences of Ms. Aero and does not necessarily reflect the policies of TWDC or any other corporate entity.
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Ask Rita Aero your questions about Disney theme parks and her renowned
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Phil says, "Making you shoes, Rita. One sec. =;o)" 
Mickey says, "Rita, we're glad you're here tonight. Would you like to take a
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>< Mickey says, "Meecelet here will take the notes for the transcript."
>< RitaAero says, "Okay, great!"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The chat will start in about five minutes, in the
Arbordale Auditorium, with Rita Aero about her "Walt Disney World for
Adults...and families, too!" guidebook to Walt Disney World. Come to the
Auditorium now if you aren't there already
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>< Mickey offers Rita a Mouseke-cola.
>< RitaAero sips greedily
>< Mickey says, "We currently have 21 questions in the queue lined up, but
there's always room for one more!"
ANNOUNCE> (Mickey) The chat will start in about one minute!
Mickey adjusts his mouse-eared moderator hat and prepares to start
tonight's chat session.
>< Mickey says, "AmberThree Productions and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club are
proud to present the seventh in our series of Special Invited Talks with our
special guest, Rita Aero."
>< Mickey says, "Rita is the author of "Walt Disney World for Adults...and
families, too!" and is an expert on how to get the most out of your Disney
>< Mickey says, "A $50 gift coupon in Rita's book became infamous this year
when over the Labor Day holiday the Dolphin restaurants suddenly stopped
honoring it."
>< Mickey says, "Word of this got out on the 
<A HREF="news:rec.arts.disney.parks">rec.arts.disney.parks</A> newsgroup,
where many people stepped forward to say "This is just not right."  They
followed up their posts with letters to the businesses responsible."
>< Mickey says, "Many people in very high places were completely taken aback
by the swift response from people on rec.arts.disney.parks with their
well-written letters."
>< Mickey says, "Rita has said rec.arts.disney.parks acted as a very powerful
consumer group, completely self-organized, responsible, and lucid. She
believes it is the first such group to have this kind of swift targeted impact
in the Disney travel market."
>< Mickey says, "Thanks to Rita's efforts and the folks on
rec.arts.disney.parks, the coupons are now once again being accepted at the
restaurants -- showing how powerful and influential any group can be on the
>< Mickey says, "Rita, thanks for joining us this evening!"
>< Mickey says, "Let's give a big EMuck welcome to Rita Aero!"
>< RitaAero says, "I'm very excited to be here."
>< Mickey says, "And to all of you out there in the Arbordale Auditorium,
thank you all for joining us, too.  "
>< Mickey says, "Now, we can't hear you while we're up on stage at the podium,
so that is why there is the REQUEST feature in the auditorium..."
>< Mickey says, "...To leave a question, just enter the word REQUEST and wait
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>< Mickey says, "Also, we'll present the questions in the order they were left
in the REQUEST queue, so please be patient."
>< Mickey says, "If there is a need for a follow-up question to an answer just
do PAGE MICKEY=MyMessageHere and I'll pass it on to Rita Aero."
>< Mickey says, "Transcripts of tonight's chat will be available at EMuck's
web site and ftp site in a few days.  We'll announce when the transcripts are
>< Mickey says, "We have a lot of questions lined up, so let's get right to
the first one...""

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Why did you omit a review of my favorite restaurant, the Coral Isle

>< RitaAero says, "They were closed, Rufus. Seemingly forever. During the
Polynesian rehab."
>< RitaAero says, "I feared they would open as something else."
>< Mickey says, "Will it be included in the next edition?"
>< Mickey says, "...or the next printing?"
>< RitaAero says, "You bet. I want to put all the resort restaurants in. And
the food stands in the park..."
>< Mickey says, "Even the McDonald's cart???"
>< Mickey smirks
>< RitaAero says, "There has been an issue over the number of pages I can put
in the book, so it's always a trade-off."
>< RitaAero says, "I draw the line at carts."
>< Mickey throws fries out into the audience!

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) Why such small reviews of resort restaurants, compared to park

>< RitaAero says, "Here's the thing about the size of the reviews:  Most
guests to WDW will all see the theme park restaurants..."
>< RitaAero says, "But until Disney does something meaningful about providing
transportation between the resorts"
>< RitaAero says, "Most people will not go to these restaurants. It was a
sacrifice I was forced to make."
>< RitaAero says, "And I know that these are some of the best restaurants,
>< Mickey says, "In your personal opinion, which restaurants have the best
food... the ones at the parks or the ones at the resorts... or is it a
>< RitaAero says, "Boy is that in a constant state of change."
>< Mickey grins
>< RitaAero says, "I think everyone has noticed an "effort" to improve park
foods, but the best chefs want to be in the resorts."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) What happened to your web site?  Is it going to come back?  When?

>< RitaAero says, "It's back, today. I'm switching servers and Internic had a
psychotic moment."
>< Mickey says, "Rufus mentions that he just tried it now and he's able to
>< RitaAero says, "By Monday it should be on the new server, where I can add
lots of interactive stuff."

>< Next question:
>< (Rufus) What is *your* favorite WDW restaurant?

>< RitaAero says, "Oh gee. Lately, I've been leaning toward the non-Disney
owned restaurants. I think they have more leeway to do some creative stuff."
>< Mickey says, "Sounds like you're looking forward to McDonald's opening,
>< Mickey winks
>< RitaAero says, "I like Fulton's and I miss Fireworks. I'm off to WDW
next week to check out the new West Side restaurants."

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) Rita, you live in California. How come you haven't written a book
about Disneyland, and how did you come to write one about WDW?

>< RitaAero says, "I'm really, really interested in the idea of a
"destination" vacation where you can leave everything behind and
completely enter a fantasy."
>< RitaAero says, "I tried to plan a family reunion at WDW knowing nothing
about it"
>< RitaAero says, "and ended up with five file boxes of groovy information
that folks like me needed."
>< RitaAero says, "I'll leave Disneyland to Al Lutz"
>< Mickey grins and waves to Al Lutz in the audience.
>< Mickey says, "Rufus follows-up that if you go to Wolfgangs bring a
canteen... He had truly terrible service and couldn't get a refill on drinks."

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) Have you heard anything to back up the rumor on
rec.arts.disney.parks that WDW's Magic Kingdom will be getting an Indiana
Jones attraction similar to Disneyland's?

>< RitaAero says, "Darn, that rumor, as far as I know, springs from a
confusion with the Animal Kingdom Safari ride."
>< RitaAero says, "I had a conversation with Paul Pressler about this, and he
was proud that the Indy ride originated at DL"
>< RitaAero says, "and excited that it was being translated in Animal Kingdom."
>< Mickey says, "If you hear anything confirming that rumor, will you put it
on your web site?"
>< RitaAero says, "Sure. I put that sort of thing in the Clubhouse where the
Disney folks can't see it."
>< Mickey grins
>< Mickey says, "Oh, I bet they've bought your book and can get in."
>< RitaAero says, "You'd be surprised how arrogant they are about that sort of
thing, Mickey."

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) How about word that Disney will be replacing Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
at WDW's Magic Kingdom with a Pooh attraction?  Are plans really going forward
on that?

>< RitaAero says, "So I hear (re Pooh) but not until 1999. Heck, we'll see the
new Buzz LightYear attraction before that."
>< RitaAero says, "I even expect a Fantasyland update to be announced before
>< Mickey makes a note to ride both sides of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride many times
on his upcoming trip to WDW for EMuck day.

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) What are/were your feelings towards the WDW 25th Anniversary
Celebration?  Any favorite new rides or attractions from it?

>< RitaAero says, "Hasn't it been a complicated year? I've really gotten
focused on the business of being "Disney" this year"
>< RitaAero says, "But I think the biggest thing I expected was Test Track.
>< Mickey looks up at the ceiling.
>< Mickey says, "I'm getting "tired" of waiting for Test Track!"
>< RitaAero says, "But I still think the celebration side of it was great and
the tremendous simultaneous expansion of all of WDW."

>< Next question:
>< (Mickey) What kind of things are on your web site and what do have planned
for it? What's the address? How does the password thing work? :-)

>< RitaAero says, "The technology on my website is expanding."
>< RitaAero says, "I don't mean bells and whistles, but mostly access speed
and simple CGI. This affords tremendous interactivity."
>< RitaAero says, "I envision a combination Myst, Haunted Mansion, and
productivity vacation planning center."
>< RitaAero says, "I'm very ambitious in this area. I guess I wish I was Walt."
>< Mickey says, "What is the address of it?"
>< RitaAero says, "<A HREF="http://www.wdw4adults.com">http://www.wdw4adults.com</A>"
>< Mickey says, "And what's the thing with the password? How does that work?"
>< RitaAero says, "Oh yes.  There is a Clubhouse for Readers of
my book, so I ask for a password to enter from a page in the book...."
>< RitaAero says, "I look forward in the future to be able to offer special
discount travel codes to readers because it's an exclusive group...."
>< RitaAero says, "Also, it's a place where I get to say things I can't
write in the book -- Like The Tao of Disney article."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) How can one make the most out of the park hopping feature?

>< RitaAero says, "Go at a time that the parks are open late, late, late.
Otherwise, it's of dubious value."
>< RitaAero says, "They work well on Epcot combining days, though"

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Should people wait to take their children until they reach a
certain age? If so, what age might you suggest?

>< Mickey took Meecelet when he was 8 months old!
>< RitaAero says, "Oh, I really think you can take children at any time.
However, it's real tricky what the trip is about."
>< RitaAero says, "With kids under seven, you're on a little kids WDW trip.
And that's it."
>< RitaAero says, "It can be great fun. It's easier with larger groups and
little kids."
>< Mickey says, "Minnie 'n me got to know the Baby Care Center *very* well...
but we had a fun trip and even got to be Grand Marshalls, all of us, in one of
the last "Mickey Mania" parades.  We went at Meecelet's speed, and had a ball."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Have you noticed any recent changes that you felt detracted from
the overall guest experience?

>< RitaAero says, "Lumiere, there are lots of little things, nothing I can
point a finger at."
>< RitaAero says, "I will say I am constantly pausing at the exit to Alien
Encounter, watching crying children exit from there. "
>< RitaAero says, "This attraction is very interesting, but what is it doing
in the Magic Kingdom, I wonder?"
>< RitaAero says, "Little insensitivities like that come to mind."
>< Mickey wonders if Lumiere wants fries with that question. ;-)

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) When would you say is the absolute worst time to visit WDW?

>< Mickey says, "After your autopsy?"
>< RitaAero says, "This isn't a trick question, is it?"
>< Mickey giggles
>< RitaAero says, "Jeeze, summer for sure. Yikes is it hot and crowded!"

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) What is your favorite tip to give people who visit Walt Disney

>< RitaAero says, "I love to tell people about all the other things there are
to do there besides the theme parks"
>< RitaAero says, "They can really explore some of the great options that WDW
offers (and save on admissions, too)."
>< Mickey usually tips 15%. ;-)

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Is there a really good spot that's ideal for watching parades in
the MK?

>< RitaAero says, "I usually gravitate to the park in front of the train

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Is there any attraction/shop/club/etc. that you think is a
complete waste of time?

>< RitaAero says, "Not really, but I have very broad interests and special
reasons for exploring everything."

>< Next question:
>< (Lumiere) Is there anything that you think should be added or changed to
provide a better guest experience?

>< RitaAero says, "Yes, as I said earlier, transportation between the resorts."
>< RitaAero says, "In an interview I did last week I mentioned the idea of a
"Resort Train" that consisted of continuously running buses with great
narration between the themed resorts so guests can explore all the great
restaurants and environments. It would be a good thing for Disney, too."
>< Mickey says, "And now what we've all been waiting for.... a question *not*
from Lumiere!  Heh-heh!"

>< Next question:
>< (Cricket) I hear CS has a bus going to the Boardwalk, will other resorts be
doing this?

>< RitaAero says, "Cricket, I hope so. CS is a BIG resort and may have some
upscale convention guests, so I can see why they did that."

>< Next question:
>< (Cricket) Do all the rooms at WL have patios or balconies big enough for

>< Mickey says, "CS is Coronado Springs, folks... WL is Wilderness Lodge."
>< RitaAero says, "No, I don't think so. The Interior court rooms are a good
value though."

>< Next question:
>< (Cricket) What is this I hear about winning a t-shirt if I'm spotted with
your book in WDW?

>< RitaAero says, "That's right, or some other groovy trinket."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Patti1) If you are staying off property is it possible to have a child
go to the Neverland Club?

>< RitaAero says, "Absolutely. And what a great place. I wish they'd let me in
for the night!"
>< Mickey does, too!

>< Next question:
>< (Phil) don't laugh...I'm  14 years old (15 in a week) and  never went to
WDW...How can I persuade my parents? Took me this long  just to go to  DL. =:o)

>< RitaAero says, "Hey, I just answered that question at length in the
Conference Room of the Clubhouse on my website -- password "Visitors""
>< Mickey says, "Thanks for the tip!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.Patti1) Thanks Rita for the web site, It's really great!

>< Mickey says, "Yes, I think we all agree on that, Rita."
>< RitaAero says, "Oh Patti, I'm glad you're enjoying it!"
>< RitaAero says, "I want feedback from anyone who knows a way I can make it
even better."

>< Next question:
>< (g.Tink1) Have you tried House of Blues or Bongos yet?

>< RitaAero says, "Next week, Tink. I'm off to the West Side opening (David
says "hi" Tink.)"
>< Mickey says, "You mean the official opening ceromonies?"
>< Mickey says, "Some of it already opened, sez Rufus who was there."
>< RitaAero says, "Yes, the Press event"
>< RitaAero says, "Disney relented and invited me."
>< Mickey says, "g.Patti1 passes along that she's so glad about the Neverland
Club allowing guests from offsite.  She says it is her son's favorite."
>< Mickey says, "The next question should start with "When..."

>< Next question:
>< (Hercules) is the best time to go to Walt Disney World?

>< RitaAero says, "The fall is great (in non-anniversary years, that is). I am
very partial to just after Thanksgiving."
>< Mickey says, "Dave Barry would say "1971.""
>< Mickey grins.
>< RitaAero says, "I like the light-speed transition into Christmas the next

>< Next question:
>< (guest1) Rita, any word on when Test Track will open?

>< RitaAero says, "Lots of words. Test Track will open when it makes business
sense for Disney to open it"
>< RitaAero says, "Now that the PR damage has been done with the summer
>< RitaAero says, "I know what it said in the Sentinel about spring (or
January, depending on how you read it.)"
>< RitaAero says, "But I hope to ride next week when the press is there."
>< RitaAero crossing her fingers
>< Mickey says, "Buckle up!"

>< Next question:
>< (g.alweho) Rita, do you see your guide and site expanding even more?  It's
so useful and well written!

>< Mickey says, "That's from Al Lutz, by the way, author of the D-I-G
(Disneyland Information Guide)."
>< RitaAero says, "Thanks, Al. Yes, I'd like to expand the book, because
there's so much more I want to tell people."
>< RitaAero says, "As for the website, you have one....do they ever stop
>< Mickey grins

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) What courses in the Disney Institute do you prefer?

>< RitaAero says, "I took several. The radio course was great fun. I would
take the cooking course again. (They feed you)"
>< Mickey says, "I hope Belle doesn't take that course... then again, she
probably needs it!"
>< RitaAero says, "The cooking course has become very popular. There are
others I prefer to watch -- like rock climbing."

>< Next question:
>< (guest9) Rita, what has happened to the Atlantic Ballroom?

>< RitaAero says, "Well, I don't exactly know. I was planning to check it out
next week."

>< Next question:
>< (Double_D) Any tips for the EMuckers heading to WDW this December?

>< RitaAero says, "Yeah, invite me along."
>< RitaAero says, "You guys probably know as much as I do on how to have a
fabulous time in December."
>< Mickey says, "Yes, we're having an EMuck Day at WDW December 6th.  Would
you like to join us that Saturday morning?"
>< Mickey says, "Plans are being formulated for it as we speak, but we do plan
to head over to Epcot at noon for the rec.arts.disney.parks meet, too."
>< RitaAero says, "Mickey, yes, you know I would!"
>< Mickey says, "Great!  We'll all look forward to meeting you, Rita."
>< Mickey says, "Do you mind autographing people's books?"
>< RitaAero says, "Absolutely not. (Do you think that would be worth
>< Mickey says, "Meecelet wanted me to ask you, how did you get the ratings
together for the park attractions?"
>< Mickey grins
>< RitaAero says, "I had very HIGH LEVEL help with the ratings. I asked the
smartest WDW experts I could find"
>< Mickey says, "Oh?"
>< Mickey blushes
>< RitaAero says, "I've been a newsgroup fan for awhile, when I have time. I
clocked the folks who were giving what I thought was the most balanced advice."
>< RitaAero says, "I asked a few, by email, to help me."
Fri Oct 24 23:00:16 CDT 1997
>< RitaAero says, "This was at the very last minute. I was changing my rating
system to one that was more sensitive to different emotional ages."
>< RitaAero says, "I'm very glad I asked. I also learned a lot about the
people who helped from the way they rated the rides. Bet you didn't know
that, Mickey!"
>< Mickey says, "Us Meeces are very honored to be among those you asked to
help, Rita.  It was our pleasure!"
>< Mickey says, "I am what I ride."
>< Mickey grins
>< RitaAero says, "Mickey, you really helped with the parent point of view. I
liked that a lot."
>< Mickey bows

>< Next question:
>< (guest2) I've already purchased but not activated a premium annual pass. 
Is it possible to downgrade to a regular annual pass?

>< RitaAero says, "I don't know for certain, but a Florida reader told me they
had done that with the Florida Residents pass, so maybe so."

>< Next question:
>< (g.jenibear) What is your prediction for crowds Thanksgiving week?

>< RitaAero says, "Preceeding Thanksgiving, it will be busy. Thanksgiving Day
will be mostly dead. It will trickle down over the weekend. "
>< RitaAero says, "That has been the pattern for several years. This year
could be different, of course."
>< Mickey is glad you didn't call the Thanksgiving crowds a "bunch of
turkeys". Huh-hah!

>< Next question:
>< (guest9) Will there be E-tickets in December?

>< Mickey says, "Yes, the E-Ticket Express was new this year, wasn't it?"
>< RitaAero says, "I hear there are E Tickets in December, yes. I don't know
about January, but to tell you the truth"
>< RitaAero says, "I think this is an idea whose time has come. Look for this
more and more."
>< Mickey says, "I heard that the Very Merry Christmas Parties would mean no
E-Ticket Express events in December"
>< Mickey says, "Think so?"
>< RitaAero says, "That's a possibility. Readers have told me they were told
the program was active on selected nights."
>< RitaAero says, "But what you say makes a lot of sense. Disney and dollars
being what they are though ... there are those empty nights to consider."

>< Next question:
>< (g.jenibear) Special tips for second timers taking first timers?

>< RitaAero says, "It depends on how long. Just for the day? When I do it I
try to combine several aspects moving in and out of the parks for meals"
>< RitaAero says, "and trying to make it all seamless."
>< RitaAero says, "I say it's most important to remember that they cannot
possible take it all in. It's so overwhelming."
>< RitaAero says, "We forget that after awhile. So take it slow."
>< Mickey agrees with that, fer'sure.

>< Next question:
>< (Alice) Rita, could you share with us your ratings on the restaurants in
and around the parks?

>< RitaAero says, "Alice, I rate all the restaurants in my book. burp."
>< Mickey says, "Alice told me she wonders if you will rate the restaurants
like you do the attractions?"
>< Mickey says, "...for the various types of groups of people."
>< RitaAero says, "Oh! I see what you mean."
>< Mickey thinks Alice has a great suggestion there.
>< RitaAero says, "I think that is such an excellent idea. David, my
book-partner has plans to spin off a restaurant guide that incorporates
this idea."
>< RitaAero says, "And more, cause the theme park food courts and
self-serve restaurants will be included, too."
>< Mickey says, "Any idea when it might come out?"
>< RitaAero says, "Next fall is the date he's projecting."
>< RitaAero says, "It will be highly detailed, so we'll see how it goes. I
think people really seek this kind of vacation information especially."
>< Mickey says, "We have one last question, then I hope you'll join us in the
Auditorium for some audience schmoozing.  :-)   Here it is..."

>< Next question:
>< (g.alweho) Rita, is the guide now a full time job for you?  I imagine you
enjoy it quite a bit, it certainly reads so.

>< RitaAero says, "Yes, Al. I'm the Mother Teresa of Disney Guides."
>< Mickey grins and applauds!
>< RitaAero says, "It's strictly volunteer. Thank God I have a day job."
>< Mickey says, "Rita, thank you so much for coming to the chat tonight!"
>< RitaAero says, "Thank you so much for having me!"
>< Mickey says, "On behalf of AmberThree Productions..."
>< Mickey says, "...and the FANtasEARS Disney Fan Club..."
>< Mickey says, "I thank you so much.  Now, please join me down in the
RitaAero leaves the podium and heads through the door to the Arbordale
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Mickey comes down into the main part of the Arbordale Auditorium from the
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Double_D shakes Rita's hand.
LaDama says, "We ate at the Luau and it was great" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Let's hear it for Rita Aero!!!!" 
Alice "Whoo-hooo"s and applauds wildly while welcoming Rita into the
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Angela applauds
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) exclaims, "Thank you Rita,
very nice!" 
LaDama applauds loudly
RitaAero shakes hads with Double_D
Double_D exclaims, "Thanks for coming!" 
g.Figaro (pm07-42.chattanooga.cdc.net) applauds.
Rufus applauds loudly.
JiminyCricket has arrived.
JiminyCricket arrives at a breathtaking pace.
Hercules applauds loudly!
RitaAero blushes handsomely
Alice offers Rita a niiiiiice cup of tea.
Mickey says, "A Transcript from tonight's session will be available in a few
days.  We'll announce when it is ready." 
JiminyCricket cheers Rita!
Mickey changes back into his classic attire of red shorts and big yellow shoes.
Mickey looks up in surprise as a sudden gust of wind blows the
Mouse-eared Moderator hat off his head and it sails to the ground.
g.Megara (ppp33.macatawa.com) says, " Bye...." 
guest8 has left.
Alice exclaims, "Why, hiya, Mick!" 
g.Patti1 (auglew-c39.clinic.net) exclaims, "Thanks Rita, I love your book!" 
RitaAero passes out and requires paramedics (just kidding)
Mickey happily says, "Rita, Phil here has a gift for you." 
Phil says, "Type 'look Air Aeros' =:o)" 
Mickey waves and huggles Alice.
RitaAero says, "Oh Phil, thank you for the shoes. They're divine!" 
Phil asks, "Wanna 'wear' 'em? =:o)" 
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "That was a great suggestion
about the restaurant reviews, Alice!" 
Alice curtseys and blushes to Mickey
Hercules  give a cup Herc-aide to Rita
Alice wonders whether Rita's book is available in bookstores, or via another
Rufus says, "Yes, Alice. *All* good bookstores, plus www.amazon.com." 
RitaAero says, "Alice, any bookstore or online. Thank you for asking." 
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) says, "I always like those
big yellow shoes with huge bows on em.  So popular in ToonTown too!  :) " 
Phil pats Herc on the back.  "That's my boy."
Rufus says, "Rita, I like your maps.  Slimy, but satisfying." 
Rufus exclaims, "Er, I mean, *simple* but satisfying!" 
RitaAero exclaims, "Rufus, you say the nicest things!" 
Rufus blushes, but with all his fur, who can tell?
Angela exclaims, "Mickey, you missed my B-day party!  I had some friends here
with me last Saturday." 
Double_D recalls that night.
Mickey happily says, "I'm sorry, Angela. Happy belated birthday!" 
Alice tosses Belated Birthday Confetti all over Angela
Double_D shudders. "No offense, Angela."
Mickey says, "Rita, will you really come to EMuck Day at WDW?"
Phil says, "I make shoes for every special guest. Fun, huh? =;o)" 
Alice asks, "Rita, was this your first visit here?" 
Angela shows Mickey the Belle charm one of her friends gave her.
Rufus exclaims, "Yes, please join us!" 
RitaAero blows kisses at everyone, making her exit
RitaAero says, "Mickey, I sure hope so. I've got the date on my calendar." 
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) exclaims, "Bye Rita, and
thank you!" 
Mickey happily says, "Please come back anytime, Rita.  You're very welcome
Lumiere exclaims, "Bye Rita!" 
Hercules  sings Happy Birthday to Angela
Rufus exclaims, "Thanks for the book, *and* the chat!" 
Phil exclaims, "I wanna join you! Yay!" 
g.Patti1 (auglew-c39.clinic.net) says, "Good night folks, only 36 days till I
arrive at WDW" 
Alice exclaims, "Oh, yes; DO come to Emuck day, Rita!" 
Mickey bows and holds the door for Rita.
Hercules says, "bye Rita" 
RitaAero says, "I'll be back soon. Bye all!" 
LaDama says, "Bye Rita " 
Double_D exclaims, "Come back soon!" 
RitaAero vanishes in a puff of smoke to the Welcome Center Lounge.
Phil exclaims, "Bye!" 
Angela exclaims, "Bye Rita!" 
Phil says, "Don't for get mine, Herc. Nov.  1,  after Halloween. =;o)" 
Alice *whew*'s!
JiminyCricket hears a whisper on the breeze that is calling him home...
JiminyCricket has left.
guest1 has left.
Mickey says, "If any guests here would like a permanent player account on
EMuck, they are free..."
Mickey says, "You can read how to get one here online if you enter INFO
REGISTRATION or see about it on EMuck's web page."
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) says, "Well folks, this
has been quite a pleasure.  Thank you for inviting me Mickey!" 
Hercules says, "Your birthday is Nov 1 Phil, ok." 
Alice can hardly wait for the transcript!  But she'll be politely patient.
LaDama says, "Nice meeting you alweho" 
Rufus says, "I hope you'll come back soon, alweho." 
Mickey says, "You're quite welcome, Al! Thanks for coming!"
Angela wonders who the next special chat will be with.
Lumiere exclaims, "Bye Al! Keep up the pressure on you know who! :)" 
Phil exclaims, "BE A MUSE! I'm making a ton of stuff for them! YAY!" 
Double_D exclaims, "Yeah! Who?" 
Mickey says, "Someone you'll like, Angela!"
Alice exclaims, "Nice to meet you, alweho! :)" 
Double_D exclaims, "We need names!" 
Mickey grins
Mickey wiggles his nose and loudly exclaims, "Double_D, I'm no snitcher!" 
Mickey hands Al a gift Plush as a parting gift. :-)
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) says, "Thank you all. 
Maybe I'll see some of you at DL on Sunday!" 
Alice looks to see if the gift plush is PB...
Rufus hands Al a box of stick pins for his Plush PaulP.
Phil says, "Hey...I'm gonna be god of Merchandising. Not you, me." 
g.alweho (31.los-angeles-12.ca.dial-access.att.net) says, "<----always the
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Angela exclaims, "that's only during a war!" 
guest3 has left.
Phil says, "I've got a list  of all 9 Muses here, if anyone is intersted.
Lumiere smiles at Phil.
Mickey says, "That might be a Muse-ing, Phil. ;-)"
Angela hates colds!
LaDama says, "I was just hoping to spend a little less money" 
Mickey says, "Meecelet, I think it is time for you to go to bed!"
Phil says, "Think I should go too..." 
Mickey says, "Thank you for taking the official transcript, Meecelet"
Grandps Simpson says, "Turn it up!"
Meecelet bows
Rufus says, "G'nite, Phil & Meecelet." 
Meecelet says, "G'nite!"
Alice smiles at Meecelet and wishes him a good night!
Mickey zaps Meecelet.

[End of transcript.]